Seattle, Washington I Have Found the Promised Land, and it is Mostly Below Sea Level

My bandwidth woes appear to be no more. Those plucky Dutch have come to the rescue — in particular, Elise Roders and her generous colleagues at SURFnet. My videos have been uploaded onto their Nether-servers, and if you go to my download page right now, that’s where you’ll be downloading from.

They’re taking on the burden of what was, at one point, a fairly substantial amount of traffic. It’s been a while since the videos have been available though, and I’m not sure the demand is all that high anymore. In any case, please be considerate and don’t bombard them with downloads. Pick a size and format that works for you, watch, save to your hard drive if you like, then go away. I know it’s tempting to start a collection of the video in all its available compression rates and codecs, but resist the urge. I need you to be strong.

A hearty thanks to all the other tips and offers. I was presented with dozens upon dozens and I’m sure there were plenty of other good ones.

A lot of people suggested I use bit torrent to distribute the video in peer-to-peer fashion. It’s a fine idea, and if anyone would like to take on the task of explaining what "bit torrent" is 50 times a day on email, let me know.

In the meantime, I’m happy to provide the established no-fuss formats.

With school starting up soon, a lot of teachers are wanting to download the video and show it to their classes. This, of course, leads to a lot of requests about taking the word "Hell" out of my site name and the video credits.

Part of me wants to oblige. But another part of me — one with bigger muscles and intimidating facial hair — wants to point out that it’s just a stupid gosh dang word and it never hurt anybody. I know, parents are parents and they don’t want their childrens’ minds poisoned by menacing figures of speech. But as much as I’d like to insert some fun into geography class, I’d also like to insert the idea that students don’t need to be quite so shielded from the commonplace.

Speaking of the whole school thing, I’m getting a lot of invites to speak to students in person about travel and all that. It’s not something I’ve ever done before, but it sounds like fun. If the logistics are feasible, I’m up for it.

I hope no one’s expecting me to keep updating this journal at the pace I was at during the trip. My life consists mostly of loafing around these days. You’re really not missing much. If it starts getting interesting again, I’ll let you know.

Someone sent me this today. That’s all I got.

25 Responses to Seattle, Washington I Have Found the Promised Land, and it is Mostly Below Sea Level

  1. Hey Matt,

    If you become so inclined betwixt the requisite loafing sessions, I’m sure many of us are intrigued to know what the near and far future may hold for our favorite shuffling wanderer.

    Can these trips go on for the rest of your life?

    Do you want them to?


  2. God, I love the Animaniacs and now that I have kids, I have an excuse to have the Animaniacs songs on a CD in the car (no friggin’ Raffi for me). You should try to find the Yakko, Wakko, and Dot “Hello” and “Universe” songs. Those are great too.

    I thought that your archives are great and that maybe, in your loafing time, you could expand on some of the ideas and thoughts you had when you were traveling.

  3. Glad to hear that the promised land has been found. Keep writing ~ gonna miss your adventuress stories as you settle back into a “normal” life. Good Luck and keep writing!

  4. L Dubl

    Change the name of your website they say, change the way you dance they say. I think not. What’s next on the slippery slope that is PC? You’ll be taking your piercings out and covering your tattoos. Then you’ll give up the baby seal coat, ritual sacrifice is out the window, and on and on until you wake up one day, in a commune, thinking about eating only bean sprouts, hummus and tofu for the rest of your life and wondering… where did it all go wrong?

  5. Candace Kowal

    Awww yeah yeah, Animaniancs!

    Steve, as bad as it sounds, can’t they just download your video, and then edit out the big bad ‘Hell’ from it on programs such as Windows Movie Maker?

    I mean, editting someone elses work isn’t doing the right thing, and I myself am against it, but, I mean, if they are worried, that is a way.

    Wait, does the video even have the phrase ‘hell?’


    And I myself I don’t really quite understand why the kids have to go to your site to read your personal life anyways.

    *is just going to stop babbling about her ‘nay’ to a name change*

  6. Don’t sell out to the teachers and parents. doesn’t quite have the ring :)

    plus the kids will think its cool if they get to say the word “hell” in school

  7. Valerie

    I was wandering about looking at favorite videos and on googling saw to my startlement that they’ve somehow MADE money from downloads.
    Apparently to do with Revver? Link here.
    link to
    Not sure if this is actual, marsh gas, or in fact helpful.
    Kids are strong little ‘uns. They can probably choke down one ‘Hell’ :)

  8. Hi there,

    just a lill tech point regarding your video troubles :

    Imagine a free web server (geocities, msn …); you open an account there; you upload some of your videos there, you change your links to point to those “some” videos.
    Your web page is still the reference but they handle the traffic … as you did with
    (link to… becomes or geocities/)
    Imagine 5 free web servers … …

    I agree the management will be a lill more complicated : “where did i put what” but for the rest, your bandwith, web space, … it is all solved.

    PS : thanks for your work !

  9. I think you could turn the video into a lecture tour. Check out Scott “that guy with the nametag” for some ideas. He turned wearing a nametag 24/7 into a career, it is possible that you could turn dancing/travel into a career.

    The video is so joyful and people love to hear stories….

    anywho, scott is at

  10. Tanya

    Hey Matt,
    I haven’t been on your site in quite a while and I was just making sure you are still here. Obviously I am super glad that you are. I love love love that Animaniacs vid, that was one of my favorite shows when I was younger. Well, I’ll check back again sometime…see ya around.

  11. Roms

    Je suis français.
    Beaucoup de personne ont pu voir les vidéos de MATT à la TV française.
    Je pense qu’il sait vraiement éclaté.
    On attend d’autres vidéos.
    Jusqu’où vas-t-il aller?


  12. Roms

    Je suis français.
    Beaucoup de personne ont pu voir les vidéos de MATT à la TV française.
    Je pense qu’il sait vraiement éclaté.
    On attend d’autres vidéos.
    Jusqu’où vas-t-il aller?


  13. meme

    where in the world is…Matt?
    where’s Matt?
    how about… where on earth is Matt now?
    you are certainly not in Hell, so I don’t think that your website name is accurate or appealing to all. Surely you can come up with something creative and catchy sans the profanity. There is nothing wrong with having fun and spreading cheer while promoting wholesomeness.

  14. Harri

    Hey Matt!
    that is soo kool, your life seems great!
    That little film is quite catchy
    i love the dance you have it looks great
    when im older i want to travel the world just like you1
    :) nice to see your movie!
    Harri xx

  15. Angela

    Someday I want to see the whole world!!! I love your videos because they make me feel better about my dreams.

  16. Tit Petric

    Yugoslava long since split, leaving Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Monte negro, of which Slovenia, Croatia and Monte negro have already become popular turist destinations.

    There are also other countries in europe, too small to get on the map, like vatican for example. And if i saw correctly also a few other countries (litva, latvia, belarus).

    Was this cartoon made in the 80’s or 70’s? It seems.. ancient. Definetly needs to be updated :)

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