Manila, Philippines Maps Are Working!

For the first time since pretty much forever, I’ve got my maps page working properly. Thanks to the propellerheads at Google, I can now update it quickly and easily as I move from place to place. I’m even able to put a little dancey guy icon on there to indicate where I actually am right now.

The momentousniciousness of this may be lost on you, so let me explain: my site is called "Where the Hell is Matt?" It is now possible to discern an answer from a site that implicitly promises one.

Yes, I know there’s no 2007 map yet. Get off my back!

I’ve been working on this a lot, which is one of the reasons I haven’t slapped a journal entry up in a while.

Another reason is that I have started editing the next dancing video. After months of stalling, I immediately entered the editing trance. Hours and days went by while I toiled in various hotel rooms. It’s a shame, cause I’m hardly getting anything out of the places I’m visiting. This isn’t an ideal time, but my mind is simply elsewhere.

When I picked the takes I wanted and dumped all the footage into the editor, I had an initial cut of 90 minutes. That’s a feature length dancing video. After considerable futzing, it’s under 5. I’m keenly aware that one can only watch bad dancing for so long before it wears thin. I figure I’ve got another 30% of the clips still to collect, so it’s going to be a struggle to keep that number down.

I hope to snap out of this mode in a few days and, in the meantime, at least get some small sampling of the Philippines.

I got recognized today in the Hong Kong airport. It was a guy who saw me on Japanese TV last week. They had me wearing all my luggage on the show, so I imagine seeing me fully laden is what clinched it for him. This doesn’t happen very often — maybe two or three times. I was in a pissy mood because they were making me produce a hard copy of my flight out of the Philippines before they’d let me on the plane. Smile for the camera and CLICK.

25 Responses to Manila, Philippines Maps Are Working!

  1. jdhoskinson

    Matt, don’t worry about keeping your video under 5 minutes. We want to see all the places you go and we look so forward to your work that we will gladly sit for 7 or 8 minutes watching – over and over and over…

  2. Bud

    Rumor has it that the Montreal shot with all the rain was incredible. Boy, I can’t wait to see that in the final video…

  3. justantotherguynamedmatt

    get out of the city matt, I’m sure you don’t have much time there but if you’re sampling, the taal volcano in Batangas just south of manila is real cool, or up north to the rice terraces.

  4. danielle

    u are goin to see the beauty of the Philippines if u go out of the city/ies.
    and post PLEASE some pictures from the Philippines.

  5. Maida

    although a little too late for hurrahs, HURRAHS! I saw the whole video but reserved to comment on the Philippine link. Thanks for including our small but beautiful country in your trips.

  6. Ana

    If you do drop by the Philippines again, you simply MUST visit Cebu and dance with the famous prison inmates (of Thriller fame link to Imagine 1500 orange-clad dancers moving in unison with you! I’m sure they’d be happy to do it too! :)

  7. hello,
    hope you go back to the philippines – there’s so much more to see! seeing your video really made my day. i especially love your dance.
    left a comment on your YouTube, tho not sure you check that?

    i love traveling, however im stuck in a 9-5 job for now, but i’m glad someone such as you has finally found his dream, and made it possible for others to believe their dreams can come true!

  8. Hoz

    It’s no hassle, EVERY foreigner traveling to the Philippines must have an onward ticket in their possession.

    The Cebu dancing inmates is a great idea BTW!

  9. eyom

    Bring that one helluva dance step here in Puerto Princesa! :)

    Man, that mad dance might just save the world.

    All the best! Godspeed!

  10. Sarah S.

    Hey Matt!
    I wish I saw this video before you came to the Philippines. I would’ve loved to be a part of it. I think what you’re doing is great and I hope you enjoy it thoroughly. Maybe one day I’ll get to do something like this too. =)

  11. hi matt!

    i like your ideas. i know you’re doing it for fun but to me, the message is about brotherhood. crossing boundaries, meeting new friends and experiencing life outside your comfort zones.

    keep it up… by the way, im posting your vid on my MULTIPLY account!

  12. What about doing it again in the Philippines, this time make Mall of Asia the background (especially at night) but day setting is ok too. Waiting for the next installment of the vid! Maybe do something for United Nations day or for Valentine’s day! Ask everyone to wear red on all vids! ^_^

  13. Izie

    Tagaytay! But why with kids only? Please come to Manila, Philippines. I wanna join the dancing. Keep it up! :)

  14. Brian

    Matt..along with the Cebu Prison Inmate dancers, you HAVE to dance with the Filipino Traditional Dancers; there are many dances there, im sure but ask about Tinikling.
    its a dance with bamboo sticks being struck together in a sequence getting faster and faster. the dancer has to keep alternating the feetwork to avoid the bamboo sticks hitting him or her.
    DO IT! it would be awesome!

    link to

  15. fiddler

    hey Matt!

    what about dancing in unstable/ not so peaceful areas like afghanistan,north korea, Iran, Iraq, Gaza Strip,etc.?

    I am sure we can make the whole world ( human beings) realize that we are “all good natured” creatures just by doing the “matt’s hell dance” !

    Send me email once you go there… i hope to dance with you someday and i’m sure the whole world will dance with you like crazy again!

    Keep it up bro! Rock ‘n roll!!!

    ‘CARPE DIEM’ !


  16. Michael Talabucon

    anywhere in the Philippines will do, just where you think you are comfortable Matt. We are looking forward for a lengthy stay of you and some guesting in a local interview show. Just keep us inform about it. Thanks.

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