Seattle, Washington Ellen’s Aftermath

Well that happened.

Things are settling back down now. I’m starting to dig into the emails. It may take a couple weeks, but I’ll try to write back to everyone — except for the crazies.


The site traffic hit an all-time high for the day. There were around 9000 visits. By rough estimates, about 1 in 500 people who watched Ellen typed in the address, and about 1 in 100 of those people sent me an email. It was still enough to jam my inbox for 8 hours and briefly crash the site during the afternoon.

It’s become increasingly difficult for me to find stuff in my old posts, and I figure if it’s hard for me, it must be a real pain in the ass for folks who didn’t actually write them. So I’ve started going in and adding a title to each one. I hope that makes it a little more convenient to dig around in there and gives people some idea of what they’re going to be looking at.

Here’s a random plug for my girlfriend’s blog. I’m hoping a boost in her audience will compel her to keep updating it.

And here’s a guy who made his own dancing video during a trip to Asia. It’s pretty neat. I’ve gotta put a couple of those places on my list.

26 Responses to Seattle, Washington Ellen’s Aftermath

  1. matt harding

    dude we have the same name!!!!!! hahaha…. i luh u and ur crazy funny video!!!!!

  2. DaveH

    How do you choose the subject of your dance? I understand the original concept (where the hell is Matt), and your choices were either geographical or architectural in nature. Then you do the Ellen thing, and your choice was largely pop icon in nature (Jay Leno’s parking place?!?). Where I was going with all of this – are you considering dancing with the troll (I have to guess you’ve heard that a million, well, 9,000 times)? Let me ask you to take the concept further rather than dismiss it out of hand. Have you considered dancing in a Spencer Tunick photo? How about dancing with Badgers, Snakes and Mushrooms? All your base are belong to us? SLATFATF?
    Where’s the thread? I got the Matt piece, the dance piece, the arty piece, but can’t there be at least another dimension or two? Don’t get me wrong, I like the work. I think it would be more interesting if you developed it more.

  3. Cara Forshaw

    My mom saw you on Ellen and keeps talking to me about you, and how she laughs. Keep on dancing!

    Love Cara

  4. Linda

    I just watched that video that you linked. I have to give him props for putting you in the “Thanks” at the end.


  5. Breezie

    Hey Matt I saw you on Ellen. Wow it must be great to go to all of those places and see the world. You know what, you are totally ironic to the phrase dance like no one’s watching, because tons of people watch you everyday! Wow that’s great I could never dance while someone’s watching, I’d be too embarrassed. Well dancing’s good for the soul so you must be one happy guy! Keep on dancing Matt, can’t wait to see where you’ll turn up next!
    P.S. Come to Saskatchewan, you’ll love dancing here!!!

  6. Linda Spiker

    My daughter and I were in the audience at the Ellen show the day you appeared. in fact my daughter danced (the running man) with Ellen at the beginning of the show. we thought the concept of your site was so much fun, we looked at it as soon as we got home! keep up the good work! linda Spiker

  7. Esther

    Dude that’s awesome that you dance all over the world when I do that people think I’m weird well
    it doesn’t bother so good for you keep on dancin Esther

  8. david powers

    Man, that takes guts, my wife and I were watching Ellen, and you were dancing, we couldnt help but laugh! I know what it feels like to dance crazy, my mother-in-law says I dance with my thumbs (kinda like hitching a ride). Anyways, keep up the dance and maybe try some new moves, like the hitch-hiker? Must be nice to do all that traveling like you do, you are either well off, or just got a lot of flyer miles…stay safe and stay dancing!! Friends from TN, David & Jessica Powers

  9. Cam

    Matt, I was ready to propose until I found out about “her”. Anyway, I backpacked all over Europe, Russia and lived in Africa. If only I had thought of dancing while I was there………. I must return. I just wish I had done it first. You’re my inspiration!
    p.s. do you have an available twin brother?

  10. dylosha

    love you love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew some one like you was out there keep it up WHAT’S NEXT can’t wait

  11. Pho Shizzle

    I have to say you have some above average dance maneuvers but I would work on my form and stage presence if I were you — maybe point my toes once in a while (it impresses the judges). :)

  12. Patricia Fruge

    the rare chance i got to see afternoon tv, i saw you on ELLEN. you were awesome. how did you come up with dancing, instead of say singing? just thought i would ask. you keep it up, it makes people smile and smiling is a good thing.


  13. jackie

    hi matt…i heard of your website and couldn’t wait to see. i am a mom of three but also in a wheelchair. i love the dancing and love your creativity! keep traveling and dancing! dance a few extra steps for those who can’t. enjoy your life!

  14. billy

    Dear matt: I saw you (l with probly a million other people) on ellenand i was wonderin g if you ever went to nova scotia.

    Where is a place thatb you have never been?

    Where are you going next?

    Will you ever dance in space?

    This was billy harris from calgary,alberta,canada

    P.S: have you been to calgary?

  15. Michelle

    i saw you months ago before anyone ever discovered you!! (with thanks to my exboyfriend)

    its opened my eyes. some day i’ll leave this hell hole and maybe i can travel around and be crazy like you.

    you rock

  16. Summer

    Hey Matt
    I cut out early from work, Ellen is on at 3 here. So I left, with permission of course, and I watched you dance a little jig all over NBC. Nice work! Larz and I watched it together, the show was boring – but waiting for your segments kept me laughing. But the odd news was this, I left early Monday, and was fired early Tuesday – any connection? :) No, but – I’ll be coming home soon, a visit to Sea town is in order – can’t wait to congratulate you in person. Miss you both – see you soon enough.
    Time to travel – grab Lissa and I’ll meet you guys – what else am I going to do – I’m (happily) unemployed!

  17. Arafeezy

    Hey man your site is hella cool, and the way you dance is pretty funny. But hey isaw you on ellen and i think you should come to Fresno, CA and dance there.

    P.S. Or you can go dance at 1 of the 49ers game, shit they need to some support lol…………

  18. Janice

    Matt, I say you on Ellen and found you to be a ray of sunshine. Your dancing is hilarious (like no one is watching) and you get
    to travel and do what you love! I admire you and encourage you to keep it up…for us poor folk, we can only see through your
    eyes and I’m glad they are dancing eyes!! Be blessed in your travels and much success….hey, North Carolina could use some of
    your energy…come dance in Raleigh or Charlotte ……..

  19. gabby

    saw you on ellen
    your such a mad dancing pimp.!!
    yet oh so very cool.. keep it up.

  20. Pedro Adolfo

    What can i say? Its just unbelievably inspiring. I didnt find it funny, i found it enlightining. A ‘Must do’ in my life’s list. Not dance, just travel. I’ll leave the dance to you.

    Greetings from your friend Pedro Adolfo, from Fortaleza, Brazil. Keep in touch, man.

  21. Taylor

    The world’s second largest country is so close to you! Stop in Canada and kiss a cod in the Maritimes, dance for the Prime Minister in Ottawa, on the glass floor of the CN Tower in Toronto, dance across the plains of Saskatchewan, and dance up Grouse Mountain in Van, BC! You’re dancing makes me realise just how much of the world is left to be seen, and I am now convinced that I too should dance around the world (but not steal your website idea!). Saw you on Ellen, loved what you did, and will love to see your next adventures!


  22. Catherine

    Hi. i heard about you on ellen and i thought that was hillarious. i think you should come to canada. you could come to winnipeg and dance with dancing gabe. he’s a guy who goes to every single sporting event in the whole city and dances like a weirdo hes annoying and everyone knows who he is. i bet you could beat him at dancing. you could dance other places here too. You could come to my school and dance. it isnt like a special place or anything but its interesting sometimes.

  23. Greg Watters

    Hi Matt,
    You’ve been ripped off. The SBS network in Australia has a promo just like you except instead of a dancer they have a little girl on a tricycle in all those places. The bastards have not even changed the music. Don’t worry I have contacted SBS and no doubt they will hear from your lawyers soon.
    (This e-mail drips with sarcasm)

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