Vancouver, Canada I’m Having a Famous Day

Took this picture today while walking to my hotel.


Then I got this email:


I think I saw you today (Wednesday, September 5th, 2007). I was in Vancouver BC… was it you, or was I mistaken? (I was an extra in a music video for a punk band named GOB. We were all dressed in white, and I saw a fellow who looked like you walking by with a large backpack on his back and a small backpack on his front…).

If I’m totally crazy, please say so… otherwise, I’ll feel like I just spotted waldo.

Then I danced at the Inukshuk sculpture in English Bay Park.

Img_0052a Img_0058_2

Img_0080 Img_0073

Great turnout. Beautiful day. I’m sleepy.

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  1. manu

    wuz up matt?
    I´m amazed by all your work..(such a hard work to do huh? heuaheaheu) and all the wonderfull places you´ve been to.. but there´s one thing that bothers me a bit..
    why didn´t you go to Brazil yet?

    Rio is pretty nice but I think, if you ever do come to Brazil, you should go to Amazonas or Bahia, something up north too.. rich culture and amazing places.

  2. I look delightfully squinty in the lower right! 😛

    BTW, we tested out that ‘found’ DDR pad you danced on and it actually worked! We played Omega Boost really awkwardly on it. Then we tricked the cat into playing; we got her chasing string around the pad.

    ‘Twas ridiculous.

  3. Mikemc

    Aw I’m all jealous of my friend who got to meet you, she says you’re really nice in person :). How come all the good stuff happens when I’m not in Vancouver?

    – Mike

  4. Thanks for slapping my picture up there Matt! It was great fun dancing (and dining!) with you in Vancouver. Glad you dug my video too – it was fun to put together!

    All the best and keep dancing!

  5. To think if I haven’t been farting around so much in Ontario I could be out there too. That’s twice I’ve missed out now. Oh well. Still haven’t seen the blog post from ur recent Dublin and London trips. Nothing of interest to report or r u just being polite in not saying anything? 😉

    Safe Travels Matt.

  6. Hi there Matt… I was wondering, how many dancers you got in Vancouver? I’ve just confirmed my participation via email for your upcoming visit in Montreal. I can’t wait to meet you and dance like a fool under gun fire ! lol

    Say, do you speak a little french?

  7. Ann M

    oh you! haha! why didnt you stop by mississauga? its GREAT here! the atmosphere! and you just missed carassauga!
    Ann M.

  8. nancy

    I have been waiting to show my grandkids the video from Vancouver they do not believe I was dancing with Matt.

  9. So you made it to the 3 big cities of Canada….but you need to see the real beauty of the country and come out to Alberta and dance =P

    You blog, videos and site has brought a little sunshine to my life since discovering it today!

    Keep living life!

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