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  1. Greg

    I grew up in Guam and it doesnt look the way Mat’s pictures portray. He must have gone to the junk yard or out in the boondocks to take his pictures.

    Guam is as beautiful as Hawaii or other island destinations. Mat makes it look like a trash pile ! I’m kind of pissed. There’s so much he missed.

  2. Christian

    I agree with Greg. While I’ve driven by the spot Matt danced at, and I admit there are places that certainly aren’t flattering. Why did Matt have to portray Guam as a trashpile?

  3. amelia

    well,i have seen some pictures of Guam,
    it’s really a beautiful place!
    however,i also met a guy from an international school of Guam,he said Guam is a boring place…i dunno,i live in China mainland,and i just went to Hongkong..and no other places..
    i am kind of jealous of Matt…
    he went to so many places!!

  4. Gusgus

    Well… When you live here… Of course it’s boring… And as for our island… of course its F’ed up like that… The locals don’t give a flying f… about our island… It makes me sick how they litter… Like maybe I should burn thier houses down…! its called a trashcan people!!!

  5. Jeremiah

    The only thing that looks trashier then that part of the island, is the girl sitting next to matt in the car.

  6. Kin

    Ey wow Jeremiah, that’s harsh. Don’t diss her, man.

    However, it’s true that our island has been trashed for too long. That’s why don’t vote for Gutierrez this election, or else same crap again.

    All I got to say is that too bad Matt didn’t get to go with someone who can show him at least some of our island’s beauty… Two Lovers Point, sunset at Ypao Beach, lookout at Sella Bay, the Spanish Bridge, driving down to Fena Lake, off roading at Tank Farm, Tarzan Falls, Lost Pond…ok not there, the tree with the swing is gone, etc etc. Next time you come around Guam, Matt, just ask any local… we’ll show ya :)

  7. Matt (not from the website)

    These pics actually make Guam look like the armpit of the pacific. I wonder if Matt was just unlucky in his destinations in the island.

  8. christian

    did you find chuuk clean? for all of us from guam this is something to consider though. this is actually what others see. first impressions?

  9. dj

    dude after i saw the video and saw chuuk i was like guam has to be on it…thinkin he’d be dancin on ypao or two lover’s..but of all places he was in someone’s junkyard!!?! im a lil offended..seeing how he took beautiful shots of everywhere else but guam.

    dude seriously.

  10. Skeptic

    Yeah i was kinda wondering what kind of place this was because in the clip you make it look like shit. I live in Finland so im not offended or anything, but i can understand why someone would be a bit pissed if in fact the place is beautiful. Anyway i like to read your posts! :)

  11. mikel

    Sorry that Matt found the trashed items offensive. However, we do need the wake up call. This is an incredibly beautiful island in a fascinating part of the world. Still, we are not being careful about junked items and trash. There is a “tipping fee” and sharp restrictions on getting rid of trash (it is illegal to put trash in any receptacle other than your own and getting rid of trash that does not fit into your garbage cans requires you to haul it to inconvenient locations, and it can entail extra fees). It is therefor economical to just let the trash and trashed items pile up. The system is flawed.
    I do hope Matt was just trying to get the point across and actually did see all the beautiful places on Guam as well. Hope so. -M

  12. JANIE

    I LOVE GUAM! haha why show the cars?! noOoo guam is pretty i swear hehehe great food. i was born and raised there. anyway howd u like it?

  13. rex

    wake up peeps! this is what people see when they come to guam. alas, it is a bit of a $hithole. of course there are beautiful parts to the island, but that is the problem, one shouldn’t have to be escourted by an in-the-know local to see the beautiful sights. sadly, i’ve heard several europeans refer to guam as “ghetto island”. apparently matt thinks so too.

  14. katiekatieka

    I really wish Matt had managed to hook up with some locals and seen more than the strip clubs and the trashed cars. Sure, Guam has lots of problems. Many of those stem from the fact that the indigenous people have been crapped on for so long by the Powers That Be – it was the very first island colonized in the Pacific, back when evil old Magellan and his crew of rapists and pillagers landed there in 1501 – and it’s been continually colonized to this day (the UN still defines Guam as a US colony). The US Military – which took more than a third of the island during WWII and neglected to ever give it back to the people who were living there – does as little as it can get away with to clean up the island or fix its failing infrastructure. … But despite all that, if you scratch under the surface, there’s still a beautiful and strong and thriving local culture that has survived for centuries despite all odds. I really hope Matt gets a chance to witness it next time he’s in that part of the world.

  15. pete-o

    “hook up with some locals”? are you kidding? i’m from australia and i went to guam for a surf trip and i “hooked up with some locals” when they tried to beat the shit out of me! guam locals are prejudiced against white people. i was at the surf spot called “boat basin” and i’ve never heard so many racial slurs for a white guy. not to mention that surf spot had tampons and condoms floating in the water. exotic and tropical locales are a dime a dozen mate! the only difference is that the other places are clean! i went to this surf camp in kosrae, unbelievable! friendly people, exotic locale, no racial bs. guam has nothing mate, unless you want designer boutiques, over priced taxis, and a punch in the face for trying to go surf. good on ya mattie! guam blows!

  16. ted tedtao2

    hey pete-o, hint: your a dick. i don’t even know you and i want to kick your ass. i’ll kick your ass by myself with one arm tied to your bitch. look me up when you come to guam, i’ll be listed under your bitch, bitch.

  17. peachy

    ted you are being part of the problem and not the solution. pacific nations all over the world struggle with solid waste problems, and unfortunatly for us, it left enough of an impression on matt to use an image of solid waste for guam. we have got to teach our friends, family, children, and relatives about the fundamentals of conservation and why it is important for us. it sounds alarmist but this must be dealt with sooner rather than later.

  18. colleen

    Well….it’s sad that Matt only portrayed the seedy aspect of Guam. I’m hoping it was for social commentary, but as this was posted last year and he still hasn’t added any words to his pics we will probably never know. Guam has its beauty…and its ugliness. Come on local people…let’s help make Guam better! Clean it up!!! You can’t be angry with what he portrayed here when you don’t even respect your own island…as evidenced by the “junk” that can be seen. We lent our truck to a “local” and our garbage was in the back as we were planning on taking it to the dump…and what did he do with the garbage? Dumped it on the side of the road going to Leo Palace!!! We are not native to Guam and would NEVER have done this. It’s the locals that do this kind of stuff. And then you complain when people like Matt expose it…..hmmmm…..

  19. kin

    colleen…very true. ultimately it’s the people. regarding ur trash, kinda sad seeing that ordot landfill is next to that road to leo palace…whoever u lent ur truck to deserves to be smacked.

    i feel bad for that grom that tried to surf boat basin and was met w/ hostility…they were just punk assmunches tryin to be territorial. i know, coz i’m like that with my surf spot. even with other locals who me and my friends haven’t seen surf my spot. likewise, when i try to surf other spots, i get nervous too. so just assert yerself and just enjoy the surf.

    truly, guam is beautiful and ugly. two sides of the coin. right now it’s just ugly. volcano smog, GovGuam shutdown, AND we still haven’t cleaned up our island. sad part is matt won’t prolly see any improvements when he swings by again for his 3rd trip. oh well, thanks anyways matt…at least u got guam in the 2nd vid, hehe.

    esta latez…

  20. uRiah

    oh and. i think anywhere you can go in the world it would have the exact same problem as any country.

    and im sure theres a ugly side to everything.

    and Steve-O dude. read above. and i am white. and i was born here in fact i am part Chamorro. and yeah theres a lot of racial remarks. but i gurantee you its for fun. why cant you just loosen up and laugh.

  21. Jolene

    It seems to me that this was taken around the time that the village by village abandoned vehicle/metal collection program was happening. I drive past this power plant everyday on my way to work and it does not look like this anymore! I agree though that we each need to take a better stance on keeping our island beautiful. Our solid waste problem is not getting any better either, consider this we average 3 vehicles per household, which I believe is the highest per capita in the US!

  22. Jeanette Cefre-Dolphin

    With everything, there is the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly. Why Matt chose to portray Guam’s not-so-pretty-side in comparison to all his other travel’s is beyond me. Although I live in France now…Guam will always be my home. Check this video out!

    link to
    link to

  23. kadukoo

    I love ur Videos, Matt and I love Guam. But what do u expect people? As a tourist stopping off for a few days how can u not notice the tremendous amouts of garbage and abandoned vehicles. Sad to say, but the island is in sad shape. Island Pride? just an excuse to bitch and not do anything.

  24. alan

    I have to say, i liked the picture used for Guam. It’s very edgy and beautiful.

    He could’ve used a pretty stereotypical picture of Guam, maybe the spanish bridge, tumon, the beach, but he chose the rusted cars.
    It’s different.

  25. Johnny76

    Hafa Adai (Hello) everyone…I just wanted to say that Guam is a beautiful place and does have it’s problems like everywhere else,but this is a wake up call,because what Matt see’s,so does other visitors to Guam too.

    To the Australian visitor…I’m really sorry you had a bad experience in Guam, but Racism/Prejudice exists everywhere in this World,the Racism/Prejudice is even worst in the U.S Mainland than in Guam,but because Guam is a small island a lot of things are easily noticeable.

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