Boston, Massachusetts My Socks are Sticky Now

I’m sitting on the curb outside my hotel at 1 in the morning with no shoes on, cursing Vista once more for its persnickety network code.

Failing to resolve my in-room connection, I’m forced out into the cold to be scrutinized by hookers and derelicts.

Danced in Montreal.

Img_0153 Img_0168

Img_0180 Img_0183_2

Rain started pissing down about half an hour before the dancing. Those who made the journey were undeterred, so we went out into it and got well-and-truly soaked.

What is it about dancing in the rain? Fun.

There were a handful of dissidents in the bunch. One challenged me to defend my outsized carbon footprint. Another walked off after reading the terms of the bog-standard release form. Fair enough, I suppose.

…is it a French thing?

I have to admit, being in Canada has thrown me for a loop. I mean, I knew it was up there. But do you realize they’ve got cities and cars and buildings? They’ve even got their own currency.

I grew up in Connecticut. You go north and you’re in Massachusetts. Past that, Vermont and New Hampshire. On the very fringes of existence, just before dropping off into the abyss eternal, there’s Maine.

But Canada…it’s like discovering a society of mole people.

All this time they’ve been up there!

Flight to Boston. Met up with my friend and former co-worker, Dan.

Dan is a designer on Rock Band, from the good folks who brought us Guitar Hero. They’re just about at code lock, so Dan let me come by and blow the afternoon.

Issuing my thoughts on the game would feel silly. The trajectory they’re on transcends gameness. They’re carving out a new hybrid leisure activity that is, in many ways, above critique. But if I had to come up with a quote to put on the box, I’d call it "The single greatest thing that’s ever happened, ever."

Img_0185 Img_0189

These photographs carefully omit top secret details that are so flippin’ cool it hurts my brain to think about.

In case you don’t know, this’ll give you a better idea of what Rock Band is.

Dan is the only person I know with a cooler job than mine.

He begs to differ.

Because of a small permit predicament, the invites to Boston didn’t go out until a couple days prior to the event. That being the case, we still had a great turnout.

Img_0201 Img_0202

Img_0205 Img_0210

We had enough people on hand this time that we were able to take some pictures of the actual event, rather than just a bunch of headshots.

Img_0246 Img_0221


The cameraman in that last shot is named Sean. He’s a documentarian and he’s following me around for a couple weeks of this trip.

It’s not a reality show type of thing, so we don’t bother with the staged fights and teary confessionals. Sean is a serious filmmaker and he pretty much just shoots whatever is happening.

It’ll be nice to have a bit of this strange endeavor recorded for posterity. Still, it’s hard to get used to being followed around by a camera. I’m all mic’d up so he can record sound, which means there’s fancy electronic gear hidden beneath my clothing. When I dance, it usually comes loose and starts dangling in front of everyone. I find this enormously embarassing. It’s basically like getting caught wearing a wire.

I’m finishing this on the train from Boston to New York. I forgot that the route passes right through the town I grew up in. I haven’t been to Westport in four years. There really isn’t much for me to do or see anymore. It’s not even a pit stop on this third grand tour of the planet.

I feel kind of bad about that.

17 Responses to Boston, Massachusetts My Socks are Sticky Now

  1. Rob

    Got to be careful when dancing about things coming loose and dangling in front of everyone. That’s a sure way onto one of those Megan’s Law lists.

    Looking forward to seeing you in D.C. this afternoon.

  2. Jo

    For a guy who danced in the Antarctic and the jungles of Africa and the deserts of the Middle East… *Canada* freaks you out?? I have to say I’m kind of insulted. I thought you were more worldly than that. Yeah, there is a whole civilizaton up here. And no, we don’t live in igloos. We have cities and cars and buildings. Geez.

  3. jdhoskinson

    People, I am sure Matt was being sarcastic with these comments. If you have read previous posts, he has made quite a joke of Canadians giving him a hard time about never having danced in Canada. There is no reason to feel insulted. Enjoy the joke, give Matt some shit, and grow a thicker skin.

  4. Sonia

    Hey Matt, I was totally THRILLED to dance with you in Boston. It was even worth the $28 bucks they charged me to get out of the damn garage, for only two hours! :O

    Peace V

  5. blogdavidf

    Hi Matt!
    I was ill when you came to dance at the Trocadéro in Paris. It’s a pity, isn’t it?
    In March 2009, I’ll do a world tour with my wife, through 17 countries. I’ll make a video too, on it, i will not be dancing, but playing guitar…
    You’re really a cool guy, keep dancing and travelling!
    Here are some links:
    The first is about you (in my blog):
    link to
    Here i put some videos of travels and guitar songs:
    link to
    SEE YOU!

  6. Wooo! This is totally cool! I was in Montreal for the dancin’. We actually live aout 45 minutes aways, and the darn rain almost made us turn back. We arrived and the dance just started. Dunno if I’m gonna be on it, I was far behind. However, my friend Carol and his girlfriend wearing an drastically red shirt should be seen.

    Actually, that’s Carol over there, first block of photos, bottom right. And the cute little boy bottom left is my boy! 😀 If 4 photos represent Montreal, then we were half of it!! lol

    It was really nice to meet you, Matt. Thanks for passing by! (By the way, I’ll be putting Annie’s single dance with you on YouTube shortly… you `folks gotta see this)




  8. Alan and Jane

    Just went looking for the video and was pleased to see Montreal included, my wife and I dancing badly along with you. The context is everything, watching all the other places that connect us all. The Net is a powerful thing.

    I must apologise for the Chicken Little that had the nerve to bring up the global warming canard. There are two kinds of people in this world. The free-thinking, free market live-and-let-live types and the I-know-what’s-best-for-you idiots. Need I clarify which brought up your “carbon footprint”? I hope you can soon afford to fly privately around the world. You make it a BETTER place and don’t let any holier-than-thou twit tell you otherwise. ( I was standing and chatting with you under the overhang at the entrance to Place Des Arts as we waited for the rain to abate and I can assure you that if I had overheard the small-minded crank who was upbraiding you with climate nonsense, I would have leapt in all guns blazing. This bushwa must be refuted.

    This is not as bad, however, as the smug, arrogant, anti-American zenophobe with the ignorant expletives. Canada is a far more socialistic country than yours and is therefore far more susceptible to leftist propaganda. It is a little disconcerting ( unless you were trying to be funny ) regarding the whole “French” thing comment and the wonder at the existence of Canada. This plays into a stereotype that stokes bites-the-hand-that-feed types into their intellectual stupor.

    I will have it known that the United States is the best hope for Peace and Freedom on the globe and that Matt’s originality and entrepreneurial spirit is a clear manifestation of this notion. When there is trouble in the world, who are the first people who are asked and who are the first to respond with the MOST generosity?

    Thanks America and Thanks Matt for letting us participate. You go, guy!

  9. Debbie

    i am quite offended by your little comment Matt, it really is the true american igorance showing.
    could be a joke or maybe it wasnt, still if canada had written something along those lines about the americans there would probably be 200 comments on here rather than just 15 or so.
    YES i live in a house
    YES i have TV… Hell candians invented the television.
    no wonder people think that candians are so damn nice… its because they are comparing us to our ignorant neighbor USA

  10. Linnea

    Hm. I haven’t read too much else on your blog that derides the country you’ve just visited, but maybe I haven’t read enough.

    Alan and Jane’s comment bugs me more, though.

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