Boston, Massachusetts What I Am Doing at This Exact Moment

Everyone else in this audience seems to be blogging right now, so I feel like I should too.


God bless the internet.

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  1. Matt – Thank you for coming to ROFLcon. I was there, and at the panel you did with Jay (I asked a question and everything!). It was very well done. I have to admit, you were high on my list of people to meet at the con, but when I got there, I became a bit “star struck”, and couldn’t think of a thing to say, other then “great site. I’m jealous I didnt have the idea first!” so I never introduced myself. Felt too much like a “fanboy”. Anyway, I just wanted to take this time to say thanks, so, Thanks!

  2. jdhoskinson

    Matt, I see you are back home. What a great trip you just finished!!!

    Is there a South America trip between now and June 21? Maybe I’ll see you in Sao Paulo the last week of May?

  3. german

    reminds me of one of the new south park episodes ‘over logging’. would have been funny to see you on the episode as they were showing all sorts of famous youtube people on there.

    have you seen that a rubbish german techno band stole your idea?
    link to
    in their newest videoclip they travel around the world and dance badly. still prefer your videos though, much more authentic.

  4. E. Rosser

    I love what you do! You’re an inspiration partly to see the world, partly to adhere to “carpe diem,” and partly to break out the sweet moves. 😉
    But you had to go to MIT before I got there! If you get a chance, the class of 2012 would love to see you next year…
    Keep it real, and keep dancing.

  5. carlos l

    hey matt, just an idea, i went to ecuador a while back and in quito, the capitol they have a place where you actually stand right in the equator line, meaning right in the middle of the world. would be a nice dancing spot

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