Istanbul, Turkey Wanted: Charitable Web Geek

As this trip approaches its end, I suddenly realize it’s time I get my house in order.

It’s not entirely unlikely that this site’ll see a surge in visitors about 6 weeks from now. This site which is, at best, charmingly primitive. More likely just primitive.

I wrote most of it by hand in Notepad. Seriously, that’s the level I’m at. That it works at all is a small miracle.

I’m looking for someone who knows what they’re doing with this stuff and would be willing to lend a bit of their time. Nothing major — I prefer to keep the site very basic — just some polish and minor repairs.

The response to my last post took me by surprise (and was much appreciated). I guess there are a few people still following along despite my fractured narrative and navel-gazing tendencies. I’m hoping maybe someone out there can help.

If this isn’t your bailiwick, read no further.

I broke my map page about a month ago. I’ve tried repeatedly to undo whatever I did, but can’t seem to fix it.

My journal archives are difficult to penetrate. I’d like to list them by Date, Location, and Title, but all I can manage is Date, which isn’t very useful to perusers. I’ve tried to figure out TypePad’s scripting language — can’t make heads or tails of it.

There’s other little design stuff, and probably a lot of things I’m doing a dumb way that could easily be redone in a smart way.

If you’re the person for the job, please get in touch. If not, nevermind.

19 Responses to Istanbul, Turkey Wanted: Charitable Web Geek

  1. Cannot wait for the new video, Matt. CANNOT wait. I’m with many of the others who watch it when I’m fed up with my job or whatever else ticks me off these days. I watch it to put things into perspective, to bring a smile to my face, and lightness to my heart. It was a happy mistake, but many wonderful things are :) Are you going to track it to the same music? It was compelling to say the least. If you chose other music, it would have to be equally spellbinding! I come back every other day or so to see where in the world you are… always brings a smile to my face to see a new post. Thanks for that, Matt!

  2. Angie

    Hey there Matt!
    Hope you find some help for your site (sorry, my techno is limited)… I love checking in to see where you’ve been. The pictures are AMAZING… and the stories behind your adventures always provide a giggle or a smile. Looking forward to seeing the next video!

  3. Whoops. Forgot to mention that I’m a webmaster for a living, so I know what I’m talking about. Also, a budget solo world traveller. Let me know if you’d like my help.

  4. Robin

    Yes go wordpress, it’s awesome! Take Gillian up on her offer aswell, as she seems to be ace at designing themes :)

  5. Ed

    Yeah man, can’t wait for the vid. Gave me a special fuzzy feeling whenever I watched the original one. You’re so lucky.

  6. Stavros

    Man you are great…i just want to let you know that you have fans over this little corner of the earth (Greece)…
    I hope i had the guts to leave everything behind and just travel travel travel…can’t wait to watch your new video…i hope the best for you…if you ever come to greece you know my email

  7. Matt
    As you come to your “end”, it’s really the beginning of something new. I’ve enjoyed reading your travel stories and can’t wait to watch your new video. I really can’t envision you sitting down at a 9-5 job so keep us posted on what will be your new adventure or should I say venture. I’m shocked that you…the computer nerd…messed up your web site and can’t fix it! I’m sure that whomever the web guru is will turn your website into an even more pleasurable experience. If you ever want to bring my “brother” with you, drop me an email!
    Good Luck and KEEP DANCING!

  8. Matt, totally agreed with the others, I’ve watched your video more times than I can count and I’m literally more and more spellbound every time. Hope your new one includes something as good as the giraffe clip! I’m taking a small trip to Europe for the summer and for my own amusement am going to copy your idea and do my very own dancing video. I’ve already hit Dallas, Atlanta, and Sarasota and leave for Europe this Wednesday : ) Keep up the great work, keep traveling!

  9. Ron

    Definitely switch to WordPress if you can. Can’t wait for the new video, but more importantly, I’m hopeful for you as you start whatever comes next.

  10. Sarah

    Wathched you video on Youtube. Man, so cool!!!

    Come to brazil someday, dance in front of Cristo Redemptor.


  11. AMG

    Fine Matt, we need your stuff on the web. The world needs Matt, free is the deal I am offering – Read your email lets talk – All the best

  12. have lurved your site for a while now. you are one of the inspirations that got me started on my own travel journey. just wante do de-lurk to let you know that you are lurved and admired.

    con carino.

  13. aydin

    Hello, I have been to Troy few times. First of all, that horse is not original. it is an illustration of what might it have looked alike. Now, the government had bought the wooden horse of the movie TROY. so you may be able to see that horse in Canakkale. Each year, some more excavations are made, and it is fun to go check what new parts of the city are restored on the site.

  14. nuri

    this is an excellent trip, but i think the trip has been starting. or you had to have it reverse. because there is thousands of great places on the Agean Sea sandbar and The Mediterranean sandbar till the Lebanon. i will be waiting the next videos impatience. go on man…

  15. butterfly

    If you want to tour on your own, try going during a state department warning, like during the Gulf War… I walked around Ephasus with only the poppies keeping me company!

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