Seattle, Washington Devastating Orchid Blossom Soaring Kick Attack!


If do right, no can defense.

19 Responses to Seattle, Washington Devastating Orchid Blossom Soaring Kick Attack!

  1. jdhoskinson

    Man, how do you get to do this stuff? Love the “Zero G” socks. The guy on the far left looks like he’s ready to puke.

  2. Ok, you’ve gotten to go to some cool places, and had some amazing opportunities, but this, this is truly spectacular. I’m guessing it was free for you too?

  3. LoudMusic

    NO WAY! I was telling a friend THIS WEEK how badly I want to go on the Vomit Comet. What’s the fall time – like 30 seconds? Do you get enough time to really pull off some zero G antics?

  4. Matt

    So THAT’S why you were in Vegas. Love the pic, where’s the post? Write it….write it, damn you write it….

    I saw that The Sharper Image offers this as a gift for around $3500.

  5. Rosemarie

    Oh my gawd, no wonder you were flipping giddy about this! How lucky are you. That is the coolest, no chance to dance I guess? Please post about it soon! Good on you!

  6. Scott

    Way TOO COOL! Just the perfect amount of humor with the right amount of suspense. We all await anxiously the full blog entry associated with the Devastating Orchid Blossom Soaring Kick Attack!
    Tell me you are chewing Stride Gum and your conversion to the Dark Side will be complete…
    No really, I can’t wait to read the full story.

  7. Simon

    That is just way too cool. I think that by now you’re well on your way to make half the world green with envy. Now to make the OTHER half of the world jealous…. hrmmm I believe that would involve doing your dance with some mega-hottie chick.

    Of course, I’m in the first half. Jessica Simpson can just stay in her own house for all I care

  8. Now THAT would make a pretty cool dancing scene. I’d love to see a group of people dancing behind you, floating off and hitting the walls in the new video. lol

  9. Rich

    So, did anyone puke? I’m very interested in trying that, but I’m less interested if I know I’m going to get covered in sick.. :p

  10. Rosemarie

    Matt, you need a message monitor or something. After Oct. 15th I think some interesting folks got bad dancing mixed up with bad grammer, bad espionage and bad politics. What happened?

  11. Lenora

    It doesn’t seem like anyone got your Karate Kid reference. That’s okay, that means less people deftly demostrating the Crane Technique–those of us who know how to do it right will have the advantage…

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