Seattle, Washington A Democratic Assessment of My Greatness

So Vh1 has decided I’m one of the "40 Greatest Internet Superstars."


How bout that?

They’re doing one of those talking head shows where comedians and other entertainers deliver bite-sized witticisms about subjects relevant to the aging youth of today. I’m as inexplicably riveted by those shows as pretty much everyone else I know, and — I say without sarcasm — I’m truly honored to be listed.

The Vh1 people came out a few weeks ago and turned my living room into a green screen studio so they could replace my badly-in-need-of-spackle walls with some snazzy internet-related background that upmarket adults aged 18 to 49 will find mesmerizing.


They made me up all pretty and I talked for a couple hours about most of the other videos on the list. It was a welcome alternative to talking about myself — which I’ve pretty much had enough of at this point.

Given the format of the show, my interview will probably be whittled down to about 3 seconds of bad Numa Numa impression.

So it goes.

But anyway, what I’m here to tell you is this: They’re letting people vote to determine the order of the list. You don’t have to register or give out your email address or any of that crap. You just look at the list and pick the one you like.

The reliability of the results is cast somewhat in doubt, as people are allowed to vote as many times as they want. I believe this is also how the next presidential election is going to work.

I’m not saying you’ve gotta vote for me or anything. There are a lot of heavyweights on the list, many of them far "greater" and more "super" than myself. But if you fancy it, I’m second to last on the ballot, all the way down at the bottom.

Once again, here’s that link.

49 Responses to Seattle, Washington A Democratic Assessment of My Greatness

  1. Kyal

    Good luck mate

    also i wondering if could help me a while ago when i was browsing the site i read up about a book reading you went to with your sister, but i cant find it anywher i was trying to remember the book as a gift for a friend whos into those kind of books so if you could give me the link or the name of the book that would be awsome :-)

    best wishes from Aus

  2. rob

    Matt, you’re first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of your countrymen. And the good Lord willin’, you’ll be first among the Internet celebs.

  3. Hey Matt,

    I was watching the Top 40 webjunk videos a few weeks ago (only caught the top 20) and was wondering if yours would pop up. Glad to see you are making the list; count on me for several votes.

  4. Rich

    I just voted for you. I have to agree you are up against some tough comp.!
    Chad Vader/Ask a Ninja/David
    Elsewhere/Evolution of Dance
    All worthy opponents…

  5. Arcelia

    Just wanted to let you know that you’ve got my vote many times over and I can’t wait until your new video comes out. I’ve been “following” you via the journal for a few weeks, and can’t wait to start traveling myself. I owe the inspiration all to you. Thanks!

  6. Good luck! Just gave you some votes since yours is the only video on that list that I’ve watched more than once (AND I love your blog). Hope you come in ahead of those Spongemonkeys at least! Ick.

  7. Doh! I just looked closely at the list, the Pachabel’s Canon kid and the Back Dorm Boys are on the list so I have to take my last comment back. Stiff competition indeed! (Will vote for you more than those other two though 😉

  8. Matt-best wishes to you. Can’t wait to see the new video project. Our 3-year-old fell in love with your original videos but hasn’t seen them in a couple months. Just yesterday (no kidding) out of the blue she asked “where’s dancing man?”.
    Today I can tell her that “dancing man will be right back.”
    Cheers from Minneapolis…you’ve got our vote.

  9. jdhosky

    You got my vote – several times. The marketing guy in me thinks that if you get your new video posted soon, it will drum up a lot of traffic, and result in more votes. To add on to the last post, my 20-month old grandson goes nuts over your videos, too. Hey, it just gives me an excuse to watch them again, and again, and again…

  10. Way to go Matt, thats awesome. How come your so cool and I’m a dork? Dammit to hell! I am going to do a dance to send to you. I have the whole thing planned, as long as I’m drunk enough, I’ll do it. Hey! Its not like that, sinner.

  11. Hi Matt, I saw you a few days ago when you participated in the GenX panel discussion at NATPE. It was a complete surprise seeing you there as you weren’t listed in the program guide. Anyway, just wanted to let you know it was a real pleasure getting to hear you speak about the growth and impact of homegrown web videos on popular culture. Your travel videos have been a real inspiration to myself and many others… keep up to good work!

  12. Dougie

    Great going Matt.
    I was in Seattle last year, great town. If you get the chance pop over to the Kangaroo and Kiwi Bar over on 73rd SE. Great place for a good beer and a good time.


  13. Cori

    Our local newspaper (Dresden/Germany) had an article about you just today and I watched your videos… like them a lot! Best wishes and continue having fun :o)

  14. I don’t know how I missed your work before now. Travel and dancing, two of my favorite things. My kids are enamored, my husband is making a list of places he’d like to travel with us and I’m spellbound by the beauty of the earth.

    Thanks for sharing your journeys.


  15. Iain Blake

    Dear Matt

    Just seen your video of you dancing around the world for the first time thought it was fantastic, a real feel good clip & makes you want to pack you suit case & go travelling! not sure about me dancing have 2 left feet, but maybe after a few beers. Good Luck mate!

    Iain London, England

  16. Alison Crawford


    Wow, ordinary people do amazing things everyday! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the evolution of dance, but this is cool. Most people just dream about doing what you have done. I am so pleased to see a well deserved spectacle made out of someone stepping outside of the box. As our culture becomes more obsessed with the “mannequins of celebrity”, we forget about the great things that are happening among the mere mortals. Go Matt!

    Alison, Maine

  17. Alex

    Hi Matt,

    thanks for this awesome video! Travelling and getting to know different cultures are among the greatest things on earth and you show it in a fantastic way.

    Enjoy your next trips and go on dancing!

    Paris, France

  18. Flagot

    Hi Matt,
    your clip was my favourite ever since i first saw it, is really cool. Am kind of wondering why you didn’t visit Ethiopia, hope u do it next time :)


  19. Ed Gowland


    As others have already said, you have produced a real “feel good” video. It makes me realize I need to get back in the travling groove. Thanks for producing the videos and sharing it with the world. You got my vote and I’m passing your site on to others asking them to consider voting for you too. Can’t wait for the next one. Best of luck!

  20. yndy


    I remember awe at the first video when I saw it awhile back… nice to see the second one as well.
    Good luck on the vote – you’ll get mine.
    And thanks for letting the rest of us share your journeys

  21. You had helped me out about a year ago with your two cents regarding the Trans-Siberian Train ticket situation. I ended-up spending 4 days swilling vodka with some Russian Special Forces fellas on the Irkutzk-Moscow leg. I did my best to thank you by spending a solid 40 minutes hunched over my laptop voting for your video. Gotta make your mark where you can. Good luck!

  22. Laura

    You Have A beutiful spirit. I am touched by your energy to fullfill a dream that everyone has but can not achieve. You are an inspiration to everyone to even get the smallest of tasks done on our everyday “to do” list. My sister has your video on her “MySpace”(she’s 32 and single loves to travel call me I can do the hook up he he!!!) When I saw that I just had to know more about this amazing person–You–!! And wow you are amazing. Keep it up, You rule the world.

  23. Thomas

    How are the maps created that show all the places you been and the connect the dots to show your travel direction?

    I know its google maps, but did you use a program for this?

  24. First: That was the best video I’ve ever seen. Everything about that, even the dancing, was incredible.

    Second: Do you think Stride gum would maybe buy me a house and a new camera if I asked nicely?

  25. Antonio

    Matt, thanks for this videos. You are the best. I hope to see him in Spain soon. I’m from Jerez de la Frontera.

  26. Tinna

    You sure got my attention with your dansing around the world:) Fun site and a brilliant idea of how to spend money. Not many people who get the change to visit so many places around the world and you are obviously having fun. I do recomend Cuba, it’s a must before Castro dies. Or are you americans not allowed over there…

    Anyhow have fun and I’ll continue to browse the site and looking forward to some more dansing;)
    Best wishes from freezing Iceland

  27. Susanna

    Matt, saw a short blurb on your dance video in National Geographic Traveler that just came out last week. They gave you an “A”.

  28. Bruna

    Hi! I am Brazilian, very interesting your job! Comes to Brazil! Is a place with beautiful beach and peoples. You have to come to brazil! Bye!


  29. Nick Bergeron

    yo man when i get outta college all give you a call to go travel the world, thats friggen awsome your my idol man.

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