Burbank, California Ellen Show Appearance

So yeah, I’m in my dressing room on the Ellen Show.

It tapes in about 2 hours. It should air on Monday. The channel and time changes by region, so check your local listings here.

I’m watching the Friday episode tape now. Matt LeBlanc is wandering the halls outside. They’re about to put him on.

Ooh! Promo for Monday’s show:

“Country superstar Wynonna Judd, internet dancing sensation, Matt Harding, and a 12-year-old snake expert!”

Yeah, that sounds about right.

I’m becoming resigned to the fact that I’m just not on planet earth anymore.

Matthew McConaughey is on the same show as me, but he taped a couple days ago. That’s 3 Matts in 3 days. I represent only 33% of this week’s Matt-named guest population.

They sent a town car to take me here. An hour drive through LA freeway traffic. When we pulled into the studio, there was an enormous line of people waiting for tickets to Ellen. I’m told the line forms around 8am. They saw my car pulling in with tinted windows. People started waving. My impulse was to roll down the window and explain:

“False alarm! I’m not anybody! Sorry for the confusion!”

More later…

Change of plans. They were going to have me come out at the beginning of the show and sit with Ellen, explain the video and all that. But we did a rehearsal and me not talk so good, so instead she’s going to explain it and then introduce me dancing in the “Riff Raff Room.”

The rehearsal was really hard. One of the producers, Derek, sat in Ellen’s chair and asked me a couple questions, then they played the video and asked me to talk over it.

“Uh…that’s me…dancing…in different places…and…yeah…”

It’s tough to stay focused while talking on camera, but it’s even harder when you’re pretending to talk on camera and you’re not really actually addressing anyone.

My two handlers are Derek, the aforementioned producer, and Andy, who discovered my video a couple months ago and has been keeping in touch while trying to get me on ever since. One of Andy’s responsibilities is finding people like me and selling them to the higher-ups, which seems to be a long and difficult process.

Another of Andy’s responsibilities is making sure all my whims are catered to — like a few minutes ago when I wanted a turkey sandwich and he sent a guy out to grab me one. Provolone, lettuce, tomato, mustard, no mayo.

That was awesome.

After the rehearsal they took me around the NBC studio lot to dance. The idea is they’re going to introduce me at the start of the show, then keep cutting back during commercial breaks to see where I’m dancing now. Sorry to shatter the illusion for those who watched it, but all those clips were taped beforehand.

First they had me dance in the control room; dozens of grizzled technical guys staring at a bank of 48 monitors. Add to that a camera guy, a woman pointing a light at my head that is brighter than the sun, and as many random production people as could fit in the space remaining.


Next they wanted me dancing in Ellen’s dressing room, but Ellen was actually in her dressing room…dressing…so I stood outside her door with said crew while they nervously discussed how to proceed.

The crew all wear headsets. Unseen forces spoke to them and put the kibosh on the idea. We’ll see if there’s time later.

I went into the show’s production offices with Pete, the “remote shoot director.” He grabbed a handheld video camera and the two of us left the studio to go wander around the lot.

He took me to the Days of Our Lives set. We met with some handlers and they led us into the penthouse apartment of Dr. Marlena Evans. I stood in her living room, in front of the balcony that overlooks the fictional Salem skyline, and danced like the world was ending.

We went over to the NBC commissary — made famous by a thousand Johnny Carson references. Pete loaded me up with a cafeteria tray, a banana, a soda, an apple crumble, and some fruit loops. I danced and tried not to let anything on my tray fall over.

Then we went over to the Tonight Show set and I stood in front of Jay Leno’s parking spot. Legend has it Mr. Leno’s got something like 300 cars. He keeps them in an airplane hangar nearby. Each morning, before coming in, he calls and has the car of his choice driven to his house so that he can drive it to the studio.

Today’s car was some kind of antique convertible from the 1920s; fire red and polished until it glows.

As I was taking my place in front of the car, another vehicle pulled up right next to me. It was the size and shape of a golf cart, but pitch black with tinted windows. The car stopped and George Clooney got out.

That man is handsome. He has a handsomeness radius of about 5 feet — meaning everything that enters his sphere instantly becomes more handsome, but not nearly as handsome as he is, unless it’s Brad Pitt — the only man alive who is more handsome.

But really the distinction is academic. It’s like trying to determine whether a quark has more mass than a lepton. You’d need a billion-dollar particle accelerator to observe the handsomeness delta between Brad Pitt and George Clooney, and even then you’d only be able to observe it for, like, a trillionth of a second. More trouble than it’s worth, if you ask me. Let’s all just agree: they’re both really handsome.

Pete the camera guy looked over and said, “Hey, that’s George Clooney.” Then he looked at me and said, “Dance!”

So I danced in front of George Clooney for about ten seconds while he talked to a security guard and waited patiently for me to finish. When I stopped, he walked past into the secret famous person’s entrance to the Tonight Show set, paying me no further notice.

I did not stop him and say, “Hey, George Clooney, I think it’s great that you’re making films about important issues like media responsibility and US policy in the Middle East. I admire your determination to put your spotlight to good use by raising the level of debate in our country. I hope you’re able to push through all the ridiculous crap and bring important issues to the forefront. Who me? Oh, I’m the internet dancing guy. Yeah, I dance really badly in different places and people think it’s funny.”

More later…

They’re not using the Sweet Lullaby track I had in the video. They’d have to pay licensing fees for each time they play it and since they’re planning on showing a bunch of 5 second segments, it’d cost a ton. Instead they’re putting some Foggy Bottom Breakdown banjo over it.

…that’s another way to go.

We’re in the break between the first taping for the show that airs tomorrow and the taping I’m on that airs Monday.

My dressing room is fabulous. I have a bathroom, complete with a shower and everything. I wish I could take a bath. That’d be great.

There’s also a fully stocked fridge. It’s got everything from Red Bull to iced cappuccino to OJ to freaky famous person water. The water is called "Penta: Ultra Premium Purified Drinking Water."

That’s “Ultra Premium” mind you. One step up from regular premium. "Arsenic free, chlorine free, chromium free, fluoride free, MTBE free. Purified by reverse osmosis/deionization with USP Medicinal Grade Oxygen."

It’s bottled in Carlsbad, California — surely at some top secret research facility built on the glistening shores of a pure mountain spring.

There’s a snack basket too. It’s got chips, granola bars, and about 50 different types of candy.

A word on the wall decoration. The halls are lined with pictures of Ellen doing weird stuff with her various famous person guests; Jim Carrey falling off a bicycle, Cameron Diaz making cotton candy, David Bowie having a tea pa rty. In the production office, they’ve got a mural-sized blow-up of one of Ellen’s grade-school detention punishments. It’s a crumpled sheet of notepad paper on which she’s written:

I will not eat food in English class
I will not eat food in English class
I will not eat food in English class
I will not eat food in English class
I will not eat food in English class
I will not eat food in English class
I will not eat food in English class
I will not eat food in English class
I will not eat food in English class
I will not eat food in English class

You get the idea.

In my dressing room is a black and white photo of what appears to be a Sri Lankan boy leading an ox carriage. Sitting on the carriage are two chimpanzees dressed like royalty. It’s mesmerizing.

I got to go into Ellen’s dressing room once she cleared out. The decoration in there was pretty wacky too, but it was of a more personal nature so I’ll refrain from describing most of it. There were two more great photos though; one was Muhammud Ali yelling at a bunch of reporters, the other was two old women dancing near a guy who appeared to be Frank Sinatra.

The show starts soon. More later…

Well that was fun. It didn’t take long since the main interview, Matthew McConaughey, was pre-taped. I didn’t have to do much. I danced for 5 seconds after her opening monologue, then I sat backstage for a while.

Wynonna Judd came out and sang her song. Her handlers thought I was funny. She walked by as she was leaving and one of her guys told her to “Say goodbye to the dancing guy.”

“Bye dancing guy!”
“Bye Wynonna Judd!”

…did that really happen? Yes. Yes, I think it was an actual experience.

Ellen brought me out at the end to dance with her on stage. That was the first time I’d actually been in the same room with her. We got right into it and she did her best to mimic my…whatever-you-call-it. I’d say her dance was more like a jubilant prospector who “dun struck gold,” which is a close cousin to what I’m doing.

We danced for maybe a minute through what I imagine would be the credits until the taping stopped. Afterwards we were both exhausted. She thanked me for coming and said “That was really hard work! It’s like swimming!”

That was the sum total of our direct interaction…which is not meant as any kind of disparagement. I got every indication that she’s a sincere, genuine, kind lady — not to mention smart and funny.

I guess it’s just that whenever I do one of these things, I can’t help but feel like a dancing monkey. It’s no big deal. That’s the thing I do, it’s what I’m known for, and it makes people happy. I accept it. But the media experiences make me have to examine my motivations. Is it really a pure, silly, uninhibited expression of joy? Am I actually getting the message out that we don’t need to be afraid of the outside world or insulate ourselves from the perceived dangers; that there’s so much to gain from interrupting our everyday lives to hop on a plane and become part of this amazing, beautiful, blue ball? Or am I just trying to get on TV?

I wish I could not care about that stuff, but I have trouble staying grounded. It’s so exciting. I get caught up in it and then I feel dirty after.

Anyway, I did have a great time and everyone on the show was really decent to me. The town car drove me back to where I’m working this week and I’m finishing this post in my makeshift office at 11 at night. I think I’m the only one here…I think I still have make-up on.

It’s not unreasonable to suppose there’ll be a lot of site traffic here on Monday, once the show airs. It’s not every day my URL is mentioned on network television.

…Hi everybody! Thanks for coming. Make yourselves at home. The dancing video shouldn’t be too hard to find and there’s lots of old travel stories to read if you’re interested. That’s about all I’ve got to offer. Feel free to write. I reply to as much as I can. Oh, and you can leave your shoes on, but be careful not to let the cat out.

70 Responses to Burbank, California Ellen Show Appearance

  1. Linda

    I just came across your site for the first time. I have to commend you. You are travelling the world, “dancing like no one is watching.” I admire that. Keep it up.

    And if you are ever in Boston, let me know. I’ll dance with you. :)


  2. Scarlett

    Alright Matt!! The Ellen Show! I love her sense of humor. She is completely hilarious!! ~ I can understand how you would feel used after all that, but remember, being on a show such as Ellen will only help to spread the inner smile you instill in people. Your dancing makes 1,000’s of strangers such as myself happy. I watch your video often and just sit there with perma-grin! That’s what your about in my book. =) Keep dancing, we love you for it. Plus, when your old, all you’ve got is your memories. You’re making some killer ones.

  3. Jakob

    I realy like the idea of dancing around the world, great job dude. Don’t forget to come dance with us swedes thou! =)

  4. Steve Kelso

    To me your adventures are much more than just the dance. I have enjoyed every word you have written from start to finish, the dance is secondary. Keep traveling and writing about it so we can all imagine what it would be like for us if we ever have the nerve to do it ourselves one day.
    Steve Kelso
    Fort Worth, Texas

  5. cole

    dude – i’ve seen the video a thousand times, got it bookmarked on my toolbar, and it never fails to bring me pure, unadulterated joy…. or pure, silly, uninhibited joy…

    whatever it is, know that you can at least make a fat, hairy, gay guy laugh on a daily basis…

    or you’re an inspiration to a sick kid…

    or you’re like sunshine and lollipops and unicorns…

    or something like that.

    you’re a good man matt harding, and one hell of a cute dancer.

    ps and by the way, im linking this to my livejournal, so if youre innundated with random-ass comments ( as im sure you are on a daily basis from millions of strangers.. ok, maybe like 30 or 40 strangers…) sorry. you did this to yourself.

    take care, and if you’re ever in dallas i would be honored to dance with you.


  6. Mika

    Lol XD
    All the awesome stuff you get to experience just because you followed your dream.
    Hey, I think there’s a lesson in that.

  7. CHelsey Lorenzo

    Hey Matt you rock my socks off. I love you for doing what you do. U have such an awsome job. How much do u make?lol. Do you get dentail? Yeah well you make me smile so keep on keeping on!!!!!!!!

  8. Tom


    The celebrity thing will wane pretty quickly, I imagine. But in spite of your own misgivings and circumspection about your own motives, there’s this: The first time I saw the dancing montage on the website, it made me cry, and it does almost every time I see it. It’s oddly affecting that way. I think is shows in a pretty unadulterated way our “better nature” as humans. It’s wonderful, also harmless, like we can all be when we’re at our best.

    Plus, it’s just a hoot.

    So don’t worry so much. And enjoy the ride while you can!

  9. Carol Ann

    When I watch you dance I always smile. Sometimes at work I click on it just to de-stress. Thank you. I wish you much joy in your life and work that you enjoy.

  10. Andrea

    I can’t even remember how I came across your dancing video…oh yeah, saw it on MSN.com. But it’s true what Tom said that it’s “oddly affecting” and maybe shows our better nature as humans. There’s a sweetness and purity about it that warms my heart. I too was moved to tears the first time I watched and even on subsequent viewings I got a little choked up. Strange. I don’t know why it does that to me. But thanks for the sentiment and the sparkly moments of joy! Have a great life!

  11. Chelsea

    I think that the bigger/better meaning behind what you were doing will penetrate the people that it really matters to. I know that when I first saw the video, I was neither doubled over with laughter or asking “what the heck is this?!” I was sitting in pure awe, just happy to know that there’s a person out there that views the world that way. How I got it…I don’t know.

    What I’m getting at is that I think the ones that matter will understand.

  12. Michael J. Pawlowsky

    Congratulations for making it on Ellen. And with a 10 year old snake specialist at that. What more can one ask for! I’ve been spending a grey Sunday morning reading your blog from the begining of your travels instead of the Sunday paper. Quite interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Pepper

    Hi Matt, I think your video is a great idea. I think your dance moves really improved as you traveled along :-) Come dance with us in New Jersey sometime. I’ll be tuning in to watch you on Ellen!

  14. Ben

    Hey Matt – love the site. Your mom just told my mom about it. Congratulations on your fame! Ben Peirce

  15. katya

    hey!!! love the web site! just found out about it from Ellen’s show. i see u went to Siberia Russia, that’s where i am from originally. hope u liked it there. much Love.

  16. Crystal

    hey matt! i’m watching the ellen show now haha… ur hilarious… hey if you ever wanna come out to Westchester, NY i’ll dance with you

  17. Sierra Sekula

    OMG this site is very creative – I just saw you on ellen like 2 minutes ago! Its so cool how you get to dance everywhere. You need to come dance in the hill country in Central Texas. You can dance by the river tubers in Canyon Lake, on Mt. Baldy(a hill with steps thats bald on top)In Wimberley, A music events in Austin, (And we do not ride horses to school in texas! Most people I know dont even own a horse! I dont!)You could also come to Gruene Hall- Texas’ oldest dancehall (lots of famous people have preformed their- a John travolta movie was made there) or even come to a Rodeo and eat Texas made Bar-Ba-Que. Lots of really cool stuff here- we would love to have you!

  18. ellen...not degeneres

    loved to hear the real story behind a taping of the ellen show…..keep on dancin’!

  19. Kathleen

    I just saw you for the first time on the Ellen show. It was great so I came here. Here is even better. Yay for Matt! Woo!

  20. Melissa

    Kinda dissapointing about Ellen, I didnt know it worked like that. Oh well…Off to check out the rest of your site…

  21. melissa

    Just watching ellen now, it’s crazy to know how things actually work! I have been to your site a few times, and am LOVING your dancing! If you come to the Toronto area, email me! We’ll go out! (but we don’t have to dance if you don’t want to…) 😉


  22. Shannon

    I just saw you on the Ellen show, and I would like to tell you that this is an awesomely hilarious idea you’ve come up with. I think they should have given you much more airtime. *Shrug* What are you going to do, though? 😀 Anyway, I’m a fan now. And I wish you all the best in your travels. If you ever think of dancing somewhere in Long Island, you’ve got my attention. Safe travels and happy dancing!

    Much love,

  23. k~karenlynn


    I originally saw you on one of those late night talk shows, dancing, but I missed your URL….I thought to myself, “Hey, this guy is original, dancing all around the world like that.” (I have an appreciation for stuff like that.)

    I google searched what seemed like forever trying to remember your URL…. To no avail… :o(

    I finally found your site thanks to Ellen…

    So here I am doing the happy chair dance reading your blog with a big ole smile on my face…

    Next up…
    I’m gonna watch you dance all around the world…

    Keep on truckin Matt….

  24. Lisa

    Matt, this is the first time I’ve read your blog (thanks to Ellen actually) and I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to read the some of your archives. I love to travel, too. It’s so easy to get caught up in our lives and not see anything else so I think what you’re doing here is really cool.

    LOL it’s too funny, all the folks from Texas who have commented. Greetings from Austin and I agree with the lady who said you should dance in the Hill Country. I’ll add Fredericksburg to her list of great places to visit here.

  25. Deborah Kugler

    I must admit Id never heard of your site before seeing the Ellen show today. Normally I dont even watch that show, but happened to be home today. I watched just long enough to see her drop your URL and then catch a few seconds of the website that they showed. Then I switched over to the net to take a look at what the big deal was.
    Gotta say Im impressed. The dancing is nice as it seems like you enjoy it, but the writing is even better. I love the way you describe almost everything you encounter in an almost completely unbiased sense. Though this may seem like an odd thing to say; your writing style is very informative, and entertaining. I admire anyone who has the balls to travel anywhere he chooses, and dance anyway that that he chooses. One day I will more than likely follow in your footsteps. Ill probably choose a different dance, and I wont have a website, but it would be nice to test the boundaries of the very large planet that I live on. By the by, comparing you to a dancing monkey is about as far fetched as it gets.

  26. Robin

    Thanks to Columbus Day and a cold I am home. Who knew it would be a blessing in disguise? I turned on the tube and there you were being described by Ellen. Amazing how something so simple is fascinating. Thanks for your innovation. But also, I read you describing the Ellen show. I like to know about what makes clocks tick and you were kind enough to share that.
    One more accolade I will throw out there and that is I like your clean, clear, crisp wit.
    You have inspired me to try something different. I am going to post it onto
    bangormaine.org within the next week or so.

  27. Ryan

    Hey, GREAT website! I just found out about it today. I really enjoyed reading your BLOG. Congrats on The Ellen Show.

  28. Anne

    saw you on ellen, have bookmarked your website, what you are doing is great and i will be sure to log on everyday to see what’s up
    thanks for the smile

  29. Anna

    Yowza! Are you paid for your dancing contributions to television, I hope? I’d never heard of you before–is fark.com slacking off?

    Any chance you will come to Louisiana? Should tell Ellen that and she will foot your bill. We need as many dancin’ monkies as we can get right now. It sucks harder than the news is showing people.

    So c’mon, Matt! Stay at my house! Now, you certainly DO have to be certain not to leave the cat out at my house, and the dog will lick the shit outta you, but if those issues aren’t too pressing then we’re cool. I’m a fantastic cook. I’m attractive, and if you’re gay my roommate is attractive, so it’s win-win in Mattland!

  30. Stephanie

    Hey Matt!
    I’m watching the ellen show now and you were just dancing on it! haha great job! I admire ur dancing skills! : ) I love your travelling idea and the blog is amazing haha… You should so come n dance in Canada! that would be awesome!
    best of luck in the future, happy dancing
    Steph xo

  31. cat

    well, yeah, I am one of those “found you through Ellen” people. I thought it was such an amusing idea that I did have to check you out. mostly, I am impressed with all your travels and I think that the dancing video is just a cool thing to document them! my family tends to take photos at rest stops since we always have to stop for someone… to each their own, right? :) cool site!

  32. grudge girl

    Excellent work, this. Quite enjoyable and fun. Also, you seem like a very nice person. I bet you get lots of stalker girlfriend wannabes after the Ellen dealie. Watch out! And good luck with that! Heh.

  33. Cindi

    Fine work Matt—I heard you on ellen (can’t watch tv at work but can listen) and wonder of wonders – found your website. Too Fun!! I wanna travel with you someday!! Good Luck and keep on Dancin’!!!

  34. Janelle

    Hello Matt, like most of the other posts, I joined the Dancing Notion after hearing of your site on the Ellen Show. I’m a huge fan of DOOL so you being able to dance on their set rocks my socks :) Go visit my blog sometime, I’m not so exciting as you are dancing till there’s no tomorrow, but I try to keep it somewhat interesting (at least ot those who know me). Dance it up sometime in south-central Pee-Ay with me… there you just were dancing in front of Leno’s car… pretty hip if I must say 😉

  35. Krystyn

    Hey Matt – congrats on being on the Ellen Show – I’m watching it right now! I wish I could be more like you and just drop everything and travel – it’s been more than 3 years since I’ve seen a beach and I’m having serious withdrawal symptoms. I need to just up and go – and the more and more I think about it – I just may do that come December!! If you’re ever in Knoxville, TN – look me up and I’ll dance with ya!!

  36. Rachel

    saw you on ellen. your a good writer. you really have a knack for describing things. oh and how do oyu get the money to travel all those places.

  37. kris lebel

    hey matt, just read your statement about the ellen show, which i just watched, by the way. wowowowo, what a
    great writer you are. We never heard you talk yet. Your comments made me laugh, and george clooney is really
    that short………..Love your dancing, I’ll dance with you if you ever come to Boston…….I love to laugh, and thanks
    for that.!!!!!!!

  38. Kayla

    So I just watched you on the Ellen Degeneres show. WOW!!! I don’t think that I’ve laughed that hard in a long time!!!!! I watched your video and you’ve been to Seattle of course and NYC and Conn. but I think that you need to hit the middle of the country!! If you’re ever in Iowa, let me know!!! There’s bound to be a good place to dance somewhere in this state!!!!! I’ll keep thinking about it.
    Thank you so much for making me laugh!!!!

  39. ArtNYC

    Hey Matt, just saw you on the Ellen show. You’re great! I enjoyed your appearance. Thank you for the low-down which is informative and entertaining.

    The fact that you question your own motive for doing this means you will stay grounded and not get too caught up with the exposure and get carried away.

    Best wishes to whatever you do and have fun doing them. Keep on dancing, dude!

  40. Pat Lovell

    Hi Matt,

    I just finished watching your appearance on the Ellen show, looked like it was alot of fun. I hope you can make the most of the memories you are creating. It’s not everyday that the Average Joe gets National Attention, especially while getting to see the world!

    Have fun!

    Pat Lovell

  41. Jen Thompson-Ames

    Matt, I don’t think you should feel bad about enjoying yourself when you and your website get attention. Hearing about you is a nice break from life, which a lot of people need nowadays. You’re doing a good deed, whether or not it feels like it. Thank you so much!!!

  42. Roxanne

    Ok, so I just saw you dance on Ellen’s show! Nice moves by the way! I wish I was so lucky to travel the world and do wacky yet fun dances in so many fascinating and beautiful places. But there you are traveling and doing silly dances for all of us wishing we could be there doing silly dances right along with you. So today when I am at work I will stop and do a silly dance for myself and imagine I am in the one place I have always wanted to visit; Ireland in front of the Blarney Stone. Keep on dancing for all of us! And I promise I will keep checking to see where you dance/visit next.

  43. Cindi

    Hey Matt!! Just want to invite you to dance this weekend at the 1st annual harvest festival in Cumming, Iowa. We’ll have hot dogs hayrack ride and hopefully a bonfire! Other area attractions include Bridges of Madison County and Senator Tom Harkin’s (Dem., IA) childhood home (not open to the public but I can get you onto his porch if you would like to dance there!). Keep on Dancin!! Cindi

  44. Jaime

    Your message is pure, and it’s obvious. Worry not Matt. The dance video is awesome, especially with Sweet Lullaby. It makes me want to dig out that CD.

    My fiance and I are planning on starting a year’s worth of world travel with our honeymoon in Hawaii. Any suggestions? We especially want to hear about unusual or typically unknown destinations.

    Thanks, and have a happy dance-filled day!

  45. Mike

    Hey Matt, you’re a great writer AND you know how shake your bootay! Nice combo. I’m at home with tonsillitus and never knew I’d discover such a fantastic, crazy-ass concept as yours, all in the comfort of my couch. I work at the United Nations, so I absolutely agree with what you said about letting down your guard and embracing the big blue planet. Plus, your philosophy is sort of key to not taking ourselves too seriously. Nice job! Now, you need a MySpace profile … have one?

    New York City

  46. Carrie

    I was listening to..not watching the Ellen show..so I didn’t actually see you dance. I figured I’d check out your web site to see what the hoop-la was all about. I have to say….you made me smile. I had tears in my eyes….crazy I know…but what can I say. It makes me incredibly happy to see some enjoying life so fully. Dancing is the best expression of happiness. No one does it quite like you….. If you ever feel like dancing in a small town in Central Massachusetts I’d be happy to put on my dancing Birkenstocks and cut the grass with you!

  47. Amanda

    Just saw you on Ellen. Loved it Matt!! Thanks for letting us know the truth about the Ellen show. I saw you dancing in Vietnam. I love it there. You are an inspiration to me!! Keep on dancing and we’ll all keep watching, wishing we were there with you!!

  48. Erin

    Hey matt! I discovered your lovely site by watching Ellen this morning. I think what you do is frikin awesome, and you’ve inspired me to dance everywhere I go.

  49. april

    i think this is one of the coolest things i have ever seen! i love how you traveled the world & danced your heart out in so many beautiful places! thanks for brightening my day- you should come to nashville (where i live) & come dance in the streets downtown, outside of the honky-tonk bars!!

  50. Pam

    Life without laughter……………….you might as well be dead. When my uncle passed away recently, i wrote my cousin and shared my memories of her father. He was always joking or teasing. When you are surrounded by friends, family that are always moody or complaining about something, it is great to see someone just making everyone laugh. Keep up the great dancing. Love it.

  51. sergio castillo

    what can I say, that not allready had been said. But nevertheless, you are an inspiration for all of us who want to get away, and walk, heal, dance, or just get around in the world.
    I`m just a few semesters from ending medicine school and after that, i`ll start my own “travel blog”.
    You should try to get down here to chile, and dance a little…..you`ll love it.

    I personaly recomend, Torres del Paine….look it up…

  52. cherryb

    Great seeing you on the Ellen show 1st time I checked your sight,it’s awesome!Let me know when your in Vancouver,bc

  53. ian

    You’re great, same I haven’t found this earlier though.

    Look, i’m posting my comment under a fellow BCerite! Now how cool is that?

    PS: Your dance is awesome and your writing skills are impecible.

  54. Ailsa Forshaw

    Hi, Matt! I loved watching you dance on Ellen, and loved what (and how) you wrote about your experience on The Show. So funny, that I put you on my Writing & Acting Page on my website (I know — it started about Building, but now it’s about whatever appeals to me, and that includes writing…). And my Travel page, too, since maybe your site will encourage more folks to travel the Globe — wouldn’t that be great?!

    If you’re up in Alberta, Canada, I’ll dance with you, too! And we have a room you can stay in (we’ll make it as Green as possible — I can come up with a lot of candies!), unless you’re loaded by then! ha,ha,ha!
    Thanks for the great Site! Ailsa

  55. lolo

    Hi Matt! Thank you for what you do – your dancing on Ellen today brought a smile to my face on what was otherwise a pretty lousy day! Why not come to St Louis and dance under the Arch!

    P.S. YOur right about George Clooney he is abosolutely gorgeous – I met him in person shooting on location in Chicago for E.R. – what a classy guy. Your not so bad yourself! :)

  56. jmac

    Also in BC and also saw you on Ellen. This is Canadian Thanksgiving holiday and so the TV was on at an unusual hour and saw you there on Ellen.
    Keep travelling and dancing.

    Always remember TV isn’t real. You are real.


  57. Linda

    You keep Dancing to the beat of your own Drummer there Matt, And don’t let anyone tell you different!!

  58. ann

    ur awesome. i was watch ellen and she mentioned ur site. i found it very interesting what u wrote about the tapping process. keep on dancin!

  59. kris

    Hey Matt just seen you on The Ellen Show. What great dance moves you have. Ellen could hardly keep up! hehe Everyone of us are envious of you and everywhere you have been! Keep it up….Maybe you’ll be a regular on the Ellen Show : ) If your ever in State College come dance with the Nittany Lion!!

    `6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)
    (_Y_.)’ ._ ) `._ `. “-..-‘
    .`–‘_..-_/ /–‘_.’ ,’
    il),-” (li),’ ((!.-‘

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