New York, NY It’s Done

Here is a place to leave comments about the dancing video.

Be gentle.

And yes, the site is a bit disheveled at the moment. It will get increasingly sheveled in the coming days. We are sheveling as fast as we can.

By "we," I’m referring to the kind, generous, and Canadian typealice, who is rebuilding my site with her bare hands from the island of Tortola.

…umm, a wee update from several months later. About a thousand comments got misplaced in the midst of some blog maintenance; everything from the release of the video on June 21st to mid-August. You would have seen them below, but now they’re gone. Sorry about that. Feel free to replenish the supply.

In summary, folks seemed to like the video. So that’s nice.

1,658 Responses to New York, NY It’s Done

  1. Your site looks great and the new video really makes one think. My dad found it and it made our day… heck it made our week. I put the video up on myspace hoping it would have the same affect on my friends. Don’t stop making dance videos, they always bring joy and never get old. Thanks-

  2. Ricardo Ezequiel Garcia Mata

    Matt I love to travel arround the world. You really made me happy with your videos.
    Congratulations a lot!

    If you want, you can dance in Guadalajara, Jalisco. México. My city

    A big hug and plaese keep in touch, Amigo!

  3. Martin


    i think what you have done is amazing and you have not only showed people whats out there, but you have educated many at the same time.

    I think i’m going to make a similar video in your honour. =)


  4. Mike

    Hey Matt, sweet job bro… You gave me something I will never forget..that video is more than inspiring..


    cada vez que veo el video me emociono demasiado… Es un video escalofriante… Esto es imposible de igualar, gracias Matt, no tengo mas que decirte por tan bello video… Ojalá pueda conocer siquiera 1/20 de lo que conoces vos…

  6. Ashley

    This is amazing. You’re basically my new favorite person. I can’t wait for another dancing video. This one made me want to travel even more! Its so inspiring, even if you didn’t mean for it to be!

  7. Gianpietro Mini

    you are crazy!!! but a lucky guy… go in africa for winter, to see flying white shark hunting seals… see ya in italy agani…

  8. Natanku

    just thought I would add on to the thread, why do you hate everycountry you didn’t get to visit? ugh makes me sick :) Keep on rocking

  9. Donna

    Love reading your journals. Wish I could travel and explore our world. Reading your journals helps me to do that, just as if I am there.

  10. MATT lol an inspiration u really are the pure randomness of the dancing around the world inspires me to do the same whether is for lack of ne thing to do or just to live up to your name you’ve set the bar pretty high but im determined to reach my goal hope to see more of you very soon.

    josh-age 15

  11. javi

    Hi Matt, what making these seems to me to be worthy of admiration, I you envy boy all these countries, all these people, all these dances … he is still a boy like that(this way) your these doing what we want to do many, since says Sinatra .. to live through the life to my way…
    I wait to meet to dance soon in my city bilbao in spain mas known by his her museum Guggenheim visit this land that is very nice and the very cozy(hospitable) people surely that you are not upset with, continue this way and 10 for you!

  12. Shari

    I’m so sad you haven’t come to dance in Canada… on our beautiful ocean shores in the summer, or at the heights of our Rocky Mountains in the winter or to kick through the brilliant colours of leaves in the fall. Please come dance in the most beautiful country in the world with the most beautiful people in the world! Viva Canada!

  13. hi im 15 years old and came across this site and i think when i get older i want to do somthink like that but not dancing somthink diffrent im not sure what yet tho i think the video is exellent :)

  14. Sherry

    You’ve provided one of the most entertaining bits I’ve seen in a long time… A little bit clogger, a little bit soft-shoe, a little bit farmer in the dell and voila, you’re a hit.
    You do need to put a photo of your Darwinian Tubercle on the site – that would put my experience over the top!

  15. Jessica

    You’re great 😀 But nyaah visit the Philippines and go to Luzon/Zambales 😀
    Oh, and do you play Counter Strike:Source >_> cause if you do.. let me have your steam name please


  16. Jodie

    Hey Matt! I love your video!! I have never smiled so much in my life! I watch this video at least twice a day! If you ever want a female dance partner by all means look me up!
    Brightest Blessings to you

  17. hey matt, bakin round germany is my m.f. profession. traveled he hole world with the mo i made, i`m realy pissed off, i`d never ever met you. my hole company is realy proud, that we´re not the only free souls out there. just go for it….

    aloha marc

  18. Cristina Pereira

    Hi Matt… a friend sent me an email with your site and I must say I loved the idea of you dancing around the world, you should come to Portugal. I have another friend who’s doing something similar.. check out he’s site!! link to
    Keep dancing!!! Kisses and Hugs from Portugal

  19. Rui Alves

    Very, very, very nice, good, fun video….

    I have a Canon 350D and a Sony HDV-FX1…. if you need help next video i can travael also… u can take me!!!! i´ll help!!
    And… i speack english, french, deutch, spanhis, portuguese, greek, bulgarian and dutch!!!!….

  20. Jon Hill

    I thought this was cool. My only complaint was Guam, there were plenty of great things you could have danced in front of. Why rusted out cars. I hardly ever saw any when I was there and I went all over the island. Anyway I like the film.

  21. Grande Matt!! la tua idea è stupenda e l’hai realizzata nel migliore dei modi.. BRAVO!

    Great Matt! your idea is beautifull and you have realized it better than ever..
    Those videos are simply fantastic and exiting!
    Really Great!!

    Good Luck!

  22. Chan

    hey matt
    first of all, i like the dancing hehe. very cool.
    I just went through ur journals and happen to found about ur trip to bangkok, thailand. its too bad that u didnt like it =( but it seem that u havent been to a good place in thailand…..well, acturlly u been in many very weird places there. O.o
    well, most of the journal is about palau so, dont have much to do with thailand there. and u went to surat thani….thats like…the nothingness-for-tourist place
    but however, if you decide to go back there some day, try royal palace, siam paragon, JJ market in bangkok or try contact Tourism Authority for outside bangkok area. btw, if u want to get around bangkok fast, take the sky train. I hope u go back there someday and acturlly have fun 😀

    PS: this year, thailand have “grand invitation” (as a honor for our king. yeah, we love our king). it mean there gonna be grand fastival for the whole year. check with tourism authority for info about when and where the fastival gonna start.

  23. Ian

    I’ve never heard of this video before but I think that it just rejuvenated my life…I will be telling friends about it. It’s a very beautiful thing.

  24. Megan

    Hey Matt (and Matts fans)– I have sent out your video far and wide– it’s awesome. And would love for you to be part of a project.

    I am producing a new series for The Travel Channel, part of Discovery Networks. I am searching for original Viewer Created Content (VCC) for the show. That is, you shoot it and cut it and upload it to our site. If we use it in the shows, you will be paid up to $1000. I am looking for funny, clever, creative, original material that is travel related. Feel free to put yourself into it if you like. You may submit as many times as you like. I am looking to find and develop new creative talent. This can be something you have already done, or something you might like to try. I am looking for 3-5 minute pieces.

    Feel free to email me for more info! It’s yet another chance to get paid to travel!

    [email protected]

  25. Takako

    I don’t know why my tears came up. It was great!!!!! This is a touching sight amazing dance film. Thank so much!!!
    My life is little changed by your film.

  26. Mark

    Matt you F*****g rock you are the man, keep it up and well done for having the guts to quit your job to travel.

  27. Frank

    I had watched your video so many times, mostly when I was feeling alone.But tonight, for the first time, I read your archived thoughts and now these comments. Wow. I see now why you say “That is not the real Matt up there dancing -so don’t make a mistake and think it is always like that.” But then I read here that others have an emotional and someimes tearful response, as I sometimes do when I look at the video. I believe that it is a connection to you as one human to another, a joy at realizing what a fellow traveler can do – it elevates us all – and I think it allows me, at least, to feel a part of something bigger than myself. Thanks for your creation.
    Frank (70 y.o.)

  28. Ortega (Brasil)

    About the music: I didn’t like the remix. I prefer the original song. I think the video could be nice with the original song… like the old video…
    About the places: really amazing! It’s my dream know 10% of this places… Congratulations!!!

  29. claire

    super moment de detente dans une journée grise de bretagne. ça donne envie de voyager, ça fait sourire.

  30. Carol

    Hi, Matt. I love your video!! it´s amazing and your dance is fantastic, really cool!! Watching this video makes me feel more happy.
    I hope you come to Spain to dance, specially in Segovia ^______^
    Un saludo!!!!

  31. Daniela

    Hi! Your video is amazing! The places, people, music and the dancing make us to believe life is a great gift. I think you could do another one and this time you can include Brazil, since there are so many different and beaultiful places here.

  32. Sven

    Wow, Matt, that was great!!! Very emotional, inspiring and humorous entertainment. Better than all hollywood movies taken together.
    Please continue with that stuff – as far as I know there´s nobody out there doing the job of dancing all around the world. Especially with that dancing technique – which looks great and makes me smile.
    You are also very talented in finding the best spots where to dance…
    When I´ve grown-up I wish I could do something similar. You´re kind of an idol for me.
    I watched both of your clips around ten times and they are not getting boring at all. Congratulations and make the world a better place to live by continueing making such movies.
    I tell you: If your video is densely spread all over the world, there won´t be any war. We just have to identifiy with you and demonstrate our open minds.

    Matt proves what´s possible in life: He´s living under toughest conditions in a country, where people like Oprah Winfrey are nominated for the peace award…but Matt isn´t losing confidence and is dancing everything to the ground. A ground fertile for friendship, love, harmony and tolerance! Genius!

  33. Diogo

    I know you… You`re Paece!! I knew that I recognized you from somewhere!!! I see that you actually ended traveling around the world… there are some lucky guys!! Say hello to Joey!! Bye

  34. Sarah

    Your video was amazing! As a Seattlite I was thrilled to see my hometown as the final destination – it kind of made it feel like returning home after seeing the world. But even more exciting was seeing Petra! I spent the 2005 summer in parts of Jordan and Israel so I felt a stronger connection having seen it in person. You inspire me to want to travel and see more! Keep sharing your adventures with us!

  35. Liz M.

    Hi Matt, I saw your video this past weekend, and shared it with everyone I know. Very original. I am a travel nut too. I fly for the Air Force and the travel is what makes it amazing. A lot cooler when you fly your own jet to get there 😉 AND your luggage doesn’t get lost and you don’t miss your flight. 😉
    Anyway, I wanted to add that I have been reading your journals. Have you thought about writing a book? You seem to be a pretty intelligent guy with a gift for witty writing, and you have “been there done that” in a unique way. I am sure you have gleened some amazing travel tips as well as had these interesting experiences. With the success of this web site and your videos, I bet you could do well with a slim volume of your journals and photos.


  36. Ellie

    This video is inspiring. What a beautiful and mysterious world we live in. It gives good reason to dance.

  37. mike b


    i have been a fan since your first video, this is awesome..i loved the water ones, and antartica..keep dancing!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. John Go

    G’Day Matt, what can I say- AWESOME DUDE!
    so, general consensus is there are 193 countries in the world- You can do it!
    Keep the dream coming!

  39. wolfgang

    wow that was brilliant !!!

    i tried to download the music but it came up with the original … does anyone know where i can dowload the version on the vid ?

  40. florence

    after watching this, i only wanted one thing : marry you!!! I saw that i am not the only one (: But anyway, my conception of life is like this, travelling, learning, watching, enjoy everyday because it can stop in one hour.Clever guy! That’s good to see people like you, you take the goodest part of the life. Anyway, if you come to paris, i am here, next to Montmartre
    florence, paris

  41. Andy

    If your ever in London UK again….let me know please. I would like to dance with you in one of your vids…bet all your fans would!

    How about a Fans Dance around the World based video?

  42. Kirk

    hey matt! came across your website and i cant stop watchin your videos, they are so great. your an inspiration to alot of people including me, id like to travel the world as you have. dont stop travelling and dont stop dancing!

  43. [email protected]

    Matt is My Hero !!

  44. Your dancing rocks! Seriously, you are an inspiration.
    I hope you can continue to rock out around the globe and put a smile on so many faces.

  45. Anonymous

    Wow !! I wish I could travel like you, :(
    by the way AWESOME VIDEO!!
    keep em coming !

    have you taken any in MT.EVEREST? :)

  46. Ashish

    Hey u didn’t do this video in India?
    It has lots of things.
    Nice, The video of its own kind.

    I Hope to see more from you, soon…

  47. al

    thats tight… I have been to the Petra and the indoor snow complex in Dubai…I find it cool that you have been to those places too…PEACE

  48. al

    thats tight… I have been to the Petra and the indoor snow complex in Dubai…I find it cool that you have been to those places too…PEACE

  49. Paul Kang

    Hi, I’m very pleased to visit you home site.
    I’m Paul Kang living in Korea.
    And I saw your dancing video clip which one of my friends recommended.
    It was magnificent.
    I visited some of the places in your clip, but most of them I’ve never visited.
    But I found that you haven’t been in Hong Kong and Korea in Asia.
    You should visit those 2 cities someday~! for delicious food, great night scene, peaceful temple etc.
    Anyhow, I wanted to say ‘ I saw it, I was moved, I appreciate for u about it’
    And I hope someday in the future I would be able to see Korea and Hong Kong in your dancing clip
    Peace be with you.

    From Korea

  50. Tanya Atkinson

    Hey- wow! i think you just discovered the next new dance craze of our generation! Honestly, so jealous and so inspiring- cant wait to show everyone i know! Keep on dancing.
    A fan in the UK

  51. Magnum

    I’ll be touring the world someday too… your video inspires me just like the otheres…i bet you were scared being on that little rock…i think u were in norwegen…anywayz…cool video…Peace

  52. dakz

    You are my hero. Your video almost made me cry; honestly I really wish I could do what you´re doing.
    If you need a place to stay in Barcelona, Spain drop me a line.
    Dance on m8!

  53. Dinarte Gouveia

    Hey and Portugal? Lisbon? =)

    It is 5* AMAZING!! Congratulations!

    Only good knows how i wish standing in your place!

    PS – Sorry my bad English!

  54. jaume

    It’s fantastic! I’d like to be like you!!! If you come to Mallorca (Catalan Countries) i’d like to meet you… I’ll show the best places in the mediterranean sea…

    Sorry for my bad english…


  55. Gerard

    Molt bo, nano!
    I love your video!
    And hope to see you dancing in my city very soon.
    Please dance with us in April or May, best time to come here!
    T’esperem a Barcelona!

  56. martin

    la verdad impresionante el video q acabo de ver,espectacular,no conocia de esta gente,pero me gustaria conocer mas, saber quienes son,que hacen, si me pueden hacer llegar informacion, les agradecere,un abrazo desde cordoba argentina y haber cuando nos visitan!!!

  57. Álvaro

    Ey!! Como que no vienes a España? El mejor país del mundo!! Hay lugares muy interesantes, asi como la fiesta que tenemos. No te la pierdas!! Pasate por España, tienes muchas cosas que ver y disfrutar. Saludos!!

  58. Carlos L

    Hello. I want to encourage you to keep doing this. The video is amazing, I really like the places that you have chosen. The one I like the most is in Bolivia at the begining of the video, is so amazing the effect that you see, where the sky meets the water.

    You had been in my country, Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands is the most representative place there for shure. Maybe if you want to go for a 2nd time you can go to my city, Guayaquil, the one I read on your blog that you didn’t like the weather, he he… is fine, is a tough weather, I know. Maybe you can do a shot on the monument of “Simon Bolivar and San Martin”, that is the city’s most representative one… I bet you know why. Take care and good luck. Carlos L.

  59. Bryan K.

    When I saw this video my jaw dropped, you did what I have only dreamed of doing….this is something you will cherish forever.

  60. Mark

    * brilliant * funny * sensual * makes me reflective ~ If you’ll ever come to Cologne/Germany you’re invited.
    THX & Stay tuned!!!

  61. Paco

    I don’t know where the hell is Matt, but I want to know…From where the hell came that wainker? He works for Disney Channel in Vatican City TV? He won a contest of freaks and the price was to punish all the humans going arround the world showing the decadence of Occident to the rocks of Alaska , the primitive cultures all the globe and the animals from the forest?
    Oh my God ! I never saw such an asshole in my whole f… life, what the hell is that guy doing? he is not normal, I swear to God. Nor even his mother could lie and tell him she loves him, I think she threw him to see the world after he tried to sexually abuse of his pets, he has the face of that.
    How can any human dance so freaky? That’s funny? He looks to be dancing in exasty for the smell of his own fart, I cannot believe my eyes, I think I will spend two years going to my psychoanalist to forget those Images.
    Please Matt, go back to your house and close the tap , I will flash for you.

  62. Stan


    But you went to France and Italy, what about Switzerland?!
    Come to Geneva and dance in front of the UN! Or even next to the Jet d’eau!

    A fan at Genève

  63. Sandrine

    Hi Matt
    Thanks to french tv, I discovered your internet site this morning. I just love it.
    You are a great dancer.
    I wish you a lot of great trips and adventures


  64. Nathan

    Hey Matt,

    Brilliant video. Your welcome in Aberdeen, Scotland – Not sure we have anything note worthy to dance infront of tho.

    Take care.

  65. Alain Stain

    someone sent me your video all around the world.
    Boff! Tout ça pour ça.
    Did you thing at all the petrol your burn for that?

  66. just simply great mat.

    keep that way! we only have nearly 80 years to see all the world!

    did you think about doing El Camino de Santiago and wath Finisterre or Costa d’a Morte?

  67. Hello!! =D
    wow, i´m so surprise next see your “video-travel´s” =)

    I´m from Brasília, capital of Brazil…
    it´s a nice place too!! hehe

    if someday you come here sen-me a mail! i can help you in the city =]
    but i only have 19 years end my english is so bad haha

    so, is it!

    visit us! visit BRAZIL =D

  68. anthony

    comme dit la publicité “just do it”, et vous l’avez fait.
    Bravo, et je vous souhaite le meilleur

    anthony from paris

  69. johans

    Please, the next travel, come to Barcelona(spain), you enjoi and we too. my english is very bad, gracies per tot, i si vens per barcelona enviam un mail.!!
    thank you for all if you come to barcelona writen a mail please, good luck!Spain is Beautiful, but catalonia is better!! bye!!

  70. Carlos Palma

    Y por que no has venido a Mexico? Tantos Lugares hermosos que tenemos en nuestro pais. Seras bienvenido!!

  71. Ignazio

    Hi Matt your journey is wonderful, you’re so lucky and watch your video made me dream! Maybe one day I will travel too.
    Greetings from Sardinia (Italy), if you come here let me know!

  72. emanuele

    Trovo il tuo video veramente simpatico e divertente; mette di buon umore.
    p.s ma in che arco di tempo hsi visitato tutti quei luoghi?

  73. Anthony - Nice, French Riviera, France

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you very much for this video…
    Thank you very much for this beautiful moment…

  74. Grand verre de liqueur

    Hey Matt. i think this is one of the greatest moment of the small history of the world wide web. thank you so much.

  75. Simon Diaz

    como decimos en venezuela … verga viejo que ladillao mi pana!!! jajajajaja
    bueno matt te felicito brother, impresionante tu trabajo, da mucho que pensar entre otras cosas que hay que ser original para ser diferente… date una vuelta por venezuela, no le pares bolas a “chavez” (our puto president) he look like a bad dog but dont bite!!! jajajaja

    Simon Diaz estado VARGAS – VENEZUELA (VIVA VENEZUELA!!!)

  76. Darren Siegel

    Quite simply one of the most inspiring short films I’ve ever seen. It just made me feel good. Same sort of spirit as “What a Wonderful World”. NICELY DONE MATT!

  77. George Araújo

    how are you doing man??

    i’m brazilian and i just saw ur video…its amazing, maybe the best video i have ever seen…im little said cause u didnt come to brazil, but maybe another time right??

  78. Ich

    jo matt, ich weiß du hast keine Ahnung was ich hier laber aber, des Video is richtig geil!
    Sehr schön gemacht auch wenn die Musik und der Tanzstil scheiße is.

  79. cheryl north coast new south wales australia

    i have been sent your video by my daughter she loves it so do i..smiled all day when i thought about it can we put in for some new shorts for the next one? you are so happy its great.

  80. JOSE


  81. Pascale-Edith

    Hi Matt,thanks to the french tv I discovered your internet site.You are a very lucky guy,Ilove your video.Keep on dancing ! When are you planning to dance near Marseille in France ?
    Une française trés heureuse et admirative.

  82. Pascale-Edith

    Hi Matt,thanhs to french tv I discovered your site.Ilove your video,you are a very lucky guy .Keep on dancing !When are you planning to dance in Marseille in France ?Avec le TGV c’est facile !

  83. Beth

    I love, love, *love* this video – it’s awesome and it makes my day. A friend of mine showed it to me and I’ve probably watched it a few dozen times in the past few days. I love the music in the background – it’s very fitting. My favorite part is near the end, in Rwanda, with all the children dancing with you. It really touches my heart every time I see it.

    And while I’m here, I might as well pimp out the great state of Kentucky. There’s the world’s largest bat in Louisville and an Indian chief’s head statue carved from a tree (it’s really rather larger) in Paducah, if you ever run out of places to shoot. :)

  84. Tyler

    OH MY GOD YOU ARE MY HERO!! I got to say though your dance isnt to.. good i guess is the best way to put it.. but i seriously love the sights your at.. its just amazing.. You are one crazy person, you were dancing on a rock between two mountains and you went to antartica.. jeez.. And when you were in Salar de Uyuni,Bolivia, looked beutiful.. i got to hand it to you though.. You leave a good impression on me atleast.. even though my friends think otherwise.. but whatever they’re weird (>_<).. Well anyways.. hope u get this.. if you dont.. allwell.. if u do.. thats cool.. i cant wait fer ur next video to come out i guess.. just dont kill yourself like falling off a cliff, that would really suck.. take care.. bye..

  85. guam resident

    your video clip with “guam” in it is insulting. of all the places on guam, why’d you choose that eye sore. there are way more beautiful locations than that! what were you thinking?!

  86. pLEy

    Muy bueno el video, y te envidio por haber estado en tantos lugares alrededor del mundo… Enhorabuena y felicidades. Un saludo desde España.


  87. yan

    u’re a genius!
    the net is so welcomed for people like U.
    i won’t sink in demagogic congrat’s… so, just thanks

    french fan

  88. yan

    u’re a genius!
    the net is so welcomed for people like U.
    i won’t sink in demagogic congrat’s… so, just thanks

    french fan

  89. Erik Langenberg

    You really made my day!
    Go on, dude!
    Greetz, from The Netherlands

    and in Dutch:

    Je hebt echt mijn dag gemaakt!
    Ga zo door, jongen!
    Groetjes uit Nederland

  90. mamik

    hi, matt!
    wow, you are my hero, realy great video.
    i am from croatia maybe you come here one day and do your famous dance…

  91. The day you want to go to El Salvador, let me know… I haven’t been back in almost 5 years and I miss it so much. I’ll hold the camera for you!
    i loved your project. you made me smile big, thank yoU!

  92. Viv Vissers/lived in US for 18 in Belgium...

    Hey Matt..this is really neat! Did you read the book ‘Blue Highway’?…or ‘Across America’…you are like those folks, yet yourslef, discovering the world, the people and in such a peaceful way. Bravo! More young and not so young should take a lesson from you and maybe it could bring PEACE IN THIS WONDERFUL WORLD OF OURS! Keep this wonderful spirit up and share ‘encore & encore’…Why not come to Brussels once?…The best to you, Viv (my 2 daughters live in the US)

  93. Bela Kalloi

    hey, your the best
    excellent video, really. I envy you.
    it has been always my dream, to travel all over the world.

    Mexico City!!!!


    love what your doing, hope you enjoyed dancing with the monkies in Tikal…wish I were you..let me know when your tired of it all…..!!good luck on your new adventures, you put a smile on alot of peoples faces.
    Pam jones.(A Brit living in Guatemala)

  95. Laura

    Hi there!
    I thought ur video was so awesome! very inspiring. next time you come to new zealand, go to auckland or christchurch! never heard of the place you filmed at! keep on dancing – ur an inspiration to us all.

    Laura, age 16
    Auckland, New Zealand

  96. David

    Thanks. This is an amazing piece of work. And thanks to Stride gum… the next time I’m going to buy gum it is going to be Stride, no matter what it might taste like.

  97. Rowena Manalo

    Your video is pretty cool. I love the dancing.
    But all you can get in Guam is a bunch of junk cars. Boy, you missed out on alot! I was expecting to see a back ground of Guam’s Talafofo water falls or something or even Two lovers point. That sucks!

  98. Alphonse

    Hello Matt !

    Good to see someone realizing his dream !
    Nice dance !

    Hope to see next video soon !


  99. Matt, you are awesome, dude!! also you can dance in my country LITHUANIA!! I’ll be very proud to see you in Lithuania capital-Vilnius! :]] you are wellcome in my city! ;]

  100. hector silva

    estas muy mal de la cabeza, y por gente como vos vale la pena seguir adelante en este castigado planeta

  101. zamengo helene

    cette vidéo m’a fait rêver…
    Je suis aller acheter un ticket de loto , si je gagne(!) j’aimerais bien moi aussi faire le tour du monde.
    Félicitations , c’était vraiment mignon et trés sympa.

  102. mariane moreira

    oh… my god!you are the best, your dance is the very cool,congratulations…
    and the song…putz!!! is very cool
    god bye…

  103. Hey Mark! Great Project! Great Result!
    I am from Greece and I am sorry about your experience trying to dance in front of Pathenon!
    Also, I would like to agree with your quote about the ancient places although I am Greek:
    “There are places like Angkor Wat and Abu Simbel that leave me truly astonished. They have a magical quality. But the Taj Mahal? Pyramids? Parthenon? To me, it’s just a pile of rocks that doesn’t say anything worth saying.”

    Try to dance at Palenque at Mexico and Jericoacoara at Brazil. Gorgeous places!!

  104. jorge

    gracias por hacer videos como este que dios te de vida para que sigas bailando y viajando suerte desde Venezuela.

  105. Goretti Pereira

    I am going to teach “multi-culturalism” to my Year 9 students in Melbourne, OZ….Thought I will show them your video-clip…..It’s going to get them hooked on travelling, different cultures and on tolerance….Thanks for being you…May my students learn as much and write as well as you…


  106. Hervé L.

    Brilliant, I really love this video!
    Thank you for the dream…

    Viens danser à Lyon, tu seras le bienvenu!

    😉 Hervé – Lyon – France

  107. Márcio

    Matt… muito bom o seu video… que o Senhor Deus te conceda muitas outras oportunidades para outras viagens.

    Um grande abraço!!!
    Márcio Mattos

  108. :iquid

    Hey, this is very inspiring video, I also showed it to my kids.
    This should be shown to all the kids in the world.

  109. Manfer

    I don’t get it….what was the point of going to all those places and dancing? My teacher said to watch it and it would lift our spirits, but my spirits didn’t move. Point of this is?….No point…

  110. chris

    seeing this dumb ass go around the world made no sense and waching this now made me 15% stupeder then what i was so thanks.

  111. Allison

    Matt, Everytime I watch this video it makes me tear up with happiness and the music you used is just perfect. I can’t tell you how much I love watching it Thanks so much for sharing this and keep dancing.

  112. beth

    Thanks for making me smile. Come dance in Israel! Every Saturday morning – on the beach in Tel Aviv, in the park – hundreds of people get together and dance. Shalom!

  113. NICE VIDEO DUDE !!!
    que gran video loko !!!
    envidia fluye por mis venas..
    mientras veo todos los lugares que has visitado!!
    muy buen video.. felicitaciones!

    >>UN CALUROSO SALUDO desde CHILE!>> <<<—

  114. Laury

    Hi Matt!
    It was lovely – I envy you…
    Next trip come to visit Eilat in Southerm Isreal – we have a great spot for you!
    Keep dancing!!!!!

  115. Sarah


    That was the funniest thing I have eva seen!

    How long did it take to go to all those places?

    You r hillarious and I love u!!!!

  116. maya meirav

    This is absolutely beautiful and creative.
    I wish that would give a vibe of dance to the world and all of us could sing dance and laugh together, with no need of a specific reason, just because we can and we are, in this wonderful world. Thank you Matt ! ! !
    Maya from Israel

  117. emanuel mechoulam

    es increhible este video, me facino, el hecho de verte hacer el mismo ritual en cada uno de los paises que pisaste y compartirlo con la gente de la region conjuntado con la musica me hiso sentir muy feliz, esta padrisimo tu video chido

  118. Dima Israel

    It’s amazing! Good for you! Keep going and to show people that G-d has created the beautiful world! And you help us to see it!

  119. clYde

    The music sucks, the idea is stupid…and u make a beautiful video…thx to share all those great places u’ve been throught…it brings joy and hapiness…and now I love this sweet lullaby…

  120. Alicia Pierce

    HEY!!! I love your video soo much! my dad works overseas so we have to travel around a lot and ive live in Sri-Lanka, Fiji, The US, Papua New Guinee, Botswana ( I loved your shot at Mokolodi! did you go to the cheetah cages and pet the cheetahs?!) and now im living in Ireland… I heard you on the radio this morning and i started thinking that if you do ever come to Dublin You could stay with us!!!! ok well i have to go!! Dont stop travelling BYE!!!

  121. Laimis

    Wow, unreal! I mean the video, and the whole idea is great! have you traveled all those countries for real? :)

  122. Marina

    Omg the video is awesome!!

    I want to do something like that someday, im just 13, so im going to wait.. 😛

    Did u rlly travel thru all those places??


  123. Wow Matt. You’ve got a million and one comments already, but one more can’t hurt.

    I was amazed and breath taken when I saw the 2005 video. I envied you and admired you and your actions at the same time. You, your girlfriend, and friends are very lucky to be able to travel. You’ve said before that there is no secret, and that is probably true. When I say lucky, I just mean that you are fortunate to be able to follow your dream.

    The 2006 video is more amazing, and seemingly more epic than the 2005 one. Although, I do prefer the verison of Sweet Lullaby from the 2005 Video. ;3

  124. noam

    realy touching. i need to pay you for such a great movie !!!! excellent! so simple so touch hearting.


  125. BullWinkle

    I try to watch this at least once every week. Don’t know why but it makes me want to run up to the rooftop of the building and start shouting to all the people in the city (Singapore).
    Sometimes you don’t need any words.. just dance your heart out and get everyone else to join in.
    It’s THE ANSWER to everything, at least for a while..

  126. Kiujic Jo

    Your dancing videos are very enviable.

    But why didn’t visit Korea?

    If you visit Korea, I’ll be happy.

  127. Matt, everything I want to say about your video has already been said. However I just want to point out that I see two sides to your video, which produced those three and a half minuets of magic. The 10 hour bus journey here, 15 hour train journey there, getting pested off the local authorities, when you’ve done nothing wrong, lost trying to find your accommodation at 1am in a random town, etc, etc. I think a lot of people don’t realise this when they watch your video.

    I made a video this summer of my trip around Europe (didn’t have the money to go all the way around the world). In some ways it’s similar to your video and other ways it’s completely different! Most people who have seen it only see one side to the video. I’m sure you will see both sides.

    link to

    (Volume up)

    Let me know what you think?

  128. nik

    You Legend!!!!

    Fair play to you.

    What i’d give to go to some of those places u have been

    take it easy, keep on dancin!

  129. Pesi

    Great video!

    Great idea to dance around the world – respect!

    btw: What’s this song playing in your video? Band? Title? – Would be nice to know…

  130. Mamasita

    Hey i just bumped into your video on you tube and its great, I wouldnt mind doing what your doing apart from the whole dancing thing 😀 Anyway thanks for inspiring alot of us to get out and open our eyes!

  131. frank of bordeaux

    tu m’as fait rire, tu m’as fait voyager, tu m’as fait danser… tu as même réussi à m’émouvoir…
    Merci Matt.

    english version:

    you made me laugh, you made me travel, you made me dance… you even succeeded in moving me…
    Thank you Matt.

  132. Jimmy

    Hey Matt,

    I just wanted to say that this site is awesome. I got bitten by the travel bug this summer too, and I can’t wait for the next time I can go. My goal was the same as yours, I want to travel around the world by the age of 29. I think eventually I would preffer to travel for a living, it be awesome. Good luck with your life, I hope you find what you’re looking for travelling. I think I will too

  133. Christoph Gutbrod

    Hey Matt,

    thanks for that wonderful idea. I noticed that I have been watching the video for several times now, and yet I don’t know why.

    It does not get boring to me, I watch it everytime when I feel a little bit sad or when I have “Fernweh” – I don’t know if there is an English word for that german term: it feels similar to homesick (same part of the stomach) but in a reverse sense: The urgent need to get away and travel and see the world, its beautiful spots and its different cultures.
    And it reminds me of my travels in my past, like to Luang Pruang in Laos in 2004.


    I looking forward to watching the third one. Keep up the travelling.

    Christoph from Berlin.

  134. maria cristina

    spain: here, here, here, here, here,here,here,here, here, here, here, here, we want to dance with youu Matt…..este tio es la leche….Barcelona y muchos de aqui te esperamos para poder bailar en tu danza universal.. thanks Matt

  135. Frankie

    Hi Matt,

    I hope you get to read this. I saw your video and had to watch it over and over. I think it is the best. Sorry about your face in Antarctica. Next time you will take sunscreen, Right. We found the video just by accident. Stride gum really had you running around. Did the Jellyfish try to sting you? You weren’t jumping to hard on that rock? How did you get there? Well, Matt, get some rest and we are waiting to see where you are headed next.

    Sincerely Frankie

  136. Juan

    What can I say??? You’re just great. Great idea, but…. it comes from somebody who loves travelling above all, so… i understand 😀

  137. wiggy

    Stunning Matt, very inspiring. Looks like you had a great time make he vid.
    When’s the music available!

  138. shaunna burns

    that was the cooles thing i have seen on the internet yet!!!

    i have never really travel at all ive been to FL and NC and thats about it, so i really liked that you went on a tour of the world and not only took me with you, you enterntained me at the same time.

    what a great concept
    did you just put the camera in a stationary position or was someone else filming??
    please keep them coming and hey how come you didnt go to canada at all??
    Mexico too!!!

  139. Anonymous

    Nice work, this is an awesome and inspiring site. I am jealous, but you remind me to keep going after my dreams and make them happen!

  140. sakusha

    Hi, Matt. I am living in Japan.
    Your video really impressed me.
    I am very happy to be able to see this great and compelling film. I appreciate Matt.

  141. In German:
    Hey Matt,

    dein Video und die Idee sind großartig, einfach genial.
    Was du gemacht hast ist mutig, lustig, interessant und deine Worte regen zum Denken an. Begeisterung!

    Liebe Grüße aus Österreich, Petra

    Hi Matt,

    you video and the idea are great – simply ingenious.

    courageously, funny, interesting
    and your words energize for thinking


    greets from Austria, Europe 😉

  142. danna, Alison & Dylan


    we just saw your video- and loved it. you’ve been to many beautiful places- how wonderful!

    come and do a dance in Israel too! this is where we live.

    Danna, Alison and Dylan (Afikim, Israel)

  143. Assaf

    your site is so awesome! what a creative and unique idea! are u planning another trip??? come visit Israel. there is a lot to see here… Jerusalem and the Old City, the Kinneret (where Jesus walked on water), Tel Aviv and much much more! think about it!


  144. katia

    Hi Matt, What a blast!!!
    We are waiting you here in Brazil.
    Good luck, and this is the way of life that I was looking for. Thank you.

  145. Adam

    Matt your video was wicked, you know i havn’t ever seen any like this, it is sooooo kool! i’ve only seen 1 of them i didn’t know there was anymore you have made? well anyway i’d just like to say i wanna travel when i’m older, visit some of the greatest places! thank you! :)

  146. Eli

    Hi matt

    Very nice dance, when will u come to dance in TEL-AVIV or Jerusalem (Israel)?????

    ARI Shalem & ELI Youker

  147. Ginia

    Matty McMatt-Face:

    Everyone needs to see your videos, and do a li’l travelin’! You can be America’s Yoda. Let’s get cultured, people! (ugh, that sounds nerdy, doesn’t it?)

    To say the least, your videos amuse me. I am going to make a crappier, cheaper, far less entertaining version of a world travelin’ video. Will do w/o the … dancing?


  148. Matt, what happiness you’re bringing to everyone! Your video shows the beauty of the world we live in and how much joy we can have living! Thank you so much, you’ve lifted my heart.

  149. echtlinger moshe

    i love the video …..
    it makes you happy every time i watch it!!!
    thank you for make me smile every time i watch it.

    good luck – moshe echtlinger – israel

  150. Pierre

    you’re video is so great! but why the only place from France is Haute-Picardie?? There is nothing over there .. very strange 😉
    Bonne chance

  151. HP

    Amazing video! Reminds me a little of a video clip of Michael Jackson. (I think it’s
    title is something like “Makes no difference If your Black or White”) Although it goes without saying that you are a much better dancer!


  152. E Meedchen aus Lëtzebuerg

    Keep on dancing, Matt!
    When you’ll be back again in Europe do’nt forget to visit my county too: Luxembourg!

  153. ask

    I also want to go many places like you…
    I love this video
    please continue to visit around the world

  154. You look suspiciously like JDerion, and therefore I’m quite convinced your’s is an interpretive dance for a call to jihad.

    The thing that doesn’t make sense is that it had to take a lot of balls to get on that rock, much less dance on it. JDerion wouldn’t have done that.

    That’s all I’m saying. But I’m sure Shrub and Xianee didn’t think twice about these sort of inconsistencies, either.

    Nevertheless, one can’t be too careful, so I have no choice to raise the level on our threat warning system.

    Stay in touch!!!

  155. Georgie Bright Kunkel

    Only a male could pull this off!
    Once when NASA announced an unmanned space vehicle I wrote to them and asked if a woman was driving this time!

    It was refreshing even if I felt a little envious about a young man being able to travel all these places and produce a video about it all. I am taking full care of my 88 year old husband and must now live vicariously through you younger people sometimes.

    However, I am taking time off in November to appear on Open Mike at the Comedy Underground in Seattle just before election. Of course my standup is spoofing Bush and Ashcroft.

  156. Christian Mueller

    Hey Matt,

    this video is just awesomely beautyful!
    It’s great! Show it to the leaders of our world! I’m just in a good mood now. It’s nice. Ahh great! I hope a lot of people watch it to get into a good mood!

    Chris, Germany

  157. Wendell Tomlin

    Hi Matt. I was really enjoying your site until you revealed that you are left-handed. The Darwinian Tubercule was fine but sinister dexterity? Do we have to know everything?

    By the way, I think you are a pretty good dancer except when you are underwater. There was a blues guy named “Ironing Board Sam” who used to play at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. The “ironing board” was an electronic keyboard hung around his neck. The height (or depth) of his performance would come when a flat-bed truck would pull up with a large glass tank of water on it, and Sam would be lowered into the water still singing and playing the keyboard. The result was that his music became decidedly degraded underwater. It was hard for him to sing, too.

    I’ve only been out of the states twice, once to the UK and once to Quebec. Now I’m older (56) and wish I’d traveled more, but that would mean getting a real job and a passport. I’m pretty lazy. Still, your experiences have piqued my interest, so maybe I’ll give it a shot.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Sorry about your left-handedness.

    Wendell M. Tomlin, Jr.
    [email protected]

  158. Matt gotta say that was beautiful not only is it to a soundtrack i love but its exactly wat i have always wanted to do… have some kind of documentation and proof of the places ive traveled. i have travelled no where near as much as u but one day i hope to visit everywhere! and especially all the places u have!!!

    i just have to ask what is your profession that allows you so much travel??


  159. Ortega (Brazil)

    About the music: I didn’t like the remix. I prefer the original song. I think the video could be better with the original song… like the old video…
    About the places: really amazing! It’s my dream know 10% of this places… Congratulations!!!

  160. Bravo!!!

    Man what a fun life you have lived. Someone would find them-self lucky just to visit 1/8 of the locations you have been. Keep it up and see everything!


  161. tami vamos

    Why. . .Why did you not dance in the greatest country in the world . . Israel. Sorry, you missed the most important one, i am not impressed

  162. Ana

    Hello,my name is Ana,i’m 16 years old and i’m from Spain.
    I think that your video is great!!i wan make one like that!!
    It’s genial,continue make videos like thet beacuse it’s very beautyful every place that you has rec.
    Congratulations from Spain.

  163. This is definitely an INSPIRING and JOY FILLED CLIP… Much Blessings for all the JOY it brings to many.

    Too bad, more of our daily NEWS… does not cover these types of personal event.

    You have The Joy.. Joy… Joy.. Joy…Down in YOUR HEART… for sure.


  164. kim

    Love the dancing! Love the video of the dancing! This totally made me smile! Thanks to you and to Stride gum! Thank you — thank you — thank you!!!

  165. Maria

    What a great way to travel….dancing everywhere!
    You have to come to Spain, to Southern Spain in Andalusia, to a beautiful city called Seville. Here we love dancing and singing. You will love it here. And of course, we will love having you over. Seville has a most wonderful bright blue color in the sky and a beautiful orange blossom smell all year round.
    Congratulations for your originality and your wonderful way of communicating with people.
    Thank you for making us happier….!!!!

  166. Hendrix

    That’s AWESOME!! Thanks for reminding us how simple and amazing life can be……please do a part III ….no need to stop now….there is more territory to cover…….

  167. Great work, but I know where you weren’t :] In Eastern Europe :) Is there some explenation? :> Mayby in new version of your movie there will be some part from Poland!? :)

  168. Joy Braverman

    Thank you… as one who loves to dance – even IF someone is watching – you gave an entire new meaning to life’s fantastic depth and breath… you made me laugh, smile and wish I was there.

    Thank you…

  169. Ohad Sternberg

    Great Video of Great places. You should come to Israel, i’d love to take you to the wailing wall so you can dance there too. Jerusalem is THE place. Come to Israel,

    -Ohad Sternberg

  170. BJo

    There I was sitting in my pajamas at 1:12 pm on a cold, wet day, eating leftovers out of a Tupperware container, and doing nothing on the Internet: Laughing and crying at this delightful, crazy man dancing his way through life and around the world. I needed you today. Thank God I found you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Thank you, :O)

  171. Anthony

    Hey Matt I really admire your work. This might sound a little wierd but I didnt really have a goal in my life after I got married but now your video inspired me to try to travel the world like you. Im not sure if I will dance as much though haha. Sweet job

  172. jill

    matt, just a note to tell you that i laugh so hard when i watch your video. i have a 2 year old who loves it too! you just look like you have so much fun! always keep life lite! and keep traveling!

  173. Nina

    Hi Matt;

    That was so much fun to watch you dance
    all around the world. The scenery was
    spectacular. It looked like you were
    having a great time. I plan on doing
    much the same thing at a later date,
    and will also make a video. DON’T FORGET
    CANADA next time.
    Have fun all your life!!!!

  174. Levi

    That is the coolest job I have ever seen. I think you are the coolest Matt. I hope you get a chance to go to Puerto Rico, there are some nice places to dance there.

  175. Malte

    Hey Matt,
    I am a 17-year old German boy ( Near of Dortmund, come and visit it 😉 ) and I want to tell you that in my opinion your movie “Where the Hell is Matt?” is the best you can find at ! It is simply great and amazing, too :-) How many countrys have you visited until today?

    Ps: Sorry for my English :-)

    So soon – Malte

  176. Fabricio

    Hi Matt! What about Brazil? Hey man!, we have a lot of most beautiful places in the world, women… come on here!

  177. Thomas.C

    Thank you so much matt
    A little piece of sunshine in my life of 3 minutes
    I see the video every morning, a way to begin my day with a smile.
    Thomas.C from France

  178. Liad Malone

    Hey Matt, you’ve been to Turkey, Egypt and Jordan. Why didn’t you visit Jerusalem? You could’ve been a hit in Israel, I’d love to see you do that dance of yours with the Wailing Wall behind you.
    Keep dancing!

  179. RizzeR

    Hee matt…

    I really like the movie…
    it is inspirering and u must show it
    to the intiry world…because if people
    watch the movie then the see that our planet is very beautifal…
    I hope u will make more movies….

  180. Tourteau

    Since i know your movies, i know what to do to feel happy !
    In the morining, at work or at home : WATCH THE MOVIES !!!!!!…
    …and feel better after.
    No more purpose than dancing.
    So Matt, dance and dance again all around the world !

  181. JR340

    Great, inspiring, uplifting, made me smile, good work, bravo!,(etc, etc…)!

    I hope we´ll get to see some of your dancing
    in Spain, but if it doesn´t happen, just keep going around the globe.

    Have many good journeys!


  182. Matty

    what the hell is that? this guy looks like a monkey dancing, i guess this guy have all the free time in the world and money to do it. I will still working to pay my bills, and then i will make a great trip by subway to go home. Enjoy.

  183. Jorgeney

    What’s up man! You are a very lucky guy. You travel all around the world. People from so many countries are expectting you to visit their homeland. And I wouldn’t be diferent! When will you be visiting Brazil? We have a lot of interesting places here like Rio de Janeiro, Cataratas do Iguaçu, Fernando de Noronha, Amazonia, etc..etc..etc.. The Brazilians want to see you dancing here and, of course, dance with you too!

    Best wishes and good lucky in your jorney!!!

  184. Hermide

    he visto el video por casualidad, y me encanta, que suerte tienes, a me gustaria ser como tu, Un besazo y que sigas disfrutando por esos mundos.¿Cuando pasas por Madrid?

  185. Q

    That’s sooooo amazing. I just want to say how much I loved your video. Some of the places really took my breath away- it was unbelievable.
    I think you’ve done something extraordinary and something inspiring.
    I love how you make the world seem like one large community- it really brings a sense of unity.
    Despite people’s disparate views on religion or politics, despite our differences in languages and in cultures, we’re all just one.
    I really like that.

    Please make more :) It would be most lovely to watch. Go to Shanghai and dance at night near the Bund with the glittering neon lights :)

    I’m glad you’ve made your way to Sydney though :)

  186. pacee

    first time ive ever watched this and my god you are amazing

    i would love to do 1/10th of what ou have been able to do keep going matey you really are an inspiration

    i plan to beat you tho 😉

  187. Donna

    Thankyou-THANKYOU! It’s captivating It is “moving” in so many ways. Thanks for the boost, the hope, and the joy. Donna

  188. Lisa Hall

    Just wanted to say that my family and I loved the video. My son who is 11 says he plans to do the same thing when he gets older. We plan to send him abroad for his graduation gift. Thanks for the inspiring video.
    The Hall Family… Springfield, Missouri

  189. HRDAIN

    Hellp, Matt.
    I’m a Korean.
    I’m interested in your treval and this dance. It’s so fun!

    I hope you to come Korea one day.

    Have a nice trip.

  190. nic

    Matt, would you or will you have a dance at ground zero? A monument to the slain as the parthenon marbles are a monument to ancient Gods and Goddesses.

    P.S. We like your dance steps so we took the liberty and added a link to your site in our little www space. We will remove it at your command.
    link to

  191. Zam

    Dear Matt,

    You ARE THE BIGGEST jerk ever. I hope you choke on your own vomit on the way to yet another place which is not Canada. I hope you go to a third world country and get shot. Dance in hell, ass sucker.

    Sincerely and with love,

  192. Amit Safir

    hey Matt.. This is one of the most entretaining webpages I have seen…
    What a genius! Its increadible how middle east controvercy goes everywere, I love your interpretation of how religons separate the world, but I still think you cant miss the chance of dancing with some hot IDF girls. You will never fine some many sexy girls wearing uniform in the world. Israel is a nice place, I recomend it.
    And maybe you can come to Mexico, put a Sombrero and dance in a couple of places
    Take Care, Dancing Kid, and have a nice flight.

  193. Mia Kennedy

    this is wicked saw the video on youtube, how come u are all over the world, is way to cool. i have recently been round the world, i thought i had been to a lot of places, i did see some one jump of the sky tower on auckland, nutter. x

  194. Steph Yao

    All I can say is, thanks. Thanks for sharing your memories and trips with us–it’s very inspiring, to say the least. Hope that wherever you are right now, you’re enjoying yourself :) Give us a heads up next time you hit California!

  195. Kaije

    It’s amazing seeing all the beautiful places around the world in one condensed video. I think I’ll take my girlfriend to Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia just to walk on the water like you did. I love your video and I hope you come out with one soon.

  196. Sebastian

    Hey, if you ever com around Innsbruck Austria (the beautifulest place in the world) write a mail and I’ll show you places to dance :-)…..

  197. Alex

    this video is great…. i really love watching it!I would like to do something like this as well but i dont really know how!! I have been to New Zealand for 9 month and this was just great so i want to go to other countries too!!!
    I hope i will see as much as you did…hopefully!!!

  198. Thanks you so much for your inspiration! If you’re ever in Amsterdam or anywhere in the Netherlands, let me know, I’ll dance with you! Hopefully see you soon and success with your travelling endevors!

  199. Jonas Stalla

    Hy Matt!
    I´m a 16-year-old boy from Germany and I saw you on German television!
    I can´t really say, how I love this video and your trip/job! THIS IS JUST AMAZING!!!!
    My biggest hobby is travelling and you are an example, that it is possible to travel in all countries and on all places around the world, because I want to do it so!!!!
    Thank you very much for these great job and I really hope, that there´ll be a lot of other videos and stories of you, which will come in the future!
    IT´S JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. Mon Xiong

    Hey I watched your video and I saw that you went to laos! Thats crazy cause my parents are from there and its weird cause I thought that they did allow europeans (and americans) in the country. Also no has ever heard of my home country and its nice that someone took notice… for some reason it just touched me.

  201. Niki Young

    Finally found Stride gum at a Target in Spokane. Bought them all….I do have stockings to stuff at Christmas afterall. Just watched your video for the umteenth time…it has the distinct affect of lifting my spirits. Thank you so much for the great job.

  202. Hey, Matt!

    I would be honored if you would dance in your video in Croatia, Europe! I hope you pick a nice area near our beautiful sea instead of the farms in the middle of the country. Great luck to you man.

  203. mary

    hello matt… one of my dreams when I think about the future is to be able to travel around the world… meet new people, see new placess and learn new things. It just makes me happy seeing that, that is possible, and that you don’t need to be a millionaire to do so. Belive me when I say that you’re adventure, which you share here with everyone, really gives me hope to belive that this dream of mine is possible. If you decide to have another adventure… be sure to visit Portugal…it has wonderful places. Good luck for everything

  204. Kavanaru

    the coolest video I’ve ever seen… Just fantastic!
    (but you are missing the Tepuis and Angel Fall in Venezuela!)

    greets from (currently) Switzerland!

  205. guamanian

    hey im from GUAM and its sad how you pick the stupidest place to represent it by. youre a dumb fuck! you obviously havent “really” been here. GOOD!

  206. guamanian

    hey im from GUAM and its sad how you pick the stupidest place to represent it by. youre a dumb fuck! you obviously havent “really” been here. GOOD!

  207. sharon

    Hi Matt,
    I love it!!!
    Next time you should come to Israel. I got your dance from a lot of different people and we all really enjoyed it.
    Keep on doing what you enjoy of.

  208. Erwan

    Merci Matt : t’es un génie !
    Much Thank’s : you made me dream !
    You should go to Spain : they’re really waiting for u now ! 😉

  209. Maris

    If you’re planning another trip right now you could consider Estonia. Its capital Tallinn has a gorgeous old town which is from the middle-ages. We actually have the longest stretch of a medieval city wall in Europe if that helps :D. Anyways Tallinn is really beautiful and it would be great if you came.

  210. hey wat up? ur videos r awsome the videos mad my moth….really ^-^ u should come to tha phillipenes! ive never been ther but i know all about them and seen pictures, it beutiful! and part of it speaks english!=D
    & i hava friends who goes to tha phillipenes a lot cause she hav family over ther, and say its really pretty!
    well i cant think of anything else and if i was to say anything else it would be random… so just saying u has a kewl site! ^-^ also i live in seattle, so where was the big statue thing u was dancing in front of?

  211. Gemma!

    Desde Alicante, España..Eres, eres, eres…TREMENDO!!!
    Matt, no sé si sabes que tienes miles de seguidores, yo la primera!! Espero que sigas viajando por todo el mundo y proporcionándonos noticias tuyas en forma de baile… IMPRESIONANTE!! here, we love youuuuu!!!!

  212. Wouter

    Hello Matt,

    Very nice video!

    Do you also want to come to The Netherlands 😀

    Dancing in front of Dutch windmill’s :)

  213. Edward R. Emmons

    A heroic effort and a miracle of geography. I wish I had done that, or could do that. But maybe I will before I die. I envy you, Matt.

  214. Bob

    Matt!!! YOU KICK ASS!!! I own a little pizza joint in Princeton Wisconsin. If you ever make it here you and I will dance on the street out in front and then eat pizza and drink all night long!! You are my kinda kick-ass guy!

  215. DJ

    Hey Matt! Saw you lastnight at BNL concert in Everett, WA. VERY cool stuff.
    Was a definite high of the show.
    Your video is very cool.
    keep dancin’

  216. Scott and Amy


    Loved your video. Come to the sunflower fields in western Kansas!!

    It would make a great segment.

    Our family all knows about your video now. We are all doing your dance. Our two year old has it down perfectly. lol We love to watch it over and over(that lady’s voice is amazing.)

    S&A and Max

  217. nic

    nice viedo in nice places on nice days nicely done nice matt with nice music it’s all toooo nice and very nice and nice gum and nice girls in nice guggenheim and please cum nicely to australia its sooo nice here you’ll have a nice time.
    nicely yours,

  218. Sarah

    Matt- Your video makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. At first it made me want to go all over the Earth and dance, which would be awesome but not terribly realistic. And then after I watched it a few times, I realized that the joy you share through your dancing could be mine by simply dancing wherever makes me happy… from the tops of the mountains in my “backyard” to the river’s edge where I like to fish to the produce aisle when mangos are on sale. Thank you for reminding us to dance and be happy, no matter where we are!

  219. Thank heavens you can’t dance mate… half the joy is watching you try :-) Curiously though Antartica brought out the rhythm in you (?)

    Posted the link at Skinbase… and a few of the guys loved it.

    Keep making us smile, enjoy your travels & don’t ever learn to dance.

  220. Lucas Foganholo

    Very cool, Matt. If you’re ever thinking about returning to Italy (or going to Brazil), send me an e-mail, I’ll gladly be a tour guide!

  221. John Palmer

    Terrific. I think you should be funded to do a full length feature. Your dance is a reflection of a deep interest in the world, as well as great athleticism, it is a hoot, and a joy to watch. Blessings, John

  222. Viktor from sweden

    goosebumps x 3 when i saw this truly amazing video. It was like waching my biggest dream come true. keep em coming! :)

  223. Kasparz

    Umm, what can i say. I watch this video all over again, and its impressive to be honest. Underwater videos are just perfect, but i guess its pretty expensive travel to Micronesia 😐

  224. Sergio

    Wonderful video!, it makes everyone dream a little bit about traveling as you can see by the feedback of all this people around the world. It was a very original idea, nobody would have thought about it, congratulations!!!*

    and… you are very WeLcOmE in __PORTUGAL__

  225. john

    Don’t Know if this was said or not..BUT

    who paid for all those journeys….???

    I want to become that persons very good friend–and I CAN & WILL do “THE DANCE” tooo !!!

  226. Helen

    Your a fruitloop Matt! 😉 I couldn’t stop laughing! Your great! I haven’t seen such an educational tour of the world 10 out of 10 mate!

  227. Artie

    Hi Matt, what a Video!! and what a time you had – we really enjoyed watching this. My wife used it as part of her Geography lesson to her class. I love your version of the Sweet Lullaby. Hope you can do some more soon. Take care – Artie

  228. I just adore you, you are so creative! This video is the best thing I have seen since ever. I sent it to everyone I know and I have played it a dozen times already…today – it is just wonderful.

  229. Ivana

    MATT!!! You’re king of the wooooorrrrld! LOL

    Anyway… Come to Belgrade, Serbia and do that little dance 😉

    Much Love

  230. Tom Mollart

    hi matt,
    i think your video is so good. whenever i am down and think what a shit world we live in i watch it and it makes me feel so much better. thanks

  231. Tom Mollart

    hi matt,
    i think your video is so good. whenever i am down and think what a shit world we live in i watch it and it makes me feel so much better. thanks

  232. Brittany

    That was so awesome! I thought it was really cute when you were dancing with the kids in Rwanda and the two little ones in Seattle. Of course, being a marine bioloy freak i got a kick out of all the sea critters you danced with too! Looks like you had a lot of fun!
    Oh, and Merry Christmas! (21 more days!)

  233. Tate Waldrum

    This IS a viral, but, that said, it is the best I have ever seen. You have created something that is truly special.

  234. Tate Waldrum

    This IS a viral marketing campaign, but, that said, it is the best I have ever seen. You have created something that is truly special.

  235. Ingo

    Hi Matt, just right now I’m fighting for the authenticity of your great video in a German internet-forum. One guy says, that the scenes from the Easter Island and Namibia are faked (he thinks, the shadows are different). But I can verify it absolutely -last Friday I’ve really visited Rapa Nui. No joking, I’m just back a few hours.
    The Soussousvlei I’ve seen last April…

    Congratulations from annother travelling-fan(with a bit envy): I’ve seen ca. the half of the destinations, you’ve been – but you’ve done it in one year – me in the last 25 years.

  236. Rodrigo Azócar

    Soy de Chile, suerte que estuviste acá. Me gustaría demasiado hacer lo que tú has logrado, te felicito por el video y por el baile.

  237. Mustafa

    Hey Matt! youre my man. we shall set up a team. i guess i can afford trips, can i join you?
    if you come to turkey anytime, dont forget to call me. ok?

  238. J.C.Seixas

    Man, that was one of the most fantastic videos I have ever seen. It made me laugh and enjoy the ride. Congrats… :)
    Joe Seixas – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

  239. Hi Matt

    I got a major positive kick in the brain today thanks to your video. It’s got such a good vibe that I guess no one can resist that. Congrats, feel like you made the world a better place a little bit.
    greetings from Poland.

  240. Mark

    There are very few people in this world that I would rather be, other than myself. You have been added to that very short list.. Wish I had the cajones to do what you did…. Greetings from Beantown….

  241. Marshall Bennett

    That dancing guy is an illusion and I hope that the dancing guy stops all that traveling and dancing and starts doing something with his life in just one of the communities that he danced in. The good news is that all that traveling gave him a healthy perspective on the world. The good news is that that new perspective will inspire him to do something more productive and helpful in the world than playing and making video games. If he goes back to making video games after he has seen that whole world he will just be a insignificant, enlightened world travelor. But if he uses that traveling knowledge in planting some roots and working to change just one single community in the world, to help *those* people– to help them to not just wish and dream that they could be the brave travelor he is– to help them to just get a little bit of what it is he takes for granted– now that would be inspirational.

  242. canea

    you’re awesome, matt. i would never have bravery to travel to all the places you did. you only live once. i’m glad you got out there and lived!

  243. canea

    you’re awesome, matt. i would never have bravery to travel to all the places you did. you only live once. i’m glad you got out there and lived!

  244. DReaux

    Awesome… and I thought my wife and I were well traveled! How could you miss Texas? It’s a whole’nother country…

  245. Dylan

    The videos are really beautiful man… there’s something about em that seems almost… unifying. cant wait for the next one!

  246. Dylan

    The videos are really beautiful man… there’s something about em that seems almost… unifying. cant wait for the next one!

  247. Dylan

    The videos are really beautiful man… there’s something about em that seems almost… unifying. cant wait for the next one!

  248. Dylan

    The videos are really beautiful man… there’s something about em that seems almost… unifying. cant wait for the next one!

  249. Dylan

    The videos are really beautiful man… there’s something about em that seems almost… unifying. cant wait for the next one!

  250. Dylan

    The videos are really beautiful man… there’s something about em that seems almost… unifying. cant wait for the next one!

  251. Dylan

    The videos are really beautiful man… there’s something about em that seems almost… unifying. cant wait for the next one!

  252. Dylan

    The videos are really beautiful man… there’s something about em that seems almost… unifying. cant wait for the next one!

  253. TJ Swafford

    I can’t tell you how moved I was by watching your travel video. I flew in the US Navy and I too have been to well over 40 countries…and it’s an absolute kick in the ass that I didn’t think to do something like this while I was getting paid to “See the World” on your tax dollars…

    Places I would love to see again…
    The Grand Caymans
    Middle East
    Turkey & Greece
    and Korea

    Have you ever thought about doing something similar here in the continental states…let me know if ya need a travel companion because I’m retired military, strong as an ox, nimble as a crow and bright as an octopus…and for as much as I’ve seen most of the world…I haven’t been able to experience my own backyard, and I think that would be nothing short of smiling – 24 hours a day. Keep up the good work.

  254. BaRT

    Your dance symbolizes a common artifact in every corner of our planet. We are all brothers, the world, our back yard. Simply beautiful.

  255. nic

    hey what happened to all the “nice” words. Matt, hmmm, have you awoken to your psycho typo’s????? You’ll get caught some day with all these aliases. Sure you get an email or two but to create controversy for popularity, nasty matt.

  256. nic

    hey what happened to all the “nice” words. Matt, hmmm, have you awoken to your psycho typo’s????? You’ll get caught some day with all these aliases. Sure you get an email or two but to create controversy for popularity, nasty matt.

  257. nic

    hey what happened to all the “nice” words. Matt, hmmm, have you awoken to your psycho typo’s????? You’ll get caught some day with all these aliases. Sure you get an email or two but to create controversy for popularity, nasty matt.

  258. Lauren Williamson

    I don’t know what is was but I was ecstatic
    watching this. Iam a grandma and have always wanted to own a dance studio and teach dance.But instead I became a singer. But you opened something new in my mind…nothing is lost..I am still a dancer in my heart and I can dance anytime anywhere. Thank you so much. I laughed till I cried…Joy of Joys… I have never danced in Israel or Italy..if you go can you take me with you. I won’t be a bother.
    lauren williamson

  259. Justin

    That was beautiful. At first I thought it was kind of funny to be dance around the world like that, but then it hit me: to travel everywhere like that would be amazing. He’s seen things and places millions of us can hardly even imagine, and he danced on them. You’ve probably inspired many people, including myself, to be like you, to travel the world, and enjoy all of its beauty. This video was a wonderful reminder that there is more to the world than what we see on the news and t.v., that beauty lies everywhere, but we often take it for granted. Thank you Matt.

  260. yut

    Hi Matt!
    Great video! I am traveller myself and it really reminded me the places I love… Like Uyuni and Soussessflei(forgot the spelling). And taught me the places I should go.

    I hope you had a better one for Tokyo… It might be better at the capsule hotel you stayed or at public bath!

  261. Milos

    Hi Matt,
    it is very nice video….i like traveling lot and this is my dream…..try a visit Prague, capital city of Czech republic…Europe….good luck in traveling..:)

  262. Matt, you, your site, your footage and your dancing are beyond jealousy inducing. If ever you are in Dublin or Belfast it would be an honor to dance with you. I have no doubt that there is at least one pint of Guinness with your name on it. Think about it.

  263. nitzan

    how are you?
    I have a question for you:
    why i cant see a picture of you dancing in ISRAEL on the website?
    dont tell me you havent been in ISRAEL yet..
    i dont believe it!
    I really believe that your next country should be ISRAEL
    You can find here lots if interesting places
    and i can guarantee you will enjoy here
    and many people will want to see you dance here
    hope to see you in ISREAL soon
    nitzan- from ISRAEL

  264. Pat

    Thank you Matt,
    You give me the trill to travel. It’s amazing how a simple video was able to change my vision of the world. I want to visit and discover my planet.

    thank you!

  265. Preben Zacho

    Amazing. Simply amazing. Must be some kind of new world record, dancing in all those places.

    By the way, when you were dancing on the stone in Normay, looks like you were not dancing as hard as in the other clips :)

  266. marielle

    Hey! Its me the bolivian girl you met in Kenya. I almost never look at you tube, I was so suprised to see your video. wow! i’ld love to hear from you.

  267. Roger Connor

    The Internet is now embracing video content. You made it rock…And the danciing was OK. Came across the video on Youtube today, was looking for ideas for my class. I have shared your adventure with at least 100 diferent folks with more to follow.

  268. Eoin

    you should come dance in Ireland best place in the world and Great video keep it up
    btw wats the nme of the song i could find it anywere with the title at the end of the video

  269. Margaret

    Amazing.. it’s my dream come true!

    Awesome that you got to see things that most people only dream of.

    Very inspiring!!

  270. Gus

    NO CANADA!!! What’s up with that?!!?

    Time to seriously address the oversight…otherwise your video is just not complete.

    (Hint…dancing at a hockey game would be cool.)

  271. Dennis

    Hi Matt,

    what can I say? It’s incredible! I’m very jealous because I want to do the same! Maybe one day … 😉 Have a good time on your next trip! Keep exploring! Greetings from Germany, Dennis

  272. Hur

    Wow, what a great trip!!
    Trip all around the world is my dream either!!
    Well You may visit Korea someday!
    It will be great I promise~
    (I can be your guide~^^)

  273. Tasha

    you dont know me but i saw this site on the Ellen DeGeneras show and had to check it out. I think it is way funny! Im sure all my buddies(who im emaing right now) will like it too. Thanks for making somebodys day a whole heck of a lot smilier :)

  274. markus

    hi matt!

    i´m from austria/tirol and i just want to say ( i hobe my english is god enough ) that your video is ruling our company this time! when we have to turn on our pc´s every mornig>> first of all is watching matt dancing around the world! 😉 such a great idea! maybe you can visist your 3000 fans in innsbruck tirol at your next trip:-) and we go dancing at the olympic fire-place ore something else :-)
    have a good time, merry christmas, happy new dancing year and all the best for you!



  275. Guy

    Interesting concept matt, I watched the video twice because it made me feel joyful (not a word I usually use). Keep on dancing.

  276. sumomo

    sorry for the bad english,
    it’s patetic, but when i’ve see your video i’ve feel joyful and i’ve cry and smile for the joy xDD
    merry dancing christmas ^^
    we love you, greetings from a stupid teenager

  277. Tim

    Love it man! Hope you are having as much fun as it looks like you are. When I sit at my desk all day at least it is some small consolation to know some one is out there doing exactly what they want.

    Carry on!


  278. Your two videos work for me primarily as a reminder of what an incredibly beautiful place this planet is. And that we should take good care of it. Thanks for that, Matt.

  279. Asaf

    Hey there Matt!!
    You made me smile just by watching this vid!
    Its awesome! am gonna tell everyone i know about it!
    Wish i could go on a trip like that!!

  280. Jared

    Hey this is awesome what you did… It is inspiring and it brought me a knew viewpoint on life. I have been to the Galapagos Islands myself and it was unbelievable. You mentioned that turtle “Diego” or “Super Diego” and it brought me back.

    Keep inspiring,


  281. JULIAN


  282. Lidi de Bruijn

    Hello Matt,
    I saw your video on, I really really like it; it was very beautifull. why where you in so much countries? just for a holiday or what?!

    Bye bye from Lidi de Bruijn,

  283. Tommy

    Hello Matt,

    very nice video good music i really like the video seeing all the places you went and the nice secenary and all that jazz ive always wanted to travel the world like this hope i can one day

  284. Dear Matthew Harding, I have watched both two of your “Where the hell is and was Matt (?)” videos shown from the YouTube website recently. Wwoooww! You must be really an enthusiastic traveller-cum-explorer to dance around the world! Cool!!! Such videos can be used for worldwide tourism advertisements as it seems! “Hahaha…!” Altogether from Bolivia to Washington as well as from China to New York, that is a total of fifty-six different shots or places in forty-one different countries! Indeed it is a small world after all! Right? Besides, I like the music too – just fits perfectly for those two videos! However, having said all these, why did not you videotape your dance yourself in my very own country Malaysia? How I wish you could do that someday! Having jetlags often while travelling? I was just wondering how much do you spend on all these destinations? I am sure it takes a lot of great effort, a lot of time, and a lot of hard work does pay off to create all of those videos you have posted them in the Internet! Thus, kudos Matt! What a good job well done! :)

  285. Adam

    That inspires. I love travelling but didn’t have chance to get out of Europe yet. However nw that I have started working I hope to save up some cash… You’ve made my day (actually it’s true since yesterday)

  286. Ferenc Grabovszky

    matt!i love this video,very great!the music is good too!i want it…:)tose airplane ticket’s that you’we buyed,to get to many-many places,how mutch it costed you?:)
    bye,very great video,bravo(hungarian:nagyon jó video,bravó,még több ilyet:) go matt!(hajrá matt)

  287. Chris


    Thanks for what you’ve done. I show the videos to my children constantly and they love to watch them. I hope the videos give them some inspiration to see what else exists outside of our immediate lives. I hope your story will help them realize there is more to life than working 9 to 5 and that is it ok to take chances in life.

  288. Donna

    My daughter who is 19 shared your videos with me because you have inspired her. My daughter has gone through some pretty difficult times in her life even at the young age of 19. But through your videos she knows that there is more to life then what is right in front of your face. So with this, I thank you for sharing your experiences freely!
    You can and have touched people you don’t even know.
    Thanks again,
    by the way is your favorite word “ridiculous”?

  289. You go Matt! Even more wonderful than having been everywhere is the priviledge to have touched so many, as reflected in so many of these comments. You inspire a one-world concept with your wonderful video and I want to tell you how much it is appreciated.

  290. You go Matt! Even more wonderful than having been everywhere is the priviledge to have touched so many, as reflected in so many of these comments. You inspire a one-world concept with your wonderful video and I want to tell you how much it is appreciated.

  291. Andreas Reiß

    Hey Matt, this Video is very beautifully and much-saying! !

    I´ve looked it now for 20 times… You must be a lucky Guy :) i wish you the best for your future !

    Friendly Greetings from Germany / Düsseldorf


  292. Abby

    Matt, this is incredible. When I watched this movie, it inspired me more to see you happy and carefree rather than visiting all the countries. I beleive that people nowadays are too self-conscious, and seeing you be a goofball was refreshing. [= Love from NC!

  293. Grant

    The vids had a very unexpected effect on me – I found myself nearly blubbing. So simple, so sincere and absolutely frigging amazing. The music is perfect on both and the mixture of places made me gag with envy. As a 47 yr old who has done a fair bit of travel in my life, it made me want to sell up and get on the road again.

    Thanks for bringing the world together. We need more people like you sir.



  294. guagua

    pas mal pas mal il a du bol de pouvoir voyager comme ça grace à l’argent des autres lololol………..

    qui n’aimerais pas voir ce qu’il a vu……….

  295. Niklas

    Hey Matt, awesome Video. Seriously amazing! I wish I could travel as much as you have. Man this must have cost a hell lot of money, Mr. Rich-man. But I am not jealous, because you shared some of it. This videos is awesome man!! Great!!

  296. Mantas

    Mat you inspired me to wery much traveling when it would be possible for me:)
    BTW why don’t you visit Lithuania?:)

  297. Amanda Jo

    I just think that this video is the most beautiful and inspiring thing I have seen in a very long time,maybe ever. I dont know if you intended for it to be so profound but for some reason it is. I want to travel so badly. I hope I can someday Im only sixteen so I have some time. But I just want to say that its awesome. I love reading your journals especially the one from India where you slip in the cow crap. I laughed until I cried ( not exagerating here) lol does that sound kinda mean? Oh and the one from Greece that was ridiculous getting arrested come on?

  298. Sebastian

    you live my dream to travel all over the world and i hope in future you will visit germany again.
    mit freundlichen grüssen sebastian ,berlin,deutschland

  299. Anonymous

    Definitely the best vid I’ve seen on the net! Made me feel our whole fricking planet and remember how small it really is. Thanks Matt!

  300. Anonymous

    You know what? After reading the blog entries on this site, and seeing your general attitude towards and comprehension of different cultures and their histories, I’m taking my words back (the previous post). You are definitely not the kind of guy I thought you were.

    Everyone please have a look at the blog entries before congratulating him on the One-World concept, bringing the world together etc. What a loss!

  301. stew mcintyre

    watched ur vid today for the first time and i have to say i was truly amazed, i also travel alot but not really thought about doin a video journal. Good luck and all the best in 2007 and hope to see some more footage soon.

    Stew McIntyre

  302. christine

    ahh ur soo lucky to have been to all those places, im still young so i can onli dream about visting places where u have been, well for ni, one question where u not scared in norway standin on that stone???

  303. christine

    u could give northern ireland a look in, not exciting enought true but im sure it wud eb less expensive to travel to lol btw u much be rollin in cash lol all those places cudnt came cheap lol

  304. mafalda


    there are no words to describe what i felt when i saw your sketch!
    you are BIG!!!
    thank you for making my day more special!

  305. mafalda


    there are no words to describe what i felt when i saw your sketch…
    you are BIG
    thanks for making this day diferent from many others!

  306. Lucas

    When is the 2007 vid coming?
    Let me give you an idea, you should dance in my town in Strasbourg, France Alsace, near the cathedral!! That’ll be cool!!!!

    See ya

    PS: Continue making all these great vidz I love’em!!

  307. lisa

    i played your video all last year it always helped when i was feeling down it takes me to my happy place i live there now Gippsland Victoria Australia you should dance there one day it is a beautiful place to see.

  308. Anonymous

    Hey matt….sincerely….I HATE YOU!!!!!

    I wrote on my diary avery places you went and i promised to myself that one day i would have visited all that places that you visited!!!!!

  309. Paul Murray

    Matt your video inspires me to be more creative. I am going through a tough time as of late realizing that I must make a change in order to be happy. Your video shows the depth of the human soul and the ability for one to put a smile on the face of another. Thank you.

  310. matt n chris

    dude ur a badass! my friend and i want to learn how to do that dance. can u tell us how u do the thing with ur arms? do u just like swing em or wut? anyways i just wanna let u no ur our idol. yer video totally uplifted and inspired us and we want to do the same for people, by the way… where did you find the music for your dance, we can’t find it n e where

  311. Marco

    You are G R E A T !!!!
    We expect you in at the COLOSSEUM, Rome, Italy !!
    if you need smt just ask !!!!

  312. surREvival

    Hey Matt! Great video!
    Visit Poland next time and on the way back please take our president with you and leave him somhere in Africa 😀 All the Poles will love You for that and You’ll be our national hero :]

  313. surREvival

    one more think. I agree with cristine. You should dance in Northern Ireland! Come to Belfast! Great city!

  314. Adrian paredes

    Matt YOu are my heroe im writting from Mexico MONterrey you should dance here its a cool city and the rest of mexico … i reallly like your video … much time did you spend in the video????

  315. Dani

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia. Matt, I’d love to see you dance in Australia sometime – maybe Ayers Rock or Sydney Harbour Bridge! You are inspirational – I love your adventuresome spirit. I hope you took time to enjoy all the places you visited. Cheers

  316. vincent

    Salut Matt,

    Bon vidéo , ça m’inspire beaucoup. Simple et sans prétention, ça va droit au coeur. Merci beaucoup et on attend ta visite au Quebec, Canada.

    Bye !

  317. Chelsea

    Will you please marry me? Or at least dance with me? You should go to Utah to dance. It’s really diverse with the scenery here. You can be up in the mountains one day then in a canyon another. It’s awesome. And hey, if you ever need someone to show you around, I’m your lady.

  318. Away_to_Go_Round_World

    Hey Matt! That was amazing!!

    It has inspired me to go to all of these places on my trip round the world.

    Ash x

  319. N.F:

    Man, you gave me goosebumps. I looked beyond the dance, i stared at the world in which you danced, and it reawakened the sense in me that all of us are connected, that right now is the moment to engage with the world, so big yet so small…
    Perhaps i’m just fumbling random feelings, but when i see all those places i want to be there, i want to see, feel, breathe the air from around the world.
    I think you inspire us to be truly free, because experience of life and people is the only thing we can take with us to “the other side”.
    I study and work hard….for what? a bigger house? a better car? Yet seeing the world as widely as you have done truly makes sense of ones life.
    Keep traveling man, this is an inspiration for people who care about what life can show us.
    PS: Come over to the canary islands, i’d like to see you dancing on the crater of the Teide volcano.

    I just love your video…
    I just love your live…
    I just love you!
    Great! Come dance with me in Portugal pleaseeee:)

    Beijos enormes amigo!

  321. Isabel M.

    Oh man!
    I wanna do the same!! I’m really gonna do it actually! I always dreamt of travelling, but i’m a student and don’t have that much money.. but actually i still have some accounts that i can empty, and i never realised it ^^! Ok i know the message of your video isn’t – ruin yourself! But this is my life ambition! I’m not happy with myself and my life and i just want to “leave” this place – and this video just made me realise that there are lots of different ways to achieve what you’r dreaming of, and ya know.. instead of failing in my passion and mess up with my life, there’ll always be this last opportunity – Spend all my money and go away! money comes,money goes anyway..
    Ah thanks man! you’r my god!

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    Mesa, AZ USA

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    if I would love to join you on a world trip, and even suggest more places to visit, and I also cannot dance well, but i will rock, wiggle, and shake in every country i can to be able to experience the AWESOME travel of a world trip.

    Esa Esa (i have the site; haven’t set it up yet…VERY SOON)

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    And than come back when i’m broke 😀 and make some money, to leave and travel later again..

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    Peace! : ]

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    We think your the coolest guy ever to have lived and your truely inspiring!!! We love what you do and should definately carry on, keep it up and looking forward to seeing some more! Thanks for making our day. The Wilkin family, England. 😀

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    I know that you have already seen a little bit of the south of Argentina, but I think you should come to Santa Fe. Santa Fe is a pretty city and is also a very typical place of Argentina. Santa Fe is also very accessible to other parts of the area, such as the Northeast, the Northwest, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. While you’re in Santa Fe, you might want to check out a football game of Union. which is an experience that someone has to live!

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    Regards from Germany
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    Cool video, I’ve seen it dozens of times during the past several months. I’m just wondering one thing: in all your travels, have you ever found what it is you’re searching for?

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    send me a message back,
    from south wales

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    Thanks for the wonderfull video … it gives me hope …

  355. marie

    La haute picardie in france isn’t the most importante place in France. In brittany (bretagne) there much places very famous and beautiful
    Thanks for the wonderfull video … it gives me hope …

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    While nobody can have the same experience that you have had, I hope that the day I travel, I get to have great experiences like you, and learn some things I wouldn’t normally learn by just staying in my safe enviroment.
    Keep it up. It’s great. And I’m looking forward to the next video.

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  363. Massimo

    Ciao bell
    bello il video!!! certo che devi avere un sacco di soldi!!! heheh perchè nn mi paghi un bel viaggio per andare in california ?!?!?!?!?!? ciao Massimo

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    Hope to see you dancing in there someday!
    Take care and ALL THE BEST!

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  370. jac

    don’t dance your ass anywhere near Guam again, man. that clip was the falsest of representation. let me guess, someone pissed you off?

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  374. Max

    Wow, one passion i’ve had all my life was to travel the world and see whats out there. I think you’ve just gotten me a little bit closer to acheiveing that dream.

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    One tip for the next trip: Israel is a really exciting country.

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    Stop by.
    I’d love to buy you coffee.

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    from Turin, Italy.

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    Keep it on!
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    It’s awesome how you bring so many people together with just one video.

  396. Treise

    Keep the geography lesson going! Neat idea! Anxious to see more of your travels.
    BTW, why are canadians offended? I see nothing offensive, and I AM CANADIAN. (maybe it’s just envy rearing it’s ugly head!)

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  398. Rogers Alexander
  399. Rogers Alexander
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    I want to go around the world too. However you make the idea so much cooler with your dancing in every country and the music you put to your video really suits what you are doing. My favourite part was when you are dancing and all the kids are dancing with you.
    If you ever dance your way to wellington NZ drop me a email 😛

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    To travel like that… I envy you.
    Thanks for the images and the corny dancing.

    Keep living life to the fullest. But please, share your secrets.

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  404. You are a unique individual. As a geography buff, I envy what you have done, travel-wise. The video is great, loved the music selection, and the dancing could not be more enjoyable. I laughed out loud. Keep up the good work.

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    But you have still a lot to travel.. :)

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  407. Chris

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    It’s funny, my girlfriend found your website a while ago because you and I have so much in common. Both named Matt, same age almost, and I have travelled to 50 some countries as well. Travelling is a passion of mine, and has been since I was 18. I have travelled to some pretty remote and wild places like you, but not Antarctica yet. I am going there in a year. If you get a chanve try Syria, Iran and North Korea. Trust me those are some amazing places. Maybe I will bumb into you somewhere on the road.

    Best regards

  409. Isabel Graham

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    I wish I could travel all over the world like you…

  410. Moe

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  411. Moe

    This is an amazing video Matt, Kudos towards you. And to the people wondering why he didnt visit canada, its most likely for the fact that USA And Canada are too similar, and that instead of wasting time and money on going to canada, he went to a country that is very different from Canada/USA. btw, i am canadian, so dont call me a hater. Bye!

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    My name is Diana. I am living in Austria and I heard about your story on TV today. This was really great what you’ve done.

    Many people are dreaming to do something like you did. I heard that you would like to travel again around the world with different people from all over the place. Is this true? When would you start the next trip. I would love to go with you and all the other people. This is for sure a great experience. How long are you planning this trip and how much money would I need?

    Hope you have time to send me a short message.

    All the best for you and many greetings from Austria


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    with many animals and three peoples!

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    congratulations a lot.
    I REALLY wanna be you when I grow up. I’m 14.
    Come to Brazil! Here’s a lot of beautiful places.
    I’m waiting your video from here 😉
    Keep doing it.
    [and sorry for the bad english!~]

  416. So you have been to Chuuk. How where the sunsets? Was linked to your site through D-word. Doc people. Really injoyed the dances.
    Stop by the Field of Dreams movie site when in the area. You can dance with the Ghost Players.

  417. So you have been to Chuuk. How where the sunsets? Was linked to your site through D-word. Doc people. Really injoyed the dances.
    Stop by the Field of Dreams movie site when in the area. You can dance with the Ghost Players.

  418. Anton-Trap

    I just do not get it, but that video seems to be very powerful, why? It felt really funny the first time I saw it. I wish other people like me could see the world like that to bro. Good Luke to You.
    B-Boy Trap-New York City

  419. Anton-Trap

    I almost forgot, **I HOPE YOU READ THIS**
    My name is Anton from New York City, I am a B-boy a.k.a break dancer.
    If you are taking people whit you on your next trip around the world count me in man 100%!

  420. Matt

    Haha, loved the video. My favorite was Guam! I lived on Guam for about 2 1/2 years, and you nailed it! True there are some nicer places there, but so much of it is a giant landfill. I’m laughing at the Guam locals who are so offended by your posting. It’s not like you faked anything, and they’re the ones who allow their island to look like that. Every thing I see portrays guam by showing the 1/10th of the island that looks like a tourists dream. It’s nice to see someone showing it for what it is! Rock on man, and keep it up!

  421. scott


    Whenever I’m having one of those days, you know a bit blue, I go to your video, or one of those where the baby is laughing, and I feel better. Thanks. I think a great part is that lullaby music, very haunting and soothing all rolled into one.

  422. Heyyyyyyyy!

    Mais comme c’est drole ce truc!
    Matt, je ne sais pas qui tu es , je ne sais pas où tu es, mais ton film là, c’est TROP BIEN! Si d’aventure tu passais à Paris, nous sommes prêts à filmer ta divine danse.
    Bien à toi,

  423. me

    Just wanted to know why…out of all the beautiful places here on Guam, you decide to represent it with the junk cars? The junk cars represent all the fuckin ignorant fools who think they can some here to this island and think they are better than every one else. Let me guess, “Uncle Sam” has that poor, loser asshole by the balls named Matt who posted a comment on Febuary 18, 2007, who unfortunatety brought him to this BEAUTIFUL island. Like the “junk cars”, his ignorant ass will thankfully LEAVE and stay the fuck away!! :)

  424. Jeff

    honestly, that was the best place on GUAM????? come back to the island and ILL PERSONALLY SHOW YOU WHAT GUAMS ALL ABOUT!!! that was right in front of anderson…so you were prolly with a bunch of your haolee friends who hate cuz you aint got that much of your other haolee friends here…idiots like you is what makes guam look bad…id like to see your face on island bitch…ill give you something to dance about in your next video!!!

  425. IAL

    I saw the first vid soon after release, and i liked it alot, or rather the idea behind it.

    The second one isnt as good in my mind though because of basically 2 reasons.
    1. You just speed through the places trying to cover as much as possible in as short time as possible, the first vid had more feeling for the ppl u met and the places u were at.

    2. Use a new track, the first one was a perfect match though, but repeating it will only reflect badly on the first vid.

    Good luck in continuing with this idea, and i hope you find what you seek.

  426. tlaloc gualito


  427. Ricardo Flores

    Hello , I loved your video , its very nice to see all the places you have been , congratulations , you are a very lucky people , and you give joy and hapiness with your dance , i hope you visit mexico in your next trip , we love yor video and the music of deep forest is very cool , congratulations my friend

  428. angelica t. adorno

    i really like the should go to puerto rico sometime it is really beautiful over there.bye bye and keep dancing!

  429. angelica t. adorno

    i really like the should go to puerto rico sometime it is really beautiful over there.bye bye and keep dancing!

  430. angelica t. adorno

    i really like the should go to puerto rico sometime it is really beautiful over there.bye bye and keep dancing!

  431. DAN - ISRAEL

    hay,whay didnt you visit in ISRAEL?
    at list JERUSALEM,the beautiful city in the world.
    i hope you visit israel in your next trip

  432. DAN - ISRAEL

    hay,whay didnt you visit in ISRAEL?
    at list JERUSALEM,the beautiful city in the world.
    i hope you visit israel in your next trip

  433. :) Lloré la primera vez que lo vi…

    Algo dentro de mi se desperto…

    No fue solo el baile o ver un niño hermoso
    en el cuerpo de un hombre, o los bellos lugares
    de nuestra pequeña isla (Tierra)…

    Por un momento imagine que todos eramos amigos,
    que no habia grandes diferencias ni grandes distancias,
    que podiamos reir, comunicarnos, que nos cuidabamos unos a otros…

    Que no estabamos solos…

  434. dude..nice video i wud love to do that if i get enuf money.If i do wen im older ill dedicate it to u!!!!!

    ps-i like the one wen ur on the boulder stuck between those 2 cliffs.

  435. brandon mckee

    cool video but how do you tarvel everywere because i have always wanted to travel ever since i was about hmm……6 but i have to wait 5 years im only 13 but. how long did it take to get that much money to go to all those places?

  436. Hi Matt,
    I just wanted to thank you for that video. It must have been a year since I watched it the first time and it still gives me peace when I am pissed off with the world, people and life.
    It helps me remember that all my troubles are small shit compared to the big world we live on. And it reminds me of staying free inside my head.
    Thanks you.
    Best regards from Germany,


  437. carrieDway

    dude, this is so mutch better than long boring travel videos, this is so cool! no talking and stuff, just show people where you’ve been! brilliant! and i like the music in the background.

  438. constance

    Hey Matt!

    I m watching your video again and again, it makes me feel free and makes me see the real life,far from tha dailies little problems. Bravo for your dancing steps too!

    When are you going to greece? advise: go to the island of santorini !

    Constance – a greek girl in france

  439. Sebastian

    Hi Matt,

    this video is unbelievable.
    I can’t even find words to describe how amazing you are!

    Bavaria, Germany

  440. Gabi

    Hi Matt

    Quiero felicitarte por tu video, de verdad que es increible y cada vez que lo veo es mas emocionante!!! sigue así, inspirando a más gente a pasarlo bien!


  441. LauraB


    I just found your video and am now basically in love with you and what you are doing.

    Are you married?

  442. Yumiko

    Fantastic!!! from Japan. hope your coming Japan again . we have many nice place we would like introduce you.


    nice one matt.. i envy you mate it must take some balls to do that alone mate. well anyways well done and i hope you keep up the good work.. ps all the people who have took the piss outta this guy you all need to get some bollocks and leave the fella alone !!!!

  444. Brandon

    Hey Matt!
    Agree with you 110% about Americans traveling. If we do we can establish realationships with others that couldnt be broken in the future. You are awesome. Everyone at school and work knows you. You are hilarous. Keep up the good work. For all of us!!

  445. Matt

    hey man, i just want to say that your video is truly amazing. i’ve always wanted to travel, and you are very lucky to get to go to so many places. i know you wont even read this, cause theres nearly a million other ppl that think you’re awesome, but hey, its worth a try.

  446. I still have a smile on my face.
    The international music of Deep Forest, backdropping a world tour of “happy feet”.
    Matt, you’ve created a classic gem that delights the soul.
    Forget my previous morning mantras. I’m starting the day with our video to set the happy and uplifting tone for my day.
    Thanks for the creation.
    Keep dancing and globe-stepping. Looking forward to expansions of your artful work.
    MH Pathfinder

  447. SomeChickOnTheInternet

    I’m torn between jealously and delight. The best part was the laughter of the children in Rwanda 😀

  448. dude ur fucking amzing. ur my hero. i totally wanna go allllll those places. u rele are like my hero. im so enviouse of u. life must be awesome!!!

  449. BROOKE


  450. BROOKE


  451. BROOKE


  452. BROOKE


  453. Mohammed Issa

    Great music..great idea..Even the dancing is cool :) Rwanda part gave me the goosebumps as I have been there once in a school and the kids were jumping all around me :)
    I plan to have a similar trip in the future.
    This video can be a great theme for the UN :)

  454. Matt,
    from the deepest depts of my heart, thank you.
    I know that sounds silly… but your video is beautiful… I don’t know how you came to have the money or the insaration to dance around the world but you are my hero. I want to do that one day… really really. you amazing and so is your video.
    I would love hear from you.

  455. Sako

    Hi Matt,
    I must say I really enjoyed watching the videos and you picked a beautiful song for it.
    I hope you do visit Canada and Armenia one day.
    Good luck on your future trips!
    Sako :-)

  456. Taku

    Hi Matt,
    I was amazed and breath taken when I saw the 2005 video. I envied you and admired you and your actions at the same time. You, your girlfriend, and friends are very lucky to be able to travel. You’ve said before that there is no secret, and that is probably true. When I say lucky, I just mean that you are fortunate to be able to follow your dream. I had introduced your video in Japanese at link to last year.

  457. eva palcsesz, dr.

    Hi Matt,

    Me and my boyfriend have seen your video, and just have to tell you: congrats!!!!!
    We hope you keep doing this for 100000 years ( and even more:))))), we wish you good luck, and health! Oh, “our town” is Debrecen, Hungary. Just come when you feel like to, we”ll wait you:))))))) and we want more videos!!!:)))), because you are amazing!!!
    best wishes: “Vivi” + Jozsó

  458. rachel

    Matt- Friends of mine sent me the link to your site thinking I’d like it. They were wrong. No, I’m kidding. It’s really great. I went traveling around the world for 16 months, through 5 continents, 30 countries. Got back 8/1/05. So many of the places you went are familiar to me. Well done. Always nice to see other Americans getting out around the world. Good luck to you – Rachel

  459. PutMun

    Wonderfull ! I love what you do !!! Come by in Switzerland and I’ll show you nice places where you can do your fantastic dancing show…
    Send me a e-mail if you entend to come.
    Cheers mate ! PutMun

  460. Leopold

    I really enjoyed your lecture clips, particularly your segment on the Acropolis. I gave an impromptu lecture on “low-tech photography” there myself when the armed guards thought my pinhole camera was bomb!
    Anyway, your creativity, dancing, and quiet, confident manner are a great diplomatic asset to the USA!!

  461. Matthew

    I would really suggest south korea, it has some great mountains and some awsome architecture. I could send you some pretty cool pics if you want. I definately enjoyed your video, very cool.

  462. xxx

    omg that video is amazing.Stuff gettin a good job and stuff when im older i wanna dance all ova the you have started a craze that will neva stop and u have inspired me beyond belief.thanks and keep on dancing!!!

  463. Smitty


    Been to many of the places you’ve danced at. Your videos brought back some wonderful memories.

    Keep jamming my man!


  464. Dano

    Ha Ha,
    Fun video Matt. As always, you entertain us and make us smile. Good to see more of the Rwanda kids, and liked the Bellagio one.

  465. Joshua Reed

    Awesome video! Looking at somw of those places, even in video form… makes you appreciate the world.

  466. ADOREIIIIII o Matty!!!
    Parabéns por esse lindo “trabalho”, que está mais pra ‘lazer’ (hehehe), um modo diferente e gostoso de divuldar idéias, conceitos…
    Que Deus abençoe seu “trabalho”…

    Beijos =*

  467. I adored the Matty! Congratulations for this pretty “work”, that he is more pra “leisure” (hehehe), a different and gostoso way of divuldar ideas, concepts… That God blesses its “work”… Kisses

  468. Eu sou brasileira (Brasil), gostaria que visitasse meu país… Afinal aqui tem muitos lugares lindos.
    Tem a Amazônia, o Rio de Janeiro (Cristo Redentor) – ‘Cidade Maravilhosa’… Dentre outros…

    Beijos e analise essa possibilidade OK???

  469. I am Brazilian (Brazil), I would like that he visited my country… After all he has many pretty places here. He has the Amazônia, Rio De Janeiro (Christ Redentor) – “Wonderful City”… Amongst others… Kisses and analyze this possibility OK?

  470. dennis

    Hey Matt what do you have against Guam!? why do you have to show that one small area of crappy cars? the island is filled with many beautiful areas! did the locals rough you up.? did you have a bad experience? please respond i’d love to read what you turely fill about Guam cause the picture that you posted on your map and video of you dancing around the broken cars is very discrimnating and offending you show beautiful parts of other areas you go to, but when you show Guam you pick a one crappy area.. you’re showing people around this video of Guam and making them think its a junk island! But its not! One of my friends saw this video and thought it was until i showed him other pictures of my island! don’t be like that it’s very rude and if you think guam is bad look at some of the hell holes that are in United States of America worst no its ten times worst then Guam! if you people think thats how Guam is. then you are just as ignorant! God BLESS!

  471. dennis

    dude wtf is that guy Matt’s problem who posted that comment on feb18th and 21st? why would you say something about Guam and Matt why would you show that one place in Guam? i don’t understand is it rascist? did you get mistreated? wow you guys are really fools for that…ignorant fools look at your homes before you judge others

  472. michael

    hi matt,

    my name is michael and i´m 23 i would to thank you for your dancing videos, they are great. sometimes i wish i could see just a few of these places you have been,but when i see your videoclips i´m with you there,just for a short moment.

    i´m looking forward to the dancing 2007.

    best wishes : a fan from germany

  473. manu

    salut !

    je regarde ta vidéo tous les matins et ça me met de tres bonne humeur pour la journée !!! j’adore cette vision de voir la vie !

    dance road attitude !!!!!!!

  474. peter

    very great idea to make a video from your trips, I’am still amused about that and I will see more places in the world!

    keep on dancing matt!

  475. Virat Dhir

    Hi Matt!!!

    really amazing to watch the videos, i also got em to show to my family at home ..there awe inspiring with all tthe music and dancing stuff to are able to ensemble.

    I belong from India i would like to make a request to you that if possible you could make a small stoppage in delhi or nearby exotic places and we cud have a dance with a friendly envioronment,,

    looking forward to your reply

    Virat Dhir

    Great fan of Matt


  476. yuki

    I can speak English jast a little.I’m sorry if I use the English that I made a mistake in.

    This trip is very happy for me!!
    I want to go for a trip,too.
    Thank you for happy!!!

  477. Jennifer

    Hey matty.,

    Whats new bro love the video why is it you never came to Canada? Well I really liked the scean with the children from Africa dancing it was so cute… Oh ya man boobys lol… But I guess its true white boys can’t dance lol… Cute little dance but it looked like you were running on the spot like in arobics lol still cute.. Well feel free to give me a halla

  478. Enzo P


    I think this idea and video are great. For some reason its oddly addictive and from the humanity perspective of it all, I much enjoyed the Rwanda-clip as well.

    I’m sure this had to be quite rewarding to visit there and bring smiles to the children’s faces – its quite refreshing to see.

    Keep up the amazing work and I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next dance…..

  479. JAn

    Hey im german!!!
    Your vidoe is very good.The places you were are very interesting for me!!!
    The wonderful nature and the other peoples are very interesting for me!!!!

  480. Maria

    Hey Matt!
    your videos are really great, it’s awesome! never would imagine such an idea..congratulations, it’s really well done^^
    all these places..and nice sides..^^amazing:D
    just if i could..i would travel all these countries…
    take care
    big kiss!

  481. Andreina Garcia

    Amo tu video, increible, todo cada lugar, cada energia, la gente, simplemente hermoso y tu bailando: divertido jajaja felicitaciones, lograste la admiracion de la gente, incluyendome :)

    Saludos y besos, espero te encuentres bien…

    Desde Venezuela Andreina G. S.

  482. tine

    hey matt if you could say that all the pepole shold do it on thir contray and then post it to you and then make the 2007 vison of it THAT WOULD BE AWSOME

  483. Seth

    On you’re next trip, I think you should go to Israel. It would be amazing if you could do your dance in front of the Western Wall. Although anyone praying there probably wouldn’t appreciate it…

  484. Connor

    This is an amzing video. The places you visit are absolutely incredible Salar de Uyuni and Kjeragbolten. Amost everywhere you went was amazing. You are one lucky guy to be able to travel the world the way that you do. How did you get the money lol.
    The scene in Africa was also cool!

  485. Jon

    Young man, you have definitely touched a chord in tens of thousands of people. I’ve watched this video dozens of times and it leaves a smile on my face every time. Thank you for providing us an opportunity to smile everyday simply by viewing your “artistry”. God speed on your latest adventure.

  486. Paige

    You could come to Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada….and dance on the world’s biggest lobster! ok….it’s a fake lobster…but still…it’s really big! We also have the world’s biggest fiddlehead…and ax…..all great for dancing on.

  487. Mark from New Mexico

    I think you are a truly cool person, and I can’t seem to get enough of your video(s). Great job on doing what you want to do.

  488. Fell in love with your clips.
    I wonder if each people from different country can do a little clip of Matt’s dance at their place and post it here?
    BTW, you are really cute.

  489. Patricia

    Ha so funny! Come to Vancouver…and I dunno, try dancing on the Sheraton Wall Center…now that would be funny..or on a boat…

  490. Kevin

    Your movie made me want to see the wolrd. You made me want to learn everything i can at school, do everthing i can, and also be a kid that will exell in school just so i can have a good job and see all the places you have and more. And this was just because you danced in places that many people will never see.

    inspired child to learn, Kevin Arndt

    Also I live in Des Plaines home of the FIRST McDonalds so comon by and just dance alittle for more to learn about the world.

  491. Nicky Read

    Hey Matt

    just sent a message via signing up for a spot in your dance vid if you ever make it to the Pilbara Region of Western Australia. I hope you are planning to do more of this…..what a quest!!! Find the most bizarre places on earth, dance and be silly….what for – because it makes people smile. That’s got to be the best thing on earth.

    Having been in Australia – I’m sure your well aware of some Australian customs – such as the B&S Ball. That stands for Bachelor and Spinsters ball – an absolute institution where a lot of people usually get together at nominated spots in the country and party for two days straight. There is one coming up at a small speck called Glendambo on the last weekend of November 2007. All monies raised goes to charity for the Royal Flying Doctor Service – so it’s all for a good cause – would be outstanding to have a celebrity such as yourself in attendance – filmed of course – with a lot of silly people dancing.

    Just a thought – If its possible it would be great – if not – we will look forward to your next dancing installment……what is the next frontier – space!!! Perhaps the Mia space station…….



  492. Tim T.

    If you don’t mind, I might suggest that you put “Dancing 2006” at the top and “Dancing Outtakes” underneath. Unless of course you want people to watch the Outtakes first.

  493. Whitearrow

    Thank you for the great videos!
    Always looking the videos after a bad day… and i feel good again 😉
    Keep on dancing!

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    hey man can u do mexico i didn’t see mexico in it and my school class is doin mexico and then canada and then europe i saw europe but not canada so u should do canada and mexico
    Thanks Trev Man

  495. Simon Smeke

    Hey MAtt Im a bif fan of your video stuff! i Would like to invite you to mexico, had you recieved my mails? Well let me know if you would like to visit us thnx!!

  496. Miguel

    HI !

    Im from mexico too!

    i think you missed this important country
    in the next time, you should be here..

    good luck matt

    from Zapopan, Jalisco MEXICO

  497. Michael

    This video was great, you are really lucky to be able to travel around the world like that. You got to see places that few people get to see. I enjoyed watching the video even though the dancing isn’t that good haha jk.

  498. ???????????????????????????

    Hey Matt. Why not try dancing at the Bermuda Triangle. Maybe scuba dive and and dance near the plane wrecks. That would be cool.

  499. David

    Come see us in Laredo, Texas and dance on the International Bridge I the gateway to Mexico // Let us know when you’re coming so your fans can meet you..

  500. EnglishmanInScotland

    Great video. Have downloaded and compacted onto my phone so I can watch it every morning. Really brightens up my day. You are an inspiration. Dance on my freind, dance on.
    Andy B
    PS I disagree with chris’s comment about dancing at Auschwitz. I just think there’s some places you should respect. So please don’t dance there. But still dance on.

  501. philippe

    salut Matt,

    ce que tu fais est génial….. c’est comme forrest gump quand il se met à courrir…..
    on danse tous avec toi!!!!
    a bientôt
    philippe – Marseille – France

  502. Jonathan Bovell

    Great vid matt
    Something i hope to do
    travel the world meet people, see so much
    plus out dance michael Jackson

    Great work

    Jonathan – London – UK

  503. Mike

    You ROCK! Obviously, you know that, but it’s nice to hear anyway. It’s great that your videos don’t mean anything, yet they’re still actually quite inspirational. Sorry, I can’t sponsor you or anything too exciting, but I can tell you that you’re quite an extraordinary person and I hope that you’ll get that and will see your ability to profoundly affect the world, with out even trying.

    Keep on doing what you do and thanks.

  504. bulle de champagne

    tu es super sympa sur tes vidéos et le gout du voyage m’est revenu à l’esprit:) bravo bisous de France ( je vie dans les vignes où l’on fabrique le champagne ) :)

  505. Rinaman's


    Would like you need to dance on the lighthouse at St. Augustine, oldest city in the US!!!

  506. Klaus Lorse

    Hey Matt
    great what you do! When I saw you dancing in Berlin, London, Laos, Tokyo and so on, I was so happy. I have only one wish: I just want also dance in the world of love

    Have a nice day and dance all over the world

    your friend Klaus

  507. Adrien

    great idea to bring these dance videos to share the world to everyone. i feel like i am in every part of the world watching that clip. keep it up and thanks very much

  508. stijn

    Matt I love to travel arround the world, i want to travel arround the world also i realy liked youre video

    Good Job Matt

    Greetings Stijn (Holland,Nl)

  509. stijn

    Matt I love to travel arround the world, i want to travel arround the world also i realy liked youre video

    Good Job Matt

    Greetings Stijn (Holland,Nl)

  510. ggang

    hi~^^ i’m from korea
    i’m so impressed to see ur video
    also i hope that you visit korea(south)
    u are great!!!!

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    Your video is really impressive!

    these days I’m looking for a job.

    so I always think about my career.

    But U made me think about my life!

    most important thing! my life…

    Thank you~ visit Korea and feel Korea~

  512. Sylvester

    wow,amazing i hope you could visit philippines too and show the beautiful beaches.keep it up.your inspiring a lot of people.

  513. Anonymous

    May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face.

    And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars…

    Matt i too am about to embark on a big journey….i am moving to london to live for one year. and to be honest after watching your movies, i am even more excited than ever now to get there. the world is a beautiful place, i want to see it all before i go…great work.!

  514. Tys from Rio

    Hey Matt!

    Well done :), this concept of dancing around the world is so powerfull and everything is said now!

    Thank you so much for this present you gave to us (as a father and as a a human beeing)…

    I am leaving in Rio and I hope we will have the pleasure to dance one day with you around the Corcovado!

    See you,
    Tys, your fan
    PS: by the way, I have the same dancing style (some call it the Old School)

  515. Lucas

    Hi Matt, i’m from Brasil and i love your videos, but i thing that you should come here to know some beautifull places… like Rio, São Paulo, Brasilia, Florianopolis, Salvador(specially in Carnaval), Amazônia Forest… and other places that i don’t remember now!

    I’ve alredy been to NY, and i’m planning a backpacking in South America in january, what places do recommend??


  516. Sarah

    I freak’n love you, man!!! I’ve told sooooo many people about this video! It just makes me smile whenever I watch it.

  517. Did you goto all of those countries just to dance or was is for buisness and every country you went to you danced anyway. if you went to all of those countries just to dance you must be a billionaire to pay for the plane tickets.

  518. Marina

    Man you must have lost a lot of weight with all that dancing 😀
    i really like this though.
    very original.

  519. Lara Mingotti

    you are very inspiring for me, you’re great! don’t forget to visit Pisa’s tower, tuscany, Italy, and also Agrigento, sicily, whit its wonderfull ancient theatres! ciao bello!!

  520. Jamie

    hi~ matt. how are you?
    i hope to become friend with you.
    take care of yourself.
    p.s. come to dance in South Korea :)

  521. Gulchatai

    Keep it up! When I need a smile I watch your videos. I love the one with the kids somewhere in Africa. When I feel like my life sucks I watch their faces, and it’s suddenly not so bad.
    PS: Go to Turkmenistan…

  522. Bill

    Oh my gosh! What do you have against Canada? What?! Why didn’t you go to Canada and make a shoot there so you can post it in the video?! I love Canada! Woo!!! Canada is great! It’s a great video but the next video I hope you can add some scenes in Canada. There’s many great secenry there which is great!

  523. DudE!
    That video is amazing!!
    What a wicked dance..

    You know you should get that song on the ITunes Store you know. It would sell!! You should pass that on to your friends who made it for you.


  524. Kam the Man

    Wow this is awsome. I never would have thought of doing anything like this and I don’t think anyone else would too. You’re the best

  525. Mike

    Hi Matt. i recently saw you on swedish commercial on tv and was just wondering how much do you get to be on the commercial.

  526. Hey Matt,

    I took a year off before coming to college (I’m a freshman now) to backpack around 22 countries in Asia, Africa, South America, and the South Pacific. I actually kept a and so a friend I met at college told me I had to check out your site. It’s awesome to see so many of the places I went and, I must admit, you make me wish I had a gimmick of my own. If Stride is looking for a dancing sidekick, I’m your guy! Seriously.


  527. Valarie

    Hi Matt,

    My daughter sent me your link yesterday and I have been sharing with EVERYONE I know. You are AMAZING! Your dancing technique is consistent, the music is great and the visuals unbelievable – Bravo! Keep goin – what a fabulous world we live in and thanks for the laughs!

  528. Jessica

    hey. i think your videos are awesome. i get that the first one was supposed to be funny and the second was for advertising, but you went to some amazing places and it blew me away. i want to be able to travel like that. keep it up, though, it definately beats office jobs.

  529. IrpinianKnight

    is really really great….is possible to have some other video in this time? when can i see a video in Rome? :)

  530. Roger

    Hey matt,Great fun video really enjoyed it.I found your video via Doc Mercola site, recommended that it was worth checking out. I have been reading the other comments,and I think of myself as well brought up and good mannered; yet,I have no problem saying how much things cost. I have traveled around the world myself, both on a shoestring and not! The one valuable thing I could offer to people who were a little apprehensive about traveling such a trip who asked, was to tell them about the costs and how I did it financially. With your recent travels and site, you could help a lot of others out by telling how much things,flights,ships,etc, cost.It would help people keep realistic with how far they can go, and where and what to spend on. I have the sneaking feeling with respect, that you have done this with a much larger than normal budget on both occasions, and thats why you are embarrassed to say how much?The Norwegian ship, Antarctic journey should not be embarrassing to answer how much. If you have done it cheap as chips, then even more to be pleased about.

  531. Jennifer

    Reading through these comments the overriding message is that you bring people joy. You’ve definately done that for me. Keep it up. Your dancing makes me smile.

  532. Deirdre Smith

    I find your dancing goofy and it brings a big smile to my face. Thanks! It’s wonderful to be on the road, meeting so many people. I can identify with that. As to Rogers question about prices to travel, you can purchase an around the world airline ticket for as little as $1,800 US. I wish you well in your adventure. Peace…..

  533. Deirdre Smith

    I find your dancing goofy and it brings a big smile to my face. Thanks! It’s wonderful to be on the road, meeting so many people. I can identify with that. As to Rogers question about prices to travel, you can purchase an around the world airline ticket for as little as $1,800 US. I wish you well in your adventure. Peace…..

  534. Eric

    Hi Matt!
    Thanks for your joy of leaving and to open the world to other people who may be to shy for discovery. Unfortunately we all have to deal with borders around our countries, fear of differences and as a result: Racism. I’m french and leaving in several countries in asia since 1989. Saddly not enough people like you have crossed my road. Usually I am not a very talkative guy but I have to react on a message you received on Sept.22 2006 at 02.09 AM and sent by a certain Mark. I really hope that this poor Mark went to visit his psychoanalist, in fact I bet that only one would not be enough. Anyway I am pretty sure that you are clever enough not to get touch by this kind of useless reactions. For others who complain about: “Why didn’t you go to Canada, Portugal, Spain and so on…”. Let them know that they may, one day, decide to travel, but on a certain stage travel will force their steps.
    All the best mate!

  535. Eric

    Hi Matt!
    Thanks for your joy of leaving and to open the world to other people who may be to shy for discovery. Unfortunately we all have to deal with borders around our countries, fear of differences and as a result: Racism. I’m french and leaving in several countries in asia since 1989. Saddly not enough people like you have crossed my road. Usually I am not a very talkative guy but I have to react on a message you received on Sept.22 2006 at 02.09 AM and sent by a certain Mark. I really hope that this poor Mark went to visit his psychoanalist, in fact I bet that only one would not be enough. Anyway I am pretty sure that you are clever enough not to get touch by this kind of useless reactions. For others who complain about: “Why didn’t you go to Canada, Portugal, Spain and so on…”. Let them know that they may, one day, decide to travel, but on a certain stage travel will force their steps.
    All the best mate!

  536. catherine

    Hi Matt,
    WOW…how fun….we are on this earth to inspire each other and have FUN. You remind people of this. If your ever in Santa Fe, NM you can stay with us and dance with the natives.

    All the Best,
    Catherine and Fredrik

  537. jesse

    great vid. its awsome. i tried to e-mail ya but it didn’t work. i sugest u fix it. any way it’s soo cool you got to go to all those places i mean omg. it’s realy cool to show it around the world on youtube. it’s my favorite place.. youtube.

  538. jesse

    hehe hehe heehee hehe haha um duuuuuu. hehe just jokin i like your vid duu dang um sory i just am writing this for no reason…

  539. jesse

    hey chathren and fredrik do you live in santa fe caracas, venezuela? if so some time maybe we can meet. worth a try huh? and if you get this message please write your telefone number plz?

  540. Sanna

    Hello you funny guy!
    You should come to Finland and dance here!! Also in Greenland!
    I hope you go on with making this amusing and splendid idea!!
    Greetings to all!

  541. Michelle

    I absolutely loved this, the music is fantastic and the beauty you have shown in our world is inspiring, keep it up Matt! Please come visit the provinces of Canada…

  542. Sarfraz

    Man, your living the life. i wish i could do what you’re doing, and hopefully, someday, i will 😀

  543. John Chen

    Hi Mat, it’s lovely and fantastic, why dont u come to China? Great wall is one of the best place for u to dance.

  544. Hellooo

    Hi Matt!
    I liked the video, but when are you coming to the Netherlands?? You could dance in Amsterdam!

  545. Baelfire

    You should get a shot of you in front of the Hell sign in the winter, with Icecycles hanging off of it… Hell michigan that is 😛

  546. Kathy

    Hi Matt

    Love your videos & dancing – you must be having a blast – are you getting tired from dancing & when are you going to dance in Ireland???? If you have plans I can tell you some great spots to “dance”

  547. Antonioni Pol

    Hello Matt first of all love ur video but I had a question ‘Who is holding the camera while you dance?’

  548. Yogesh


    Love the videos. I’ve never really travelled much, but I’m sure that’ll change now. :-) Keep dancing….

  549. Hannu

    Gread vid man and love your attitude towards life! U should get yourself to Finland.
    Keep on dancing! :)

  550. Hello Matt! You’re amazing… dancing around the world. Im wondering when you will come to hk??!!! I would like to dance with you…. LOL^_^ God bless you… Cheers!

  551. Marie

    Amazing videos!! I now know I have a lot more places to see before I die! You should look into Canada (Alberta!!); Mount Robson in Jasper, Giant Ukrainian Easter Egg in Vegreville and the Giant Baseball Bat in Edmonton. Fun stuff. Crazy people…heh heh heh…. ~_~

  552. Hi Matt,
    nice idea. You should come to Valencia instead of Madrid in Spain 😛 My city is much more beauty than Madrid.

    Enjoy your dancing for all of us seeing your awesome videos 😉

  553. Hi, I just saw your video its amazing I sent the YouTube link to everyone and have you first thing on my Vlog to see.. I have seen it so many times.. My friend told us about it on her blog.. Your dancing is really reflective. it made me feel exactly what you feel when you were there.. you made my day.. what is your next adventure? keep us posted.. I love your site its amazing!

  554. Hi, I just saw your video its amazing I sent the YouTube link to everyone and have you first thing on my Vlog to see.. I have seen it so many times.. My friend told us about it on her blog.. Your dancing is really reflective. it made me feel exactly what you feel when you were there.. you made my day.. what is your next adventure? keep us posted.. I love your site its amazing!

  555. Hi, I just saw your video its amazing I sent the YouTube link to everyone and have you first thing on my Vlog to see.. I have seen it so many times.. My friend told us about it on her blog.. Your dancing is really reflective. it made me feel exactly what you feel when you were there.. you made my day.. what is your next adventure? keep us posted.. I love your site its amazing!

  556. Hey you never danced in Portugal!
    It’s a boring place but it’s my country XD
    I hope to see Portugal someday in your videos! 😀
    I just wish i could visit Japan someday… T_T You’re so lucky!

  557. Hey Matt, I LOVE your video. I’ve sent it to a lot of friends. How come you haven’t been to Brazil yet… Would love to see YOU dancing there.
    Lots of love and Congratulations.

    You’re very COOL.
    My Best.
    Leo Rezende

  558. Francisco

    Matt i’m portuguese and i just saw your dacing in the news i really like it and i really liked the places u went my dream is to sail around the world because i really like sailing and i think fulfilling your dreams its the most important thing to do in your life so keep dancing and good luck :)

  559. A hitchhiker

    All I can say is
    You (or your boss) have picked great songs, Deep Forest is brilliant. Please, never stop travelling… That’s a way of life.

  560. Carlos Lopez

    Dear Matt, you are great!!!
    Today I´was working very bored in my office when I´ve read about you in the newspaper. I´ve also seen your videos and my humor have changed. What a good idea, and with people it would be greater…
    Please come to Argentina I can help you to look for nice places here (not traditionals…, with football players, dancing with ´politicians, with honest people dancing in the south (mountains, Forest and lakes) in the North (falls, desserts, etc.)). The food is better than you think but not in Buenos Aires…
    Please if you happen to come to Argentina contact me, I would like me and my children to know you.
    Life is not as dramatic as some people like us to consider…

    Best Regards.

  561. laura

    hey matt,
    just love your videos :)
    travelling around the world is one of my greatest dreams…thats because i like your videos…hope you will see some new nice places. maybe you’ll come someday to limburg, germany – i can show some real nice places to dance =D
    your dance is awesome!!!

    best wishes,
    your fan laura from germany :)

  562. Caleb Austin

    Matt that was awesome. Sometime I want to do the same thing :)
    Your Biggest Fan,

    Caleb Ausitn of Dodge City, KS 67801

    P.S. How did you get to area 51?

  563. i watch your video over and over, really a GREAT idea, and envy u have the chance to take a try, and make a big success now!!
    haha~~~~wish everything go smooth with u , always~~~

  564. I really love your vids.
    All the sites around the world where you’ve been dancing amaze me over and over again every time I watch it.

    The only thing I want to say to you is:
    ‘keep on dancing, never stop and dance with a smile, because you make me smile in troubled times.’

    Hi from Roosendaal, The Netherlands

  565. This video is so so so inspirational Matt you are the best! all your vids make me smile and for some strange reason this one brings tears to my eyes – You are so awesome =]
    Best wishes n keep up the awesome dancing =D
    Your biggest fan (lol)

  566. Sofi

    Hey Matt!
    Just a little note to say, you’re really cool! I love everywhere you’ve been and everything you’ve done! Even your Outtakes are great! (and if you woudn’t have said anything about you man-boobs, I wouldn’t have notice but I guess it makes it funnier:)
    Thank you very much for sharing such a fantastic adventure!
    Take care and continue dancing!

  567. The Great Potato

    hey matt i expected that you would be dancing on Plymouth rock, MA. you know, since thats where this whole america thing started… yup, ill dance with you on the mayflower II

  568. Sarah

    Thank You! For shareing pieces of the world with me; I have never seen and won’t be able to go. You have made my day.

  569. Allie

    I love your videos. You probably didn’t mean them to be terribly inspirational. But they really are, I completely envy what you’ve done with your life and hope I get to see as much as you have.

    P.S. I’ve been to that aquarium in Sydney. It’s amazing.

  570. Allie

    I love your videos. You probably didn’t mean them to be terribly inspirational. But they really are, I completely envy what you’ve done with your life and hope I get to see as much as you have.

    P.S. I’ve been to that aquarium in Sydney. It’s amazing.

  571. Sanja

    You’re the luckiest man on this planet!!!!!!
    In Universe!!! I’ll be your slave just take me with you!!!!:)
    You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  572. Christian Johansson

    Hi Matt,

    I love your dancing videos, and thank you for the invitation to come and dance with you in Stockholm today. I dont like far south from there, but sadly, no trains are going at a good time right now, so I will miss the event. It would have been really cool meeting you though, and I hope that you have a great time while here in Sweden. Maybe you will come back some day and I will be able to shake your hand? *Smiles* Anyway, knock yourself out in Stockholm, its a nice city. Love your work man, keep it up!

    Warmest wishes
    //Christian (Possibly one of your greatest Swedish fans. 😉 )

  573. Christian Johansson

    Sorry for commenting so early after my last one, I just hate typo’s. The “like” is supposed to be “live”. *Chuckles*

    //Christian ^_^

  574. thomas

    hey matt on your next video you should dance on the top of the eiffel tower please take this advice see ya

  575. ruzica

    hi …..I envy you so much(but in a good way:-)
    I simply adore traveling, but don’t have the courage to do what you did(nor the enough amount of money)sooo…come to our beautiful country Croatia and you’ll have a wonderful time.100%:-)
    good luck and be careful:-)

  576. greekdude247

    So you didn’t like being a game designer. Wat didnt you like about it? Do you miss anything from your old job?

  577. Boharder BOURZIK

    To be who you don’ used to be is the hell…where the hell is the humain race , i’m here going to join you in your dance what do you think about???

  578. fumi

    hi Matt☆
    I hope you Keep the dancing! For make smiles all of creature.☆

    My english funny?

  579. Sandor

    How about Switzerland, it’s very nice there 😛 nice mountains and chees and chocolate 😛

  580. Matt!

    I love your video and travel all the world.
    awesome !!
    why don’t you come to Korea? 😉
    i’m a dancer and i wanna dance with me
    if you come to Korea :)

    All the best!!


  581. Danny C.

    Hey Matt I just saw your site on Yahoo, Congratulations on your all your success, You should ask them to take you to Medias Romania, that’s where I was born, it’s very beautiful!

  582. Rose

    Aloha Matt

    You have touched the world like an ambassador of love! Stay pure, stay humble and Come To Hawaii!!! Thank you!!

  583. Anonymous

    Hey Matt,
    Totally outta sight ! Loved your video and unique approach! Especially the Rwandan scene with all the kids. Keep Dancin Matt!!!
    Billy mCk

  584. Hey Matt! I just wanted to let you know.. I absolutely enjoyed this dancing video. It really cheered me up.

    I am now officially envious of you traveling. But I think I can pack a mean dance like that.. 😉

    Can’t wait to see where you’ll be next.

  585. Dani

    Dear Matt – god bless you and thank you for this great hommage to the world!

    Our world could be so peaceful and our lifes so easy.

    You are a symbol of hope and peace!

    Thank you so much!

  586. Jeanette

    If with a smile we could do away with all of the disease, war and famine in the world, this video would be the cure.
    I’m sure you have made many people on this earth world smile simultaneously!!!!

  587. Caio Reis

    Great vid!

    And nice dance!

    Just a little upset cause you didn’t came here to Brazil!
    Come to dance in Rio de Janeiro to!

  588. Lien

    I’ve been asking myself two things:
    1) why are there so few shots of Europe in this vid?:p
    2)It maybe sound weird but: where the hell did you find the money to see the whole world?

  589. Alec

    I love the idea you are spreading around the world. Keep dancing! Ya never know, maybe some world happiness could spread!

  590. Shelly

    The world needs more people like you!!! You should plan a trip to Alaska and dance on a Denali glacier. (For those who prefer the “official” name, that would be Mt. Mckinley). I suggest going to Talkeetna, Alaska… charter a plan to Denali and dance on a glacier on the tallest mountain in North America (20,320 ft).

    I also suggest stopping at the West Rib Pub in Talkeetna for a burger and a beer!!!

    Never stop dancing! You make A LOT of peop