Seattle, Washington Laptop Stolen

At 11:30 last night — about 3 hours ago — my laptop was stolen out of my car.

I was out getting drinks downtown and I parked outside my sister’s apartment building on 2nd and Wall. I left my laptop in the front seat. As I was getting out, it occured to me that this was a dumb thing to do and I should probably at least put the laptop bag in my trunk.

I didn’t. Instead I just pushed it down on the floor under the glove compartment.

The security guard for the building passed by my car at 11pm and it was unmolested. At 11:30, he looked out from the parking garage window and saw two men and a woman lingering in the alley by my car. When he passed by again at 11:35, my passenger door was wide open. The three people were just leaving the alley. He says one of them may have been carrying a bag similar to the one my laptop was in.

The security guard says the trio walked down the street past the apartment building next door. That building has security cameras all around it. I checked with the night watchman for that building. He says he can’t access the archived video until tomorrow, but that the picture is grainy anyway and he doesn’t think he’ll get much out of it.

I called 911 and filed a police report. The cop said I could try scouring all the pawn shops in Seattle tomorrow in case my laptop turns up.

On the hard drive were all the hundreds of pictures from my trips that I never put up and at least a dozen unfinished journal entires that I never got around to posting.

It also had all the raw clips that went into my dancing video. So unless I can find some backups somewhere, I’ll never be able to edit them again.

All the emails from people over the last few months and their addresses. There’s a list of folks I want to write to who I’ll never be able to reach now.

I work as a design contractor for videogames. All that is gone. There’s no ‘work’ machine. It was all in there — the maps and notes and write-ups and scripts and emails. My employers will not be pleased.

I also lost my brand new Sony PSP that was my most favoritist gadget in the whole wide world, and, ironically, a book I was reading about pirates.

I should have backed up more often. I shouldn’t have left the bag in my car. I shouldn’t have parked in an alley. I should have installed theft tracking software.

I am dumb. And I am sad.

I guess everyone who has their laptop stolen feels this way — it’s not the money, it’s the stuff. It’s what’s in there. All the benefits of storing your whole life on one tiny little device get flipped around and stop being benefits.

It’s somewhere in the city right now. Maybe in a park or an alley. Probably in someone’s apartment. Tomorrow it’ll get sold to someone. If I’m very very lucky, maybe it’ll turn up at a pawn shop. But more likely it’ll enter the current of some vast underground stream of stolen goods and if it ever does turn up it’ll be in another city, stripped of all its data and identifying features.

We put pieces of ourselves into our possessions. Our tools become extensions of our selves. And when those tools go missing, it’s like a phantom limb.

Tough shit, buddy. If you left something that important to you in your car — and it’s a Honda Civic mind you, which you don’t need to be a safecracker to get into –then you deserve what happens.

I know I do. But that doesn’t help right now. Right now I just need to be sad.

And tomorrow I have to start calling around for a slightly used and abused Dell Inspiron 600m with wood paneling on top and all four rubber base grips worn away. If you see one, let me know.

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  1. jitb

    ouch that sucks. remember to check auction sites like ebay, too. i’ve seen a lot of stolen goods get sold on there, even had a cop come pick up a car stereo from me because it was stolen from a car in nyc. got my money back at least, thank god for platinum cards!

  2. Julie

    What can’t be said, can’t be said and it can’t be whistled either
    ~ Ram Tithra
    Good will come from this sad day.

  3. Dragonfire

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  4. Valerie Houghton

    A good friend of mine just gave me your website address because I have a son, named MATT, who is almost 15 and was dancing wildly around our kitchen and yard with our Italian greyhounds… he does this all the time. Do you think it’s a “name thing?”
    I am so sad to hear about your loss. People have given you some great suggestions… I’ll say a prayer to St. Anthony.
    Sincerely, Valerie

  5. Davis

    Hey Matt – Saw your dancing video and loved it. Tried the dance. Sent the clip to many friends. Watched it with my family, even! I’m an avid traveler myself and appreciated the break from daily concerns while I watched it.

    I feel for you about the computer, man. Maybe this loss prevented a more devastating one in the future. Either way, it appears that you have a great many things that can’t be stolen! (like some stylin’ moves)

    All the best, and thanks again for the inspiration.

  6. John V

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I too have started setting out on epic adventures and could only imagine how devastated I would be if I lost something like that with my whole journey on it. But hey cheer up! We still have you, and I think that’s all that really matters. May it be 10,000, 1,000, or 10 miles away you will always inspire and bring happiness to the people around you. Can’t wait to see more post. Well I must be going now, I have to start packing for Korea. Who knows maybe we will cross paths someday.

  7. Cindy Summers

    I actually caught your dancing video on The Screen Savers web site and thought it was beautiful – so free and joyful. Thank you for giving the world such a wonderful and uplifting gift – many faces have smiled and many hearts have felt joy all over the world because of your magical dancing! I know that’s been 5 days, but did you try to elicite assistance from local media. I used to live in LA and there was a news story regarding a stolen wheelchair that was eventually returned anonymously. It was a special active high tech design (like the wheelchair race kind) for a person who could never afford replace it. The local media explained the person’s situation and pleaded with the theives to return it and that there would be no questions asked. It was anonymously dropped at a local hospital with a note to return it to its owner. You’re not your average guy Matt, and I think that it’s not only an opportunity to get your laptop back (keep the faith) but to also share your special adventure with more people, thus bringing more joy to the world! Thank for everything Matt! Good Luck and keep your chin up, and try not to beat yourself up too much about it…it may not have been in your plan, but it was in God’s plan and I’m sure everything will be alright (sing along with Bob Marley…everything’s going to be alright now).

  8. Gadfly

    matt – i was wondering if you had any plans to dance around the middle east…say Iraq, Syria or Iran….? must be nice to expoit the sacrifices of others while you pontificate over the web…you appear to be another spoiled rich kid from ct…..if you are still looking for some purpose in your yet unfilled life, join the marines….that will give you some purpose and maybe some character. You feeling sad about losing your notebook is pathetic, when young people with less means than you are coming home injured in body and mind….questtion..what did you do for memorial day?

  9. PsychoNavigator

    Dear Matt,

    I am deeply sorry to read what you’ve had to say here. I’m assuming that the laptop was never recovered. I was so excited to see there was a website pertaining to this video. I saw the video you made on iFilm, a place I rarely go. I love that they can share such amazing files , but I am adverse to their not sharing the origin or background. I’m glad I found this site, I hope you get a chance to read this.

    Your video is amazing. I can’t tell you what it does to me, what it does to the people I show it to. They watch for a moment so wary of something stupid, and they get educated real quick. The xpression on their face changes, and their heart moves. Mine moves especially when Ankgor Wat cues in. An incredibly beautiful place I have always dreamed of visiting. Back to your video. It’s just an incredible journey you take people on in that video, and every time I hear it like it’s just being siad for the first time ever, them telling me, that must be such a blessing, to do something like this, to experience life and the world and revel in it.

    Absolutely. You video is awe inspiring and amazing. If anything, at least you have the memories of the trip in the first place. Showing it to the rest of the world is minute comparatively. You’ve given us enough to work with. We can form out own dreams from there. Thank you. Your video is just simply amazing.

  10. PsychoNavigator

    Oh yeah, Gadfly… you’re an asshole. Why don’t YOU go sit out in the middle of the fucking desert, and wait for that chemical warfare that Dubya has been screaming at you about, instead of sitting your fat ass in front of your computer, scarfing down a platter full of Ho-Hos. And another thing… are you fucking retarded, he’s from Australia, and the USMC don’t even recruit over there. Spoiled kid from CT. Henh. You obviously can’t read too well. All of his lifes’ information for the past how many years was located on that computer. Not just is passion, but his job. Fuck you!

  11. miniguamanian

    i think you have some comments to read in regards to your *blog about Guam (it was sometime around march!) ….

    take another look buddy. don’t say sh*t if you don’t know much about our island to begin with.

    serves you right about your laptop getting stolen. karma buddy. karma.

  12. Friar Tuck

    Alternative idea: Get a camera phone like the Treo 600 and send picture and texts to a blog! One such blogsite is It will post almost immediately!

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