Seattle, Washington Dancer Comments

This is a place where people who danced in the video can put their comments. Let us know where you are, what you’re wearing, that sort of thing.

Is someone standing in front of you and hogging all the attention? Did you get cut out of the frame? Or did your city get cut from the video altogether? Was I rude to you? Did I have bad breath? Air your grievances.

Or, heaven forbid, if you should have something nice to say, go ahead and do that too!

I know the clips go by very fast. I’ll be posting separate videos with full-length versions of the dances in each city. Every city will be in there, including the ones that didn’t make the final cut. It’ll take me a while to edit the footage together, though, so here is the schedule for release:

Europe and Israel – June 27th
US and Canada – July 4th
Australia, Asia, South America, and Mexico – July 11th

Of course, I can’t stop people who didn’t dance in the video from commenting here as well. But the idea is to make this a forum for the select group of people all around the world who have a somewhat peculiar common experience.

264 Responses to Seattle, Washington Dancer Comments

  1. Dara

    I danced in Dublin Ireland, I’ve a feeling it’s gonna get cut from the video though. No mention of your adventures here in the blog at all – not even in the countries list on the right…

  2. I danced in Miami! It was great because we were a small group of people.

    When we had finished a couple of takes and started taking pictures and video clips with Matt I had the idea of having Matt dance looking like he was by himself, and then coming out from behind him and dancing.

    Everyone agreed we should try this with the whole group, so we did it. I hope he decided to use that take, because it looked great!

    No video yet… I guess I will have to wait.

  3. Celene

    Oh, Matt, I have goosebumps, you’ve done it again! Thank you so much for bringing us the world, one bad dance at a time!

  4. Leanne

    My daughter and I danced in Toronto. There is only a flash of the yellow umbrellas in front of the CN Tower at 0:54 but if I am really fast and pause it there I can see her just to the right of you and black blob I believe is me behind her. Too bad it isn’t longer.

  5. Emile Victor

    Danced with Matt in Brisbane. At first I couldn’t find him (the botanic gardens is a large place), so I thought that the best way would be to yell the familiar title of the video at the only other dude walking around aimlessly.

    “Where the Hell is Matt?” I yell. “Here!” Matt yells back. On an epicness scale of 1 to 10, I would think that scores an 11.

    Brilliant movie, and I have no doubt that this one will be much more popular. :)

  6. Katie

    I’m one of the Melbourne people that run into the shot in @ 0:56, can barely see me but frankly who cares. Love the video, they always managed to make me feel purely happy :)

    Thanks Matt, and thanks to everyone else too!

  7. Martin L.

    You made three stops in Canada and all three appear in the video. That was nice to see.

    The Toronto clip was cropped just as I made it into the frame but I know I was there and is was worth the trip half way across the country to be a part of it regardless! This is all about the people – not the person – and the people were well and truly represented.

    Well done Matt! Don’t pay any attention to the nitpickers!

    And I wanna do it again!

  8. John Cook (Canada)

    Excellent work, Matt!

    Danced in Toronto with my three kiddies. They’re in the frame for about two tenths of a second at 0:53.
    But we still love you, Matt! LOL

    If there’s any chance to get access to the full Toronto clip, we’d be super interested. :-)

  9. Ok, the excitement of the new video completely overtook me and I posted to the general comments section…but I also wanted you to know Matt that because of this one day, I made some really cool new friends that I still keep in touch with.

    Now come back and visit us again in Chicago! (even if it’s just for lunch)


  10. Lucas

    Hi Matt!

    The new video rocks!

    We danced together in Buenos Aires and you def pulled it off!

    Do you have the vid in high quality somewhere?

    Abrazo! Lucas

  11. Stephan

    Danced in Brussels, Belgium.

    I didn’t manage to see if I was visible for half a fraction of a frame :p

    Honestly doesn’t matter, though, it’s the whole that is meaningful and interesting.

    Great video Matt, a whole different feel to it. Can’t say it’s better than the previous one, it’s different and great on its own.

  12. I danced in Paris ! And Matt, by the way :

    1.You haven’t been rude to me (I think ?)
    2.You didn’t have bad breath (Thank you Stride ! Haha !)
    3.It was greeeaaaat !

    Thank you again for everything you do, this video gave me the goosebumps once more. It was a memorable experience, I’m so glad you came to Paris.

    You just brightened my day, thank you Matt and everybody else !

  13. Jenni Powell

    I danced in Los Angeles, CA. I remember everyone spending time together beforehand because we were waiting for just the perfect light (we wanted the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean). Matt handed out bubbles to everyone and we had a grand ole time. Matt even danced with my teddy bear (I’m 29 and still carry it around…heehee). It was a wonderful experience! Thank you Matt!

  14. Roemarie

    Hi Matt, the new video absolultey Rocks! I wish I had a better word. It brought be to happy tears because it is pure joy, no politics, no attachments, no stress, no problems, just people having fun together doing the same thing (dancing badly) at the same time, all over our big beautiful world. We were all in the moment and it shows in every clip!
    It was my great pleasure to dance in Los Angeles! We were nearly interrupted by a Peace March! I am kind of short so I am right in front, very visible, dk. orange shirt, jean jacket(looks black),sunglasses, hair up. I couldn’t wait to meet you in Santa Monica. You were a swell guy, plesant, polite to everyone, and much taller than I realized!!! I have great pictures to remember that afternoon, I will remember it always, and now we have this rockin video!

    Your videos bring such happines and joy to so many, that of course is why they are such a hit and this one will be the biggest hit!

    Thank you Matt, and thank you Stride Gum for allowing Matt Harding to continue his good work……..dancing badly and spreading joy! Okay don’t get freaked out that I am getting kind of mushy, but it’s true.

    Can’t wait to see the invidual clips.

    Tashi Delek Matt!

  15. Matt A.

    My Wife and I danced in San Francisco!

    You can’t really see us in the clip but, honestly, I got a little choked up just thinking about how I was part of something so whimsically human that spanned the planet. It’s sure going to make this Friday go by easy.

    Thanks Matt for doing something so incredibly cool and letting us be a part of it.

  16. Stacy Horn

    I danced with Matt in New York city!

    This made me tear up. On first viewing the stand-outs are Indian and New Guinea, and anytime you danced with children and animals (the crabs!!!!! loved them!!!).

    Thank you for this wonderful experience.


  17. Jenni Powell

    I danced in Los Angeles, CA. I remember everyone spending time together beforehand because we were waiting for just the perfect light (we wanted the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean). Matt handed out bubbles to everyone and we had a grand ole time. Matt even danced with my teddy bear (I’m 29 and still carry it around…heehee). It was a wonderful experience! Thank you Matt!

  18. Karen

    Matt and Melissa, thank you for inviting us to join in the fun at Gasworks. Meeting you and your family only added to the warmth felt about your endeavor and its gentle message. This, your 3rd go ’round, I was pleased to see you still enjoying the dances.

    Great video and beautiful music!

  19. Chris Coffey

    I danced in Dublin(on the far left). I always knew it in my heart but it has now finally been proven, the evidence is unequivocal. I am the worst dancer in the entire world! 😀 Good Times.

    Congrats Matt, you are a hero.

  20. Absolutely fantastic!!! I know I’ll be watching it several more times today.

    A few friends and I danced with you in DC, and I didn’t see us during the quick clip, but the experience is what counts and we had a blast!

  21. Devin Weiss

    AWESOME! I danced with you at the Bean in Chicago. It was one of the most enjoyable times and will be a fond memory of living in Chicago (I have recently moved back to Houston). Your video is truly a beautiful thing expressing how we all are together in this world…and all love to Dance! very Zen. Thank you for the loving life experience!!!


    My husband and I danced with you in TEL AVIV, ISRAEL.

    You can read all about it and even see exclusive video footage below:

    link to

  23. My wife and two daughter and I danced with you at Tokyo Japan.
    This video is GREEEAT!! and nice music!

    Thanks for dancing with us!

  24. Peter Vickers

    My wife and I danced in Vancouver, Canada.
    I woke up this morning to this new precious little video and was overwhelmed with joy! All of us, everywhere, smiling and dancing together, all the same, yet each so perfectly different.
    I cannot help being a little envious of your mission, and very grateful that you, in such a simple, exuberant manner, have demonstrated again the possibility of the perfection and wonder of just being alive!
    It was great to have had the honour of dancing with all of you everywhere! Love to you Matt and all those that made this possible.
    We can now get Stride in Canada, and you know what brand I’m chewin’!

  25. Dave

    I danced in Miami. I think everyone there had a blast. We were a small group which was surprising for such a large city. I have been looking forward to seeing the video since September. Great job!!!

  26. This is SOOO ENTIRELY AMAZING! I love that one can always spot Matt in the crowds of people with that bad dancing that he says he does…lol. Loved the dancing in the rain scenes, the big wave (hope Matt recovered well from that) and the scene with the Indian dancers and the tribe! What a way to totally get into the culture that is our world! Oh hehe…and my lil son is in the last scene in Seattle, WA. Woot for orange pants!!

  27. I think you can see part of my foot in the Toronto flash — but I’m still glad I was there! Awesome video, Matt. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

  28. Yanni

    You came to HK and my sis and I was gonna dance with you but we were 15 mins late and it was terrible weather – foggy, rainy, and windy!! I had wondered if you made the video at all because I couldn’t even see my own hand in the fog, let alone find the spot you were going to make the video in~!

    Nevertheless, GREAT video!!

  29. Kathy

    The new video is great. Had a blast dancing in the nation’s capital. Looks like you used one of if not the first take we did. I’m dancing behind you in the red shirt. Thanks again for the water, it was a hot day!

  30. Sylvain

    I danced with you in Paris and Munich, it’s very great to see this video, very good moments

    Thanks to you Matt and Melissa, thanks to everyone!

    Dancing Forever!!

  31. Felix

    Hi there,

    man, I am watching your video now the 6th time and it is just amaizing. You are an inspiration!

    It was a great honor to dance with you in Buenos Aires.

    And not to forget, also great thanks to Garry Schyman, the music he produces for your videos are just awesome. A hundred percent fitting and emotion capturing!

    See you soon, Best regards!

  32. Shin

    Fantastic,Matt!! Excellent work,indeed!!!
    I danced in Tokyo with you and did some translation work for you shooting the video.
    Dancing badly with you was so great experience for me, and moreover seeing me dancing with you among all dancers in all over the world is sooooooo cool.
    Thank you very very much to you Matt and Melissa :)

  33. Julie Smith

    I was in the London England one!

    Woot i see me a little bit lol, Cant see my sis though, Was a fun day :) and kinda funny that we got moved to the steps, Was a good ol laugh though us all bursting in to dance!

    Top stuff!

    My sister is mandy smith,
    and my frined John simmons

    Where also in the Vid,

  34. Jonathan Dixon

    Great video Matt. I have been waiting all year for this and I must say that it’s fantastic. A job well done.

    I was in Austin. A mop on my head and an ATO Greek letter shirt.

    Once again, fantastic.

    Thanks for coming.

  35. Carl Van Paesschen

    I’m the one in the blue sweater behind Matt in Brussels!!

    Again you’ve managed to make an awesome video…reminds me of the moment when I saw the video for the first time, and when I thought: ‘This is awesome!’
    And for some reason I got to dance in the new video, and with the video my experience will survive forever.
    Hope you can make some more video’s, the world is still big, and there is much unexplored territory, for you to check it out.
    I can’t wait to see the video of Europe and Israel, with maybe some more seconds of fame for me.

    Thank you Matt and Melissa, you both were and are great persons.

  36. Hal

    Hey Matt! I’m DEAD CENTER in the Washington DC clip! That’s pure awesome. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this video for a while, and it didn’t disappoint, especially the dance in the DMZ with the stoic guard in the background.

    Keep on dancin’, Matt!

  37. I missed matt in Austin, so I tracked him down in Santa Monica and danced with him, and hung out a bit that evening. Matt, you’re an awesome, genuine guy. I hope you never stop doing this. great video, thanks for letting us be a part.

  38. Toni

    Danced with you in Seattle and had a blast – just love the final video! You can just barely see my family in the center-right of the crowd. Ryan is swaying with the baby and I’m flipping my hair around next to him. Drinks on us for the next visit, okay?

  39. Hola Matt

    He visto muchos de tus videos, me gusta mucho por lo sitio por donde has estado.

    Enorabuena amigo, puedes venir a España cuando quieras, esta invitado en Valladolid.

    Un abrazo y suerte en tus viajes por el mundo.

    Javier Rodriguez. Webmaster de

  40. jace

    I danced in Singapore! Our Merlion looks faaaaaar moreeeee bigggggger than the teeny weeny us at the side. (3:39) But who cares, i’m glad we all had a kick-ass awesome great time. We even had individual opportunity to dance/photo-take with Matt! How cool. You can view ’em here:

    link to

    Matt danced beside me! You commented that my Camera T-shirt was cool and i brought you Chinese New Year goodies. I MISS THAT DANCING! Without a doubt the best thing i’ve done all year.

  41. Hey! Where the hell am I? That’s me dancing for a second on Rio de Janeiro. I guess know now how Matt feels to be called a “dancer”.

    Great vid Matt! Well done! The high quality version is absolutely stunning. Loved it. Happy to be part of the making.

  42. Jill

    I was in the Boston, MA clip. I’m so glad to see this all come together. Some of those clips were awesome to watch. I love the piano in the beginning. Look forward to the video coming out with the full length version of each clip. Thanks for coming to bean town. Great job Matt and Melissa.

  43. toyoko

    I was in London with my son (little one in red T-shirt in front row) and my daughter (in white 3/4 length trousers).
    We had a fantastic time that day, well worth travelling for hours in a train.
    It was one of the hottest day last summer, too!

    Apart from our London clip, I thought the Gurgaon(India) clip was really good, bit of a deviation from your normal bad dancing!

    I also remember reading your blog about the trouble you had filming with the whale and with zero-G. I am so honoured to be part of such a fabulous project!

  44. Sara

    Matt and Melissa,

    Your friend Lenora told me about you the day before your final dance in Seattle. It so happens June 7 was my birthday and I’m so happy to have spent it dancing with you at Gasworks Park. It was the most joyful birthday I’ve ever had. Thank you both. Beautiful.

  45. Dancei com Matt no Rio de Janeiro em Ipanema beach
    Foi muito manero,pena que ele postou logo a cena que eu já estava zuando,tipo mandando uma dança do Superman,mas valeu a pena e tudo deu certo
    Sucesso pra você Matt
    Um forte abraço e até a próxima.

  46. Matt!! I should apologise because I’m pretty sure that I’m blocking you in the Montreal video!! 😛
    Otherwise, I could not be happier with that shot; I wore a ridiculously yellow jacket just so I could easily find myself later and I end up in the centre of the shot to boot!!! I’ve been told that my arm waving is like saying “come join us in the rain”!! You told me in an email that you were sure Montreal would make it to the final cut and you were true to your word!! Many thanks always from me, number 169; I’ll be showing this video to people for the rest of my life :)

  47. matt,
    i didn’t dance in any of the takes, sorry i still decided to leave you a comment.
    i just wanted to say thanks, not just to you, but everyone involved.
    you guys did an amazing job!

  48. Catherine

    I’m a friend of Johanna, I loved it! What a beautiful experience it must have been, I especially liked the take with the kids from Fiji!!

  49. Gil

    I was at the Tel Aviv dance and it was so much fun!!! hot as hell but fun non the less :o)
    i didn’t think i will be seen since i was on the step at the back row but surprise! you can just see me lift my arms and jump on the right side at the back.

    You were really nice guys. glad to see fame didn’t take its toll :)

    Cheers mate!

    link to

  50. Raymond Liehm

    I danced in Sydney – I was the dude with the foxtail :) (standing just to your left in black). Pity you can’t see it in the YouTube video, but I really don’t care, this video is absolutely amazing! Definitely your best yet. Thanks so much for stopping through Sydney, it was great to meet you (and the others who came too) even though I didn’t hang around, something I kind of regret now. It was an honor to dance with you.

  51. My two roomates and I danced in Miami.
    Good to see some of the other miami dancers posting here…Matt, your video continues to inspire, bringing the world together with smiles, dancing and the human spirit of pure Joy! Keep on Dancing :)

    ps I was the one that had good common sense suggestions even tho I can’t recall what they were LOL…
    pps can’t wait 4 the next one!

  52. I was thrilled to hear the video was out, I couldn’t wait to see our Toronto jig — all 7 frames of it.

    Can’t win them all, at least Matt put up the Matt Dances with Chaz video on his site under the Toronto listing… Shame more than 7 frames didn’t make it, but I was just rooting for my home team! :)

    Loved the video though… We all laughed our asses off when you broke stride (sorta’ speak) and synchronized with the dancers in India, unexpected and funny as hell!

    Great job, everyone!

  53. takeharu

    I danced in tokyo. I spent very funny time with I’m glad to watch your new video

  54. Hey, Thanks for the great present!
    I was in Seoul on that cold day, and I myself cannot find me since it’s too dark :)
    nevertheless, the whole video is so warm and overwhelming.

    Life is harsh in Korea these days, but this video clip made me smile.


  55. cristiane fonseca batista

    I danced in São Paulo – Brasil with two friends of mine. We were doing our own little dance entitled: “dança do acasalamento” – “reproduction dance” sort of…

    Had a really great time dancing with everybody. I’m happy to be a part of this dream.. gonna show this video to all of my friends.. forever and ever!

  56. Kelly

    Danced in Seattle. I can pick myself out, but it would be difficult to describe how to find my allocated 10 pixels.

    I was so looking forward to this that I was expecting I’d be let down once it came out. I was not. I’ve watched it over a dozen times today and have made many others watch it as well. I think this one seems even more meaningful to me having read the blog entries while you were creating it.

    Amazing video Matt!

  57. Lim

    Danced in Singapore!

    You came, armed with a simple camera, your own idea of “dance” and we quite simply, danced! Probably not intended, i guess this video captured more than the joy of traveling…and showed the human connection beyond territorial boundaries. (thru a strange and unique experience).

    Thanks Matt!

  58. delani taylor

    i danced in seoul. the first night.
    but i think you put the second night in.
    i cant tell, too dark, poor namdaemun.
    had a great time though. thanks alot for coming. the video is really cute.
    great dmz clip, my sister and i were laughing sooo hard.

  59. Simon Smeke

    I danced in Mexico City it was a great grat experience and even better seeing this piece of art on the net… thnx matt!

  60. RavenMonkey

    Husband and I danced with you in Brisbane. I’ve heard nothing but great feedback from friends and family we’ve shown it to. Everyone seems to get a smile from your videos and I am just happy that dancing like crazy for .5 seconds can help cheer someone up. I’m sorry to anyone we were flailing wildly in front of. Both of us tried to get in the back because we are tall, and shy, but the foliage was against us.

  61. RavenMonkey

    Husband and I danced with you in Brisbane. I’ve heard nothing but great feedback from friends and family we’ve shown it to. Everyone seems to get a smile from your videos and I am just happy that dancing like crazy for .5 seconds can help cheer someone up. I’m sorry to anyone we were flailing wildly in front of. Both of us tried to get in the back because we are tall, and shy, but the foliage was against us.

  62. Angela

    Hey Matt,

    Danced with you in Warsaw, Poland. I’m in the upper right hand corner in red-orange. It was a blast to dance with everyone, a moment of pure fun and joy. Hope to do it again sometime!

    My husband was the one with the other video camera on site, if you want the footage I’m sure we can dig it out!

    I want to know how you pulled off dancing in the DMZ – WOW!

  63. Teli

    Hey Guys

    I was there with my girlfriend for the London gig. Had to drive 5 hours with a hangover from Blackpool (wedding) in order to get there on time.

    Met Matt and Melissa at the bottom of Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square. Both where very courteous, polite and funnily enough professional. We gave them our signed agreements (pre printed and signed thank you very much) and Matt took our photos and gave us the wristbands of legality proof (they had the day of the video release on).

    We didn’t really mingle with the rest of the “dancers”. It was a gloriously sunny day and after a while them two hardcore gays appeared and thus became the focus of attention (the hard gay guy is doing something similar to Matt, you can check him out (at your own risk) here
    link to

    This being London after 7/7 or generally London, after a while a couple of security guy wannabes approached Matt to inform him that we can’t use Nelson’s column for the shoot (which would have been great in accommodating all the people due to it’s tiered construction, plus the lions on either side are world renowned).

    So we quickly moved below the retaining wall of the national gallery looking over Whitehall. With so many people in attendance, the clip is quite crowded. I made sure I jumped a lot during my “dance”, this seemed to work as I recognized the guy 3m to the right of Matt (Hard Gay guy, girl with white top and that’s me jumping behind her, lol).

    Following a couple of takes, and seeing the outcome, we all starting getting photos and having small chats with Matt and Melissa. Matt was doing this cool thing where as a memento of the visit he would do a quick dance for you.

    Here is my go on a triple loop

    link to

    As I mentioned before, Matt was very courteous and polite and spared a few moments to say a few words, I remembered we joked about me having to attend three weddings in three European countries in 10 days and how I should be doing a dancing video in weddings©.

    I can’t believe it’s a year into the future from that. New video is awesome of course. At the beginning the new music didn’t really worked for me, but I think after a few listens it has warmed on me. Sad solo piano at the beginning to match Matt’s sad loneliness (dance is not something you usually do alone unless you are Fred Aster and it’s raining) and when tempo and instruments increase so do the companions, the places and the whole thing culminates in a piece of solidarity, union, joy and hope. Saying that, I don’t think I would mind someone having a go with a difference musical piece.

    The Indian dance was pure genius; the tribe was eye opening as well as the guard in Korea. Following Tel Aviv, Israel with East Jerusalem in West Bank is something to talk about and the similar contrast of New York with Tokyo is clever to say the least.

    So what’s next? How do you follow this? Dancing with animals? Religious people? Famous people? Taxi drivers? Naked? Dancing with gimmicks? Or maybe get ballroom dancing lessons, wear a tux and dance with strangers; since wedding dancing is out.

  64. Hak

    I danced in Cologne!

    What a great video!
    Thank you very much Melissa and Matt.

    Take good care of yourselves!

  65. Ajay

    Yeah Matt!! Finally got to see your latest video. Was an experience of a lifetime, dancing with you in the Singapore leg of your journey. Just fantastic, even though we look like ants beside the mighty Merlion.

    Anyway, wanted to comment that you haven’t posted the Singapore leg of your journal up yet. I think you mentioned in your Bangkok entry that your pc crashed or something, but had rewritten the Singapore entry. Hope you can post it for everyone to read.

    Thanks and hope to see you soon!!

  66. April

    I danced in London. It was amazing. The video is quite simply the best yet, brought me to tears. Thanks so much for dancing Matt ! You’re the best !!!

  67. Fred

    Hi Melissa and Matt
    I danced in Paris with Matt and Emma clapped for you. You made a fantastic job and it gives another big piece of a dream!
    Congratulations to you both and to all the dancers for this achievement. I long to see your next project after a long deserved rest for you, and maybe meet again somewhere in the future… Thanks for the performance!

  68. Meghan

    Hi Matt,

    I am completely moved and speechless by the new dancing video. I honestly feel blessed for the experience I was able to have with you and all the other dancers in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s one of those things that I will remember for the rest of my life.

    Ignoring the emotional part of it, I also get incredibly giddy to see myself on that video, front and right-ish! I apologise for those I must have blocked – I’m tall. It’s too bad the camera couldn’t pick up my ‘Dance Like Matt’ sparkly shirt.
    For those curious:
    link to

    I love the entire video, but there are two things I love most. Your changing hairstyles (btw, you look good with longer hair!) and the dance with the women in India. Absolutely lovely.

    What did everyone do with their wristbands? I drive a manual transmission car, so I put it on my stick – I don’t think I’m going to remove it until it finally rips on it’s own.

  69. Maria & Abram

    We danced in front of The Bean in Millennium Park, Chicago. Abram is a lot taller than I am and can be seen in the yellow T-shirt towards the right. I’m swallowed up by the big crowd but I was there! I still have my green wristband to prove it.

    We had a great time and were so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing project. Matt and everyone helping him was incredibly nice. The video looks incredible! Thanks again!

  70. Mat and Melissa, what a wonderful and amazing video! We danced together in Dublin, Ireland with my family. Poor Michelle was stuck in the back. But I’m right up front, with long white hair and a red jumper. That was so much fun!
    And what a beautiful message in this, that everyone in the world can come together in fun and happiness, and dance, dance dance!
    Thank you for making the world a brighter place.
    Peace! and more dancing.. cheers, Silvia

  71. Laurie

    I’m so glad I found this forum so I know I’m not the only one that gets a little mushy trying to put the joy of these videos into words! My friend and I danced in Austin (our horrible dancing just made it in off to the right of the screen – orange t-shirt and green tank top – bad dancing is harder than it looks!), but I have to say one of my favorite clips off the video is the one in Tokyo. Not sure I want the explanation but it brought me a nice laugh….

  72. Hi Matt!

    I dragged two teenage boys down to Gasworks to dance with you in Seattle and much to their surprise they had a blast! You happened to post this on my boy’s 15th birthday so thanks for the coolest birthday present ever. He was thrilled to see that Seattle represented with the largest group and that he and his best friend are right in the middle near you.

    To the guy asking about the wristband, I’m still wearing mine. :)

    I think Seattle needs a Danced with Matt reunion.


  73. Rosemarie

    Matt, LA Dancer here, commented yesterday. You have nearly 1,000,000 hits on YouTube in less than 24 hrs., is that some kind of record on YouTube?

  74. Rosemarie

    Matt, LA Dancer here, commented yesterday. You have nearly 1,000,000 hits on YouTube in less than 24 hrs., is that some kind of record on YouTube?

  75. Anthony Bender

    Nice video man. I met you in Austin, Texas. I was the really tall guy wearing a yellow shirt in the video (time frame) 2:04-2:07 time frame. I drove 3 1/2 hours to be in the video and I am glad I did. I only talked to you for a short time but you came across are a nice person to know. I read the blogs you posted as you were making this newest video so I already knew what you had to endure to get the shots in, that made this video that more enjoyable. I hope this video encourages Stride/Cadbury to fund another video and I hope you accept it. Again, great video, hope to see you again!

  76. Daniel

    Matt what about taking a clip in Pamplona with the running of the bulls? I´m sure you´ll love it and so many people is coming here from every part of the world that they would love it to?

    I could give you a hand on this one if you fancy the idea.

  77. Daniel

    Matt what about taking a clip in Pamplona with the running of the bulls? I´m sure you´ll love it and so many people is coming here from every part of the world that they would love it to?

    I could give you a hand on this one if you fancy the idea.

  78. Rodrigo Duarte

    I danced in São Paulo, Brazil!

    I was surprised at how many people showed. Matt is a really nice dude, easy to talk to. I’m the one in yellow, near the upper left corner of the video. ‘Till next time!

  79. dhk

    Didn’t dance in San Francisco. Am perhaps the most perfect counterpoint to Matt – I have the world’s leading exponent of “White Man’s Overbite”

  80. you are an inspiration for me and for many others. this is the best idea i have seen in a long long time. And iam glad it was you that came up with this..

    Final words.

    This video will make many people smile, and share it with friends and those are the closest.. Thank you for give me a wake up call to enjoy life!

    Thomas S

  81. Jonas F.

    Danced in Cologne. Live in Mannheim, so I travelled 130 miles to dance. I had brought my camera in case I wasn’t allowed to dance (I was not 18, yet). So at least I could have made pictures.

    However, I was allowed to dance and had brought my 10-pound-tripod for nothing :).
    You can see me directly to the left of Matt, black t-shirt.

  82. Michael Shepanski

    You truly make many of us jealous.. Very inspirational, With the video was an hour long. Keep spreading the joy of life and keep making people happy! :)

  83. I gave you a cupcake!

    Yep! I told you it wasn’t poisen and then offered you one of my funky green tea asian cupcakes at the shoot in Seattle. I enjoyed it immensly.

    It was quite funny that the Gasukan team was there the same day as the shoot, all clad in costume!

    Unfortunatly you can’t really see any of the costumes…..because there were sooo many of us…Wow, I’m a speck!

  84. Rory Binks

    I danced in london! Im doing the knee thing on the far right. Am i the only guy who danced at london who saw that weird guy with a suitcase, suit and umbrella looking like a 1920’s spy. Good stuff.

  85. It was a pleasure to have been able to dance around with Dancing Matt and the rest of the people who were present in Atlanta, GA while I was on a minivacation. Matt Harding is truly a humble guy and someone worth knowing. Dance is an international language. I think it would be cool if his videos where set to the tune of Scooter’s Jumping All Over the World.

  86. Mariano

    I danced in Buenos Aires with you. I think I was one of the few locals.
    It was really fun and the video came out great.

    Don’t ever stop moving!


  87. Hello Matt and Melissa:

    I danced in Madrid and was a unique moment.
    Come to see us again!.

    In my blog I think there is the only Melissa´s photo published.
    As she holds the camera, without her this magic wouldn´t be possible. Isn´t it, Melissa? 😉

  88. kim

    Hi Matt
    My husband and I danced with you in Tokyo, Yoyogi park. we were the ones with all the hats and masks as props.
    I have written about the day in our blog here
    link to

    We had a great time and luv your work mate.
    Thanks for bringing a smile to the world.
    luv Kim and Kame

  89. Keith

    I danced in Dublin on a damp miserable Sunday. Matt had just got in from Iceland that morning. I’m the guy in the Red Coat dancing dodgily.

    Thanks Matt, for this special gift to the world.


  90. Matt, last summer I took three of my kids to Santa Monica to dance with you and it was the highlight of their summer. Santa Mo represented itself quite well so let it be known you were sublimely appreciated and we hope you do it again. In fact, get yourself on the National Geographic Channel so we can appreciate more of you.

  91. I danced in Amsterdam. Whoopee nice to see it got in. You made an amazingly touching video again. Can’t explain why it gives me bleary eyes and a cracking smile on my face each and every time!!! Love it! Have been enjoying your blog in the meantime. Nice to see it come to such a fine conclusion.

  92. Apparently Matt went to my high school in Westport, CT. Some teachers remember him and think its sort of funny whats happening to him these days…

  93. Apparently Matt went to my high school in Westport, CT. Some teachers remember him and think its sort of funny whats happening to him these days…

  94. Ruth

    My husband and I were in the Toronto one – you can just make him out, but you can’t see me. I can’t wait to see the whole clip July 4. If there’s a shot where you see a guy in the back thinking he’s funny and jumping up on the umbrella pole, that’s my husband! It made a loud sound and everyone stopped dancing and turned around.

    That was a fun day.

  95. danced in seoul back in january.
    we really wondered where matt was because he was a no show so we danced without him.
    link to

    He ended up going to the wrong place and rearranged it again a couple days later at the right place. (ironically the gate we danced in front of burned down just a couple weeks later)

    was nice to meet a motley bunch and matt.

  96. RT

    i think if there’s anyone in the world that can say they’ve shown what we’re capable of as a people, it’s you matt. you save up and go do this on a whim, and look what it’s done. people in these countries came together and had a good time as one. even in the lesser developed countries, i’m sure they’re not doing well, but no matter how hard life is for them, they can still have fun.

    thank you for showing us that.

  97. Rui


    I danced with you in Lisbon, Portugal.

    I remember that on that day the subway was closed, due to malfunction, and traffic was heavy (no BUS help) so I had to walk half of Lisbon to get downtown and meet you.

    It was well worth it.

    I remember you trying to pronounce my name:



    Thanks Matt! I love the video, and I feel great when I see it!

    Good luck, hugs!

  98. Hey! I danced in Mexico City…you can hardly see me because Im reaallly short and I was on the second row!! jaja

    but still it was nice to be a part of it all…

    thanks a lot for coming up with such a simple idea on how to bring so many people toghether with something so simple and fun!!

    keep on dancing people!

  99. Ni!

    Great video Matt! Me and my wife danced with you in Madrid among the mad crowd in the Plaza Mayor and then with you alone. It was a great pleasure to meet you. I hope you come back again!

    I must congratulate you for the India bit. Amazing, beautiful. Bravo!

  100. Beth

    Awesome video! I was in the front doing the mashed potato, at Gasworks in Seattle!
    I said “welcome Home!” But, it looks like you’re on the road again! What a blast. Should’ve rained, but didn’t. It’s amazing how some music and dancing can bring the whole world together! Keep dancing bad, for as long as you can!!

  101. Jen

    I was dancing in Sydney. You can’t miss my bright green coat. Sadly I’m right in front of my friend Elliot (sorry El, you can occasionally catch a glimpse of you).
    I loved taking part but loved watching the finished result so much more. It’s extremely beautiful and touching that humans really are just simple creatures who like to smile and dance (in a rather silly fashion).

  102. Sebastian Magnusson

    I am the guy dancing to the right in Stockholm. I’m wearing a striped t-shirt. I have been looking forward to this video for more than a year now and it even turned out better than I imagined! Thank you so much, Matt and Melissa for this experience! I will never forget it. What will happen to the extra footage of my dancing that Melissa recorded afterwards? That would be great to see, too!

  103. Amanda

    Hey Matt, Me and My fiancee danced in the Vancouver shot. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity. The video turned out to be absolutely amazing! You did a great Job editing, and looking at it as a whole, showing all the people from all the different countries makes it feel so epic! You should be proud! Lets hope this will be remembered for a long time 😉

  104. Amanda

    Hey Matt, Me and My fiancee danced in the Vancouver shot. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity. The video turned out to be absolutely amazing! You did a great Job editing, and looking at it as a whole, showing all the people from all the different countries makes it feel so epic! You should be proud! Lets hope this will be remembered for a long time 😉

  105. Heidi

    Very cool video. It makes the world seem smaller and in harmony for just a moment. Maybe if everyone danced more often, we would all see more smiles, more laughing, enjoy life more, and look forward to each new day. If you’re ever in Minnesota in the summer time, we have several thousand lakes, fields, barnyards, and roads under contruction you could dance in. Or in the winter time, several thousand frozen lakes, plowed fields, cold cows, and icy roads you could dance on, except the cows, they wouldn’t like that. Thank you Matt and Melissa.

  106. Tiffany

    Oddly inspiring, simple and wonderful to watch! Loved it and I am going to pass it along!>
    High Fives Matt!

  107. We danced in Cologne and had a great time.
    I remember that you had lost your laptop when showing up at Cologne, but you seemed very relaxed and took the time to talk and dance for a while after the shot was already done.
    Thank you once again for realizing this great idea and for giving so much joy to so many people around the world.
    The video is awesome and it makes as smile in our hearts every time we watch it.

  108. Maria Jose

    Matt and company,

    I didn’t dance but, this dance thing that you do is just Wonderful!!!! Why don’t you consider to do the biggest bad dance for the guinees world records? Just an idea..anyway, I love the video and I watch it when I am a little bit :(…and it makes me feel :) again. Thank you to all the dancers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (love to see the Madrid people…I am from Spain).

  109. Val

    I and a friend came over that day from Victoria and danced with Matt in Vancouver.
    What a great day! It was loads of fun.
    I haven’t been able to spot me at all but I was the gal who brought blackberries. The fruit not the tech. :)
    Truly excellent video.
    My favorite bit is probably the ballywood dance.

  110. Matthew Van Zyderveld

    I danced in the Brisbane, Australia clip, and can just be seen in the background bouncing around. It was a fun day getting to go out to the gardens and meet you Matt.
    I’m in awe of the video… it really makes me want to travel.
    Awesome stuff!

  111. Carol

    Danced with Matt in Vancouver and had so much fun – everyone there was brought together by your enthusiastic love for people, Matt! Thanks for this new video – can’t help but smile all the way through it!!

  112. Carol

    Danced with Matt in Vancouver and had so much fun – everyone there was brought together by your enthusiastic love for people, Matt! Thanks for this new video – can’t help but smile all the way through it!!

  113. Nancy Hunziker

    Love the video. I have a crazy 22 year old son named Matt. He also dances badly. Do all Matt’s dance badly? Head to Madison, WI to dance with my Matt.

  114. Mary Frank

    WOW! I dance with you all in Seattle! I was with the group of cosplayers that you all happened to stumble upon. What an honor to be a part of this! You can kinda see me, too! *LOL* Dancing on the camera’s left side, big spikey red wig and a long black coat! Not my usual daytime look, but every bit of that day was amazing and fun!

    I watch the video and I feel all warm inside. You’ve got one guy going all over the world and dancing with strangers. Such a happy, lovely video! It kinda brings a joyfull tear to your eye when you watch it.

  115. Barbara Uhl-Michaelsen

    Matt–I just had to tell you all how much I love watching these clips. Probably because it is just pure fun. I am not a person that could easily dance in front of people.
    If you ever happen to be in Sioux City, Iowa this 53 yr old would love to be a part of this experience.
    Thanks for letting me comment, hopefully someday I will be part of the group.

  116. Hi Matt! I just found out you already been in Norway, But I think you should come again.. This time to Trondheim! It wold have been so much fun to dance with you in your movies. By the way. I think youur videos are so beautiful! It shows so much more than just ypur silly dancing! x)

    I loved it and I just smiled and smiled when I saw it! YOu’re doing a realy good job! Weel done! :)

    – Annie. (:

  117. Julie Bryant

    Matt – I adore your videos. They make me feel so darn happy! I hope you make it to Oregon soon, Portland, Redmond, or Bend. I know a bunch of people that would love to share a dance. Oh, and nice moves by the way. :-)

  118. Greg

    Here is Tagore’s English version of the lyrics to this song:

    The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures.

    It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.

    It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle of birth and of death, in ebb and in flow.

    I feel my limbs are made glorious by the touch of this world of life. And my pride is from the life-throb of ages dancing in my blood this moment.

    Lyrics adapted from the poem “Stream of Life” Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore. He also has written the national anthem of India.

    FYI – the singer lives in my home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

  119. Alex

    I ve danced in Paris, some guy with a red t shirt falling right in front of me :) Great stuff Matt, just loved the video !

  120. David

    Danced in Munich something a year ago. That was a really good time. We had kept one of the environment awareness signs and hung it in our apartment. I now live in the Bay Area. Can’t wait for your next trip to see how many places I can make!!!!!

  121. Jen

    Hmmm, sure I posted something already but I can’t see it now. Anyway, I was dancing in Sydney (bright green coat that can’t really be missed). My apologies for dancing directly in front of Elliot! It was great to meet you and be part of this whole thing Matt. Very inspirational and I’ve heard some great feedback. Keep dancing :-)

  122. Ray from Luxembourg (Europe)

    Hello to all of you people… I didn’t dance on the recording, ’cause Matt didn’t show up in Luxembourg…(shame on you, but, what a great video and what a wonderful world it could be without politics and madmen.

    Best regards & keep on dancing… ray

  123. Kathleen from New Jersey


    Hats off to you!!! Just wanted to let you know your video is fantastic and what a wonderful video to watch when you need a little pick me up. Makes me so happy! Keep up to good work. Kat

  124. Piotr

    Hi Matt, hi folks!

    This is the red-sweater-guy-at-the-back from the Warsaw part of the clip speaking! It was nice to spot my face in the video. Was wondering – how ’bout the ‘extra’ footage Matt promised. When would that be available? Do you mean those little ‘comments’ (not to call them interviews) Melissa did with some of us as well? I’ve been telling ’bout the place in Warsaw for a while for you guys, and I’d love to see that ;D

    Cheers for everyone who took part in the project, it was fun!

    Pozdrawiam wszystkich “warszawskich tancerzy”, nie tylko tych z Warszawy. 😉

  125. Fabiao Gump

    Ola querido Matt.

    Parabéns por nos proporcionar uma viagem ao redor do mundo com muita alegria.

    Em cada lugar que você está me sinto como se estivesse junto à você, é uma sensação de liberdade misturada com felicidade.

    Sei que não deve ser fácil percorrer o mundo, principalmente pelos custos, mas foi simplesmente uma idéia genial.

    Um grande abraço dos brasileiros que são fãs do que você faz.

  126. karla

    omg you know what i dunno if this is pms or what but i cried when i saw your videos!! hahahahahhaa!! youre the best!! you unify the world despite our differences 😀

  127. Thank you very much for being an inspiration to us when we had to make our presentation vedio.

    may I suggest you to come to our little Island one day.. that is MALTA.

    your message is very clear: We live in a beatifull world.. Hope you can inspire all the people of the world to take care of our world for other generations to come!

  128. Leanne

    Happy July 4th to all of our neighbours south of the border. Is there a place I should be looking for the Canadian/US clips that never made the video? I love the new video BTW, even though I can’t see myself in it. It really brings a smile to my face ever time I watch it. It was a great experience meeting you in Toronto and taking part in your amazing adventure. Keep up the great work.

  129. Ken Waters

    Hey this is Ken from where the hell is Ken. . . and also in you where the hell is matt (2008) i was in Atlanta, Ga in the front wearing the red shirt. . . watch my video “Where the hell is Ken?” on youtube

  130. So What

    I didn’t dance. And I have never heard of Matt before. My adult children shared among themselves and sent to me. It has brought me many smiles, chuckles, and a warm feeling inside. I love the connection to all the peoples of the world in something so simple and happy and lighthearted, a sense of oneness and of peace together, laughing, being silly with so much fun.
    Thank you, Matt, and Godspeed!!

  131. christine

    I watched your video for the first time today. I am still smiling! The happy feeling you brought to me is awesome and certainly made my day. The feeling of ‘one’ with people around the world is indescribable! Best Wishes

  132. Josh


    You’re NOT a hero for dancing in different countries.

    You ARE pretty cool, though.

    Nice work, friend. And thanks for the smiles.

    Josh in Milwaukee

  133. Lu

    I was in the last shot of the 2008 video. My sister was there, too. I had watched the old video on Youtube about a year ago when I was just surfing and thought it was great. Then a couple months ago, I found out from a couple sources that Matt was going to be in my town and I jumped at the offer to go and dance. I was wearing a light gray vest with neon spots. I was located in the very middle in the 2nd-ish row. Keep up your awesome dance, Matt!!!!!!

  134. A truly enjoyable compilation which shows all the good of people from all over the world. Thank you for spreading this joy to everyone.

    It was a pleasure and an honor to meet and dance you and Melissa, to participate in this movie and now be able to look back to this unforgettable moment which will live on the internet forever. Thank you for coming to Belgium. And who knows … until another time in Belgium?



  135. gladys

    Hello, Matt: congratulations for those informations. I don´t speak english very well (I´m canary islands)spanish and I wold like to see your videos with subtitules in spanish. I know it´s very difficult

    excuse my english


  136. Roberto

    Matt, why don’t you travel more to south america, Colombia, and Ecuador have beautiful places that you can dance.

  137. Rej

    Hey Matt, I danced with you in Brisbane. I’m glad you got a shot of the Pandemic logo on there, it made your old boss proud, haha!

  138. ZestoX

    Just incredible man

    Franchement incroyable, bravo…
    J’en reste bouche bé

    I can’t belive it

  139. bex


    just saw your video and loved it, but i’m a bit troubled by one detail:

    you refer to your location in one clip as “east jerusalem, west bank.” jerusalem is in fact the capital of Israel. it is a united city and it is our capital. please correct this oversight!

    bex from jerusalem

  140. after all those classes – and all those hours of sweating – and all those days of crying – and all those years of hurting – and those precious few moments I felt accomplished – all I ever had to do was just dance………
    i’ve danced for over 40 years and this has moved me beyond – all i can say is a very, very humble thank you….

  141. Startulip

    Hey Matt!

    Living vicariously here! Recently moved just north of Seattle after having lived in San Diego all my life, my best friend lives outside of Brisbane, and my son, a web developer, is hoping to move to Oz and work and stay there who knows how long.

    Found you yesterday after reading the NYT article, and interesting, what stayed with me all night was that less-than-apt description that left me cringing.

    I’ve been on your site all morning, and still there’s so much left. Thanks for letting me do vicariously what I no longer want to do but wish I had. Now I get lost in the forest behind my house with my dog, and that’s real good. Then when I want to wander a bit further, I’ve got your site to explore. It doesn’t get any better than this.

    If you ever need a live body for another video in Seattle or San Diego, send me an email. I’ll be there!

  142. Ben

    As a 50 something, I can only be more positive about the youth of our world and the similarities that we share; one of those is the inane desire to let loose when the situation dictates. Getting crazy albeit for a very short while reminds us not to take our own petty troubles so seriously and to laugh at ourselves and each other. Stuff like this unites us and celebrates the reason for our our being.

    GO MATT!!!

  143. Hi Matt,

    Maybe you should take a look at this link!!

    We seek strong synergies of dance and film, whether it be a dance made for the camera, documentary, adaptation of a stage work or site specific creation. We also welcome animation, narratives, and works in which the kinetic energy and rhythmic design comes solely from the editor or lighting designer. Dance films can be driven from the prime perspective of dance, cinema, visual arts, or in the case of documentaries, information. Our host venue prefers to present only New York Premieres.

  144. Sean

    I’ve had years of fun with Irish set-dancing.
    Try to learn it if you ever get the chance.

  145. JoJo

    Matt, your video has truly inspired me, i do hope if you ever end up in the netherlands, you will contact me and I can get all the EXPATs together LOL to dance with you :-)

    keep up the wonderful work and thanks to your sponsor !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. gaby

    wow! this is really amazing! a dance breaking through all the barriers between countries, different cultures, language, etc. Hope the dance would reach Manila.

    More power!

  147. Lydia Jenkins

    I had not heard of you until today on YAHOO homepage, and I am soooooo glad that I clicked your video! What an inspiration. My day…and possibly my life has changed. To see everyone dancing “badly” although I thought that you guys danced GREAT, all over the world gives me hope on our human race when I thought that we were doing so bad. The USA Commission of Human Relations should be knocking down your door (if they have such a thing)if not you think the next president will let you head it(I just want to be your assistant!) Great job! Thank you Matt I will be wondering where the hell you are for the rest of my life!

    Lydia, Chicago IL, can I dance next time?

  148. Allen LockingtonFiji
  149. Lindsay

    I’m the girl with the blond streak in her hair dancing to the left of Matt in the Auckland, New Zealand clip. I’m so glad we made the final cut (with just 5 of us i was a bit worried!). I feel so blessed to have been a part of something so wonderful – you did a great job!

  150. We are United as one, we have no choice. Things like this make us have inner peace and remember there are other people on the other side of the world and we are all alike, we all love, cry, share happiness, get sad. We are Free to do as we please, now – if only we can focus on Value. Because what we Risk tells what we value.

  151. Vinoo

    HI Matt,

    Lovely video..and you rock..These should be shown to all the mindless politicians irrespective of where they are..this is really great..

    shows real harmony and world peace..

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  152. Heather

    Thanks Matt. I am not a dancer. I just saw the video for the first time. (I am a little late to drink the kool-aid) WOW. To see all the amazing places the world has for us to see on one video is amazing but I also love that you let people dance with you. You can not be sad or angry and dance. What fun to see something that brings people together and not pointing out differences. It is a purely happy video. Happy in all the best senses of the word. THANKS

  153. Ryan Carey

    I danced with you in San Francisco but can’t really be seen. I was one of the ones who worked for YouTube and was wearing the Tay Zonday shirt who is another of our beloved users. I also heard you talk in San Bruno at our office right before you released this.
    Thanks for giving us all some hope.


  154. Lenny

    I’m one of the lemurs who danced with you in Madagascar. While I love how the video turned out, we’re all a little disappointed at the briefness of our clip. We had worked out an elaborate routine, much more sophisticated than that pretentious Bollywood scene, but what made the cut was just some simple leaping from trees, with nary a close-up. That damn whale got much more screen time, and he didn’t even dance! Sorry Matt, but you will be hearing from our agent and lawyer about rectifying the situation ASAP.

  155. Matt – Sunrise (the biggest morning show in Australia) have done a special on you. They’ve asked viewers to send in videos of dancing – I sent mine of when we danced in Melbourne – think they will do a montage which will go to air soon! You can see some submissions here on their website : link to

    Love the new video by the way – you’ve really stirred the emotions of want-to-be, true & even non travellers world-wide once again! – Wondering what to do next? – So many possibilities!.. so much mileage left in this baby!- don’t let the ball drop yet – the best is yet to come! Can’t wait to see whats next!

  156. keph

    hey matt just like to say thanks for coming to australia. even though i didnt make it into the videos, they still make me laugh whenever i see them. i loved the demilitarized zone, korea and especially loved poria, papua new guinea and gurgaon, india. i think its great how you incorporated some of the traditional dances.

    happy travelling

  157. martina

    dear Matt and Mellissa, I’m italian and I have danced “with” you yesterday during the news on tv. Excuse me for my bad english. Yesterday evenieng I saw the news at 8 PM and spoke about you. Today I looking for you in Internet, so I could see all yours videos. And I dance again with you. Great!!!! Fantastic!!!! Today I also dance like you in office… some peolpe think me crazy! but I’m happy. When you where in Italy, I’ll realy dance with you!!! thank you!

  158. Farah

    Hi Matt and Melissa,

    My chap and I came to dance with you in London and were the eager first ones there!! Sadly, methinks I’ve been blocked by Mr Bondage but I can’t really complain- it was such a laugh to do and the new video looks phenomenal. India and the New Guinea shoots are awesome… Everytime, you look like you have had an even better trip than the last.

    Ta again for a lovely day, a great vid and for letting us know you were coming. It was well worth the 4 hour coach trip!!

    Love and light,

    Farah xXx :)

  159. Bonnie

    My friends and I danced in Seattle when our cosplay photoshoot group got recruited. I’m in the top left corner wearing a blue and white school girl uniform. We had a blast dancing. Thank you!

  160. Anthony Smare

    Hi Matt

    thanks for visiting Papua New Guinea. Was surprised that PNG is not mentioned in the list of countries on your webpage though – will you be planning to include it at some stage?

    Well done on the clip and the whole tour, very uplifting!


  161. Annie

    Dance.. the Univeral language of passion, fun, laughter, endless smiles, exercise & Universal Happiness, Peace & Unity. We dance the dance, not only because we want to, but because we can! Keep dancin!!!!

  162. Janet McAdam

    I just saw your videos and LOVED them…sent them on to everyone!! I’m so sad that I missed your coming to Toronto as I am only an hour away and would have definitely made sure that I got to wherever you shot. Do you have a schedule somewhere that I have yet to discover that lists upcoming locations and dates??

  163. John Pund

    When are you going to dance with Barak Obama or McCain? Would be interesting to see if one of them took you up on it. You could tour the world and dance with Presidents, dictators, leaders…. Hey Stride Gum…. how about financing that venture and cutting me in for the idea ?

  164. Adalício Neto

    Matt, you danced in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Why you don´t dance in Salvador? If you will dance, report me… Thanks

  165. junknira

    aaaahhhh, can’t believe i missed s.f. AND madrid…bummer! Oakland CA welcomes you anytime or, Devon uk or La Coruna Galicia at christmas.

    thank you from our hearts

    eric y lisa aka junknira

  166. Sheryl Schuessler

    My friends and I (soccer moms) have mastered your dance! We want to dance with you!!!! Sheboygan, WI!!!!

  167. lindsey

    i didn’t dance with you or anything, but the link to your email didnt work and i just wanted to share some thoughts on your videos

    this is such an incredibly beautiful thing, it made me cry joy-tears the first time i saw it.

    it shows how really, all over the world, everyone is looking for one thing, happiness, joy, exuberance, all words for that same wonderful feeling.

    you’ve unified the world with one silly little dance and its compelling to even think thats all it takes to bring out the amount of joy you see in all the people in these videos, and in you yourself.

    so i guess really what im saying is thank you for this. its breathtaking.

  168. Hank

    Hey Matt! I’m far left in the Australia Dance Clip. Kind of chubby , but I lost that weight. Nice meeting you!

  169. Sven

    I had danced with you in Cologne, Deutschland. It had changed my Life. haha.

    Ich entschuldige mich um mein Englisch.

    Ich leibe dich
    und my favorite part is when the Ocean nocked you off your feet, was really funny!

  170. Bruno

    I wish I’d been in Rio or SP with you. I don’t live in these cities, but the trip there would have been worth every sec on the amazing vids you produce. All I can say is congratulations and thank you. Maybe some other time your could try the mountains of Belo Horizonte too.

    Cheers mate.

  171. Jimba

    I know this sounds a little glib, but I’d love to see Matt dance up a storm in South Ossetia… you know, in front of a Russian tank or something. It might not be as symbolic as the Chinese dude who stopped infront of the tanks in Tiananmen 89′, but methinks it would put a ray of sunshine into an otherwise glum environment 😀

  172. J.O. Wallace

    I’m inspired to dance in front of my favorite race horses all over the country where they are stabled on the “backsides” of racetracks. Talk about getting some weird looks, snorts, and whinnies, and bites! might just be hilarious and loads of fun.

  173. Richard

    You can always dance yourselves, since there’s only one Matt, and he can’t be everywhere.

    Alexis Zorba understands the power of dance, and teaches it to Basil:

    link to

    Wherever *you* are, I hope you find the time to dance with joy!

  174. MARGERIT Wilfried

    Bonjour ,

    je tiens à vous remercier pour ce moment de pur bonheur. Les choses simples sont souvent les meilleurs et cette vidéo en est la preuve vivante.

    Dansement Vôtre à tous …


  175. I like this funny, original video. It makes me feel the Planet’s breath and see how it dances. Your movements are great, proper to our world and time, a real art.
    Good luck!

  176. Kaylee Smith

    Come to Maine and dance on Mount Katahdin. No, seriously. It’s like, the only reason a person would come here, haha.

    Or, like, dance by a lighthouse (I’m not sure if there even are any in Maine…I never see them).

    Oh, well. Your video makes me cry and I love it.

    Keep doing it.


  177. Mash


    We are missing some bad dance moves out here! See you soon hopefully.

    Great video, and as somebody said it, dont bother about the nitpickers!


    wow, you are fantastic!!!,I can not believe what you do that good that you do. is not even with that view but I think this is something for which people should join. please do not hesitate to do this.

  179. Hunter

    You should totally dance on top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Its freezing and like 100 percent ice up there, but it would look really cool!
    Love the vid.


  180. Antoine

    Salut Matt ! Merci pour ce moment de pur plaisir que sont tes vidéos ! Elles ont inondés mon petit monde de multiples couleurs, senteurs, saveurs, et je dois dire qu’elle m’ont mise la larme à l’oeil… Un véritable voyage express !
    Mais pas seulement un voyage, un message des plus essentiel qu’il soit.. Merci pour tout ça…
    Comme to Bordeaux ! There is allways place for friends ! (Sorry about my English…a little bit wobbly…)
    Antoine, France (Bordeaux)

  181. catalina morales moreno

    Have you ever been in Colombia, South America?? You should come here, we have a lot of places to show you and also… we know how to dance jejeje… just kidding

  182. Rachel Smallwood

    Thank you so much for letting my friends and I be a part of something so great.

    We danced in London and had a fantastic time despite having exams the next day :)

    The final result is truly spectacular!


  183. Kym

    Thank you Matt. I have only danced with you in my heart. Everytime I watch your video I smile and cry at the same time. It’s amazing how a bit of silly fun can bring so much joy to so many. Again I thank you. You make my day.

  184. Christiane Lippmann

    hi, es ist so wunderbar – auf allen Ebenen….
    Eine Welt!

    Ich schlage Matt für den Friedensnobelpreis vor.

    Christiane Lippmann, Lübeck

  185. Jeff White

    I am not a dancer, sorry for posting here, but this message is to thank those of you who did dance. And Matt. And Stride gum.

    Watching these videos brought tears to my eyes. Simple joy, beautiful joy.

    I loved, and will download, the music from the 2008 video. The best section was the scene with the Indian women but everyone who was involved is wonderful.

    It is an amazing thing to think that you have brought joy to who knows how many other people around the entire world.

  186. wes

    I danced with you in san fransisco. Best day ever, to be part of a youtube video with more then 15 million views is somthing else.

  187. Eugene FILIN

    Hi Matt! I didn’t dance with you on the Red Square in Moscow, but I’m dancing with you right now! You’re always welcome in RUSSIA and.. thanks a lot for a best video I ever saw. That’s awesome!

  188. Maidhc

    Dam u Matt, im a tough hard macho guy from Ireland and you made me cry watching your videos! Honestly the best thing going on youtube! Fair play and keep up the dancing, hope to see you in Ireland sometime soon :-)

  189. Adam

    Hey Matt, I’m a big fan of the videos. I didn’t dance in any of them, but I watch them all the time. I agree with one of the previous posts that you should come to Maine and dance in front of a lighthouse. Maine has some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. I would recommend dancing at Pemaquid Lighthouse: it is atop a rocky coastline looking out toward the ocean, with the waves crashing on the rocks below. Very cool scenery! Anyway, keep up the good work. Hope to see more videos in the future! :-)

  190. hey
    i know im not a dancer buti just think i would i ask you to come to Pennsylvania one day=]

    i would dance in one of yer videos

    i could prolly get alotta people too

  191. IVANA

    First I must to congratulate for this project,bravo for everyone,it’s very nice for making this, I see that every people are very happy when they dancing:).I’m little sad because here in my country,in Macedonia didn’t have something similar like this,I know that if they have something like this they will be very happy.
    I send you a hug from my country
    Greeting from Macedonia

  192. Lise

    Wonderful video, magic experience ! I would have liked to dance with you somewhere in the world. It is such a brilliant, poetic vision of the world, of the people, of the life. Bravo !

  193. Regis

    Muito massa gostei mesmo…Parabens pelo video Dança muito legal ja to dançando assim boa mesmo….Abraço!!!!!!!!!!

  194. crabie

    I am the 3rd crab on the Christmas island , australia
    I would have sent this out sooner
    but we lost the power cord for the laptop
    and it’s hard to type being a crab
    but we had a good time with mat but
    I can’t help thinking that what was that
    big pot of water boiling on the beach??
    and were is my girl friend???

  195. andoni

    Hey, tío, eres genial, a ver cuando te das una vuelta por el País Vasco, pásate por Vitoria, te esperamos en la plaza de los Fueros

  196. Dancei no Brazil (Ipanema Beach) 3:36
    Fico feliz de ter conhecido você
    é um prazer enorme dançar com vocÊ
    Saiba que as portas da minha cidade sempre estarão aberta para você

    Um forte abraço

  197. Mauricio Tola ROJAS



  198. Lu

    I danced in Seattle.

    I posted here a while ago I think, but I saw a comment that said the Seattlites need a dancing reunion and I TOTALLY AGREE.

    I love Seattle and telling people I danced with Matt!!!!!!!!!!


  199. Osmar

    Sou do Brasil assisti esse video e adorei pelo jeito que foi feito e pela criatividade. Devido eu não falar e nem entender o Ingles, não pude entender, mas mesmo assim gostei… Parabéns Matt…

  200. Егор

    Мне очень понравилось видео… Заряд подрости так и прет. Может быть я тоже когда-то так попутешествую … Всего тебе хорошего чел.

  201. Tina Tran


    I missed the one in San Francisco but when I saw the video, it took my breathe away. The video is amazing and you are my hero for bringing simple happiness into our lives with ridiculous dancing across the globe. Keep up the great work! :) Thank you Stride for sponsoring him. I know what gum I’ll be chewing from now on.
    Thank you and much love from California

  202. aimee callan

    im the hobo at the front in paris. i need a haircut. and a shower
    anyone know how to get rid of herpes?
    some red head gave them to me!

  203. Gabriel

    Hola Matt!! Eres fantástico, me perdí tu visita a España, espero pases por aquí otra vez, me encantaria bailar un ratillo contigo. Si necesitas algún compañero de equipo, cuenta conmigo.

    Saludos desde Andalucia.

  204. Renee

    Hello Matt and all the dancing people around the world.
    I danced while looking at your YouTube video.

    This is what I felt:


    Thanks Matt and dancers!

  205. Anna Sanabria

    Great idea. You made people dance just because. Who needs a reason to dance? JUST DANCE AND ENJOY IT!!!

  206. Eileen Jurek

    Would love for you to dance at Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana on July 24-25-26, 2009.

  207. Ellie And Laura

    We Got shown your 2008 video in geography class at school and we saw this web address at the end and came here. we were so inspired by u that we have decided to each take a little clip of us dancing in each of our holiday destinations and then at the end we’re going to piece them all together so we have a big movie thing!
    It would be amazing if you could come to Middlesbrough,North Yorkshire,England so we could all dance with you!
    Dont Forget Your Umbrella!

  208. Przemek

    hello! I’ve been dancing in Warsaw. Have to admit what i went to see you kind of by chance and that I didn’t think i will come back to this video so often. It has a good influance on me:) :) Thanks a lot

  209. Hi sorry, I know this is ment for the dancers but how about the dancers to be?
    Are there going to be more instore for the future? Any chance of coming o Kitchener Ontario? I love that your bring the world together like this “one bad dance at a time”. I hope you keep it up, it really does inspire people to travel and see the good that everyone shares no matter where in the world you come from.
    I wish the best of luck and hope that you continue to show the world just how much fun it really is,
    Danielle from Kitchener Ontario

  210. Andrew

    Matt, have you forgotten about us in the Caribbean? What about my homeland Trinidad and Tobago and the other islands???

  211. Mary Jane

    Matt, I didn’t dance in any of your videos. I can’t walk, however, you lifted my spirits and made my day! Thank you so much for dancing your way into our hearts! Mary Jane in San Jose.

  212. lisa

    i absolutely loved watching this. The amazing smiles on the children were beautiful. Matt himself smiles even larger when he is dancing with the kids. Real joy radiates from his face. Thank you for this little bit of joy and laughter it really lifted my spirit.


  213. Thomaz

    Sensacional! muito bom!

    essas imagens só dipertam cada veiz mais a vontade de conhecer o mundo!

    Traducution: That´s images just make me feel know the world!

    Do you need a assistent? You just realy work witch this?

  214. Rodrigo

    me emocione a mas no poder!…mi corazon dansaba de alegria viendo l video!…excelente video. te pasastes!!! con un gran nudo en mi garganta te escribo mis felicitaciones!…que tengas un muy feliz año nuevo!…

    ojalas que sigas asi por la vida!, alegre y lleno de vida!

    un abrazo desde chile!

  215. mónica

    matt, impresionante los lugares… me hiciste viajar mientras escuchaba esa música maravillosa. gracias por compartir !!! y sigamos viajando jaja
    desde Salta, Argentina

  216. Eric

    thank you so much for creating this video from a depressed mood i have had for 3 years has turned light into my mind. people needs more videos like these thank you so much from

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