Seattle, Washington Deep Breath…Counting to Ten

No video today.

A bit frustrating.

Beyond my control.

Very sorry.

I realize how silly this must seem.

Hopefully Monday.

13 Responses to Seattle, Washington Deep Breath…Counting to Ten

  1. Amber

    My mother used to tell me anticipation of an event is half the fun of the whole thing. Wow this is a lot of fun!

  2. Rob

    Well, I guess world peace will just have to wait a few days more. Oh wait, this isn’t about world peace? Then with a little luck we’ll manage to keep our disappointment in perspective. And Matt, since this was always a self-imposed deadline, you shouldn’t feel too badly about it. Early next week will be copacetic.

  3. Rich

    It’s not serious dude… When it’s done, we’ll see it. Look how late Diablo 2 was… :p

  4. Laura

    Lame! No, I’m only kidding! I’m just excited to see the video! take your time and we’ll see it when we do! Either way, we’ll all like it! ^.^

  5. Hi Matt
    I have seen that you have not been in Spain! My country!! When do you visit us?

    The most famous sapanish’s cities are Madrid and Barcelona but I recommended you Granada, Canary Island and all north region too (Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria…)

    Every tourist think that Spain is the country with the best food in all over the world!!!

  6. Hey Matt,

    It’s about the fourth time that someone has emailed me your website, so I thought I’d write and say hi, I feel like I know you by now! I remember you had some problems when dancing in Greece :p Ah well, I guess no place is perfect hehehe!!!
    If you haven’t already, check out this fantastic website, Yep I know you have a chewing-gum company sponsor or something, but this might be interesting.
    Next time you are around drop an email…

  7. Sweden

    I would just like to have your email Matt :), the link aint really working for me would be more then happy if you could help me out

  8. Darryl Fleetwood

    You are my hero! Thank you for this video. It has inspired me. And I dont care what anyone says, Your dancing is awesome!

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