Seattle, Washington Tinkering Under the Hood

You may have noticed some changes to the site in the last couple weeks. I’ve entered into the very long and drawn-out process of transferring all my old journal entries into this new blogging software. It should be prettier to look at and easier to use with some handy new functionality. But in its current state, things are still kinda messy, so I ask for tolerance and forgiveness until I get everything sorted.

There are some other cool additions to the site that I’m working on, but haven’t made public yet. I’ll be sure to scream and holler about it when I do.

The short of it is: there’s not a lot going on right now that’d draw people to the site, so I’m not really worrying about outward appearances. But as I’ve mentioned several times now, there are things brewing, so I’m finally getting around to the changes I’ve been wanting to make for a long time.

It’s also hard for me, cause I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

I’d really like for all fitted bedsheets to label whether each edge is a long side or a short side. It doesn’t seem like it’d be very difficult to do, and it’d save me from the inevitable, guaranteed-to-fail first attempt at putting my sheets on. They worked out a nice, idiot-proof way of showing people which way to put batteries in. Why is there no universal standard for sheets?

Once again I declare: Someone get on it!

6 Responses to Seattle, Washington Tinkering Under the Hood

  1. Nick

    Matt is just an overly problematic guy if you havent noticed by now. We all also know by now that his ultimate pondering and brilliant discovery of the answers to the worlds most complex yet small problems are locked away in his domain of the brain. Well I lost track on my thoughts I guess me and Matt have something in common after all ;0) Anywho back to the process of lableing bedsheets in some third world country ;0) I just worry one day Matt might have an overload due to these complex thoughts hmmmm. -Nick-

  2. Shelly

    Matt, you are too funny to limit yourself to one post a week. Splurge a little, indulge, let your thoughts run free… Ok, I went overboard, but you get my drift.

  3. Becky

    Hey Matt,
    The bed sheets always piss me off too. the solution, get stripped sheets so you know which way the strip runs and then you will be good to go. that is what i have done :)

    happy sleeping.

  4. Sarah

    Hi, Matt!

    I’m a Mom in West Virginia who just wanted to pass a story along to you. We saw you on Ellen (who didn’t?!) and have been fans ever since. My kids think you are SOOOO cool. Anyway, my 2nd grader, a sweet little girl, got in trouble for writing “ < You should go there this site is great!” on one of her school papers. When I explained to her teacher who you were and that your little Dancing clip was so educational (and fun) we all had a good laugh. Shame on you for getting my baby in trouble. Still a fan.

  5. Colin

    Whats with those fitted sheets anyway? I cant figure out how to fold them! I just ball them up, stuff them in the closet and wait for my wife to come yell at me. Its not a great system, but it works.

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