Seattle, Washington I Suppose It’s Time I Let the Cat out of the Bag

So I’m going to Antarctica. I leave in 3 hours.

Sorry to drop that out of the blue and all. I haven’t been able to say anything, but it’s been brewing for a while.

…well, duh. Of course it’s been brewing. Trips to Antarctica generally don’t happen on a whim. A great deal of brewing is required.

I’ve got loads of gear, warm clothes, and plenty of books and videogames to keep me occupied during the voyage across the Drake Passage.

Voyage…there’s a word we don’t get to use enough anymore.

I’ll be flying to Dallas, then down to Buenos Aires. From there I fly to Ushuaia, Argentina; the southernmost town on Earth – not counting research stations, but who counts research stations?

From Ushuaia I hop on a massive Norwegian icebreaker called the Polar Star for the three day cruise to the bottom of the world – or the top if you’re Australian, but who counts Australians?


I’ll be spending 4 days along the Antarctic peninsula – that thin strip that sticks out beneath South America. We’ll be making frequent shore landings on Zodiac boats to take hikes, visit seal colonies, penguin rookeries, historic campsites, and so forth. It has also been suggested that we might do some up-close-and-personal whale watching with humpbacks, orcas, and fin whales; the last of which is thought to be the second-largest animal ever to inhabit the Earth.

This is the start of a very long trip. I’m going to keep the details on the down-low for now and allow them to unfold over time. This site isn’t, after all. I only offer the present tense and, implicitly, the past.

But I will address one question that is absolutely inevitable:

“Jumping Jehosephat! How in thunderin’ tarnation are you payin’ for all this?”
“Well, sir, I’m being supported.”
“By who?”
“Must be some dern good friends. Quit givin’ me the runaround. Where’d you come up with the scratch? Start talkin’!”
“I really can’t go into any more detail at this time.”
“So it’s like that, is it?”
“Look, I’m sorry to have to get all White House Press Secretary, but that’s just the way it has to be right now. My discretion is a small price to pay for this opportunity.”
“Fine! It’s not like there ain’t other web sites out there. I’ll take my time-wasting elsewhere.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.”

So if you decide to email me with this question and you happen to be an ornery prospector, you can expect the exchange to play out along those lines.

I failed to transfer all my old entries as I’d hoped to do before leaving. There are many gaping holes in the timeline. I intend to fill them before the year is out.

I have to go now. Packing needs to happen. There’ll be more later…hopefully a great deal more.

In the meantime, enjoy this Norwegian icebreaker.

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  1. Stephanie

    Holy crap, Matt! That is so amazing! Congrats, good luck and I can’t wait to live vicariously. Somehow, this makes our impending move seem so much more… what… ordinary. Looking forward to the details, my friend. Meanwhile, Mason and I will just continue our existence in mastering the Expert level of Guitar Hero :-).

  2. Jumping Jehosephat sounds like he’s really mad! Why does he wants to know where you was itching anyways?

    Have fun on your trip to Antarctica, Matt, and take some pictures of Polar Bears!

  3. Sounds like a great trip – I’m envious to say the least. At least I can look forward to reading about it. Cheers and safe travels.

  4. Lookin’ forward to hearing about the trip and if there’s not a video of you dancing with penguins then you’ll have an unhappy Australian on your hand….not that we count 😉

  5. Rich Rossi

    Wow, I suppose that when you’ve seen as much as you have it’s time to get creative if you want to see anything new. I wish you the best of luck down there.

    You know, it gets pretty cold where I live, so if you have some gear that works really well plese let us know. I’m always looking for something that will keep me warm when it’s really cold.

    Also, tell us if the temperature hits -40…

  6. No Treason

    Hey Matt.

    I live in Seattle too. I’ve been planning a trip to Antartica for about 7 years now. Or at least, wanting to go. In the past, I haven’t been able to find a ship that will take non-government types there and allow us to actually set foot on the land. Its not going if you don’t stand on the ice!

    So, please let us know how you were able to pull this off? Is my info outdated? IS this passage you can just buy now?

    If so, I’ll retrace your steps next year!

  7. stephanie

    hi! i saw this on the tv and i wanted to check this out! i was wondering, do you save souveniers from your trips? i save keychains. i’ve never left the country though. i envy you for that. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NEXT DANCE!!!!
    luv steph

  8. Cindy


    I hope you enjoy your dance around the world. You will remember this for a life time. Be safe and God Bless.


  9. Matt,

    Good luck. To be young and free. Enjoy the time of your life. Oh the stories you will tell ! I can only await your return. All the best

  10. Alison

    Hi Matt,
    You made me smile so much today.. really needed it too. Just saw you on TV … you are a star… look forward to seeing your next dance…

  11. Matt,

    Just saw you on Inside Edition. I’m from England but live in Seattle until Dec 29 where I’ll be heading down to Los Angeles to live. I’m a professional Astrologer and I was very curious to see your birth chart – it must have a strong Sagittarius/9th House/Jupiter influence, with perhaps a dash of Gemini/3rd.

    Curious to find out more? Drop me an email with your birth info – date, time and place you can reach me at It would be great for my own research.

    Bon Voyage and Dance On,
    Neil D Paris

  12. Michelle

    I have nothing to say other than I wish it were me…I wish it were me. I will live vicariously through your adventures, and look forward to reading more…and of course watching your silly dances!

    Safe travels,

  13. Matt- Haven’t visited the site in awhile but I’m so glad I popped on tonite because your stories ALWAYS give me great belly laughs!!

    I’m going to guess you’ve been signed to write some travel stories. Then again, seems most folks can’t get enough of those global twinkle toes, so maybe there will be more gyrating videos.

    Truck on you travelin’ fool.

  14. Holly

    Hey I just saw you on TV your awesome! I live in Washtington also. I wish you all the luck! Remember dont drink the water!

  15. Helen

    Just saw you on Inside Edition and checked out your website – so great and so uplifting somehow. Hope you make it to Canada and we get to see you dancing in an open field in Saskatchewan or the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Take care!

  16. DUDE!
    That was by far the best thing I have seen anyone do with the Internet and a camera.

    Keep on traveling my friend and for gods sake keep dancing!!!!!

    I now have you dancing on my desktop using dreamrender.

  17. donnystyles

    Hey Matt,

    Godspeed on your trip to Antartica. Hope one day, you can make it to Hawaii. I can get a bunch a people to dance with you at Waikiki beach.



  18. Jim

    Just saw you on a repeat of The Ellen Degeneres Show’s Columbus Day episode (how appropriate). Quirky but cool!

    I have an old Sega Game Gear that made several trips to Central America, Europe and all over North America, great companions when you need to get away from bothersome people.

    Any aspirations for Costa Rica or other portions of Central America? Absolutely my favorite region of the world!

  19. Neko

    You are the greatest… definetly my hero! Keep it up, enjoy the travels and keep us posted. I can’t wait to hear about more adventures.

    God Bless

  20. YOU ARE CRAZY AND YOU ARE LIVING SO MANY PEOPLES DREAM. I wish you all the best and would like to see your dancing ass reach St.Johns Newfoundland. Right on top of Signal Hill where Marconi received the first transatlantic message in 1901. Its Mile Zero of the Trans Canada Highway…so its right where Canada begins! A word of caution…us newfies have our own dance, so you might have to share that space!

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