Los Angeles, California Screensavers Appearance

I’ve got about a minute to write this.

Short of some cataclysmic event, I should be going on a show called Screensavers tomorrow on the G4 channel. To mark the occassion, I’m archiving the giganormous Africa post and digging up a couple old ones that explain more about the dancing video.

I’m annoyed at myself for not fixing the credits on the video to list the song title and the musicians. Maybe someday, when I find a video editing tool that works properly.

In the hopes of reducing the number of emails in my inbox tomorrow:

The song is called Sweet Lullaby. The group is called Deep Forest.

Go forth now and buy/download/steal/whatever-it-is-you-people-do-nowadays.

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  1. James McGowan

    Not bad,

    Good interview, first time seeing this site, im sure the G4TechTV will now bring many more new users to your site.

  2. Nguyen Le

    Your web site has opened my eyes to the world. I’ve now found a new reason to live and love life.

  3. Col. Reehotch


    Permission granted to dance in front of the Phenoma-Bomber Beta. You are now in charge of the Phenomenauts Hyper-Cadet Dance Squad.

    Col. Reehotch
    The Phenomenauts

    end transmission:

  4. stormy

    I so wish I had the balls to do what you did! Of course, being female, having literal balls is an issue – but figurative ones, I am working on. LOL

    I saw your interview on The Screensavers. We were watching in awe.

    Love the site! It is rather helpful in pretending I’ve been to all these places. ^_^

  5. Pete M.

    I think you may have a new fan in the works. this site is spectacular. keep it up!

    PS: keep on dancin!

  6. jordan

    Yo wassup matt, i just saw you on tech tv today and i thought that was like pretty cool and all im only a 13 year old and well i watch the screen savers all the time that was a good episode yo keep on doing what your doing and rock and roll like crazy and play tenis and do that really wierd dance yo you should try using power skip boots

  7. Dave

    I’ve seen your interview was great and it was funny seeing u dance on Adam Sessler’s desk lol, but I have one question are you doing this just for attention, love, or faith. Also what is your faith?

  8. Izuna Blaide

    Hey man i saw you on TechTV it was pretty funny, and i think being a video game designer would be an awesome job, why did you quit? you could have kept on making games during your travels….but not while your dancing because you might break your computer or something lol

    later man

  9. bedlamite23

    What can I say that hasn’t been said before? Moving, really moving. Need another mirror site?
    A dance around the Planet, beautiful.

  10. Joel D.

    Saw you on The Screensavers, that was awesome. Better than the dancing baby at FOX’s Ally McBeal show. Go man and continue dancin and feels like you’ve created a new craze in town…

  11. Craig B.

    wow i watchedd you on screen savers yesterday (i’m a big tech tv fan) and you’re amazing. I will always want to experience something like you did and travel to distant places. But that isn’t possible right now, well because i’m only 13. But Matt, keep on doing what you’re doing and inspiring us all.

    PS- Your dance will soon be introduced to my friends 😛

  12. moondragon

    Hey Matt,

    I’m traveling to Bangkok for a month this summer to teach at a university (then I plan to go to the Full Moon Party on Koh Pha Ngan island!! — anyone wanna join me?) You might have covered this but did you take a laptop on your trip? What did you do to keep it safe?



  13. Babylonian007

    Haha, I really like your dancing, man. Keep up the good work. Your dancing is the Burnout 3 of dancing; it’s just purely, viscerally satisfying and gives you a good feeling. While I would kill for a job at Pandemic (I loved Mercenaries), I think you made the right decision.

  14. Diego M Velasquez

    My man Matt. Just wanted to say u do a cool job! love the site and keep up what ur doing because the only thing we take with us at the end of time are our memories, so go ahead and make a tone of them!

    “may your soul fly always free and life be a splinter of light in a world of darkness.” words by a refuge in a concentration camp in world war 2 1947
    peace! and God bless you

  15. Jordan

    Hey Matt! Awsome site! Can you post videos from when you danced on Adam Sessler’s desk last night? It was cool.

  16. Ryan

    Matt I saw you on g4 last night. I would like to say I was opened to the world of travel by your expeditions around the world. I think I might do the same in time. I hope the world is ready for the speeding bullet that is Matt. Keep traveling. (and dancing!)

  17. Chaotic

    Whoa! I love that dancing thing you do! Just found this site after having seen the link to it on the Screensavers…totally awesome. I’ll have to show my friends this site, as I know they’ll get every bit as much a kick out of it as I do. I might even develop my own dance for when I go places. It won’t be anywhere near as widespead a thing as your traveling, but I might make an appearance at a local McDonalds or something. ^_~

    Keep on trekking, dude! You’ve got a new fan! ^_^

  18. Alex

    Yesterday, I (along with many others) tuned in to catch footage of Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour in Atlanta, and I was in for a pleasant surprised when they came to your segment of the show. I later went to your website and watched the video in full and was blown away. You got yourself another reader.

    P.S. It’s interesting that you traveled mostly around Asia. When most people talk about traveling, they usually mention countries from Western Europe.

  19. Jason

    hey man I saw u dancing over g4tv while i was about 2 fall asleep… since i was watching it over the night, but ur dance was funny~~ I LUV IT MAN KEEP UP UR WORK!!! DONT QUIT! I”LL COME BACK OFTEN NOW 4 UR NEW DANCING!!! U JUST GAVE ME NEW HOPE 4 ADVENUTERES~~~~ CYA THEN I’ll B BACK~~~

  20. H3BR3W

    You MUST add the footage of you dancing in the urinal stall, with the Phenomenauts, and especially on top of Adam Sessler’s desk to the Dancing video.

    I thought you were absolutely hilarious. Thank you for having the sack to quit you job in order to entertain the world.

  21. Michael H. Geldner

    I saw you on ScreenSavers! I think you should keep this up until you are a really old guy. Just keep dancing and posting no matter whether you’re on the road or not. I would say that someone will want to make a movie about this, but I guess you beat Hollywood to the punch!

    Great job! Very creative! Keep dancing!


  22. Nicole

    Hey Matt. I saw you on TSS (The Screen Savers) last night. I rememeber spotting your ‘Dance’ on some funny video site and thought it was very odd but I kept catching myself dancing at random times. In the kitchen, in my room, with friends, and while eating. Be warned don’t Eat and Dance… it’s not safe.

    Drop a line if you’re ever in or around Portland Oregon. I know a few good places to dance. Specialy if it’s raining.

    Dance on!


  23. George

    wow… this thing has really taken off on you, hasn’t it. hope your trip to LA is fantastic and glad to have a slight footnote in your meteoric rise to fame and hopefully world domination. Cheers from Kigali…

  24. Anna

    Nerd. Was good seeing you on Friday night. We have the show Tivo’d if you don’t have a copy. Let me know. –Anna

  25. Preston

    Matt you are my Hero. I envy you in many ways, but especialy on how you finally got out of your desk and decided to actually go out and do something with your life. Props.
    If you ever wanna wander through BC tell me. I help where I can.

  26. The Dude

    Oh yeah, the dancing. Don’t let it go to your head. Adam Sandler dance is way better. Pics and writing= teh good. Dancing = eh.

  27. Jay

    Great heavens! The phenomenon that is Matt keeps on going! Energizer Matt! Good to see that this thing is keeping the idea of peace through dancing alive! Or at least getting some exercise! Watched it for the 30th time just recently. Very funny. Has anything panned out from it? FWIW, I enjoy the other blog entries regarding your travels in Africa. The exchange between you and the, ahem, lady offering you her services is funny (and sad when you dwell on it).

    I wish I had a bajillion frequent flier miles or something to donate to you. I would love to see you do the dance in some places in Prague or Paris! :) Keep up the good work.

  28. Per

    You are fantastic…
    Once, I will dance in Kenya too!!
    Keep on going man, keep on going!! 😀

  29. Jose

    Nice I saw you on TSS I laghed when you danced on Adam’s desk ^_^ So where are you going now?
    How did you like being on TSS? C-ya O_-

  30. Flex Mentallo

    So I was googling my own name the other day because I was bored and found one of my old posts and then I see you’ve done an update about a TV interview and a radio interview and you didn’t even send me the link!

    Shame on you Matt Harding! Shame on you!

    BTW – you changed my life too, thanks man! Well no, not really, but I’m downloading that radio show now,

  31. Edna

    I watched the thing about Matt on G4 and it was just bloody halarious. It’s one of the coolest things I think I’ve ever seen because it is simply brilliant and all. I wish I could go everywhere and dance and people like it. >.<

  32. dragonfire

    Get your copy of Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby (Mini Cd)

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    03 – Sweet Lullaby (apollo 440 rem).OGG
    04 – Sweet Lullaby (single remix).OGG
    05 – Sweet Lullaby (a la EFX sing[1].).OGG
    06 – Sweet Lullaby (ambient remix).OGG

    Download todo1.rar at link to sr1.mytempdir.com

    Remember this is a temporary host, files will be deleted in 7 days


  33. Marcel

    I think your dancing opened a lot of eyes and made people more aware of the beautiful world we live in. I loved your choices of locations in each of the countries. If you ever need any help with camera work or anything drop me a line, I love to travel. I’m in Canada but leaving for Asia in a month. Keep on dancing!

  34. Gary

    So like, if I wanted to download the video from Screensavers…where would I find such a thing? I looked on G4 but only found the dancing video, not the inerview. Any ideas?



  35. jungletoe

    i know its been a while since you were on TSS. but after hearing the song (unattached to your video) the memories came rushing back. i went to TSS’s website to re-watch your video.

    i cried.

    not only is your video moving, but when put into context that you danced your dance on the final episode of TSS, it just makes the whole thing more poignant. i know that may sound strange, but i have to tell you, you did what i wish i could.

    you rawk

  36. ad

    matt, it’s great …but thousands of people do the same everyday -in silence- and honestly I don’t understand this crazyness around it. Not your fault (I hope you find hapiness) just these people who are blind…
    you just wrote it and danced like thousands of people do every weekends…
    I really don’t get it…

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