Seattle, Washington Blog Wankiness

The content of this entry is no longer relevant, but there’s a whole bunch of nice comments that’ll be deleted if I remove this, so I’m just gonna leave it like this.

I re-added the missing journal entries from the last couple months. There are a thousand or so comments missing from those hectic first couple weeks that the new video was out. I’ll try to figure out a way to get them up at some point. For now, though…sleep.

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  1. Rich

    So Matt,

    Who is doing your web page now? You?

    I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out with the other service. Wouldn’t you like to write something good about this service and something bad about the other service?

    Your endorsement may help the good company and hurt the bad company. I think you owe it to both web hosting services.


  2. adam

    how the hell did you do that dancing in so many countries i have a amazing amount of respect for you.

    cheers that was the highlight of my week

  3. hi, matt! i’m a new fan of yours. a big one that is coz i also love travelling but unfortunately haven’t found a better way to keep the mementoes apart from usual pics and short videos.

    kudos to you!!!
    good luck with sorting out your journal.

  4. Jim Ross

    I’m coming to Seattle for a week for something called the Tallis Scholars Summer School. Looking at the 10-day weather forecast, you should consider staying home for a while and soaking up a great combo of sunshine and pleasant temps. Love the latest vid and hope you make more. Your version of reality seems more fun than most.

  5. Cozzy

    (sorry no english!)

    Es realmente fabuloso tu video!,
    lo vimos acá en Chile através de un programa de TV. Y notamos que pasate por chile (Isla de Pascua).
    Felicitaciones Matt!! excelente trabajo!, las imágenes y paisajes resultaron mucho más entretenidas con tu singular baile.

    Un abrazo a la distancia. Sigue así!!
    Te apoyamos!!

    Anita Saúd.

  6. Karla P.

    Hahahaha, the same as Anita Saúd i watched your video on a TV program calls “Hora 25”.

    Me and my brother were really amazed by the places you have being and specially by your dancing.

    Now was reading some stuff you wrote about mi country, Chile. Next time i’ll take a flight, i for sure will come to read your comments…. so since now on, Lonely Planet and wherethehellismatt will be my bible for travelling.

    thanks for sharing!
    Karla P.

  7. Aron

    The new video is here! The new video is here!

    I found your site all of 3 days ago, but after reading a good chunk of your journal, I feel like you’re a good friend.

    I’ll understand if the feeling is not mutual.

    Glad I could drop in at such an exciting time!

  8. Hey, you should try “wordpress” for your journal, it’s really one of the best blogging tools and it’s free to download and install in your server..

    Good luck restablishing your “normal” (and sometimes boring) life back!

  9. Hello,
    I just wanna thank you for this nice video with you dancing around the world :)
    This video of you dancing made me smile and should become a symbol of a world filled with happyness and where ever you are, a good place to be! Instead of all the bad things that they show on the news every day. There is plenty of nice places and wonderful people to see and meet.
    And if the earth someday need a interstellar travel commercial, this would be it!!

    Thank you for sharing

    Thomas Ewel

  10. Arbor

    Hey Matt,
    For some reason I can’t stop watching your video it is great. I think it is a combination of the song, the places you visit, and your dance moves that keeps bringing me back. For some reason every time I watch it, I always feel good afterwards. It reminds me of how much there is out there to go and see. I hope you make many more. Journey on

  11. Freddy, Denmark

    Thoes vidz are so cool, I watch them on and off, and they really makes me happy, gives me a special feeling. I Have been on a world tour most of last year and thoes videoes really bring me back. I just love them. Brilliant idea, Why dident I think of that ;).

  12. Lim

    Hello, Matt, I’m Korean!
    Actually I can’t use Eglish well..

    Just, Frankly,
    I’m very impressive.
    I got a crush on your video.
    Thank a lot & good luck.
    God bless on you!

    Ah, please come Seoul, in Korea!

  13. MeeHyoe

    I LOVED your video. I’m Korean too :)
    It’s on this Korean blogring called and I think your video’s been exposed to millions of Korean netizens. I think a lot of people are watching your video even at this moment. (and it’s 2:43 am over here)
    KUDOS to you for having the courage and the passion to do what you really want to do!
    It truly is inspirational and uplifting! Keep on dancing, Matt:)


  14. PJ

    I agree with Thomas up there, I love watching your video repeatedy too. That music is a perfect accompaniment. Any other song just wouldn’t work with your dancing.

    I’m very glad you didn’t get blown off that Kjeragbolten rock in Norway. I’ll never understand how anyone can have the courage to stand on that boulder, let alone dance. In the wind.

  15. Hi Matt;
    (i´m sorry but my english isnt very good)
    I LOVE you video dancing around the world.
    i come from Austria and i hope that you´ll stop there soon again!
    It would be very nice if i could meet you soon!

    Bye, your big Fan Felix from Linz, Austria

    (i hope you`ll answer this entry)

  16. Cheers, mate, good on ya! I just got back home after a similar (yet considerably smaller) five-month trip around Asia and Australia (I’m a Canadian). Had an absolute blast visiting Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong/Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand – but, alas, no dancing!
    Anyway, all the best on your continued journey.

  17. some guy

    Hey, if you do another trip, consider — it lets you plot your trip on a map, and it can be included in whatever blogging format you choose.

    Love your dancing, by the way!

  18. Mary B

    Matt I so enjoyed your dancing video and think you are very brave to have danced on that suspended rock. You certainly know what life is for, it is to enjoy and you appear to be doing just that. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful adventure.

  19. Andrea Ferraro Berger

    Have NO idea what it is about your innovative travelogue that makes me feel good, but, Matt–keep it going!!! It’s almost hypnotic to watch as I see you dancing yourself from one location to another–and I kept finding myself smiling.

    You ‘got the moves’, Matt!……
    Keep shuffling!!

  20. Melanie

    I read about you in the Boston Globe. Life changing, dude! It took me a coupla weeks, but I read your entire journal, beginning to end. I’m inspired to take some time off between undergrad and grad school to get out and travel the world. I never thought it financially possible,(not true! big shout-out to, and I’m a little trepidacious at the thought of travelling (yes, it’s better with 2 L’s) solo, but I feel the burning need to prove wrong your assertion that you couldn’t have undertaken such a trip if you were female. Men of the world can be real a-holes, and it will be sketchy, sure, but to the absolute horror of my loved ones I successfully conquered a cross country drive- Massachusetts to Florida to Seattle and back- all by my lonesome, with no incidents to speak of. Wish I’d dreamed up something as creative and cross-culturally satisfying as your vid to catalogue my misadventures. Anyways, I urge you to consider a clip in New England, dancing in crispy fallen leaves during peak foliage season sometime- it’s splendiferous! I will extend the probably-all-too-familiar offer of free lodging and chauffering should you ever find yourself out my way. (To sort of even out the hospitality shown to me during my 6 month stay out in Washington. Karma.) Added bonus- I guarantee no brain drilling, acid pouring or zombie sex enslavement! Best wishes, and keep on inspiring the masses.

  21. Mark Livingstone

    I’m sitting here and have just watched your video with a supid grin on my face.

    You really are an inspiration….Oh hell I’m going to run into the garden and just dance…see ya

    Keep on dancing Matt

    All the very best

    Mark (UK)

  22. matt a leftie from ireland

    Was directed to your site by a friend, great site and vid.
    I hope matt sometime if you get a chance drop into ireland and show us your stuff
    Bit strange but i noticed u 2 are a leftie, whats the chances of that eh!
    Matt, in ireland!!!

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