Buenos Aires, Argentina And a Very Good Morning to You, America

…So that happened.

I just got off the phone with Diane Sawyer. She seemed nice.

Every time I’m invited on TV, they put me after some devastatingly handsome superstar. On the Ellen Show it was Matthew McConaughey. This time it was the guy who plays Sawyer on Lost (no relation to Diane). On MSNBC it was Pat Buchanan. How am I supposed to compete with all that beefcake?

I left Melissa asleep in the hotel. This is our last day in South America. Tonight we fly out to New Zealand. It’ll be nice interacting with people whose language at least vaguely resembles my own.

Not sure what to do with the day. The sites of Buenos Aires don’t seem all that spectacular. The tango thing doesn’t quite light my fire, and fortunately it does nothing for the little lady, either.

…there’s a megatherium skeleton at the Museum of Natural Science.


It was one of the largest mammals that ever lived. It took them a little too long to figure out that humans aren’t as harmless as they look. We wiped them out within a few minutes of showing up on this continent.

So maybe that, or maybe we’ll just sit on our asses until it’s time to head to the airport.

Speaking of which, here’s some Russian lady’s ass at the airport.


So classy! Obviously this woman is of high social standing. How else could she afford such stylish and clearly-expensive clothing?

Looks like the 13 hour flight from Buenos Aires to Auckland almost takes us over Antarctica. How bout that?

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  1. Jay7294

    Dude, I can’t believe how much they hyped your segment up this morning and then had a 2 second interview with ya. I guess having phone issues didn’t help but I applaud you for having the balls to travel and dance like a madman. Perhaps one day I’ll just quit the 9-5 and get back to my glory days of traveling…like last year. Take it easy with those Kiwis, they know how to party hard.

  2. Seems like GMA was running late so they cut your segment. Sounded like the phone connection kind of died as well. Have fun in New Zealand, don’t miss the Nevis Highwire Bungy Jump on Queenstown.

  3. Claudia

    Hey Matt!! Saw your story today on GMA and I had to look you up on the internet. I think what you are doing is AWESOME. I also feel like leaving my job and traveling this beautiful world we live in. I am very glad you and your wife traveled around South America (my mother is Colombian and my father is Argentinian).

    I am a little bummed that you didn’t stop in Colombia, although I understand the image people have of that country. I travel to Colombia every year (I will be there in 3 weeks) to see my family and it has some of the most beautiful places you will ever find on this planet. It really isn’t as dangerous as it is made out to be in the news. Maybe you can go there someday.

    Good luck on the rest of your trips!!


  4. toni

    Hey, if you have time you can visit my family. They have a shop on the main drag in downtown Buenos Aires. :-)

  5. Mark F

    Hey Matt. I’m a friend of Mark D’s and we met in passing at his Halloween party and at Trivia. Love the site–great exposure on GMA! I had the privilege of meeting Diane Sawyer at a big conference “promising” high school graduates (I’m not sure how well I turned out :) Anyway, Ms. Saywer was unbelievably sweet to me. I told her that I was the editor of my (Catholic) school paper, and our faculty advisor was taking a lot of crap for not letting the principal censor us. I asked her if she’d write a brief note of encouragement to her. I thought she’d just write “Keep up the good work!” or something, but instead, she took about 5 minutes to write a long, thoughtful response, handed it back to me, and told me that it was a “wonderful thing I was doing.” I’ve been in love ever since.

    Have fun in New Zealand!

  6. Gareth Miles

    Kia Ora Matt,
    First of all thanks for your entertaining commentary on the world!
    Secondly, as a New Zealander currently living in Canada I am jealous to hear you are heading down there!
    I think your old posts from your last trip to NZ suggested you were a litte disappointed? I hope that’s not the case this visit! I would be happy to suggest things to do and places to go to make sure you luv your time in NZ!
    Cheers mate,

  7. Rachel

    Hey, matt! Saw the interview on GMA… from Australia! Luckily I couldn’t sleep or I wouldn’t seen it because America’s GMA is broadcasted here at 4am in the morning. Having see your amazing story I had to come to your website to find out more about yah. You’re an amazing man, Matt. I wish I had the gutts and determination to quit my dayjob and go travelling around the world. Do it for the rest of us ordinary folks.

  8. Hey Matt! My husband just forwarded me your website. I love it! You have such a good sense of humor; I love reading your posts. My sister and her husband are currently driving around the world, in an old VW Vanagon.
    They are heading for Uruguay as I write this. It is so interesting to read about all the other people who are doing this! Maybe you’ll run into each other during your adventures….keep up the good work; and the dancing! I’ll hold down the fort in Seattle. 😉

  9. Stephanie

    Ever since my husband showed me your website, I have been looking at it everyday. I like to read your journal & learn about the countries you travel through through your perspective. It’s often really funny. I did see your segment on Ellen. I love to see you dancing everywhere with complete abandon. I hope you have a better time in New Zealand than your last trip there. I think if you & Melissa avoid the tourbuses it might be more fun. My husband & I have always wanted to go there. We might rent an RV if we go. I heard it’s cheap & there’s no messing with hotels. Flight to New Zealand from Austin Tx is a little expensive at over $3000 for both of us. But I imagine it’s worth it. I hope to see your new post very soon!

  10. Richie

    Hey Matt!

    You’re really amazing! Keep on going, keep on smiling, keep on living!

    When you come to visit Germany one day, tell me!

    God bless you!

    Richie from Stuttgart, Germany.

  11. Matt! You are an amazing inspiration to us all! I remember the day my friend sent me the link to this website, I was just amazed at your bravery and outgoing(ness?). To be able to do dance and do what you do in other countries is amazing! You are amazing and really inspire myself and my friends to try our hardest to achieve what is beyond our best. I was so angry when I found out that someone was pretending to be you. I hope all is well!


  12. Julie

    I’m jonesing here for another Matt and Melissa adventure…..Hope all is well with you two. Post soon!

    P.S. Sorry about the kewpie comment before….I think they’re cute. :)

  13. abby

    wtf? i think ur a big asshole, cannot beleive that u didnt find argentina interesting, been there once, hope i can go back. GREAT NIGHT LIFE, but i guess ur a nerd…
    hope u dont ever travel again if u cannot enjoy…

  14. abby

    wtf? i think ur a big asshole, cannot beleive that u didnt find argentina interesting, been there once, hope i can go back. GREAT NIGHT LIFE, but i guess ur a nerd…
    hope u dont ever travel again if u cannot enjoy…

  15. mari

    wow….with all the beatiful sights that argentina has to offer and all u can find interesting is the ass of some random lady? wow…u mite be 29 but act like a freakin nerdy 11 year old!…

    if i had da opportunity dat u have on ur hands rite now i’d be doin A HELL a lot MORE than takin stupid pictures and sitting on my ass on a hotel when i can be exploring the world…wut the hell is wrong with U man?!

  16. Add

    Too bad you didn’t find Buenos Aires interesting.
    Makes me think you didn’t even get out of the hotel room or something.
    Or you had an awful guide.

  17. YoArgentina!

    Wow, I still can’t believe what you wrote about Argentina. I mean… travelling the world just to see the bad about the places you’re visiting? That’s a waste of money and time!
    Americans SHOULD travel more. But those like you, who can travel, should open their minds. It’s not only about moving from a place to another. It’s about feeling the cultures, feeding our minds with something new! Maybe, aside of traveling, you could also use some of that, don’t you think?

    Anyway… I love your videos. But your negative comments are very disappointing :(

  18. Michelle

    Ugly American Alert! Negative comments about some Russian lady’s behind? Aforementioned woman’s low social standing apparent due to stretch pants? Your immaturity and concern for your own social standing are showing dear. I hate to think you are traveling to lesser known places representing Americans.

  19. Crystal

    it is obvious that the last two posts have not read a single one of your journal entries. I love reading about your travels and find you such an inspiration to all people, not just Americans (I am not American). Keep it up, have a good time on your stopover in Seattle (gotta love the rain, hey?) and I hope to hear more about your travels soon!

  20. random_stranger

    The more i’m reading ur journal, more i’m getting a sense that you really don’t care about visiting all these new places. u just want to get a shot of ur ugly dance and then brag about it. How can you go to a place without any prior research, sit in a hotel room, and then get to pass ur stupid judgment.. as impressive as ur video is – you are just as unimpressive, i’m sorry to say.

  21. gustavo becker


    hola soy gustavo me encantan los viajes q hiciste.
    Solo que te faltaria bailar en Córdoba, Argentina para tu nuevo video.
    Quisiera hacer lo mismo cuando sea grande, pero veo que necesitare mucha plata, asi que solo creo que va a quedar en los sueños.
    Espero que sigas viajando por todo el mundo, y si es posible por el espacio (la luna).
    Asi que bueno eso es todo, suerte.

  22. Elvio De La Fuente


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