Seattle, Washington Editing

It’s a small irony that I’ve been stuck in a room for the last three days mucking around with images of myself wandering the planet.

And I find myself asking: Who is that lucky jerk? How do I get HIS job?

The real trick has been figuring out the right sequence. Machu Picchu can’t follow right after the Bolivian salt flats because they’re too geographically near. Monument Valley blends well into the Shetland Islands, but it needs a buffer after Namibia because the colors are too similar. Great Wall to Berlin Wall is a nice thematic blend, but the two snow clips need some space apart. And sometimes clips just flow together for reasons I can’t explain.

I made myself a handy chart.


There are 36 clips at the moment. Each one has a place. I need to find it.

I shot the last one yesterday. It’s a good ending to the video. It wasn’t the one I planned, but it works. Making this thing — like making anything, I suppose — has been about mixing determination with the ability to recognize serendipity. Anyway, I’m officially done with my role as a performer.

I’ve switched to a new piece of editing software called Sony Vegas. Up to now I’ve been using the crude-but-free tools that came with my camera, so it’s a revelation. Spent all of yesterday learning how to use it. Stuff that used to take me hours now takes minutes and I’m free to play around more with structure and timing.


I’m wary of all tools. For whatever abilities they add or enhance, they tend to take something away. But in this case, it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

I discovered the existence of this video last night on YouTube, made by a swell guy I met named Jawed. It was shot almost a year ago, when I was just starting out on the endeavour I’m now completing. Aside from its chilling implication that I am someone actually worth meeting, it’s neat to see a clip I’ve watched a hundred times shot from a slightly different angle.

I’ve been home five days now and have barely seen daylight. My impending deadline has kept me from switching my life back on. I currently have no credit card, no driver’s license, no phone, no car, and no house keys.

Time to get on that stuff.

16 Responses to Seattle, Washington Editing

  1. Be sure to update your “about me” page as to where you’ve been ripped off.
    Hope you get your life back soon.

  2. Rich

    That video with everyone dancing was just awesome. I’m hella excited to see your new video!

  3. Candace Kowal

    I can’t believe the smile I have on my face knowing you’re working on the next video.

    I’m extremely excited, and can’t wait to see it!

    Good luck,


  4. eleeka

    Well… I was in love with the thing you were doing. Something amazing.
    I discovered your site some time ago when i was feeling really down. And somehow the image of you dancing in so many places just “doing your thing” made me happy. You seemed the right man in the right place. Just being yourself…
    I know you probably got a lot of e-mails, comments like this but… Still i thought i could tell you. You’re surely gonna have many followers. You already do. “Being Matt from whereismatt”. Sounds cool 😉
    You are my hero. 😉

    Wont even ask you to come to my country to dance. One man can’t just go EVERYWHERE. Pity though.

    Can’t wait to see your next video.

  5. Good idea Matt! Very funny and uplifting video! Hope you keep doing it untill you find something else. Do your thing!

  6. Camila

    =D So many wonderful places to go
    and thanks for goin to Bolivia =D
    (( I love Bolivia ;D ))oh yeah ,
    you dance pretty good 8)

  7. I think I’m in love…. seriously though you are awesome. Your video had me grinning all day.

    May we all dance like Matt, like no one is watching, anywhere we are in the world! :)

  8. Bret

    Aside from being the only guy to dance around the world you must also be the only guy in the world that uses vegas video

  9. Joyce

    I linked to your site from Stride gum. May I say that dancing is a communication barrier from sea to sea. I’m impressed with your desire to do something different and show us all we can go for it and have a great time along the way. Keep your feet moving and will watch for you in Ohio :))))

  10. Rymer

    Holy hell man, that was so cool, very jealous that you got to travel to all those places. Video was awesome, extremely cool :) Can’t wait to see the next one!!

    Dance Matt, Dance!

  11. Didn’t know you were putting together another compilation, I’m so happy you are! I noticed not all of the places you went to made it into the short video and did wonder what you were going to do with the extra footage that never made the cut.

    Having been in front of my computer for a month straight to edit something that would end up a little over three minutes long in duration, you have my sympathy. I know the process all too well, but I do know (in hindsight) that every, single moment (and cuss word muttered) of working on the edit was worth it. :)

  12. Winston (Bend, OR)

    Ahhh, to be free without encumberances. To sing with the birds and dance with the sounds of nature. This is what God meant for mankind. Look around, the world in chaos resulting from the sin nature of man from the “garden” on. Awaiting the New heaven and New Earth.

  13. Judy

    Your site was recommended by Kim Komando of statewide fame. I’m sure you have and will get a lot of hits because of her audience. I truly enjoyed your dancing (and I disagree with Kim that you’re no Fred Astaire — I think you’re better!). Your video was truly educational as I have been out of the United States only once. Now I see what I’m missing in the rest of the world. Thanks so much for “making my day.” Judy

  14. thiago barros

    matt, i`m from brazil, my name is thiago… and i just wanted you to know that your video is amazing! i was truly touched by it. especially the parts in africa… you and the kids…. all i can say is that i felt that your video shows more than meets the eye.
    that may not have been your intention, but you have captured the beauty of the world! congratulations

  15. Danial

    Hey Matt… Loved your video, man. I’m from Iran, and I live in Calgary. You should really visit the acient persian city of “Perspolis” in Iran. Iran has many many old places worth seeing. I’d love to see your third compilation with a clip in Iran :).



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