Brisbane, Australia Going Away Party

My last night in Australia.

Boy, this is hard.

Leaving places is hard. Leaving people is hard. Change is hard.

I’m not really thinking about the trip at all. Just thinking about being here, and all I’m giving up. Last night I tried to come up with everything in my life that isn’t about to change completely. There are a few things. A few big things. But it’s not a long list.

I’m terribly sad. It all kind of hit me at the end like a freight train.

I’m glad it didn’t hit earlier. I got to keep having fun right up to the buzzer. Here are some pictures from the going away party:

Img_0252 Img_0253

Img_0258 Img_0259

Img_0264 Img_0266

Img_0268 Img_0297

Img_0301 Img_0303

Img_0316 Img_0332

Img_0336 Img_0352




I did everything I could to salvage this one, but it just didn’t come together. Crying shame.


This would’ve been okay if a certain 9 foot tall communist hadn

3 Responses to Brisbane, Australia Going Away Party

  1. Cmdr. Chris, the Great Sarcastro

    You’ve thinned down after your hang-gliding fiasco. Now the Micronesian natives won’t be so inclined to feast upon you. I suppose you think that’s very clever, but by shrinking your body, it’s only making your head look larger. The island headhunters are going to love playing lacrosse with you.

  2. Nick P

    Nice site!
    WTF You’re leaving like Caine from Kung Fu. You’re a crazy ass Fu. Next year I was going to visit you too. Maybe you’ll be back in Oz round that time for a few?
    I was going to do some budget travel around Oz Dec 03-Feb 04 before a year abroad in Sydney. This, of course, means that you must come along, in a sort of ‘encore’ to your trip, and we can chat about days and games and times gone by, and things like tard balls and castigars, while spear fishing in southeast asia with a local guide that has four teeth. If not, well, we’ll just have to make do emailing. Sweet intenerary. Fucking crazy.

    Now for my limited travel experience advice:
    Go the fuck to Shanghai. The place ROCKS. Go to the big marketplace near the playboy store, they’ve got everything. Don’t pay more than 10 yuen for a DVD. And yes, the DVDs work (but many of the watches don’t). Beijing is much goodness too. Email me if you have questions bout China.
    Go to Glacier National Park in Montana. Hike up to Spearry Chalet.

    that’s some hot stuff you’re leavin behind my friend. hot stuff.

    Good Luck!! We must keep in contact.

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