Seattle, Washington Prepare to Have Your Expectations Managed

One year ago today, in Kaikoura, New Zealand, this happened:


But that’s not what I’m writing to talk about.

I’m writing because of a slight delay to the release of the outtakes video I mentioned a couple posts back. It’s done. I’m very happy with how it turned out and I’m really eager to show it, but we’ve decided to sit on it for a little while for reasons I can’t get into.

I hate to be coy. And really, I do. Coy does not come naturally for me. Still, I must attempt to approximate.

So check back in early March…oh, say, the 8th or so. I should have something for you around then.

In the meantime, here’s a dumb thing that happened a couple weeks back. No one seems to find it funny but me, so mock if you must. You are not alone.

I’m actually reluctant to post stuff like this…well, I’m actually reluctant to post much of anything…for fear of the slings and arrows awaiting the instant the dancing guy steps out and does something new. Now, for heaven’s sake, that video above is not an attempt to recapture former "viral video" glory. It’s not an attempt at anything. But dollars to doughnuts, someone is going to say "Nice try, buddy. Your 15 minutes are up."

There is that contingent.

And when I post the outtakes in a few weeks, there’ll be those that say it’s not as good as the previous video.

…well, of course it’s not as good. That’s why it’s called the out-takes. It’s the stuff I took out. I decided it’s interesting in its own right and for the folks who are curious to see a bit more, there it is.

And there’ll be those who are done with the concept altogether. "What? He’s still clinging to that schtick? I have moved on. I am far more interested in Justin Timberlake putting his genitals in a box."

My thing is a very simple idea taken to an extreme. It’s a nursery rhyme melody with lots of variations. Some, I hope, will enjoy the new variations, but others are going to respond by unleashing the black sludge inside them.

I’m prepared for that. And, I suppose, I want to announce that it’s anticipated in the hopes that it’ll dissuade some from bothering.

I’m trying to let go of this feeling of expectation. It’s unpleasant.

The thing is, I still like watching the dancing videos. And I enjoy making them even more. I feel like there’s more that’s worth doing with the idea and I’m looking forward to getting started. Yeah, I have other stuff I’d like to do, but this thing has become a big part of my life and I want to finish it properly.

I don’t think it’s finished yet.

Okay, I’ve pretty much thrown "coy" out the window. I’m closer to "emo" at this point. Things aren’t really that gloomy. They’re fairly delightful, actually. This is just where I purge and those thoughts have been swirling in my head.

I’ve been playing a lot of 360 lately. This Xbox Live thing is fascinating — where you’ve got a microphone and a videocamera so you can hear and see random strangers from all over the place while you play games with them. The only problem is it’s only as good as the people you meet, and on Xbox Live the lowest common denominator is lower than I could have imagined.

If more than half the words in your vocabulary aren’t racial slurs or euphamisms for homosexuality, drop me a line. I’m "BadDancer."

I’m also quite fond of my Wii, but the online component is so weak I won’t even bother transcribing my 16-digit identification number — as fun as it is to transcribe 16-digit identification numbers.

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  1. jdhosky

    The suspense is killing me, too. Just remember that it is only a tiny number of morons who feel like they have to spew the “black sludge” everytime they want and end up pissing on things that the majority of us enjoy. Please keep doing what you’re doing, don’t worry about the “slings and arrows”, and remember that your fanbase outnumbers your naysayers by at least 20 to 1. Go Matt!!!

  2. I’ll be looking forward to the new videos.
    Actually, I wondered if you enjoyed the videos as much as the rest of us. I’m glad to find out you do.
    It’s funny that the “black sludge” is a problem, but it is. Not like they have to pay anything for them. They are just losers with nothing better to do. I guess that is what it really takes to be successful and do something new. Not listening to the naysayers and doing it anyway.
    Keep it up.

  3. kyal

    If my feet wer made of broccili i would rule the world!!

    i like ur stuff so do alot of people i know and if u enjoy it nothing else matters,

    and if they do harass u just forward me ther e-mail address and il give them more spamm than Oprah can eat in a week!!

    Kyal out.

  4. I would have thought that a guy who has traveled the world over (dancing like a lunatic) would have a less apologetic approach to his body of work.

    You rock! Who cares about the sludge slingers? You’re the effing DANCING AROUND THE WORLD GUY!

    Who can predict which moment of silliness will lead to your next great thing?!

    Don’t hold back. Please. These are troubling times. We need you.

  5. Rich

    I really like you Matt. You’re a breath of fresh air. :)
    Of course I’ll be interested in seeing your outtakes. I won’t compare them either, I’ll look at them in their own right.
    People seems to have enjoyed your presentation videos… I’m one of them.

  6. I’ll be happy to see the new video regardless.
    You’re an awesome guy, I say, and have certainly enlightened me to a lot of things just through this blog.

    If I can ever get around to signing up for a proper XBox Live membership on my 360, I’ll check in with ya. Plus, I’d be happy to know what your Wii code is, since the online component is slowly developing… that is, if you can stomach copying down the ridiculous 16 digit thing!

    Best of luck in everything. :)

  7. Stephan


    The bunch of guys who keep reading this blog of yours probably fall into two categories:
    – People who just discovered your video and wish to drop a line (probably a minority at this point)
    – People who liked your video enough to come back and check regularly what you’re up to.

    Mud slingers type of people probably don’t even read this blog.

    The thing is, I came for the video and I stayed for the humorous depiction of what it is you’re doing.
    I liked the videos a whole lot, and still do. But if the new one doesn’t ring the same as the other two, I’ll just think “the older ones were more fun” and that’s it… I’ll keep on reading 😉

    At this point there’s probably a ton of people who stick around just for the amusement of reading the blog of a guy who happens to have released a video.

    Side question: how did the coin experiment go? Which fell first? 😉

  8. Yeah yeah, 16 digit is too much, but I’ve played some xbox and got disgusted by it. I still don’t know my 16 foocking numbers (haven’t played a lot, i’m traveling and bought the wii on the way, in the only store where I found it, so it is a little bit heavier to travel but anyways it is a Wii) so if you decide to type ypur 16 digits i’ll contact you when I get home.
    About the new video, I must say I’m really looking forward to see it but even though I’m really open to new stuff I find it hard to beat the happiness that the Stride video makes me feel.
    Keep going on, I believe it is good that you blog what you do (like going to supermarket or any other curious things that may happen on it) cause it shows that you’re as human as we are. just a normal guy that danced all over the world.

  9. Catherine

    You’re featured, I would say prominently, in the new BNL video. That’s fantastic! (and evidence “forever” of how you don’t hate les Canucks)

    link to

    (Unrelated: Maybe I missed something, but Wii and 360, but no PS3?)

  10. jdhosky

    I just watched the BNL video, and it is great. No doubt our boy Matt is one of the featured performers (along with the Numa Numa guy). Is this what you’ve been waiting for to release your new video? Is part of the BNL concert in which you danced in your video, too? Where else will you pop up?

  11. Desiree Bennett

    I was just exposed to “Dancing” about 1/2 hour ago. Late? Yes. As usual. I don’t feel like emailing or placing my comments in the appropriate box so I shall just puke them all up on here. God love the internet.

    Yes, Totem Lake Mall is definitely a doorway to hell. I met the most depressed Santa Clause there once a few years back. I’ll never forget that experience. It sorta rocked me to my core. Santa’s aren’t supposed to exude waves of depression like that! I shudder to think about all the children he effected. Sort of Stephen King like experience, it was. Anyway…

    BTW, Why are you dancing in front of broken down cars in Guam? (rhetorical) Is it because there are like 50 cars per capita (I may be exaggerating a bit, but not by much) and there’s nowhere to put them when they break down?

    I’ve been to Guam. Gorgeous place, besides the broken down cars.

    Thank you for brightening up what had started as an otherwise uninteresting day.

    Have a good… day/week/year/life.
    Keep Dancing.



  12. Somewhere along the way (maybe here) I caught this quote from Doctor Seuss. I try to view everything I do and say from this perspective. Seuss just distilled the sentiment better than anyone else:

    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

  13. I still watch the dancing videos at least once per week to feel good about the world again. I watch those and a video of a kangaroo beating up an Australian mascot. No, I don’t know what that says about me.

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to be scrutinized by so many people, but you seem to handle it well. At least from what you’re willing to post in your blog.

    Unfortunately we live in a world full of people eager to bring down anyone within striking distance. Just remember “Dim your light, and the whole world grows darker.”

    I hope you keep dancing. :)

  14. Quin Boreen

    Hey Matt, just saw your video today, really something incredible! Funny as hell, so keep up the good work! My entire family is from Seattle, so its cool to be away from home at college and see stuff coming out of there.

  15. kef

    You rock, Matt. Don’t listen to anyone who says you don’t. If they don’t like your videos, that’s their loss, and we can all laugh at them for it.

  16. Dear Matt,

    I realy enjoy your ’round the world escapeds! I hope to one day traval to every state in the US and also various countries in the world, you’ve realy inspired me.

    You should come to Harpers Ferry West Virginia!

    Looking forward to the release of your uut takes next month.

    ummm… visit my journal and leave a comment?



  17. Amy

    Hey – Count me in with the “late to the club” group. Discovered your video by way of a friend about a week before I left for Europe for the first time (1 week of business, 1 week of pleasure). I’m painfully jealous of all of the awesome things you got to experience and see on your trips. What a wonderful opportunity!

    Ignore the nay sayers. You can’t please anyone all the time, but trust me when I say a lot of people continue to be fascinated by your videos and your blog. Send whatever you have our way and we’ll definately continue to watch and read!

  18. You know, I just want to say that what you’re doing is awesome, and you seem to have quite a delicious sense of humor. Love the videos, and I’d get in touch on xbox live if I could, haha.

    I just commented you on youtube as well.

  19. Lori Baker

    I just saw your video for the first time! Thank you so much, it was very inspiring and something I will watch daily! I’m also going to send it around to my 40+ crowd (okay, so some of us are closer to 50 and darned proud of it!) BNL video is very good too. I will watch your video on a daily basis…good work!

  20. sueper

    Hi Matt
    From another 40+ bod (46)
    I came across your vid a very long time ago and found it very cheering, after many attacks of the blue screen of death and almost as many reinstalls I lost you :O(
    I happily just found you again (blessings of stumble upon lol)
    Keep on trucking pal enjoy what your doing cos I sure enjoy watching.

  21. Just thought I’d say, I’ve been watching your videos for a few months. I’m not sick of them yet, so keep doing whatever it is you do to be creative. Your videos reminded me how much I love to love travel. I’ve been to Guatemala twice and Canada once since seeing them. Thank you.

  22. Ash

    oh my gosh!!that video with the coins was so funny even though i didn’t get it!!i think dancing is cool and i hope u have fun!!

  23. I like you.

    I mean, I like the internet you. You could be annoying in real life, but its cool. I’ll never meet you so I’ll always like you.

    Neat how that works out.
    That’s all.

  24. Rob

    The Coin Experiment video made me laugh. OK, not at first. However, it got me when you fell and everyone was obviously caught be surprise.

    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Hi Matt,

    It was interesting to find that the girl singing on the video is from the Solomon Islands. You never did get there (a pain and a lot of Malaria), but I lived there for over a year. I have been to Malaita, and even know some people form the Fataleka region of the island.

    Next time you’re out, you should go there, although there really isn’t anything to do.

    Keep dancin’

  26. debra

    Hi Matt:

    Just do what you want to do with no regret and who cares what other people think 😀
    People who love you will still love you and people who don’t…well, who care about them? you have the time of your life. 😛

    Your videos are great! Keep up the good works.

  27. the dude

    A little bit ironic or something: you left a job at a gaming company and traveled the world. Now you’re posting about gaming. Kinda full circle.

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