Brisbane, Australia Testing

Well here we go. The site is online thanks entirely to Dan.

Dan sits next to me at work. He’s a nice guy. If I could put pictures up, I’d add a picture of Dan so you could see what he looks like.

Dan likes fencing and knows more than he should about classical music. Despite these qualities, he is not a Victorian dandy.

Tomorrow is my last day here. Then I’ve got a couple weeks of loafing around before I leave for New Zealand.

6 Responses to Brisbane, Australia Testing

  1. Frodo Buggerinns

    Hullo Matt I find your beautiful webiste oon the intornet

    Are u looking foor bisexual mans to travell with you? I like to be lords of youer ring

    Hi so much, Frodo

  2. Phil

    I love the internet, you get wierdos like Frogo Buggerinns or is he joking, always hard to tell.

  3. Laurie

    Whoa, is this your first blog on this site? It’s like stepping into the past before you were famous! “Hey look kids, even back then he still travels the world!”

  4. Bond

    Hadi, sorry to say that, but it’s just rude to ask about it. Matt himself have mention it hundreds of times.

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