Seattle, Washington The Last Dance

I’m home.

Shot the last clip in Seattle yesterday.

I’m done dancing. Now it’s time to edit.

Searched Flickr for "matt harding seattle" and found loads of great pictures from the event, so I’m just going to pilfer those. Thanks to Kelly and Paula. Some of the images are quite small. Sorry about that.


We danced at Gasworks Park. Loads of people showed up — about 181, we think.

We had around 182 in Madrid, so I can’t really say it was the biggest for certain, but it was really really close.

Our numbers were boosted significantly by a cosplay gathering that happened to be taking place on the next hill over. Cosplay is…you know what? I really can’t explain it. It’s this crazy thing the young people of today are doing. It freaks out the squares, and it has taken me a bit of time to recognize that it is fantastic. I’ll leave it to more qualified sources to explain the rest.

There was a tense period in which the cosplayers couldn’t figure out what we were doing and we couldn’t figure out what they were all about. The idea of getting them to dance with us was bandied about, but none of us had the gumption to extend an invitation.

Then these folks showed up.

Aha! Ambassadors.

I sent them over with my blessing, and they returned with a separate diplomatic envoy from the cosplayer community.


A peace was brokered. We struck an accord.

The sign-up process was a vigorous effort. Melissa handled forms. I took pictures. And Chrissy from Stride handed out wristbands so we could identify those who had already signed up.

We had folks of all stripes. Both our families turned out in full.

So did our friends.

Our coworkers.

Longtime fans of the site.

And people who’d never heard of it before but were still very excited and felt compelled to share their feelings with me at length despite my obvious preoccupation.

We had babies.

We had dogs.

We had kids who just came from karate class.

We had photographers.

We had people of ambiguous ethnicity.

We had people who dress much better than me.

And people who dress much worse.

We had fictional characters.

We had elves with iPods.

We had people with ironic t-shirts.

We had scary nurses.

We had sexy pirates.

We even had a Waldo, but he refused to dance.

In any case, there were enough people that I couldn’t yell loud enough for everyone to hear. One of the cosplayers, a big guy named Chris, offered to yell on my behalf. I smiled politely and kind of gave him a weird look, then went back to screaming inadequately.

He offered again and I pretty much dismissed him.

The third time, instead of offering, he decided to show me what he was capable of.


Stunned silence…crickets…

"Chris, you’re hired."

This is Chris.


Chris learned how to yell in the army.

I would like to be his sidekick. I think we should fight crime together.

As a spontaneous demonstration of his cartoon-like strength, he decided to hoist me up on his shoulders. He did so effortlessly.


I played it off like the kind of thing that happens to me all the time, when in fact, I have never before been hoisted in my adult life.

I’m straying off topic.

We set up on a slope at the base of the gasworks structure. I put the camera on a hill looking down upon it. This provided great depth into the crowd, filling the frame and allowing me to see everyone.


Apparently there were several news crews milling about. Melissa fended them off.


It was suggested that I might hold my newest niece, Jillian.


On consideration, that seemed like a bad idea — what with all the jiggling.

My other nieces, Ellie and Sarah, are much more durable. Ellie has been in all the videos. Sarah only existed for the last one, so this is her second.


They found the crowd a little bewildering.

We danced.


When we finished, I showed the footage to interested parties.


The tiny screen doesn’t do much justice to the HD footage. Actually, it’s kind of unfortunate. Once I blew it up on a bigger screen I discovered the shots are all a bit out of focus. I think the lens might’ve fogged over from the rain in Brazil. It’s not a disaster, but it’s not quite as sharp as I would have liked.

But it’s colorful and it’s full of life and it is what it is.

I hung out with people for a while, then drove over to Ivar’s where friends and family were waiting.

What a day. What a city. What a job!

And now it’s over. And also, it’s just starting.

Twelve days and counting.

23 Responses to Seattle, Washington The Last Dance

  1. Felix Freese

    i thought the new video would be up june 9th???
    i cant wait to see it! ! ! daaaaahhh!!

    greetings from berlin


  2. Pam

    Matt we all had a great time at Gas Works Park! You really got a huge mixed group there. It will be interesting to see the dance moves. Loved being able to see your new baby niece and your family.
    Thank you for letting us know about it so we could participate.
    Jenn’s mom from Sacramento, that brought the grandkids.

  3. Kelly

    The video is supposed to be out on June 21st.

    I had a great time at the final dance on Saturday as well. Met some interesting people. Saw some interesting people. Had a blast with the dancing. :-)

  4. Judy

    Danced at Gasworks on Saturday – what a fun time! Thought my husband and I were the only non-relatives, non-costume wearing folks among the whole group… until a guy from my high school who I haven’t seen for 12 YEARS stopped me and said hi! MAN! Matt’s bring folks together left and right!
    Can’t wait for the new video.

  5. Phil

    Saturday totally rocked…the kids had a great time and the cosplayers just added to the multi-dimensional, multi-generational glory of the whole deal. You draw a hugely diverse crowd, Matt.
    As for Chris, I heard someone say they could hear him down in Pike Place Market! What a voice!

  6. Roemarie

    Great post and pics, what a crowd, love the Chris stuff and pic. I think the two of you could fight crime. I can always depend on your posts for a good laugh, before the start of another day of drudge. Can’t wait for the new video and keeping my fingers crossed that you use some of the Santa Monica Beach footage!
    Good luck with the music and editing!

  7. Roemarie

    Great post and pics, what a crowd, love the Chris stuff and pic. I think the two of you could fight crime. I can always depend on your posts for a good laugh, before the start of another day of drudge. Can’t wait for the new video and keeping my fingers crossed that you use some of the Santa Monica Beach footage!
    Good luck with the music and editing!

  8. Jenni

    So glad they got to come and dance with you!!!! I missed out, but was really stoked that they brought me home a bracelet and some video clips of the day. So fun! I can’t wait to see the video! Thanks again Matt & Melissa!

  9. Matt

    Waldo looks pissed when you find him. Good luck with the editing. Maybe I’ll see you down here in Burbank.

  10. It’s kind of fun to see someone else blogging my photos. You did a much more entertaining job than I did. (Eight of them are mine, and he had my permission.)

    Too bad about the blurry though.

  11. Juan Belmarez

    in inglish
    hello matt today and discovered one of your videos i official home page you’ve done the maximum I mourn you support throughout matt ke things right marin friend from Nuevo Leon mexico goodbye i ke you taught me life is beautiful jajaja xD river of happiness bye

    in spanish
    hola matt hoy e descubierto uno de tus videos i la pagina oficial eres lo maximo me has hecho llorar te apoyo en todo matt ke todo salga bien amigo desde marin Nuevo Leon mexico adios i me has ense├▒ado ke la vida es bella jajaja xD rio de felicidad bye

    thank you

  12. Its so awesome that my sister, my nieces and my 18 month old son got to go and dance with you at Seattle’s Gas Works Park! It was a very cool location that I never knew was there. The video that my mom captured just had the rest of us laughing through the whole thing. I can’t wait to see >Where The Hell Is Matt #3!

  13. Cathrin

    Was so much fun to get out there and dance with everyone at Gas Works!!! Bad Dancing in Public Rocks! Thanks for the opportunity to make such a great memory while visiting my family… I came all the way from Pennsylvania for this (well.. actually for my niece’s graduation, but dancing with Matt Harding and his other crazy fans was a bonus!)

  14. I am thrilled with the post, images and the number of people who attended the dance in Seattle distorts convincingly, this little ball of snow this growing and gaining strength, strength of each one who participates directly or indirectly even separated by natural barriers as a continent separated by the ocean . Even here in Brazil I feel united with Baddance.
    I regret having lived Brazil.Mesmo bad situations before arriving here was already having problems with the embassy, when the weather here has not helped to worsen and even lens of his camcorder was affected by rain.
    Good luck.
    Tiago Luiz de Lima.
    Sending much peace of tranquility in their way

  15. Cora

    The whole “Dance with Matt” experience in Seattle was a gas! My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. And I’m glad I was brave enough to participate. Thanks, Matt, and Seattle, for a wonderful memory.

  16. you look like you lost a lot of weight since you were in Korea….or you lost a lot of your winter bundling. lookin forward to the video…keep on dancing stupid; it’s the universal language we can all learn to speak.

  17. Rich

    What a great entry. It makes me feel all warm inside. It’s almost like this is what humanity can be at it’s finest. :]

  18. Alain

    Je viens de d├ęcouvrir la dance de Matt autour du monde, c’est euphorisant.
    I hope to see you the next time you will come in France, don’t forget to advise me !
    Greetings from Angers (France).

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