Seattle, Washington Fleeting Details

Here’s the first frame of the new video.


It features a goat on a motorcycle. You can watch the video a dozen times and never notice that it begins with a goat on a motorcycle. And yet there it is, frozen in time. Goat. Motorcycle.


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  1. lol!!! That’s such a tease!! 😛 I can’t wait to see it 😀 I can see 3 possible places I may be at, since I was wearing a shiny yellow jacket, but considering they are just pixels, it could just as easily be ANOTHER goat on a motorcycle 😛

  2. Emile Victor

    Hey Matt, Emile here from Brissie (yelling out “Where the hell is Matt?” in Brissie.

    I’ve got the same problem as masa, but really looking forward to the video. I’ll shout you a drink next time you’re here.

  3. jace

    now that’s really weird… cos the last time i check, (which was yesterday evening) i was 8 hrs away to the official launch of the vid! And i clearly rmb Matt’s email mentioning that the vid will be out on 21st june. Got me all excited man!! =S

  4. Rosemarie

    Matt, oh my god, the goat and the motorcycle are one thing, I’ve been sitting here with a magnifying glass trying to read the titles of the other clips!!!!!! Teaser! 10 hrs. and counting!

  5. Mojo

    I discovered the same problem and the answer – check the date that your computer thinks it is. My laptop date said it was yesterday so the countdown was wrong. Wow.

  6. Adam

    Yeah, I saw the countdown last night and I got up this morning and went straight to this site, but no video and the countdown had restarted. Surely it would be ready in less than a month if you have already had the premiere.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. jdhoskinson

    I think Matt’s website clock was off and we’ve got about an hour to go from the time I type this. *drool*

  8. Nando

    Hey, I’m a big fan of the goat on a motorcycle now! Hope it comes up again dancing on your next round the world video. Soon to be a big new hit on youTube 😉

  9. Alex

    I had not noticed the goat on the motorcycle. Better it than me.

    Dig the video. I just actually wrote Stride to tell them I chew their gum specifically because they give you money. (Bizarrely, that’s even true.)

    I want to go to Madagascar now. Do the lemurs normally bounce all over the place like that? I like lemurs.

  10. ivon

    Hi, Matt if you ever come to Venezuela i would really like to dance with you! just let me know in advance and i will be there, would be great to have that funny and happy experience. Saludos!

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