Seattle, Washington Dancing Outtakes

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  1. jdhosky

    This is a scream!!! You know, I wondered if dancing on the Kjeragbolten was a good idea, especially if you are afraid of heights, but dancing on the LA highway, now THAT was dumb! Great outtakes video, keep up the good work. What could possibly be next?

  2. Anonymous

    that is so not danc’n it looks like a home made tread system over and over again……
    are you happy? because know one can tell any difference from one country or adventure to the next! nothing changed! but knowing that your fine is all that matters ,I guess……

  3. Yankee in Perth

    I’d love to dance with you in your next video. You coming to Perth?

    Hey man, the music rocks! Is it an original score?

    Cheers man.

  4. Hi Matt, I loved your vids.. each time I feel good after seeing your vids. Pretty sad when you had missed my country (Singapore).. Anyway if you intend to come to Singapore, I would be glad to show you around for your filming. * Could I dance with you if you do come? haha*
    I had included your journal into my blog, to remind me of your great expedition

  5. Amy

    WONDERFUL! It was very worth the wait, I tell everyone I meet about your site. It always puts a smile on my face :) THANKS!

  6. Fran Rodas

    Hey Matt, I am very fun of you!!!! came to the south of spain and I will show you a lot of beautifull places to dance, like beaches, caves, montains and turistics places.
    you will enjoy it a lot! and me to!
    waiting for your visit

  7. Hey i’m the guy who made the shitty response to your video which didn’t go down too well with your fans :P, but still, your videos are absolutely amazing and if you want to visit newcastle upon tyne then you’d be more than welcome. You can dance and get eggs chucked off you and more. Fun eh? Keep up the good work, maybe i’ll see you in newcastle some time hah.
    Good luck,

  8. Stefan

    Come to Switzerland and dance on the Matterhorn! I actually live wayyy down south in Switzerland, but the Mattahorn would be cool!

  9. Tom G

    Hey Stefan i had the same idea :) I am not from Switzerland but i was some years ago on the Klein Matterhorn i think this would be a great place to dance.

  10. Anna

    Hi Matt!! WOW! It is just -WOW! Your film made me and my friend smile on our faces! Take your ass and come to us -POLAND! We will show you aroud (Tatra Mounatain, Kraków…) and dance of course!We also love traveling ;).Take care!

  11. polo

    What a fantastic trip… But how many shoes did you use???
    So it was a very good and pleasant idea. You’re so lucky to do all these travels.
    Thanks a lot for all your pictures..
    And perhaps you’ll comme in my town one day in the french Jura near Genova..

  12. Anna

    Hi Matt! WOW! It is justWOW! Your film made me and my friends smile on our faces! It’s wery optymistic. Take your ass and come to POLAND:)! We will show you aroud (Tatra Mountain, Kraków….) and dance with you of course:). Take care

  13. Acc

    after seeing you’re vids I bought a pack of stride, its a cool flip-down container, and the flavors last like and hour more than the leading brand :)

    all I chew now is stride

  14. Ok so I just spent a few hours watching your videos and lecture…. I’m beyond jealous, which you have heard before, but I can’t not say it. I’m sure you are counting your blessings because you have a lot of them. Take care on your next trip! Maybe we will see you….

  15. I really enjoyed the video, man. Especially loved the ending, as cruel as that may sound. But hey, I didn’t make it. lol
    Anyway, I really hope you swing by Louisiana, dude. That’d be sweet.

  16. john

    all i have to say is that this has been a great inspiration too me, i have had the same desire to travel the world,.and that there is soo much more out there, then where u live. thank you for the entertainment and inspiration.

  17. BP

    I read about you in “Viagem e Turismo” a Brazilian Magazine and whatching you dancing in all those marvelous places is just incredible. Inprove in your steps to dance with the Samba Girls and at the Cristo Redentor Statue. You have talent. Very well done the videos and the background song is great. Congratulations

  18. Kris Bradley

    You must be one of the luckiest people in the world! You’ve gone to so many of the places that I’d love to see. Did you actually get to see the mountain gorillas in Africa?
    Can’t wait to see the new video and all the places you go.
    Be careful and have fun!!

  19. Good choices in editing. I think the final version has the right feel. Its funny though to see the outtakes. I like how it took a while to get the children in Rwanda to get the final shot right. They were too interested in the camera itself.

    I really like this concept for a video because it is a good example of how big the world really is and how many people are in it. I really don’t like the saying “Its a small world”. Its not a small world, people just don’t get around much.

  20. Maria

    Matt, Wot a joy! No one could fail to smile at your dancing style. Why didn’t I think of it, I’d love someone to pay me for doing a silly dance in the most extraordinary locations around the world. Doh. Have fun and if in Nice, France, I’ll do a jig with you. Maria

  21. Marcello

    Hi, your video is wonderful and really touching! Italy is missing! if you decide to come in Naples tell me!

  22. Filipe


    I’m from Portugal too.


    You’re in my best of the internet selection. Whenever I need something to cheer me up I just watch your videos. 😉

    You’re almost as bad as I am when it concerns dancing…

  23. Tayon

    Hi Matt!!
    Continue your travel across the world you make so many people believe about their dream!


  24. Sebastien

    Hi Matt!!
    Thank you so much for the big smile your videos put on my face!! It’s a bit of happiness that you are sharing with us all. Thank to Stride gum as well to help you and make us all smile at the same time!
    You should come and dance in Montreal next time, i’ll hold your camera!!
    Thanks again! :)

  25. Priscilla-MG-Brazil

    Hello Matt!
    Amazing your video!!!Really enjoyed it!
    A challenge:I wanna see you dancing ‘samba’ in Brazil,ok?! 😉
    I’ll be waiting…

  26. Sherry Lepore

    This is a great job. The places you get to dance at, the people that you get to meet, SWEET
    I look forward to seeing you on Dancing With The Stars!!
    Be Safe and Get Jiggy Wit It

  27. Ian

    Nice vids! I’m sure the kids in Rwanda loved that and would like it again. Try to give some other poor African kids a smile.
    See if you can get to Canada some time. Good work!

  28. ico

    se vieni a ballare su ROMA sarei felice di ospitarti….infondi grande allegria grande gioia grande serenità e tanto sorriso a chi guarda i tuoi video…..
    il genio in fondo cosè, è follia è intuizione è velocità d’azione…
    buona vita amico mio è continua a ballare in eterno..

  29. Bryan

    I always cry with a smile when I watch your videos – it might be just the music that does it to me, but the video just makes me think of the many ways this earth can be connected in happiness and that makes it so emotional to watch. Thanks!

  30. Peven Ariola

    come to fresno or something that will be the best thing to happen here in a long time at bullard high school

  31. Christine Hollywood

    I first watched the video at work…during lunch…having a STRESS filled day…and it made me smile so much (especially seeing the happy children dancing) that I wasnt’ so stressed out anymore…so…I had my family watch it as well…they loved it too. It just makes you feel good….thank you.

  32. Might I recommend the appalacians? There very beutiful if you go over skyline drive. very beuitful indeed. Anyway, thanks for changing my life…I think americans should get out more to.

  33. Nagasyari

    Hey matt. Excellent Video.. Here are some photography tips to get that penguin shot..
    Move closer and down to earth to one of the penguin.. So the subject become larger while you dance somewhere at the distant background.
    Experiment the angle around to get a good compostition. You can do this to almost any small subject that you want people to focus on (instead of your excellent dance moves hehe ^_^ ) . keep Up the good work! Oh and thanks for comming to Brunei!

  34. M.P.

    Loved your vid. Come to Canada. There are lots of fantastic places to dance here from coast to coast.

  35. Ansley, Nicky and Sabrina DeDomenico


    I think it is amazing that you get to travel around the world. I love your dancing even though you think it’s bad.
    Ansley DeDomenico age 11
    Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences

    I bet I could beat you at a staring contest. It’s awesome you make video games.
    Nicky DeDomenico age 8
    Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences

    Did you go to Tibet? I liked your video. You are great
    Sabrina DeDomenico age 7
    Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences

    Thank you for sharing your adventures, they made me smile.
    You should come dance in Santa Fe.

    Laurie DeDomenico
    Mom of the above three children

  36. Baptista

    Hi from Portugal, I always love your vids, keep on the good work and make sure to visit me sometime!

  37. Núria , Catalonia (SPAIN)

    One day I want to be like your! It’s really incredible! You know every place of the land, every paradise … it’s amazing!!!

  38. cg

    Heyyyy! Awesome video to watch. I have shared this with many people. I can’t believe you came to New Zealand! It’s one of the best places in the world to dance a jig like Matt’s funky moves! Go Matt go!

  39. Pamela

    I love your sense of humor, and your quite the dancer! *giggles* I thought the best part was you dancing with the lil’ ones. They seemed to really enjoy the time you spent with them. It’s wonderful that you’re going to do another video based around that theme. Oh, by the way – it ROCKS that you write video games hehe…I must admit, I’m an avid MMO player. (I know, I know- I’ma closet dork lol..) So if you’re ever anywhere near Oklahoma City, I’d be honored to get some friends together and dance! LOL

  40. Rich

    Outstanding video Matt! The little comments were priceless and it made the “outtakes” just right. A masterpiece once again!

    All the best,


    Now to go fill out the “dance with me” form. :)

  41. T. Griffin

    Hi Matt! I really enjoy watching your travels! Dancing with the kids from Africa and seeing all their smiles is worth more than $. Just when I thought Google Earth was cool, it’s nice to see someone arriving in all these places that many only wish they could see. You have given me an idea for our family videos even if we only travel within the U.S. Keep up the good work stay safe and please be careful on items such as boulders that nature has placed in odd places!

  42. Hey Matt.
    Wow. This video made me so happy. I’ve watched it thrice times already! You mentioned your favorite time dancing was with the kids in Rwanda, that was the most enjoyable part for me to watch. Thank-you for making this video. You are incredibly neat. True Story. I am pretty excited, I am starting my travel this August in Russia.

  43. Anonymous

    We are waiting for you in Pamplona, Spain, on 7-14 of july in the incredible feast of Sanfermin!!! Don´t you know the running of the bulls…?

  44. HI there Matt.

    What a Wonderful idea dancing around the world. Thank you very much for bringing joy to the world. I got an idea for you too.

    You can dance in SPACE! ZERO GAVITY. You need no astronaut experiences and you will lose weight the fun way. I think you can board these zero gravity planes in both Russia and the Usa.

    Read more about it here. USA for astronaunts.

    link to

    And here you can be a Cosmonaunt for one day.Zerogravity Russia.

    link to

    So I hope to see you in dancing in SPACE and ZERO GRAVITY sooner or later

    Bon voyage, have fun and rock on.
    1 2 3 4 Let’s all dance:-) Vicz X

  45. Anonymous

    You HAVE to come to Jackson,New Jersey!!
    There is nothing AMAZING about Jackson
    it would be cool if you danced
    With my sister’s Performing Arts school
    and the whole scool (about 126)
    people would dance with you,
    they usually do stuff like that.
    IT would be aweome,
    but there school is in Lakehust, New Jersey.

    One last thing
    you could dance on Nitro,Medusa,or Superman
    (rollor costers)
    it would be great
    I love your videos
    they are so funny!
    Come to Jackson!

  46. Anonymous

    You HAVE to come to New Jersey!!
    (in the U.S.A)
    It would be cool if you danced
    with my sister’s Performing Arts school
    and the whole scool (about 126 people)
    would dance with you,
    they usually do stuff like that.
    It would be awesome
    there school is in Lakehust, New Jersey.
    One last thing
    you could dance by Kingda Ka
    (the tallest and fastest rollor coster ever)
    in Six Flags Great Adventure!(Jackson, NJ)
    it would be great
    I love your videos
    they are so funny!
    Come to Jackson, New Jersey!(=

  47. Anonymous

    You HAVE to come to New Jersey!!
    (in the U.S.A)
    It would be cool if you danced
    with my sister’s Performing Arts school
    and the whole scool (about 126 people)
    would dance with you,
    they usually do stuff like that.
    It would be awesome
    there school is in Lakehust, New Jersey.
    One last thing
    you could dance by Kingda Ka
    (the tallest and fastest rollor coster ever)
    in Six Flags Great Adventure!(Jackson, NJ)
    it would be great
    I love your videos
    they are so funny!
    Come to Jackson, New Jersey!(=

  48. Helen T

    Matt… you are a legend!

    I want to tell all my geog pupils about you!!!!

    You MUST go to iceland… fantastic. Come and see me in Scotland too! I can’t dance very well but I know a man who’d make you look good!

  49. You dancin’ fool, you!! I think you should see how many people will dance w/you, like the kiddos in Rwanda!! Keep travelin!!
    ..zI am going to Alaska in Aug…you have inspired me to dance!!…

  50. Nathaniel

    Awesome!!!! Are you planning to do it in Saudi Arabia? Jeddah is the city. Lots of nice places here and pretty interesting people. I’m from the Philippines anyway :)

  51. mariam

    Wow, I wish I could do that, but hey, I’m only 13 and I’m broke, so thats a problem.
    Make another one!!

  52. Dick Granite

    What kind of shoes were you wearing in the Dancing Outakes video and where can I buy them?

  53. Dick Granite

    What kind of shoes were you wearing in the Dancing Outakes video and where can I buy them?

  54. Richard

    Hi Matt, great video love the dancing and the afican kids joining in.

    Places I would love to see you dance are Zimbabwe, Iraq, Iran and Afganistan. Try get some cool explosions in the background. :-) Take care

  55. tips

    Great dancer!!
    You ‘ve just forgoten belgium! come and dance in Liège!
    Keep dancing everywhere!

  56. We need a video of you dancing on a Comfy Sack from ComfySacksdotcom. Any chance a video game nerd like yourself would be intersted in doing this?

  57. Andrea P.

    Matt, you rock!!

    When are you coming to Brazil to dance a little samba with us? Keep dacing budy …

  58. andy

    I think what your doing so really awsome. Me and my girlfriend love watching your videos. We go to frostburg and there is this really cool spot up here in the mountains that might be cool for your shoot. There is a mountain peak that allows you to see three states from the top. I could send you pics if your interested. Also, I was wondering what the song is that plays throughout your 2006 video. Well good luck and keep up the dancing.

    Andy from Maryland

  59. Hey matt. I live in seattle too and in your next video it would be cool if you could dance at the Woodland Park Zoo or Discovery Park. That would be tight! Or the Space Needle.

  60. Debbie

    My family and I LOVE watching you! Even my small kids get up and dance… You’ve done a great thing here.
    Any chance we could change it to “heck” for the many kids that like to watch?
    Just a thought….
    Keep up the fun! You bring joy to people’s lives!

  61. Haz

    It’s times when I see just utterly awesome videos like this that it reminds me how much cool stuff there is in the world. We get so many awful, unwanted visuals in our face on a daily basis these days, it’s nice to take a time out and just enjoy the beauty of the world. Good work man, I’d love to see more.

  62. Tim

    Keep up the good work. I would soak Stride Gum for as long as possible to travel for free. I’m pretty sure everyone all around the world is 100% jealous but thats life. Keep traveling!!

  63. meadowmuffin

    Your vids make me smile each time I watch them. I like them so much I ripped them to my PC & show everyone. Some just don’t get it :(
    I found that those who don’t like them are not animal lovers. Then I tell them I just don’t get them either. A different breed all together. Keep havin’ FUN ☺

  64. Charles


    Your video is such an inspiration to me. Since I can remember my one true dream has been to see the world. To explore, learn, and grow by traveling the far corners on the planet. I’ve tried finding many ways in doing so but it is difficult because I just cannot find the expenses to cover it. I’d do anything to travel because it’s truly my call in life. How did you get to so many places? What is it that you’re doing so right?! It’s surreal what you have seen and I truly mean this when i say it: You have lived my dream.

    [email protected]

  65. Just love it…

    Been dancing in the weardest places myself with my boyfriend… mmm…maybe we should start recording it?! :o)

    Make sure you don’t miss out on Mozambique when you’re so close… It is wonderful – go and relax in Tofo, but make sure you’ll leave again… it’s very easy to get stuck there (some of the world’s most amazing diving) and make even surer that you take those Malaria pills… this is the only place I REALLY REALLY recommend it….

    Travel safe… and keep on dacin’

  66. Bina

    Hey Matt!
    My French teacher had her brother come talk to my class about his year-long journey around the world with his wife. They were so jealous that they didn’t think to film themselves dancing everywhere they went before you thought of it, but you should check out their site They have some cool pictures.

  67. Satü

    Terveiset from Finland!
    It would be really nice if you came to Finland sometime! I could dance with you with no-problem!

  68. Hey! I love the video. GREAT song.. You should use a tripod and a “film camera” and this would be my alltime favorite music video.. great feeling thruought the whole video!

  69. Birdsong

    Love you’re stuff. The music fits everything perfectly. Oh the scenery…

    I doubt you’ll come visit around the United States much (i’m just outside Atlanta, Ga). Heh, that’d be cool if you did a dance at the fox theater.

    Anyway keep on keeping on (how do you afford all this? and how much does stride pay?)

  70. tidiman07

    Hey matt, great job man. We really do have a great planet and people never appreciate it, including me.
    btw, much love for checking out Botswana; Home Sweet Home.

  71. Laughed so hard, I was crying!!

    People were recommending this on the boards at Bootsnall.

    I’m now going to email this to all my friends!

  72. chris

    you have the coolest life!!! youre like the real indiana jones! you play video games all over the world and get to make people laugh by dancing how cool is that!! i want to be just like that!!!!

  73. JJ

    Perfect scene with the kids dancing!! It realy almost made me cry…
    Come to dance in Brasil, folk!!
    You will be “bem vindo”!



  74. Anna

    this is so great! come dance in Israel! this is such a cool idia, i wish i coul’d do it too! Matt you are so lucky!!!!


  76. Gibby

    Some people dance to see, others dance to be seen. You dance so others may see. Good medicine Matt.

  77. Patto

    Someone sent me the link to your outtakes video, with the comment ‘whenever I’m down I watch this. It never fails’. Since then I have done the same. He was dead right :) Thanks

  78. Leathers

    Loved it !!!!
    Thank you Matt
    Keep on Dancing !!!!
    I think I will do the same, starting in my lil home town in Va
    thanks for the idea.

  79. Ed

    Your outtakes are one of the most entertaining videos I have ever seen. Happy, well-produced, action-filled and obviously very funny to participants (except Greek officials!). Many thanks for sharing.

  80. Kris

    Maine would also be a great place to come and dance. :-) We’d love to have you here. I think you’re officially one of my favorite people ever. We have similar senses of humor, so you’re rank right up there with the funniest I’ve ever read, also.

    Dance, boy, Dance!

  81. from FIN

    i liked that movie, but it came in to my mind how can you afford those trips? it would be an honour to meet Matt and if he would come to Finland it would be very exciting.

  82. dionna

    hey. yeah. i just came across your outtakes video on you tube or something like that, and i have to say that i am mighty impressed by this matt character. i am also a resident of fremont, and find this whole social experiment to be pretty much my favorite thing right now. i am pretty sure if matt wants another location to dance, my coffee shop would do the trick. it’s just right down the street on leary. alright. have an awesome day.

  83. mary

    hey matt. I found your video on utube by accident. It made me smile and boy did I need a smile that day. Just wanted to say thanks. Saw you on the Today Show and searched for your website. Found it. If you are ever in South Florida, I’ll dance with you (badly, but I’ll dance). Thanks again for sharing your experiences and incredible footage.

  84. Finn

    wow! just wow! watching that makes me smile! those African cids were cute :DD by the way, have you ever danced in Finland? if you’re not, you should! ;D keep up the good work!

  85. Michelle

    I have never been to the places you describe but now I feel as if I am a little closer. Thank you for keeping life in perspective and showing us all that it can be done.
    Viva la danse!!

    ps- there are the cutest kids here in Vancouver BC, Canada and they love having their pics taken too…come up!!!
    You’re so close!!!

  86. Andy

    Hi Matt,
    great video man!
    I was laughing my head off!
    Who is your sponsor man? Send him over to me :)
    I’m Belgian by the way and in Brussels is a little statue called “Manneken Pis”,
    Why not go dance there! If you do don’t hazzitate to contact me!
    Best regards, Andy.

  87. Jackie

    Sheer delight—the “serious” versions, as well as the outtakes! Thanks for sharing all these places and people with those of us who haven’t gotten to see them all-YET!!!

  88. Elvis
  89. Caulibeam

    Man matt you came to singapore to dance in front of a traffic light ^^”

    but yea.. in singapore.. thats about all you can see mostly ^^

    hope you drop by sg again (somewhere nicer this time)

    on a side note: you are totally awesome

    Cheers and enjoy travelling

  90. matt

    all i want to say is that my name is matt and l looked on google and i saw this website and cliked on it and looked at the first viddio and i thort it roked and i could not stop lafing at it.
    i think it roks
    and i put it on my
    favroties list
    from matt
    (i am 10)

  91. matt
  92. Flávia Garcia

    Pretty! The best video that see in my life! It comes to dance in BRAZIL!
    I only know Salar Uyuni… but one day I will dance like you!
    I’m your admirer!

    Amazing! Muy Hermoso! Muito lindo!

  93. Arren Pineda

    first I have to say that I really enjoyed watching your videos. some of the places really wowed me especially salar de Uyuni Bolivia. If your going to do another video may I come along? We could go to the Philippines and dance near the rice terraces. Have a good day and I hope you find a job you feel comfortable with.

  94. Nicola

    Hi Matt,
    Youre really cool man!!
    Hoping to see you dance in Ayers Rock center of Australia!! hehehe
    Anyway keep up the good work, what you are doin is simply amazing, i wish i could see all those places, i love to travel, i’ll thing about doin the same thing as you, quitting my stupid job and just enjoying life with taveling around the globe.
    Our earth is the most beautiful place we could ever live!!!!
    See ya!!!

  95. Lol

    Excellent dancing in Rwanda.
    I am still wondering where is the most unexpected place you’ve done your dancing without your video. Prison maybe?

    Keep the rythm…

    PS: What are you doing in Haute Picardie all the time? Try Corsica next time. You also have a few trains there for your French train tuch and it is very nice place.

  96. I’m so… You know, these videos are awesome!! This is the best souvenir from around the World trip!! I would like to invite to Poland, to Poznan , maybe when you will go there write me immediately, so than i can meet with You, and we will dance together :) But You know, Polish people are very pleasant, so if choose the Old Square, Liberty Palace or Malta resort – it will be great!! COME TO POLAND !!!

    Take care and keep dancing!!

  97. Cindy

    I just discovered your website last week and love what you are doing. I did not know about Stride gum before you but I saw it yesterday and bought one package for 94 cents to help keep your trips going! Tell the powers that be to keep funding you since their marketing works!! Wish I could go along.

  98. Zdzisiek

    Jesteś do dupy!!! żeby być w Europie a nie zachaczyć i Poland!!!! kiepski jesteś… POZDRAWiAM! z POLSKI łosiu…

  99. Nitika

    Hey Matt…
    Lovely video and great background music…(is it an orignal song?? And which language is it in ?? )

    Glad to know U visited India… But do come here again…There is a lot more to it than Delhi, Taj Mahal and the Bengal jungles…

    Warm Regards

  100. ross2000

    Really wonderfull Matt!

    What a pleasant idea. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA
    I really enjoyed watching your videos!


    From Spain. ross2000

  101. Edo

    Can it get any weirder?Perhaps cause I understand President Bush his watch got stolen In Albania ..

  102. Justin

    Hey Matt, i saw you on belgian TV – Plug TV and i’m sure that your dance will be the new summer dance, even more popular than the makarena 😀 .. continue to do this and because it’s so funny. Have fun

  103. mauricio

    hey matt!!!
    I´d like to do something like that!!! it´s very funny.

    all that travels was amazing, ooh! I hope do that some day,…I´m a little tired in my job;… the office, the home, the office the home… etc, etc, all the days are the same.

    Matt! congratulations! and please come to Colombia, here is quiet,sure!! Don´t you worry about nothing.

    you have to come!!!

    I´ll see you.
    bye and good luck!!!

    Bogotá, Colombia.

  104. andrea ricci

    ma brutto merdone i soldi chi te li ha cacciati? e pure ancora in giro stai?


  105. machelle

    Wow this site was great. It made my day. When the kids were laughing it was my favirot part. Makes you smile and laugh. Hope to see more soon. thanks matt and freinds. You will do more won’t you?

  106. My name

    Beautiful music, elegant dancing and a good dancer. Would you please go next time to Kurdistan(South) and dance there, may be with Kurdish music for dancing?. People will love it.

  107. Kyle

    Love Your Video’s Matt! Sooo Funny! I’m actually going traveling in about a year and a half myself, cant wait! If I decide to make my own video, I’ll make sure I’ll send you a copy!

  108. jk

    Come to Poland! It’s a really beautiful country. You could visit Cracow and Zelazowa Wola (Chopin’s birthplace), both of which are in the book 1000 Places to See Before You Die, and the Wieliczka salt mine!

  109. nani

    It is really great this what you are doing.Video is very funny,lucky you.I am writing you this from Sarajevo, Bosnia, meaby you have heard , and it would be nice if you come here on your next visit to Europe.
    Have nice time

  110. Priyanka

    Hey Matt, just heard about from a friend and after checking out the youtube vid and the site I’ve got only thing to say: I LOVE YOU ^_^

  111. Priyanka

    Oh and how come you could be in New York but not in Toronto? 😛 If you ever decide to drop by, seek me out 😛

  112. Priyanka

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  127. bob


    Good shots in great locations – but the Rwandan kids just had fun – Aces all of them.

    Hope you bought them a coke after filming .

    Look forward to your next set. Happy dancing!

    Bob from UK

  128. bob


    Good shots in great locations – but the Rwandan kids just had fun – Aces all of them.

    Hope you bought them a coke after filming .

    Look forward to your next set. Happy dancing!

    Bob from UK

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    David Walker Naco, (Palominas) S. E. Corner of Arizona

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    Next time you’re headed for northern California shoot me an email. I’ll get 20 or 30 of my biker friends (we ride Harleys) and we can do a dance with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop.

    Most important, keep dancing and making people smile and laugh.

    Mike Owen
    Santa Rosa, CA

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    Steve from Canada.

  141. Steve

    Ever since I first watched your videos I’ve gotten the itch to see the world. You’ve opened my eyes to how many amazing things to see there are in this world and I want to see them for myself.
    It is my goal to do it in the next couple of years. I hope I have the guts to actually do it like you did. But I watch your vids on a regular basis to keep my goal fresh in my head. Thank you.
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    Your film is candid and looked like you had
    so much fun doing it. When you get a chance
    maybe you can go on the “Ellen Degeneres Show”.
    She loves to dance and does it every show.
    Get going with those happy feet.

    God Bless you and all the people who helped
    you with your quest. Best always and remember
    your a shining star and a good diplomat for
    the American People and the Other People
    around the world your visited.

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    I LOVE YOU MATT!!!!!!

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    I can’t believe reading some of these comments that anyone could have anything bad to say! Please ignore them!! We all need more positive moments in our life and you just doled out millions into the world! Thank you!

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    I envy all your traveling,what a terrific way to display your travels. Very,very clever.
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    Me encantaron los nenes de Africa, como te rodeaban bailando y saltando, colmados de alegría
    Bueno, seguiré visitando tu pagina.
    Vi que has conocido el Sur Argentino, y también las protestas… el tango, entre otras cosas…
    Hay muchos lugares increíbles en este país, que tiene relieves tan variados.
    Las Cataratas del Iguazú, el Norte Argentino, Las sierras Cordobesas, El valle de la luna, Los esteros del Ibera, La península de Valdéz, entre muchos otros lugares fantásticos!
    Felicitaciones y saludos desde Argentina, Buenos Aires

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    GL and HF =) ^^” Cya man.. 😀

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    Thankyou for sharing your image, your personality and I hope that your life will be full.Best Wishes…

  154. Christine

    Thanks Matt for giving the world the world…I sit in my little humble home and view the world by internet. My son 29 yrs old left this life early July 3 2006. He took pictures of many of the places he had traveled and to find your video on youtube gave me a little of what my son must have experienced while I wondered where in the world he was… Your choice of Music by Deep Forest was also something he listened to in his extensive collection. I found your youtube video shortly after he departed and it was and still is a comfort to me somehow.
    Thankyou for sharing your image, your personality and I hope that your life will be full.Best Wishes…

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    Keep up the great work you lucky fella.



    you need to go to El Salvador, Central America. there are a lot of beautiful beaches and other sites. i live in n.y. now but i would love to dance with u.

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    Hey Matt, I am very fun ….I INVITE
    lot of beautifull places to dance, like beaches, caves, montains and turistics places.




    Hey Matt, I am very fun ….I INVITE
    lot of beautifull places to dance, like beaches, caves, montains and turistics places.



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    Merci encore.

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    Congrats, Matt, I wish you luck, always, and keep with your project of making people smile, that’s priceless:)

    Kisses from Brasil.

  173. My kids and I, along with 100 other dancers of all races and even disabilities had a blast dancing with you today in Santa Monica.

    You are very appreciated here in L.A. and we thank you so much for coming. Both your journey and your story are inspiring. I bet San Francisco will be even more rewarding for you. 😀

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    Sakanta Running Wolf :):):):

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    ~Melly from Shaw AFB, SC

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    Patrick, PEI, Canada

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    You like to travel. That great!

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    If money is not an object, do you mind dancing on the moon or in outer space?

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    hi.. i think this is amazing. it really made me smile.. the whole day in school.. when an english teacher showed it to the class. i was amazed once again. it also gave me confidence in a goal i set for myself, which also is to travel the world to atleast one city in each country. People still think i am crazy even after me showing them these videos and what you have done,but after seeing what you have done i know i can do it. I also makes me want to travel the world even more. thank you for this. i love what you have done and are doing.

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    Regards from a German in India

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    Awesome vids and great moves, bro. I love watching them over and over. The truth is, I’m a little jealous.

    I got to wondering a couple things…
    How many frequent flyer miles do you have?

    How do you get so much time off for travel?

    Keep it up! I look forward to the next.

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  196. Hi Matt! I loved your video and posted it on my blog for my readers. I have a travel resource blog of sorts and your video made a great addition. I linked back to you!! Are you planning any travel in the near future?
    Thanks for being so entertaining!

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    I heard about your trips/dance back on 06 when i was in NH for a college meeting…

    You are AMAZING dude…


    I am in INDIA now, trying to follow your steps!!! lol


    Flavio Zanetti

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    Keep it up, it’s awesome and a great inspiration!!

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    PS: your video soundtrack is very good!!!
    I`m from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro…come dance at Ipanema Beach or sugar loaf…it will be funny…

  202. Eduardo Burgos

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    Te invito a la ciudad de Pucon, IX region en Chile, ya que ahi una vista muy hermosa e}del volcan Villarrica.

    Que estes bien y sin duda eres una persona afortunada, sin duda se nota que res millonario. Quien como tu.


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    I absolutely love you! Your dance is sooo cute, Your video is amusing and I sent it out to all my friends! I live in Canada and I hope you come see us here real soon! Come to the Capital you will have a blast! Ottawa rocks, I can’t dance so I wont even say I would join you…you seem very high spirited and sooo happy, keep it up and have fun 😉 look forward to your next video!

  204. Jesus Cordero

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    Congratulations on your videos i like them very much, nice dacing pase you have there!.

    Im from Nogales Mexico, sending you a warm hello a best of luck!.


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    we were just watching the vids several times again but were just wondering how you got to the place where it looked like you were dancing on water and air it was so cool. i think it was boliva, me and my buddies think that youre awesome and wish to follow in the travelling footsteps!! hope to see a new vid soon


  208. Chantal

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    i got all excited coz ive been to the dubai ski centre twice! i was like ahhh!!
    and that place in venice!!! that exact bridge! lool small world =P keep it going! x

  212. Emma Gill

    hi matt

    I watched your video on rudetube and was amazed so i went on to youtube to see the whole video ,it is great! my name is emma and i am 14 years old and i have decided that when im old enough lol i am going to travel the world just like you :) If you do come to england lol tell me and i will come just to watch you dancing
    Thanks matt please email me back :)
    from emma :)

  213. casey

    hey matt
    awesome videos…..
    you should come to CANADA more specifically hamilton or toronto Ontario

  214. alfredo

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  215. Frankie Andrews
  216. Frankie Andrews
  217. ben ford

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  218. ben ford

    Disregard my last e-mail. I guess I should have searched the entire site before asked what your inspiration was. That was good that you had people funding your trips. I need to travel abroad so I can lose weight to. LOL.

  219. btw… the kids dancing with you in Rwanda total stole the show. they need their own video! awesome. totally awesome Matt. good job!

  220. Sven

    Hi Matt,

    just stumbeled over your video and without knowing anything about it I was really amazed how it touched me. Funny and impressive, brilliant idea and somehow showing how great earth and live and living is. Keep up, stay well and enjoy ….!!!!!


  221. meg the moose nd mo the mokey

    i thikk ur awsum!
    please com to lutterworth in leicestershire in near london in england i would appreciate u considering this please dance at our school in lutterworth eery1 woud dance ith u ad u ould be called>>>>>>>
    meg + mo

  222. This was a nice break to my day at work… I was smiling for hours. You should make this video downloadable so I can fwd it to my team. You should pop on over to Afghanistan and dance for the soldiers there! I am sure my sister could use a laugh too.

  223. Matt Hollingshead (England)

    Amazing video, very inspirational, really puts life into context, life is for living and your video just encapsulates what living is!

  224. fernando Arimana ( Lima , Peru )

    Hey Matt , amazing video i have shown it to all of my friends here in Peru , you should come and film more often , there are some amazing places.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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  226. Where the hell is Jesus

    Hey matt, our school have been shown your videos, was pretty inspired by the thing, But our headteacher had an idea and i thought it would be great. If you travel to frederick gough school in england and all our students do the same dance with you. Just an idea but i thought that would be great:) Thanks

  227. Tania

    Oi Matt,

    Que bom que voce esteve aqui no Brasil. Deu vontade de largar tudo e sair pelo mundo dançando. Parabéns e muito sucesso.
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    Thanks for the dancing gathering at Gasworks Park in Seattle yesterday. It was a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see the video on June 21st!

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    ps: the background sound is wonderful!

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    Awesome video. Keep at it, and would love to see you in Houston, dancing in front of the Reliant Stadium. Or if you like a challenge, the NORTH and SOUTH pole.

    Keep dancing, you make it interesting to watch..

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  243. Alice B

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  245. iwonkka

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    New Zealand Maori Girl….

  253. Dancing is so universal… if people would realize that our humanity should be more about our similaries than our differences, this would would be a better place.

    Instead of killing one another, we should all be dancing.

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    You forgot about the world’s largest freshwater island…(Manitoulin Island) 6 hours north of Toronto. Must dance on the bridge to the island. Google it!

  260. Mary

    A beautiful and great uplifting video. Keep them coming.

    There’s a great quote from about 100 years ago by Mark Twain:

    Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things can not be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.

    — Mark Twain

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    You just reduced a grown man to tears at work. Actually – I’m finding it strangely liberating.

    SE London

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    Keep on keeping on and boogey-on down the road. teehee

    I love the videos and can’t wait for the next installment.

    Cape Breton
    Nova Scotia

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    I have been to many of these places and made friends there. I do miss travelling a bit, but I’m happy to be settled now.

    You have really touched a nerve, but it’s driving me mad trying to figure out what it is.

    Excellent work, thanks so much for putting this together.

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    greetings to the world,

    sarah rosati, Luxembourg

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    I’ll be watching for your next one!

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    I actually enjoyed the outtakes more 😉
    It’s been a while since you were in Singapore and Malaysia. A lot has changed since then. Time to dance again!

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    Guys, maybe this really is the best solution to mankind: let us unite being idiots. This reminds me of Neil Innes’s “The Idiot Song”. “How nice it is to be an idiot.

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  297. ginger larue

    This makes me so happy! Many things in my life aren’t perfect right now…but this is!

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  303. inter_galaxy

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    Hope more people make possible such kind of things :-)
    Best wishes, blessings and regards,
    From Venezuela (next place to record in),

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    keep traveling. and make the world dance with you! thank you!

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    Our family LOVES your videos Matt – keep up the good work! We homeschool our children, and keep a world map on our table (covered with clear plastic) as part of their geography studies. We collect postcards from around the world, and put a red dot sticker on every country we have postcards from. We’re now also going to add yellow dots to the map to show all the countries you’ve danced in!!

    I’m so glad you came to Montreal, it’s just too bad the weather wasn’t better. Can’t wait to see more videos! The outtakes are hilarious!
    Thanks for sharing,

  308. rocky

    Want to thank you, Matt. When I read the news (today: female suicide bombers in Iraq) and get to a point where I just can’t bear it one moment more, I click on your little video and feel again a bit of hope. I don’t understand why your video makes me cry, but I’m grateful to you that it does. Peace.

  309. Karl Dunbar

    Your an absolute hero.

    Your really inspring to travel the world. Keep up the good work.fair play to you, for going out and just doing it! Im from dublin(ireland) myself. Your dancing is hilarious! Gimme an e mail if ur in dublin. wouldnt mind co joining that famous dance of yours.

    keep it up! :)

    cheers Karl

  310. Nikki

    What you’re doing warms my heart and makes me smile till my cheeks hurt! Lovin’ it! It would be cool if you had time to pop into Peoria, IL and dance at the Gateway fountain on the riverfront. Just a thought! Keep on doin’ what ya do, Matt! And thank you!

  311. MATT…thank you for having such a wonderful time…and sharing it with the world!

    I laughed and cried and was fantastic!

    PS. if you are ever in ENid, Oklahoma…let’s dance!

  312. A girl

    It’s a great experience that you have done and thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    I hope to see you someday making a video in Algeria, who knows? :)

    Keep up the good work, that’s awesome!

  313. Hi!
    (I am writing from Sweden/ Stockholm)

    I dont know if you even read your comments but if you do, I guess you already have an ide off what you have been doing to people world wide and the amount off power that you have. People including my self love you and the videos you´v made. They are fantastic and the some how make you unbelivably happy. You have the chance to make alot off difference out there and wake up reaction like ( save the world, save people in affrica, war against AIDS and so on.. people would realy litsen)

    Back to your videos.. I dont understand it .. why are they making people happy? it cant be the funy way you dance in and it cant be the people that dance with you.. or is that it? Is it the fact that people dance WITH you, the nice music in the backround, the places you visit or whats up?

    Anyways.. i wish u luck, i wish u true happines and a fantastic time in the next country you visit!


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    If you’re making a new video, it’d be cool if you went to Iraq and Afghanistan and danced with the troops.

    (Also, let me make a selfish request: COME TO HOUSTON!!!)

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  317. Susan Davies

    Good on ya, Matt. You are truly one of God’s chosen to bring joy to the world when it needs it the most.
    Keep it going.

  318. Murray Clarke

    Wow – I truly am amazed by all your videos and you have inspired me to keep on travelling. Just got back from Peru and Bolivia, saw the Salt Flats although in the dry season – Wicked!! By the way what make of green screen did you use?!?! LOL!

  319. daniela

    hey matt
    after a bad summer i was sent a link to your videos!
    thanks for the reminder to all of us that life is silly and fun and a gift! keep dancing. cheers from toronto canada

  320. Daniel

    Gracias amigo, I dont speak english, but your idea is great is fantastic¡¡¡ xD, es fantastico lo que haces, bueno nos vemos, amigo de Peru

  321. Naoual

    All my respect to Matt.
    Just to be carefull when travelling to forests.
    Why don’t you visit Algeria?
    Concerning kids, they are playing commenting news in arabic.

  322. Mary, Nick, Andy and Matt

    WOW! Your video is so fantastic. Dance is a universal language and you have it mastered. Have fun, make friends, and dance, dance dance. If you are ever in Minnesota, let’s dance!

  323. robyn

    Dear Matt,
    I have the same little piece of extra cartilage sticking out on the rim of one ear and a little hole in the same place on the other ear called a Darwinian Tubercle.
    this is kind of amazing cuz I didn’t know my ears were anything but normal.

    and I’m left handed?

    we could be twins except I am twice your age and female and that pretty much blows the twins thing.

    absolutely loved your film!

  324. sven

    you are one of the worlds’ greatest people. you are a great inspiration to many! keep up the good work! oh, sorry…keep on dancing!!!!

  325. Hola, Melissa, Matt, un abrazo, esta magnífica idea vuestra me ha dado muchísimas alegrías. Me lo envío un amigo del instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, Emilio, que además lleva un programa de radio interesantísimo llamado ” A través del Universo” ( link to )Es increíble lo que se puede generar con sólo “bailar”. Si algún día pasan por Granada, España, llámennos al +34 958 302412 ó al +34 636275078 (raúl y susana), nuestra casa es de ustedes; e igual dederían incluir en la entrega 09 del vídeo danzante, un plano de Cuba. En la bahía de la Habana, justo en el faro de la fortaleza de la entrada, en la cúspide, hay unas vistas tremendas, ahora cuidado Matt no tires la señal con tus pasillos tan libres.
    Un abrazo inmenso y sostenido a los dos, amigos. Sigan haciendo cosas tan bellas y buenas. Hay que vivir sí, y pasársela bien se seguro también.
    Hasta pronto y mucha suerte.
    Ánimo y mucha luz para los dos, igual un poco de noche para ver estrellas…y descansar.
    Cha, cha, chá.
    Ah, también en Palencia, España, hay un cristo bellísimo en el mirador de la ciudad. Melissa podría volver a pintarle las uñas mientras Matt danza ante la cámara en el trípode.

  326. Armydude

    Simply Amazing and Inspiring. It brought me out of my shell to see the the power of the people to simply dance, laugh and share in the joys of life together.

    Best in all that you do ….

  327. Pancho

    increible casi lloro al ver tu video no puedo creer que hallas logrado todo eso, hacer bailar a tantas personas en tantos lugares diferentes eres toda una inspiracion para saeguir adelante, has demostrado que en el munod aun hay esperanza de un mundo lleno de felicidad

  328. CBC

    Hey! I just discovered your video on Tyra. I just wanted to stop by and say that it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on youtube. Great work! -CBC

  329. gregory

    have to say matt, when i need a cheer up i will watch a video of yours, this restores some of my faith in humanity and this /these videos will certainly keep a smile on my face for the rest of the day, reminds me of some of my travels when i was younger, seems like wherever you start dancing it is contagious and others soon join, thanks

  330. Regina DeFalco Lippert

    I’m so sorry I didn’t know about this when you came and danced in San Franisco! Your video cheers me up when it seems the world is falling apart – it restores my faith in humanity, as others have said.
    Come back to San Francisco and dance, and let me know when you do, because I want to dance with you!
    Keep on truckin’!!!

  331. Verónica Pérez

    Hii maatt i know that many people has invited you to go all around the world and is a little difficult to visit everything but you should comee to Venezuelaa i want to dance with youuu hahaa (K)

  332. Gary in Sandy Eggo

    Was recently directed to your 2008 youtube clip to look at, and in turn sent it to thousands of others via a forum I’m on. My comment when I sent it to others was “Odd, Weird, Strangely Compelling.”

    I’ve since watched it many times. Every time I watch it, I’m left with a warm feeling. I’m sure I could articulate it better if I sat here for many hours trying, but I’m not going to do that. I’d rather watch it again.

    The music included with the 2008 piece is beautiful, and I’m sure is a big part of what makes your presentation so . . . comforting. I love your interaction with people, and their response to you.

    Regards, Gary in Sandy Eggo

  333. Mishaun in Chicago

    HEY MATT!!! I just cant get enough of your vids. I love seeing all the places you’ve traveled to. lol. The whole concept of “dancing all over the world” is so fresh and fun!! Gosh I’m upset that I missed your arrival here in Chicago., But all is well. *I really couldn’t say where else you could go…seems like you’ve been EVERYWHERE! :O*

    BTW~ Loved you on TYRA!! LOL! :)

  334. Max

    Hey matt i live in seattle and i was just wondering when were you in seattle? and by the way whens the next time you start making a new dance video?


    Your Fan From Seattle, Max

  335. Markus

    Hi Matt!
    Hello from Germany. Your video was published here in Germany in Wolfsburg by a local newspaper and I more than enjoyed your fabulous experiment. I simply love your video and I’ll tell everybody in my surrounding about it. It’s a real phenomenon! Thanks Matt. I’m a radio amateur, that’s my way to travel around the world. Your way is much more exciting but anyway I think we both love foreign cultures. Congratiolations again for your wonderful video!

    Yours Markus (DL4AAZ is my callsign on the radio)

  336. ClGuy

    You are cool, if you will make a new dancing video, if could the one of countries be Latvia, my country is wery cool, You could like it 😛 Come To Riga-Aizkraukle-Daugaupils

  337. taylor

    WoW! your videos are awsome . my teacher showed us one of them becasue she though it was cool and now im watching them . It is awsome some of the places you get to go and shoot your videos

  338. Darcy

    Thanks so much for doing this. My daughter showed me the video and said she felt like the whole world was giving one another a hug. When I watched it, my soul felt soothed. Thanks again and best wishes!!!

  339. Lucy

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    P.S. Don’t ever stop doing this.

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    Reminded me to come to your sight again.
    When folks come up and join your dance, especially the kids, mmmmmmm, heart-gasm.

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    thank you for showing me the beauty of world , and life

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    Ever been to Barcelona?

    Enjoy, mate!
    Take care!

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    acomodation guaranteed +)

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    I have been watching your dancing videos for years now and I want to tell you that I absolutely LOVE them. They always cheer me up when I am down. I think the concept is amazing and I love how it shows that even in some of the places where there is war, you can find PEACE and spread it through dancing as a universal idea.

    Also, my life goal is to visit every country in the world. Have you been able to do that yet? How close are you? I saw that we have also stood in 12 of the same places. I noticed that you are missing Colombia though – your best bet for there would be the Plaza Bolivar in Bogota or the Fortress Wall in Cartegena. Also if you come to Dallas, I know tons of people that would love to dance with you here!



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    you have to come to ireland, there are so many places to dance here. the giants causeway is a beauty. I am in dublin here you would have to dance across the halfpenny bridge. good luck on your travels,

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  352. Not to sound silly or anything, but one day I want to do the Matt dance with my children. We’ve been separated for 7 1/2 years since they were young and it would be a great way to make memories and fill in all the holes, Matt.

    Thanks for the hope.

    Cheers, Karey

    P.S. I promise, I did NOT notice the man boobs. Honest.

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    i was laughing out loud! Everytime i feel sad, i watch these movies. it makes me happy.

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    My name is Carlo and I live in Rome Italy,
    Have I noticed that in Italy you are alone past to Venice but that you would tell under the Colosseum of it of a beautiful dance? I have discovered by chance you and you have made me dream with your spontaneity and joy, simple and contagious. I would like to dance once with you at least. In the meantime I have put your video on my blog and on facebook, because all have to know you and to travel with the imagination as I have done me. I hope that this dance together we will do very soon.
    My name is Carlo Peparello, 34 years, and I live in Rome Italy. Ciao Matt!
    Sorry for my english

    Your mail in this web site is not correct.

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    congrats for this project, I found it by chance on youtube and it’s great! Could you please tell me what song this is ? resp. what singer, what language, a title (or even send me the song?) It’s so full of energy!
    Good luck with future projects!!

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    Perhaps I’ll start chewing the gum from your sponsors so they keep sending you out.


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    All the best.

    Aga from Poland

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    I have to report that your insight is confirmed. You are wiser than you think. Your words ring true in Baltimore, Maryland as I would guess in many other parts of the world.

    Thank you for putting the site up and dancing. Your gifts are appreciated here for sure.

    Keep on traveling, dancing and sharing….

    The world wants to share in the loving.

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    Thanks for your work

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  390. Hello Matt,my name is Didier from Paris I am very touched congratulations for your action, beautiful images, it is in the spirits and most diverse arts, love of neighbor that one day mankind will live the universal and global peace, the return of Eden . I suggest you visit this blog: very interesting. Didier.Br

    Bonjour Matt, je suis Didier de Paris, je suis très touché, félicitation pour votre action, pour ses belles images, c’est dans les génies et les arts les plus divers, l’amour du prochain qu’un jour l’humanité vivra la paix planétaire, le retour d’Eden. Je vous conseille de visiter ce blog: très interessant. Didier.Br

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    P.S. Sacramento and Davis, CA would love to have you!

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    u can contact me, it would be an honour haha

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    Keep up the good work

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    Good luck in all your newest ventures ;o)

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    In Germany, I saw an elderly woman fall down. People came from all directions to help her–a cyclist, a pedestrian, motorists.
    On a Scandinavian ferry an unruly passenger was approached by a Native American, (when everyone else was avoiding him) who asked: “What do you need?” The guy was hungry, so the Native American got him some food.
    Matt’s videos show the good side of the world. And I love it!

  397. Rosana Santiago

    Matt, você mostrou para o Mundo que não precisamos de armas, guerra, mortes em vão. Todos somos dotados de uma enorme capacidade de ser feliz. Se todos os governantes do Mundo se juntassem e dançassem com você apenas uma vez, você conseguiria mudar o Mundo literalmente com seu espírito de UNIÃO. Eu vou esperar para ver isso, pois ACREDITO EM VOCÊ!

  398. Darius

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  399. One of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Having been to dozens of countries I tell Americans to get a passport and get out there… the world can be so cool… even if you can’t dance as well as Matt. Cheers – Mal

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  402. Hey Matt, Saw you on mnbc Caught on Tape. Then looked you up on You Tube today. Awesome! Even a bad dance looks great because of the joy you obviously exude and the joy of all the folks who dance with you! I would love to dance in your next video…Think Stride would pay for my trip as well?

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    thanks a lot for the smiles your videos put on my face…..each time I feel good after seeing it! :)
    Hope will see you dancing in croatia some day! Great place to dance. :)
    Best wishes and continue please! Think your messages make a lot of people happier. :)

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    you should really come to Michigan. romeo high school, people will appreciate it.

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