Te Anau, New Zealand Embarking on the Milford Trek

Quick one this time.

I mean it about that Queen thing. I think they have one radio station in New Zealand and it just plays Queen.

Tomorrow morning I leave for the Milford Trek. I hope I’ve got everything I need. Or if I don’t, I hope they have a Night Owl or something out there.

I need a first aid kit. And I’l probably need some water.

When I get back, I’ve booked a day of kayaking on Doubtful Sound. Doubtful Sound was named by our good friend Captain Cook, who was "doubtful" that the winds in the sound could carry his ship back out if they sailed in to explore.

"Captain’s Log, 5th of May, 1770. We went past a sound today and I wasn’t sure we could get back out, so I named it Doubtful Sound. I tell ya, naming stuff is great. I get such a kick out of it. Hey, that sure is a pretty lagoon over there. I think I’ll call it Sure-is-Pretty Lagoon. Man, this is awesome. I feel gassy from the pork we had last night. I think I’ll call that rock over there Fart Rock. I’m out of control!"

Umm, yeah, anyway. So kayaking in Doubtful Sound. That should be good. It’s in Fiordland National Park, about 100km from the nearest commercial road, so pretty remote. It’ll be a good place to be during the start of World War III.

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  1. alex

    Hey Matt,
    Watch out for hidden cameras there in New Zealand – I got a speeding ticket in the mail the other day!
    Sorry not to get in touch earlier but it sounds like you got things down – but if you need other itinerary help drop a line! Hope that Milford was good and the weather not too rainy. Kayaking in Doubtful will no doubt be sound. That food festival sounds great! and ya – I would have suggested you avoided Queenstown – too much, too many and too too……but somehow unavoidable. Also although I didn’t make it there I think Stewart Island would be a great place to go as it sounded beautiful and interesting and enough off the beaten track to be free of the usual clutter. Have fun.
    Ps. That “telescope” is hurting – I can’t get it to focus too well and I don’t think that it’s my eyes!

  2. blahzah

    Hey, we had a new Ericism on Saturday night playing cards. We were playing some kind of poker where you could only ask for four more cards if you had an ace in your hand… though of course you had to prove it. So at one point Christie got an ace and asked for four more cards. The thick-accented frenchman wasn’t sure if she had one, so he wanted to see: “Show us your ass, Christie… Let’s see your ass”. Laughter ensued.

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