Prague, Czech Republic Postcard From Prague

I’m back in the developed world. Since my last post, I’ve been through Cambodia, China, and Mongolia, then on a six day train ride across Siberia to Moscow. Last night I landed in Prague and met up with my sister, Kristin. Obviously, there’s lots to say and many pictures to display, but the electricity situation wasn’t very good on the train so I didn’t get the time I was hoping for to catch up on my journal.

All I really have to say at the moment is Hi, I’m here, I’m okay, I’ll be home soon. Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ll get my act together. Stay tuned.

8 Responses to Prague, Czech Republic Postcard From Prague

  1. Sir DreamWorks

    You are really great man!! Please, visit again Czech Republic, but next time go to our 2nd biggest city – Brno!!!

  2. Vall

    Hi, please visit Czech Republic again, Pilsen is beautifull place too :-)..and we will dance with you when you arrive:-)

    You´re amazing traveller:-) I aspire that I will become to traveller such as you one day:-)

  3. Lenka G.

    Hi Matt, I didn’t know about your journey until today. It’s 14th of April 2010 and just posted your “dance around the world”. They call you a “guy with funny dance”. But your video is actually very sensational and inspiring. You completely ignore the borders and at the same time, you show that people want to be friendly and silly all around the world. The news often make us believe our planet is a dramatic, sad and violent place. Thank you for the big smile on my face. Absolutely the best video I’ve seen. Can’t wait to read some more on your web site.
    If you ever consider coming back to Czech Republic, please visit OLOMOUC, the beauty of CR. We’ll show you around and we”ll dance with you! Lenka

  4. Johana V.

    Why isn´t here more people like you?..So amazig work..everybody told you come to this city come to this city..It doesn´t mether where you´ll be next time..just do others videos and make pople happy..and once you can come back to czech republic..(I didn´t know about you until now)

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