Seattle, Washington Into the West

I’m home.


Got eight days to edit the video and sort out the music for the June 21st release. But a few things had to come first.

9 Responses to Seattle, Washington Into the West

  1. Fred

    Hi Matt, I think the whole world except that silly canadian is getting mad at expecting your latest video! I’m sure the result will be worth waiting. Congratulations!

  2. I agree with Fred ! I’m sure it will be as fantastic as the first one.
    Now we can start the countdown. . . 😉

  3. Max

    i had no idea you existed until i saw the link from now i finally know what i want to do when i grow up. thank you.

  4. Jim

    Hey Matt I really enjoyed the first video especially the pics from india cuz it reminded me of my last trip there with my family. The next video will be well worth the wait, congratulations on actually “doing the dream” instead of just dreaming about it. I bet now there will be an entourage of ppl who will quit their jobs to do the same thing you did. Heh heh maybe they will be sponsored by a rival gum company?

  5. Thanks for posting all your adventures. I had a great time reading them. They all brought smiles to my face. You are definitely awesome!

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