Seattle, Washington Pit Stop Number 4

I suppose I should mention: I’m home now. Got back about two weeks ago for Thanksgiving.

There are still loads of entries that I’m slowly putting up. Some of them have videos I want to include and those take me days to edit. Like this one.

I will inevitably fail to document the whole Oceania trip. Stuff comes up. I get distracted. I get lazy. Aside from the above encounter, Christmas Island will probably end up in the pile of never-writtens along with Yap, Myanmar, Mongolia, Russia, Uganda, China, Borneo, Dubai, Namibia, Jordan, Zanzibar, Madagascar, South Africa, Sweden, Czech Republic, Israel, and New Orleans.

So in case I never get to it, after the Solomon Islands I went to Papua New Guinea and danced with the Huli Wigmen. Got a clip that is probably in my top 5 of all time.

Flew down to Brisbane, stayed with my friends, Andy and Christie, and collapsed in a heap on their guest bed for several days.

Zipped down to Sydney, off to Auckland, then on to Melbourne and did three more dancing events all within 72 hours. Collapsed again with my friends, Adam and Tracy.

Flew out to Perth. Couldn’t find a hotel so I slept in a rental car. Drove into the outback and nearly ran over a 2 meter long snake.

Went to Christmas Island, which had my nieces very excited. Alas, no Santa. Just lots and lots of crabs. Danced with about a thousand of them. Well, I was dancing. They were trying to avoid my feet.

Flew from Christmas Island to Seattle in an endurance-straining marathon of five consecutive flights over the course of 46 hours. But it really wasn’t all that bad. Just a whole lot of sitting.

Grew a beard. Shaved it off. Lost a few pounds. Gained them back. Bought some gifts. Had them confiscated. So, very little net change. But I got a bunch more dancing clips and pretty much ticked off the "remote places" category for the next video.

I am doing very little these days aside from waiting for my copy of Rock Band to get here (don’t get me started on Amazon’s pre-order system). Guitar Hero 3 provides mediocre solace, but Portal is brilliant.

I’ve barely left the house in three days.

I did catch The Mist, though. It’s the movie you see when the other movie you meant to see is sold out. You don’t really know what to expect, but you wander into the theater and it proceeds to beat the crap out of you.

Remember The Shawshank Redemption and how good it made you feel? Its triumph of courage and humanity? This is by the same guy, but it has the exact opposite effect. It’s an expertly crafted, breathlessly thrilling, boot heel in your face. If you’re like me, that’s a good thing.

It snowed today.

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  1. LoudMusic

    “… Christmas Island will probably end up in the pile of never-writtens along with Yap, Myanmar, Mongolia, Russia, Uganda, China, Borneo, Dubai, Namibia, Jordan, Zanzibar, Madagascar, South Africa, Sweden, Czech Republic, Israel, and New Orleans.”

    That’s kind of sad. Are they not written about because there was nothing worth writing about, or because you simply don’t have the energy?

  2. Meghan

    That crab is crazy! It looks kind of like a cross between a mushroom and a spider.

    And hurrah Rock Band! My fiance works at EA, and they had 100 shipped to the Vancouver locations because EA is producing it, and everyone got a chance to enter a draw to win it before it launched for a discounted price.

    Guess who won one!


    We’re slowly taking over the world as a bassist and vocalist. It’s fantastic! The drums are a challenge: I can guitar or sing a song I don’t know on medium and still score 4 stars or above, but the drums kick my ass. Even when I put the kick on my clutch foot I’m not coordinated enough.

  3. Rob

    At least you’re learning to ask the right questions–specifically, “Why am I talking to this thing?” Note to myself: if you visit Christmas Island, pack Old Bay Seasoning.

  4. “Why am I talking to this thing?” – Haha, classic. Great minds things alike, Rob.

    Even if you never develop this little venture of your travels into a full blown and detailed post, I gotta say I like it even when you just post short little recaps like this. They’re just as fun to read.

  5. Daniele Santino

    I just fond out about your videos….i started with the dance ones and i could stop!!! stayed fill hours on the Web till i fond your site!
    I still cant believe after all this places you have been you didn’t visit the biggest country in the world (BRAZIL)
    That’s where I’m from. (forgive my english)
    So just want to know if you have any plans to go to Brazil to dance with the Anacondas there or even to dance near of the IGUACU !
    I loved the site!!!
    And kind of jealous of you for a moment. That was great places you pass by.
    In the moment i live in UK (london) and hope one day do a trip like yours.
    Good luck with all the projects.

  6. San

    “Why am I talking to this thing?…


    HAHAHA…your posts/videos always cheer me up!

    Hope you got lots of rest and good luck with everything. 😀

  7. I just found out about you and your site a few days ago, and now that I know you have a blog, I’ll be able to keep up with your travels.

    Your Outtakes Video made me laugh and I’ve watched it over and over again. I only have Napster, so I wasn’t able to get the music you used, but I loved it!

  8. T

    It’s “by the same guy?” You mean that “same guy” who has now sold millions of books and made dozens of movies? LOL “Stand by me” (The Body) was one of his other great stories’/movies, imo.

    Keep dancing! We love watching your videos.

  9. Stewart

    Devistated to hear that you came to the best place on earth _ PERTH Australia and slept in a car ! ! !

    Email next time before you plan the trip and we’ll make sure you get to dance in some fantastic places and have a bed to sleep in afterwards.

  10. Rav

    it must be good to be home. i wear the wrist band you gave me in NY everyday haha i cant wait for the new video to come out. where are you off too next?

  11. Which Christmas Island did you visit? (There is one in the Indian Ocean and one in the middle of the Pacific.) Hmmm… now that I’m re-reading what you wrote, I’m guessing you went to the one in the Indian Ocean, since it took you so many flights to get home.

    Both islands have many crabs. I spent ~3 weeks on the Kiribati Christmas Island this past summer, and it was an absolute paradise. (Also known as Kiritimati, which is pronounced Kee-rees-mas because “ti” sounds like an “s”.)

  12. Amanda

    Hey Matt!
    Not sure if you knew this or not, but those giant crab/spiders are called “Coconut crabs”. 😉

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