Seattle, Washington Comments on the 2008 Dancing Video

This is a place for comments on the 2008 dancing video. I read all this stuff and I enjoy hearing what you have to say.

If you have any questions, I try to answer them in the FAQ. It’s terribly out of date right now, but I’m going to be updating it over the coming days.

If you want to know more about a particular clip, check the journal. There’s a list of countries on the right. I didn’t manage to document every stop on the trip, but I covered a fair bit of it. There are lots of stories and pictures.

2,898 Responses to Seattle, Washington Comments on the 2008 Dancing Video

  1. Thanks so much for putting in all the work for this Matt!! :) Your videos are an inspiration for all us fellow travellers! I do hope you keep it up 😉

  2. Andrew

    Is the video displayed yet? Because all it says is “Dancing 2008” and no video. Maybe I’m a bit ahead of myself.

  3. Geo

    Amazing!! It came out so good. I love it. So much more intense, and the places you went are incredible and people dancing with you from every corner of the earth. Well done Matt

  4. EXCELLENT!! I absolutely loved it!! The music goes perfectly with the video and I loved the scene where everyone runs in!! And I can clearly see myself waving my arms frantically with my yellow jacket in the centre of the shot at 3:51!!! My mum will be so proud! 😀

  5. Matt, you are amazing! I’m so happy that Chicago made it into the video (and Warsaw too!) The new video is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the choice of music. I can’t believe how many children (and animals) made it into the video. The whole thing is truly breathtaking.

    This was absolutely without a doubt one of the best days of my ENTIRE LIFE.

    Thank YOU

  6. Maria

    Good one, went a little fast for my liking as compared to the first, but was very fun to see everyone run in from either side and dance with you. It became a bit like “Where’s Waldo?” (hahaha)

    The new music was very interesting and was great to see you get in sync with the Indian women for a couple of steps!!!

    So, I see you went back to the Solomen Island………..any news on meeting Afunakwa’s family? I know you said you’d meet them next time you go back.

  7. Leanne

    It’s good but it’s too fast for me to see Toronto because you had so many places to fit in. Will you be posting another video of outtakes?

    P.S. Where we (the dancers) supposed to get Stride gum? The flavor really DOES last a long time!

  8. I’ve been waiting for this!!!!!
    Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!!
    My kids and I danced to it this morning before heading to school :)
    Once again, Matt, you rock!
    Love the people, the places, everything.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    You set the bar, man.

  9. Toby

    Hey Matt

    Don’t know if you read the youtube comments so I’ll just do a little cut & paste action. :)

    It looks wonderful Matt. Your hard work really paid off. I love the vibrant colors of many of those shots!
    As I mentioned to you, here in Chicago, I made my own humble attempt at something similar. In honor, I posted it today as well. Hope you check it out.
    Captain Jack Sparrow 😉

    link to

  10. Debbie

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you for making this wonderful video. It really does show perfectly that we are all one here on our beautiful planet earth.


  11. Susanna

    You have the world dancing. I cried joyful tears watching your amazing video! I think the music is great, too.

    Thank you so much for doing this.

  12. Julie

    Absolutely beautiful.
    It made me cry. I love seeing all the joy
    in the faces of the dancers. At a time
    when the world is not such a pretty place
    you make us all want to jump on a plane
    and see it all.
    Love from Westport!

  13. Just a person

    Your last video made me cry – this one too. It makes you love people – they’re so goofy and wonderful. And to coin Discovery Channel – The World Is Just Awesome.
    (I miss the old song though)

  14. Just a person

    Your last video made me cry – this one too. It makes you love people – they’re so goofy and wonderful. And to coin Discovery Channel – The World Is Just Awesome.
    (I miss the old song though)

  15. Just a person

    Your last video made me cry – this one too. It makes you love people – they’re so goofy and wonderful. And to coin Discovery Channel – The World Is Just Awesome.
    (I miss the old song though)

  16. Nick

    Truely moving, why does it make me well up i have no idea! keep dancing matt, on behalf of all of us keep dancing

  17. Steve

    Unbelievable. Tears in my eyes sat at my desk at work. What an amazing illustration of joy, hope and togetherness. Maybe we as a species will make it after all…

  18. Aron

    Congratulations on completing this, Matt!
    It came out perfectly; I just wish I could’ve been in one of the clips.

  19. You are an inspiration Mr Harding and I THANK YOU for sharing this with the world. I’ve watched it repeatedly and blogged about it too. Best of luck with it. Marvellous, marvellous work.

  20. Ken

    The dancing in Gurgagon, India, was beautiful.

    The juxtaposition between NYC and Tokyo was inspired.

    And Nellis Airspace was an awesome inclusion. :-)

    Well done!

  21. Tom Swinnen

    Best WTHIM video to date. Brilliant! You are indeed a modern day hero, Sir, bringing together the world like this!

  22. Yves

    This new video is as great as the previous ones.
    A real moment of happiness :)

    I hope you will come back to Japan again :)

  23. Oh Matt, this is truly amazing. What a fabulous gift to all the world. It made me laugh and cry from the sheer exuberance and love of the piece. I can only imagine the marvelous experiences you had and the wonderful people you have met. Thank you, thank you for having this vision and sharing it with us.

  24. Heather

    This is amazing!
    I don’t think I have ever cried with happiness so much!! This was and is absolutely wonderful! I would LOVE to dance with you one day!

    I can’t say anything else but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO!

    –Heather “Mari” S. <3

  25. “What you have made here — and what you have yet to do — will make sense a thousand, a million, a billion years from now.

    Posted by: Bob Stein | June 20, 2008 at 08:21 AM”

    I really must respond with an amen!

  26. Melanie

    I am kicking myself for not making it up to the Seattle dance.
    I love what you do, where you go and just about everything about you.
    This new video is perfect.
    Cheers to you!
    –Miss Melly 😉

  27. Mark

    Awesome! Another great accomplishment Matt. I have watched all your videos from my desk at work and I always get goosebumps and a little pink eyed. The video just represents what happy is for me. It’s the ‘good’ of the world that many never experience.

    Well done Matt, well done.

  28. justantotherguynamedmatt

    Been following along in your travels for a couple of years now. Had a really crappy morning, but had an ear to ear smile after watching the new one. Thanks, Keep trekkin.

  29. sim gluck

    What a great video! Enjoyable seeing all the places you went to. I just don’t understand why you listed something as East Jerusalem, West Bank when in reality you were in Jerusalem, Israel. There’s no country called West Bank that exists in the world, and as such, it would be great to make that proper correction so people dont get confused. Thanks in advance for choosing truth over politics.

  30. Tina

    Fabulous video. As much as the others were about the places, I feel this one is about the people. What an amazing journey you take us on. Thank you.

  31. Diane

    OH MY.
    I love the theme this time.
    And I’m really sad I missed the toronto meet up :(

    But… I don’t see that clip in this? you really do hate Torontoians, Matt. =^,^=
    (just kidding)

    Iceland was one of my favorite clips. And the “high quality” version on youtube is MUCH better, btw.

    link to


    Out of the park!

    I’m sure there are parts that you are less pleased with but, jeez, how beautiful.

    Congratulations. I will be hitting up the FAQ to see what is next. I hope you can continue to travel for a living.

    Thanks for continuing to deliver a hopeful happy message.

  33. Ed

    Matt and Melissa,
    Beautiful, lyrical, wonderful and mostly really fun and happy!

    Sim Gluck – get a life outside politics!

  34. Jen

    Wow I enjoyed that one as much as the other ones which I didn’t think that I would! I was smiling the whole way through again, I loved it. Great work!

  35. Johanne

    Dearest Matt, I am so thrilled to see the recent video. It brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. Wonderful seeing do many people from around the world just being human. Your smile says it all. Love to you all who joined in.

  36. Angela

    great video, congratulations. And very insightful, putting Montreal after Paris…

  37. Amanda

    The new video is excellent! I had happy tears in my eyes the whole time – these videos never fail to make me grin like an idiot and brighten my day! Keep making them Matt you’re making the world happy!

  38. Ivana

    The new dancing video is amazing! You r awesome!
    i loved the gurgaon, India dancing… Was really cool!
    see ya!

  39. EmKay

    That was truly amazing!
    Thank you so much for making this video for the world.
    I really love the clip in India, where you suddenly go in sync with the dancers. Nice!
    And the clip from Tonga where you get surprised by the huge wave 😀
    Also it brings tears into my eyes to see when all those happy people are dancing together with you.
    And the part where they rush in from all the sides….. Goosebumps!!

    Great work! :)

  40. Tere Smith

    AWWW Matt,
    you made me cry and laugh at the same time.
    We missed you in DC, the Metro was crazy that day and not very handicap friendly. But we danced with you in spirit, canes and all.

    LOVED the Papua New Guinea and India shots this time, so colorful and different than other videos.
    Can we add the UN General Asssembly meeting next time or outside the United Nations. Heck, you promote world peace better than anyone right now.

    love you

  41. Jason R.

    Thanks again Matt for another inspiring video! Wish I could have joined the group when you were in DC.

  42. Perrymoon

    Just amazing,

    I thought it was impossible to surprise us again, but you could, this video has news (for exemple your new movements in india, good women to learn about, right?).

    The unic think that wasn’t improved is the music. Sweet Lullaby remix fitted so well in the previous video!

    Go Go Matt!

  43. Dave

    Nice video. Amazing journey.

    The music of the first video was much better. It created an amazing mood.

    But this is joyful – just not as “profound” or impacting.

  44. Barry Kilmartin

    Get in there Matt,

    Great to see the finished article. The Music & editing is excellent. You can just make me out in the Dublin Video.

    You did yourself proud and cheers to Stride

    Belfast via Westmeath, Ireland

  45. Oh, I loved it!!

    I wanted so much to go to the video in Sao Paulo, but I got into a car accident and broke my hips. But it would’ve been funny me dancing with my walker, haha.


  46. Lori Wacker

    To watch the video at the link on the website, you just need to wait for the video clip to load up on your computer. It took a while for mine, and I’m on a fast connection too.

    The video had some very hilarious parts. Knocked over by the wave, the crabs on the beach, and the demilitarized zone in Korea. I have a niece who was stationed there and has sent me photos of that room with the line in the middle and a soldier from the two countries standing at attention on each side. So to see just Matt dancing there, was hilarious. I’ll bet you didn’t cross that line in the room! The India dancers and Matt including their style was classic! But I best loved seeing the people from all over the world, having the same fun in this video.

    Matt Harding, World Peace Maker?

  47. LOVED this video! Matt-if you ARE reading this, know that you’re an inspiration! I’ve dedicated several posts on our blog to you. We wanted to come to the meeting in San Fransisco, but by the date of the scheduled meeting we had moved to Russia…

    If you’re ever interested in dancing in St. Petersburg, though, let us know! LOTS of fabulous places. And not too far from other great destinations, like Tallinn, Riga, Helsinki, and the other Scandinavian countries!

  48. Kay (Worcestershire, UK)

    Fabulous Matt! Your videos are beautiful and your journal cracks me up.
    I have to say though, that despite deliberately dancing as badly as possible, every one of the thousands of people in the new video dance better than you! But don’t worry – that’s why we love you so much!

  49. Ina

    I think you´re brilliant and so funny! I would love to do what xu´re doing!!! Don´t stop dancing around the world!!!!

  50. Matt – Once again you inspire with your exuberance and love for people around the world. I totally dug the dance in India, you got some mad skills, dude! Great comedic timing with the wave crashing over you and I loved the one gy standing there staring at you in the demilitarized zone of Korea. Great video, thanks for sharing. What a blessing to be able to do what you love, yes? Thanks for including us in your endeavors. Makes me want to be part of something bigger than my own little universe.

  51. Eguana

    Brilliant! Bravo!

    As others have said, you’ve pulled it off again. This video seems to be a hybrid of the previous ones, a fine mix of spontaneity and sophisticated filming, adding in the group synergy feeling.

    Like Paris dancer Charlotte I have goosebumps – and only regret, living in Paris, that I missed that dance opportunity!

    What you do, Matt, is very very important and yet so simple: building bridges among people from all cultures and walks of life, uniting them behind a common universal theme that touches and moves – literally – us all.

    You also choose very up-lifting music.

    Bravo again!


  52. Suzanne

    Awesome video – my favorite so far, I think. I actually teared up a bit at the end. It was amazing to see so many people coming together and having a great time. Keep up the good work!

  53. Man, you got a tear from my eyes.
    We all are human beings trying to be happy in this confusing social.
    We live, we cry, we suffer, people die, but a smile is easy to get from people, and your video does it well.

    Cheers. For a better world.

    Fabio Maciel

  54. Man, you got a tear from my eyes.
    We all are human beings trying to be happy in this confusing social.
    We live, we cry, we suffer, people die, but a smile is easy to get from people, and your video does it well.

    Cheers. For a better world.

    Fabio Maciel

  55. Drew

    Simply put – you did it again. It is hard to put exactly your finger on what makes the videos so compelling – but it is there. Well done.

    The run ins, and more group dancing were really fun – nice to see you innovating! Music was really strong –

    Have you considered a BEST OF? Taking the best parts of all three years clips?

  56. Don Strausbaugh

    Awesome video and great dancing. Your dancing makes everybody smile i’m sure – no really, I mean it. This is what life is all about, bringing Love, Life, and Happiness to the entire world. So cool! Great job man, and keep it up. Keep dancing….and if you ever get to York, Pa I will definitely dance with you! Peace.

  57. hey matt that was a great video, really awesome how people got together to dance in it.

    keep it up man, take care.

    p.s. if you ever go to Malta let me know, it’s my home country.

  58. Wow, Matt – my name is Naiomi from Gonzales, Louisiana. I am Black and Taiwanese, and I cry every time I see one of your videos. What is this feeling that wells up inside of me? I am so envious of you, meeting so many new people and going so many new places. The experiences that you must have to tell. I get so inspired and awed by your videos. They literally make me weep. People are just people, no matter where you live, no matter who you are, we are all the same. I love you, Matt. Keep doing what you are doing.

  59. Ben Bishop

    Matt, There are very few people in this world i envy, respect, wish i was.. But mate your all of them… I flew from adelaide south australia to sydney australia, but missed you by litiraly 5min… so dissapointing (i threw a sick day and all)…. Thats dedication for you…. if you are going to me in alaska or new york in october i would love to dance with you…


  60. Jason

    Great video!!

    In powerful yet simple way it shows how similar we all are and that through dancing, dialogue, and love we can come together as a human family. Your simple (or not so simple) videos can the world a better place and bring us closer together. It would be great to get a video with you dancing with the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  61. Molly

    What a beautiful video. It really portrays the fact that no matter where you come from, people are people!

  62. Zinia

    Hey! I found out about your videos today(call me living in the back dates) & it turns out you have just posted a new video only a few hours back! Call that what?!
    You know how cool the whole thing is…all those places and the choreography…nothing new, just want to thank you for bringing out another video. Also…the choice of music has interested me…I recognize the words from my mother tongue…

  63. Melissa

    Holy crap man, love the new video. And I have to say, I think I like the new music better than the old.

    Favorite bits: dude wiping out rushing in in Paris, the Madrid scene, the goofy dancing dude on the right in Dublin, the goofy dancing dude on the right in Auckland, his friend watching him Moonwalk outta there, and the Panama Canal.

    Thanks so much Matt, you’ve made my day.

  64. jace

    absolutely the most beautiful thing ever. i laughed, i cried. the joy and happiness i see in everyone partcipating in the dance. our world seems like a better place afterall. you’ve always been an inspiration to me Matt… always have and always will be. Keep it up!

  65. Manuel

    You should receive more money for this to enable more trips.. o0 that was the best thing I have seen in YEARS! Thank you very much!

  66. Gerri

    I saw your video on the homepage a YouTube and I had to click on it. I’ve sent it to 5 of my friends so far, and I hope they pass it on, lol. I loved it. It made me super happy and I just can’t figure out why. It’s kind of that feeling when you have hope in humanity or something. It sounds weird but yeah. So, I just wanted to say thank you. ^_^ I hope I get to travel at least half as much as you in the future, as I am only 15 right now, lol. Thanks, again! 😀

  67. Jennifer

    Just amazing to see people from so many walks of life being silly just for the sake of having fun. REALLY points out that we are all more alike than we think. THANKS for all your work!

  68. Fallon

    This was strangely touching – the first of the Where’s Matt videos I’ve seen. I loved it. I hope if you come to Boston I’ll get to dance with you.

    (I second Gerri’s sentiment of hope in humanity.)

  69. Mike from Michigan

    I am truly touched and amazed what a person can do with a video camera. Matt truly brings cultures together just by dance and dance alone. Understanding what you had to go through for 4 minutes of video and make that video as touching as a silly video can be, I am forever grateful that I was able to watch this video. Human nature at it’s best. No one is judged because of what color, race, religion, or sexual orientation (see guy in leather in London)anyone was. Just HUMANS dancing and having a great time. God Bless You Matt. You are a true Human!!!!

  70. Robert

    Having the Israel and West Bank clips right next to each eachother made me tear up. Damn you, Matt Harding!

  71. Rachel

    why dont you come to ohio? haha its actually pretty sweeeet here 😉 cleveland or columbus…. or maybe even on the lake like somewhere like put in bay or mentor?

  72. Teli


    Was there for the london dance. Drove from blackpool after a friend’s wedding for 5 hours with a hangover to get there. I made sure i jump a lot during the shoot so that i can see myself in the video. It worked.

    At first, I didn’t like the new tune but after a few listens it dawned on me. I now get it.

    The indian scene was pure genius.

  73. Froota


    sorry to tell this, but the video sucks.
    It’s a bit boring, the music is not the best song to choose with that kind of subject.
    But no bad feelings. I liked your other video’s and the places where you went,because i dreamed with the music and video of other things and places, but now I think it became a hype, really.
    And now it is a bit sucked out, sry.
    It was like a project, where people all over the world saw a guy that travelled the whole world around, and made a little video with a super music, to show what live can gives you, and it was wonderfull, really…..but now it is a bit too commercial. (and I hope it stops…to hold the dreams of the other videos into my head)

  74. Nicolyn

    Your videos are so beautiful! It’s so awesome that you’re doing this, and I hope you do more. You are such an inspiration to everyone. You should come to Hawaii someday. You rock!

  75. Dee Harding

    From one Harding to another, thank you for this. Seeing so many people come together just to dance for a few minutes gave me an incredible smile on an otherwise rubbish day.

  76. Wayne Watts

    Well, way to go Matt. I’m very impressed with the new video. Definitely the best of all.

  77. JR

    Ya outta come out here to the heart of America,.. the heartland I mean. Rural Iowa. Grill some burgers, drink some cold beers, drive a tractor! We’ll put ya guys up. Youll get some pretty amazing shots right now,.. tornado season and massive flooding in some areas will really humble a man to mother nature. Any how its dirt roads and quiet country, long ways away from concrete and car horns… I promise you will see some great stuff in one of the most beautiful places you probably never would have seen.

    Keep on keepin on

  78. Helen

    Amazing!!! SO pleased you came to Northern Ireland and the Giant’s Causeway!! I couldn’t believe it when I saw you dancing there in the video. The whole thing is fantastic, I loved it!

  79. Matt,

    I’ll keep it short: you’re simply brilliant…
    Let us know when you’ve won the Nobel peace prize, half of the world is already looking forward to it.

    Thanks for visiting Belgium!

  80. Keep on Dancing!!

    You put a smile on the hearts of alot of people the world over. Keep on dancing, Matt! And “Good Luck!”.

  81. Xam

    Your videos just bring me so much joy, I can only regret i wasn’t there in Paris when you took that shot :)

    Yeah, I laughted, I cried, it’s just so simple and yet so profound, dancing with everybody around the world like nothing matters.

    Most important contribution to the internet for me 😀

  82. kim

    That was awesome. I am so mad at myself for not driving in to DC to be in it. When you lost it and started laughing in one of the African nations, dancing with the lovely Indian female dancers, the New Guineans and how you had the entrance clips running in over and over were my favourite parts. Thanks :) amazing job again.

  83. Cara! Muito boa sua idéia, gostei muito de espalhar a dança pelo mundo…

    Idéia como essa, deveriam ser mais divulgadas, mas comigo pode contar, vou espalhar para todos que conheço…

    Abraços de seu amigo Brasileiro,


    Hug your friend’s brazilian!


  84. Hey this is the first of your videos that i have seen, and i really loved it. I don’t know if you were going for a deep message or just tring to make an entertaining skit, but it was a very captivating video, and i greatly enjoyed it. The scene with the HUGE wave crashing on you was very moving, and i have to way, towards the end with all these places i was begining to wonder “Where the hell is Seattle?” and joy, it was the last place. Thank you for adding in my own town. ^^

  85. Leah

    This was great! It was a breath of fresh air! The world needs to dance & laugh more & thks to you we are! The joy on the people’s faces are so profound & pure! I wish you well!
    Charleston SC

  86. I loved this as much as the first two. And I’m totally jealous I missed out when you were in Los Angeles!
    By the way, how come your nieces didn’t make the cut this time?
    Thanks for a little bit of joy.

  87. Grant

    Why does such a simple movie make so many people emotional (me included!). They are all great but number three is wonderful – a true joy. I’m green with envy that I couldn’t have been in one of the crowd too.

    Keep dancing Matt.

  88. Grant

    Why does such a simple movie make so many people emotional (me included!). They are all great but number three is wonderful – a true joy. I’m green with envy that I couldn’t have been in one of the crowd too.

    Keep dancing Matt.

  89. DynamiteJim

    Props to you. I’ve been looking forward to seeing your latest excusion and it was worth it. You are doing what most of us can only dream about. Spreading joy to all you come into contact with. Thanks for sharing your outlook on life with the world. It NEVER gets old. Don’t ever stop dancing.

  90. Marti

    Worth the wait…WOW!!!!

    You really need to partner with So You Think You Can Dance…get your dancing message out to more people!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  91. Tee

    Do you announce that you are going to film in a certain location? I would like to dance with you if you ever come to Finland. Is there any way I could be informed about your possible visit here?

  92. Letty

    Seriously really impressed by all those videos. Been doing some travelling myself and I think this idea is great! I really think humanity is out there.
    Keep going Matt!!

  93. Marja

    Matt! Great to finally see the footage behind the stories which I’ve been reading for so long. I really liked the part when everybody runs into the middle.. Superb video, unbelievable!

  94. Helen

    LEGEND! i can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this video Matt. Every time I watch any of your videos, they bring an instant smile to my face – Thank you. xxx

  95. Brett

    Great job. But you shake it like a “white boy!” I’d re-title it “Global Groovin’ 2008!”

  96. Brett

    Great job. But you shake it like a “white boy!” I’d re-title it “Global Groovin’ 2008!”

  97. I thought to be a traveler, but your way of traveling is a completely different thing. I love it. I enjoyed the video, I found it so amazing! It is so nice to see all this people around the world, in all these different places, dancing with you. I am happy I ended up on your website.

  98. Josu

    Matt’re impressive’m Madrid of Spain that penalty not having learned that ivas come to me, I love what you do, not what interests the way but if we inadvertently teach that not everything is Paris, New York or countries only moved by thank you very much money: D

  99. Dave

    Simply brilliant job Matt. And whether you want to agree with it, you are changing lives and being a humanitarian. Great job on the vid.

  100. Briana

    I just found out about your website and videos today… what a fantastic idea! And what an experience, to see the world in that way. Kudos for spreading joy wherever you go:)

  101. Neil Rabjohn

    Another masterpiece. Seeing your trail criss-cross the map the past 2 years, you had to expect something as good as this. You’ve done it again Matt.

    For everyone else who enjoys what Matt does and wishes they could travel, its time to go yourself! Matt has said, “There’s no lock on the front door”, and he’s right! Many of these places are inexpensive to get to and to travel in. Write out your reasons why you can’t travel, then think seriously, is it actually impossible for me to plan, save and go away sometime in the next year? It’s the greatest gift you could possibly give yourself and its closer than you think.

    Let’s not live vicariously through others (though Matt is awesome) and experience it ourselves! 27 countries and counting!

    Thank you, Matt. Thank you, Melissa.

  102. jim

    just wanted to say thanks, made me laugh my head off! you desrve a medal for spreading so much fun.

  103. Alberto

    Beautiful,Matt…congratulations on yet another great, awesome video. Too bad you didn´t tell me you were coming to my country…i´m sooooo sad us panamanians couldn´t dance with you, and i bet you probably went unnoticed dancing at the Canal!…please come back, and let us know this time.

  104. Joe

    Simply amazing! You your film made my day – maybe even my week or month! Good luck in all your travels and dancing! Thanks for the smile you brought to me. -Joe in Portland, Oregon

  105. Lucked onto your dancing video on Youtube. I don’t get to travel much, but I sure appreciate the time you’ve taken to make an awesome video whilst on your travels. Cheers buddy.

  106. Mustafa

    Matt, your video/s always make me happy and a life at the same time. thank you for the most beautiful 4mins.

    I hop one day i can travel the world just like you.

  107. Shane

    Hey Matt! Well, it’s understandable that you didn’t get Toronto in the clip, though I am rather disappointed [but I’m in a frame at least…yay!] I’m eagerly awaiting the deleted scenes. I also want to say welcome back from your trip and I’m sorry the weather was less than accommodating on the dancing day. Maybe next year we should be more like China: more people and weather control. =D I might as well post my video response to your previous video as a response to this one instead, once I make the quality better. It’s bound to get more views eh?

  108. Herman Soenario

    What a great idea! This reminds me of a book I read as a teenager: ‘Het Leven een Dans Feest’ (Dutch) = ‘Life’s a Dance Fest’.
    As a small scale promoter of ‘Fine Music’ in the Cairns & Port Douglas area in Queensland, I believe that ‘Beautiful Music uplifts the spirit, transcending all boundaries …. creating a better world’, and you did that in your spontaneous way with a bloody simple dance – like kids do!
    It does not matter how you danced, but it is important that you made all those people smile! Smile about what ….? Smile – because they danced. In this day and age, the only dancing is in discos or parties, often under the influence of something and with noise which is bad for one’s hearing, but what you did is just simply dance and made people dance.
    Soooo inspiring. I suggest you establish a ‘Dance Around The World’ society, transcending racism and power etc! Just imagine you make Robert Mugabe dance with the people he intends to starve to death! Or make the Chinese government officials dance with the Dalai Lama and George Bush!
    We all will have a good love without even getting of our behinds!
    All jokes set aside – great job mate.
    Next time around – make people sing & dance!!!! and when you come down-under, visit me and I will give you heaps of music to dance to! Thanks.

  109. Jim Brennan


    Came across your video by accident on youtube. I can’t describe how inspiring I found it. What a positive joy for life you have displayed. I can never remember being so moved by a 41/2 minute video. There you are dancing badly but with beautiful gusto. And your joy is so contagious; you were able to draw so many people into your zany, wild and joyous approach to life. We need more people like you. I’m so glad you decided not to just sit around and get pale and fat.

  110. Herman Soenario

    Made a spelling mistake – should read: We all will have a good laugh ….! Not my fault, the English language’s!

  111. Me

    Hey Matt! This is wonderful. I hope to retire in three years and travel (I do as much as time will allow now.) Everyone asks me where am I going to go….now I will send them your video and say HERE;}

  112. I loved the dance in India, the way you sync with those girls was awesome….

    And the video itself started with India…loved it…

    When are you coming to Dallas Matt..??

  113. Claudia

    WOW!!!! Amazing video Matt… beautiful music … I watched three times … I got a little sad with yours comments about my city but in the end the result was impressive..

  114. AweSome 3rd VDO! Missed the Buenos Aires meet up! Thanks for setting the example with what you do. Looking forward for your book deal with tales of your trips, I bet you have a million. Cheers dude.

  115. I wrote in my journal, after watching the new video today (& to introduce it to readers):

    “When I watched the original video, I was so moved with happiness that I cried despite myself. The second video affected me the same. Watching them made me feel that even though it seemed buried deep down, a cold part of me had been touched by sunlight – every time I viewed the videos I was shown something beautiful. This third video has more people joining Matt in his dancing and it has such a joyous feeling to it. While watching this one, I thought, “people are beautiful. the world is beautiful.” It is good to be reminded of that.”

    I love what you’re doing, Matt.

  116. AweSome 3rd VDO! Missed the Buenos Aires meet up! Thanks for setting the example with what you do. Looking forward for your book deal with tales of your trips, I bet you have a million. Cheers dude.

  117. Katie

    This was an awesome video! I was having a very bad day and came across this video on YouTube and it totally brightened my day. I was amazed that one guy dancing inspired so many people to get up and dance. What a beautiful message this video sends out. I wish I had the courage to just quit my job and travel the world like you did. Best of luck in your future endeavors and keep the videos coming!

  118. Jim Beard

    I have to say Matt, this video put a smile on my face. I really appreciate the effort put into it. Seeing a video like this makes me realize that everyone can get along and have a good time in this world.

    …I’ve also now discovered I’d love to do something similar to this before I die!

  119. Kathleen

    nothing came up for the new “dance with Matt video?” Can’t wait! South Beach we loved you!!!!

  120. Graceann G.

    Matt – I just have to tell you that your blog and these videos got me through the hours of first year law school courses! I hope and pray that you’ve still got the energy to keep on trucking and providing entertainment and culture for me and my sad law school friends who are continually stuck in study rooms:)!! THANK YOU!!!

  121. Graceann G.

    Matt – I just have to tell you that your blog and these videos got me through the hours of first year law school courses! I hope and pray that you’ve still got the energy to keep on trucking and providing entertainment and culture for me and my sad law school friends who are continually stuck in study rooms:)!! THANK YOU!!!

  122. Graceann G.

    Matt – I just have to tell you that your blog and these videos got me through the hours of first year law school courses! I hope and pray that you’ve still got the energy to keep on trucking and providing entertainment and culture for me and my sad law school friends who are continually stuck in study rooms:)!! THANK YOU!!!

  123. cristiane fonseca batista

    thank you! thank you! thank you!!! it made me laugh, it made me cry…

    I was there! In São Paulo!

  124. Dano

    Brings a tear to my eye!

    Loved the part in India where you fell in step with the dancers!

  125. Dano

    Brings a tear to my eye!

    Loved the part in India where you fell in step with the dancers!

  126. Debbie in St. Louis, MO, USA

    I am so happy I found this. What a gift.
    It made me smile, laugh and cry. Beautiful.

    Then, I showed it to my sig. other…who responded with: “What’s the big deal?”.

    I don’t know if I want to live the rest of my life with someone who doesn’t get this.


  127. Sara

    Hi Matt,

    I saw your 2008 video for the first time today and I wanted to let you know how moved I was to see it. I was laughing and crying by the end of the video.
    I was reminded of all the places in the world I have gone and the experiences I’ve had that one only can far away from where one has grown up.
    I agree that Americans, well, everyone should travel outside their own countries and share in that experience.
    It’s a nice reminder that no matter how far away we all live and how different we may seem there are essential things we have in common the world over and that we are not quite as alone as we sometimes think we are. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the rest of us.

    Seattle, Wa.

  128. MATT…your such an inspiration..i know that you hear this alot…but i really mean it…thank your so much for the videos they make me smile EVERYTIME i see them and don’t stop doing wat you do because it is so amazing…THANK YOU

    P.S. maybe you’ll be in hawaii one day

  129. Mitch

    Holy crap that was awesome. The best clips were the humpback whale, the Tonga wave and the demilitarised zone. The Zero G thing was pretty good too. And all the traditional dancers, like in Papau New Guinea and India (where you learned a new dance move after all, you sly dog).

    And Lancelin! That’s only a few k’s from where I am now!

    Overall, another great accomplishment.

  130. Stephane

    Matt, this video is absolutely awesome!!! It is so amazing to see all the communites, all the person that makes this planet so special! It’s amazing to see the smiles and joy on all the faces of all these people! I am in the video, even though the weather was bad, you put it into the final cut!!
    Thanks for that awesome video!

  131. Ian

    A different pace than the first two, but so many people being a part of this one made it very uplifting, so many people from across the world being unified by terrible dancing.

    I enjoyed the slow, serene pace of the first two videos more. This video wizzed through many of the countries, It was hard to take everything in on the first go around. Overall amazing job, I’m so glad you decided to take another trip and make this third video. I have enjoyed reading your journal over the years.

    Thank you Matt!

  132. Frank

    i think it’s amazing that you got to enjoy all of the world, but it would be great to see a dance video of all of the US, and it’s probably a bit cheaper, too.

  133. Curtis

    That was a very good video. You should out the outtakes on. Also will you be doing any more traveling?

  134. The other Matt

    Matt, I’m just another Matt like yourself. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug, and I married the most amazing lady while I was living in Norhtern Japan. I’m in Portland, OR now. Working the 9-5. I had completely lost this passion. Your video and message is so simple, I think that’s what gets us. Why aren’t we doing that? Why isn’t everyone waking up, going somewhere new, and dancing?

  135. Wilbur Bacalso

    I do a fair bit of travelling myself and I am not usually jealous of other travellers until I saw your video. Great job dude!

  136. Mitch

    Just watched it again, and two more thoughts:

    – In the Solomons, you BRIEFLY STOPPED DANCING! Shame!

    – I understand that you wanted to end it in your hometown, which is cool, but it also would have been interesting to conclude it with the California orchestra clip.

  137. Samuel

    “I can go anywhere from here, because I am nowhere. I have only what I can carry, and that’s enough. I’m in transit.


    And for as long as I remain this way, I’m okay. When I stop moving, that’s when problems catch up. ”

    Got it spot on Matt. You’re a real inspiration to those stuck in their mundane lives who want to leave everything behind and take flight.

  138. Leslie-who-is-sad-she-couldn't-be-a-part-of-your-video

    Dear Matt:

    Not to blow sunshine and sparkles up your’n, but…I am utterly amazed and blessedly in awe of your journey and your art. You have made joy visible and spreadable on and encapsulated my own dearest dreams: to travel and have it mean something to souls other than my own. Bravo x 1000 to you and your vision! Please keep going — not to worry about “one-upping” this and subsequent videos, but to continue creating tangible joy. Thank you for allowing us to watch as you fly.

    Sincere regards,

    P.S. YOU RAWKK-with-2-ks!!!!!!!

  139. Hossein Shahrokni

    Dear Matt,

    You’ve truly touched my heart and soon to be millions of others. Thanks for transcending the boundaries and unveiling the essence that unifies us.


  140. Tatiana

    The video is so full of joy! I didn’t see it coming for the first few seconds until Madrid came on but then I had tears in my eyes the whole time. I love how Chicago turned out! I missed that one by only a few days. And I _LOVE_ how you synched up with the bhangra ladies in Gurgaon! And how many more obscure places you visited this time! And the startling variety of real people with real cultures all over the world, and the brilliant juxtaposition of all of them.

    It was also wonderful to see people in the video that we’ve only seen in pictures before in your journal, and to know the stories behind them.

    But yeah, it feels a little-wrapping-up-y. Like a last hurrah. WHEN IS YOUR BOOK COMING OUT??

    Ooh, also: it looks like in the more third-worldy countries you only dance with kids, is that because you couldn’t get people to sign up via e-mail? Also I think it’s funny how fierce you look in the zero-g clip :).

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Hi Matt,

    I really liked your video! I am a fellow world traveler although I am an amateur in comparison to you. One day I will go around the world though. I look forward to reading more about you and your travels on your site.

    If you want an easy way to get an HD version up go to – it looks great on the web but you can also allow visitors to download the original movie file that you upload!

  142. jhen

    hi matt!saw your vid @ youtube,im so impress….so amazing…..if u can just let me join you conquering the world….^)^

  143. janice

    I thought the video was awesome and the music went really well with the dancing… and I liked the order of shots and how you danced by yourself at first then showed pics of people running into the picture… and I liked the Indian dance! And dancing with you in LA was fantastic! Being a small part of this video was a great experience and I’m all giddy now after watching the video several times. Thank you!

  144. Simply awe-inspiring Matt! Wish I’d made it up to Stockholm to join the dancers there, but I did watch the recording live on the Segelstorg webcam so it *almost* felt like I was there! In the meantime, I’ll continue my campaign to convince you to schedule Copenhagen on a future dance tour!

  145. Darren Forman

    Man, such an incredible and uplifting video. Looks like a hell of a lot of fun, and it’s a genuine pleasure to watch you and others dance to such beautiful and varied backdrops.

    One question though, are you ever going to have an Mp3 file of the song you used up for download?

  146. David Farham

    Thank you so much for making my day Matt. I found your videos and accompanying music so uplifting. People are people regardless of background.

  147. Olivier Bailly Belgium

    Hey, i was there !!!

    Belgium 2007!!! Matt came in our Tv show ” Ze Live “and explain for a millions time why how it started … It was on PLUG TV …

    I had the opportunity to spend some time with matt and Melissa … They are just 2 awsome persone leaving far away but beeing deep im my Hart ..

    I think it is time for me to appologice. Because of me .. Melissa became a Cherry Beer Addict arf arf arf …

    If you want to have a look at the Tv Show .. feel free


    MATT HARDING DANS ZE LIVE ! EPISODE 1envoy par plugtv

    MATT HARDING DANS ZE LIVE ! EPISODE 2envoy par plugtv


    Have a nice Day

    Oli / passe toutou

  148. Onlooker

    You are cool :)
    It things and You tube videos like this that makes my day.
    Thanks for this awesome video :)

  149. Michael

    Simple and sensational!
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face on a quiet Saturday night here in Australia.

  150. Holly

    Well done Matt and Melissa! I LOVED it. I know I’ll be watching it again and again and showing everyone I can. The way it was cut was perfect and you deserve to feel completely satisfied with all the hard work you’ve put in.
    For someone who is usually quite cynical when it comes to people, I was surprised to find myself getting all choked up! I don’t even know you but I feel really proud of you…. don’t tell anyone I said that!
    Congratulations and best wishes for whatever else you find yourself doing next in life.

  151. Mike

    Wonderful! People like you give me hope and show that world is somehow going to be ok. You gave me a very emotional start to my day.
    Thank you so much,

  152. mike


    I’m still crying like a baby after this video. It’s saturday afternoon, and i wasn’t expecting to see something so beautiful on youtube…great video


  153. sandra

    on peux dire que tu nous fait rêver…
    c’est trop beau, cette deniere vidéo est formidable…

  154. wejdan

    Hi matt i just want to say OMG the last video was amazing and beautiful and realy effect in me i want to laugh and cry at the same time..plz keep doing this unbelievable work..but you need to dance here in saudi arabia i want to see my country in one of your videos:)..thank you and good luck*-*..

  155. Erika

    Hi Matt! These videos are amazing. One question though, I wasn’t able to make the Boston shoot, still wish I could’ve but is it just in one of the fast clips after Iceland??? Keep up your travels and and inspiring others!

  156. Erika

    Hi Matt! These videos are amazing. One question though, I wasn’t able to make the Boston shoot, still wish I could’ve but is it just in one of the fast clips after Iceland??? Keep up your travels and and inspiring others!

  157. Cybornut

    Brilliant Matt, you’ve done it again!

    And this time it has so much more story, and almost a narrative flow to it…

    Who’d thunk you can do that with “bad dancing”….

    Fave moments:

    -The “Rushing In”
    – Demilitarized Zone
    – Tokyo < — Cosplay girls… day no more… – Poria – Tongapatu <— always funny when someone else suffers :)
    – India <— this made me rewind and watch on repeat – Alhambra <— Personal concert! – Montreal <— Still trying to figure out if you’re the guy in yellow waving at the camera – Nellis Airspace <— Zero-G Dancing! QUESTIONS! – Why new music? – How many takes was India, and can I request to see the full take of that by itself? It’s mesmerizing to me and I don’t know why. – Where next? Mainland China’s still not being touched…! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! You’ve proved that there is no good or bad in dancing, just DANCING!

  158. Clare

    Hi Matt, I’ve just watched your dancing 2008 video, and at first I was giggling but then I realised there were tears rolling down my cheeks, I was really moved. Everyone looked like they were having an absolute ball. I hope you make it to Seville in Spain one day, and keep up the great work.

  159. Susan

    Ha! You rock, Matt! I’d never heard of you before and found your video randomly on YouTube. Now I’ve spent the last 4 hours reading everything on your website and watching all your dancing videos. Which is awesome, because next month we’re embarking on our own miniature world tour and you’ve given some great advice. Please do update the FAQ (and for some reason I wasn’t able to see the photos of the bags you use, but I can probably find them on Amazon or something).

    And I agree with everyone who says that it’s totally awesome that you were dancing in sync with the ladies in India for a few seconds – you looked like a pro!

  160. Chris

    This was beautiful and infectious. You are ambassadors of good will. What a great way to show that we are a global community and just how alike we all really are. Brilliant. This type of work makes a difference. Thank you.

  161. Jon

    amazing, truely shows how beautiful and diverse mankind is. If only there was a way for globalization and culture to co-exist.

  162. Pol

    I try to write in english….

    So, i think you’ve done the most poetic and écologic vidéo of all times on internet!

    (you can make a movie of this, people can see for hours your journey over the world)

    One word: Bravo Matt! (you make a froggy happy!)

  163. Matt, this video is fantastic! The combination of the song and all the people around the world dancing with you is really touching! It brought tears to my eyes. And it also makes me want to travel — the shots of all these places are so amazing. Nice job. And nice dancing. :)

  164. Amy

    Brilliant! So perfectly brilliant, Matt! I’m flying out of Seattle today…..wish I would’ve had the chance to meet you and the incredible mind behind these videos!

  165. Kara

    I just happened to click on the link because the name intrigued me. I saw it as I was signing on to google. I was unbelieveably moved by the video. You did an amazing job and it sends just an amazing message with it. I found myself watching it in an almost awe-struck state. Well done Matt, and thank you for sharing suck an incredible piece.

  166. Laura

    what a wonderful idea. i smiled and cried and smiled some more… is so moving to see joy and dance unite peoples everywhere. i know everyone else said the same but it is true. best wishes for your next trip

  167. Kara

    I just happened to click on the link because the name intrigued me. I saw it as I was signing on to google. I was unbelieveably moved by the video. You did an amazing job and it sends just an amazing message with it. I found myself watching it in an almost awe-struck state. Well done Matt, and thank you for sharing suck an incredible piece.

  168. Laurens

    This is a great video. Very inspirational, I hope I’ll one day have seen a small part of everywhere you’ve been.

  169. Dance like the whole world is watching!

    Matt, you are my hero! What a blessing to have you demonstrate so beautifully there really is another way to relate to all our brothers and sisters in the human family.

    We are so fortunate to have you — and the gift of inspiration — you are sharing….Thank you for being in our world!

  170. nathan

    Salamat kaayo sa video… nalingaw kaayo ko… pinaagi sa imong gihimo nga video wa lang nimo napakita nga gawas nga daghan na kaayo kag naadtuan nga lugar, imong napakita sa tibuok kalibutan nga aduna pay puruhan nga kita nangaghi-usa. walay pulong, walay panag-away kung dili usa nga paglihuk pinaagi sa sayaw…

    Daghang Salamat…

    Usa ka sa akong mga inspirasyon…

  171. Lisa

    Tears have fallen into my cereal this morning as I watched this video during breakfast. This means a tremendous amount to me.

    Just yesterday I had a half-hearted debate with a co-worker about the meaning of life. His argument was a hopeless version of “procreation and the perpetuation of the species”. I sat quiet at my desk for a few minutes trying to find succinct words to sum up all of the wonderful things I believe life to be about. I felt overwhelmed by my own happiness and frustrated by my inability to express it to someone who has complicated the concept of “love” too much to really appreciate what it means in it’s simplest form. It all seems so eloquent on the inside, but mere words tend to fail the philosophy of love.

    Your video is my new argument.

    Thank you.

    With love.

  172. Talitha

    Ah yes, this video made me cry too. I love all the joy in it. Lucky you with so much traveling and funny dancing. Thanks for doing this!

  173. jigo

    I know ur rich matt coz you can travel all over the world.. How’s the money matt? lol! I wish sometimes you can dance here in philippines in the capital city manila, people here so help full love funny and happy 😀 god bless always matt!

  174. A friend gave me the gift of your video on Myspace today. I love it and it really made me think, it made me smile, it made me happy, and it made me a little sad. All-in-all, this is an emotional piece of work and I thank you for it!

  175. Sarah Terry

    I came across your video randomly on YouTube and was so taken with it. It looks like you had so much fun, and what a great way of documenting your travels. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Surrey, England

  176. A truly enjoyable compilation which shows all the good of people from all over the world. Thank you for spreading this joy to everyone.

    It was a pleasure and an honor to meet and dance you and Melissa, to participate in this movie and now be able to look back to this unforgettable moment which will live on the internet forever. Thank you for coming to Belgium. And who knows … until another time in Belgium?



  177. Ross

    Your video is inspiring and touching. It’s fascinating to see so many people in so many drastically different places join you in the simple act of dancing. Phenomenal work, keep it up!

  178. Absolutely incredible video! A video charged with emotion that was well worth the wait! Can’t wait for the next one…

    Toronto, Canada

  179. Marina


    The videos that u make,i think it makes many people happy.One of them is me :)

    Keep up the good work.

    //Marina from Sweden

  180. Nicolas

    Thanks for this video Matt!
    It is a really, really great idea…

    Please don´t stop dancing all around the world! ^__^

    Hope to see you soon in Lyon (France).
    Cheers, N.

  181. Chris


    You have been an incredible inspiration to myself and many others for years now. Your videos leave me with a feeling and desire to travel more often….but what’s even greater than that…the simple fact that a dance can break the communication barriers between cultures and make everyone leave with a smile

    Thank you

  182. Sarah

    Matt…Kudos! Your video was great, imaginative, colorful and the music with it was perfect. If you are ever in Oceanside, CA (San Diego) for a three-peat of your world wide dance, I’d love to join you! Don’t ever stop dancing!

  183. Laura toffenetti

    You made me cry when I wasn’t expecting it. It was beautiful. The music is wonderful. The dance in India was perfect! Maya Angelou says “we are more alike my friend than we are unalike.” That’s what your video shows. Thank you so much!

  184. Great video again!
    Im wondering what you will implement the next one, 1 Dance alone 2 dance alone in all the continent 3 dance with other people
    4 ????

    What you can do for sure is come to Rome 😛

  185. Laura Horani

    I teach ESL at Portland Community College. This is an absolutely awesome video. I’m using it in my Blackboard area for my reading class this summer along with the English translation of the poem “Stream of Life” for my students to comment on. I think it’s make a good warm up activity for our class, and they’ll really enjoy getting the chance to see it. Palbasha Siddique is an AMAZING vocalist! I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you and your videos.

  186. Pedro Tinoco


    Congratulations on this wonderful project.
    It shows how beatiful and unic is this planet that we all live in. You should use this video to environment causes, so people would see everything that will all the beatiful things that will be lost if we keep on demaging Erth.

    Thank you and keep on dacing!

    ps: nice to know that you think Rio is one of the most beatiful cities and my neiborhood ipanema is the most beatiful beach city.

    Pedro – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  187. Lauren from south wales (uk)

    wow, just wow. you are possibly the craziest, strangest, most fantastic person i have ever found on the internet… and thats saying allot. i agree with what everyone else is saying – you are using humor and whimsy to show how beautiful our world is and how we all have a hidden urge to dance badly ( or that we’re all the same, your choice) but it’s true, that video is incredibly moving. you really made me smile which is worth something. life is about the relationships we have and the memories we make, and you must have some fantastic ones!

    keep on dancing!

    Lauren Saunders from Wales xxxxxx

  188. Parabens, que mais pessoas vivam a vida de forma melhor, mais amor, humor e harmonia, Deus te abençoe e as boas pessoas deste mundo. em respeito a vc e a humanidade, viva muito meu irmão, paz!

  189. Kate from Quiant Auckland, New Zealand :D

    I just woke up to seeing a link to this on my friends list – its bloody awesome. Good on you dude. Its great to see people living life to the full!

  190. John

    Dude.. how many people cry when they see this vid?? I had to watch it 3 times to see it all.. and take out my contacts.

    Havent been this moved since I watched the world bring in the year 2000.

  191. Nico (From Argentina)

    i don´t know if you going to read this but i want to say that you are amazing, it´s unbeliveble where you been. I hope to visit a half of all places that you been.

    Keep going with all this.

    best for you…


  192. Shammi

    Yes Los Angeles California FTW!!!! I have been waiting for this video for so long and it’s absolutely fascinating!!! I was almost in tears seeing all of the people around the globe dancing with you 😀

    Great Job Matt!!!! Thanks so much for all of your time and effort on making this video!

  193. qurtuba from Spain

    Matt, BRAVO. With love and envy, from Cordoba in sunny Spain. People should see this, everybody in the world should see this and understand. Long life to your dancing all over the world, wish you feel all of us dancuing along with you.

  194. Cory

    it was so great to be part of this! if you look im the idiot waving my white hat in front of matt in chicago at 2:25 in the vid. it was so cool to be a part of something like this. Keep up the bad dancing matt!

  195. Kathryn

    Matt, you are awesome! Love this! Your dancing has improved since the first video I saw dated 2005! Keep bring smiles to everyone’s faces! I know you brought a smile to mine! Dance on the Great Wall of China! Go to Nepal and dance at a temple! You could do a seven wonders of the world danceathon! You are a Rock Star! Peace!

  196. john

    good on ya mate with this one, Ive been watching your vids since the first, and your 2006 video actually inspired me to finally take a round the world trip of my own which lasted 4 months over the course of summer 07, so happy to see someone showing the world for what it really is, a fantastic place to live in! HERES TO MORE VIDS!

    your humble follower

  197. Douglas de la Mare

    That was fantastic Matt, great work! And well done on making the long trip up to Canada!

  198. 7rob7

    I had never heard of these videos until accidently coming across the 2008 edition this morning. I have now watched it at least 6-7 times and it still makes my eyes all wet and shiny.

    Thank you for giving me and the rest of the world hope.

    (Plus: having been there for the first time ever last month, it was sooooo cool to see the giant iron atom in the background in Brussels and get to say, “Hey! I’ve been there!”)

  199. You are an inspiration to everyone Matt. How are you doing now? I could always use a new friend who has seen the world. I’ve only traveled to three states in my 33 years. I would love to travel like you someday. Keep up the great work, and I can’t wait to see more video!
    Rebecca-Spring Hill, Florida, USA

  200. KP

    Have You been to every country yet? I saw you went all the way to tonga. Great Video. After you read all of these comments, you should be proud of yourself

  201. Nice one! Congrats again. Fav bits: The wipeout in Tonga, the DMZ in Korea and India because you changed your style!
    Also the big rush in of Madrid.
    Criticisms? I prefer the old music, sorry!

  202. Kris

    Love the new video Matt! It looks like so much fun. It’s heartwarming to see all those people all over the world happy and dancing.

    I also love the music that went along with it. What song/artist is that? I’d love to put that on my ipod.

  203. Milo Bramble


    Thank you for bringing the world together with dance. I love watching your videos.

  204. I haven’t stopped smiling since I watched your jiggy self globally boogying down. It’s inspiring thinking of all the laughter you’ve brought around the world. I wish you a lifetime of enjoying all the happiness you’ve prompted.

  205. Rodrigo Flores

    a wonderful vid, but i would like you to come to my city Iquique, in Chile, that would be exellent 😀

  206. Yvonne Conybeare

    Just wonderful, Matt. Your first video brought tears to my eyes with it’s stunning global beauty, sense of fun and pure physical freedom. I’m over the tears now, and just giggle with joy at seeing everything you bring together with both visual eloquence and a wink. What a wonderful thing to have started. I particularly enjoyed seeing you try out some local steps in Gurgaon, India, proving that sharing the impulse to dance can be give and take. And anti-gravity was a rush to see. More, more, more!

  207. Matt Howard

    Thanks for taking the whole world with you on your travels. We’re dancing beside you.

  208. Liz Musquiz

    I just sat here and cried while I watched the video. For just a moment, this big blue ball did not seem so big at all.
    Thank you for the lift. You are awesome.
    If you do this again, I’d love to know if you come to Dallas. I would even be interested in helping organize.


  209. Carolien

    Matt, thank you so much for these videos. They are truly inspirational. Traveling the world is one of my top priorities in life, and several of the sites from your videos have made it on to my list.

    Keep up the great work!

    P.S. The next time you come dance in Vegas, let me know!

  210. Andy

    I saw your video…I love to see smile on so many people around the World…. I will call it as a “ Matt Phenomenon”… ! We love you Matt ..Keep it up.

  211. Carol S

    Matt and Melissa,
    Such a simple idea, such a delightful video. Thank you so much for sharing this. Just viewing it made me feel so happy and so good about the world. What a cool idea!
    I feel like I have traveled around the world and shared the joy of meeting/dancing with the children and adults from across the world. The joy in the faces, the happiness and silliness in the movements gave me a strange sense of hope that regardless of where we live, we are united by the simple joys of living.
    Thank you. May your continued travels be safe and wonderful.

  212. Christian

    Just awesome… Touched me so way deep and made me cry. Just thank you so much from Hannover, Germany. Shine on!

  213. genial matt!!!!
    un saludo bailado desde Palma de Mallorca
    Si pasas por las islas baleares en algun momento toda mi familia se anota para bailar contigo!!!

    Great matt
    a danced-regard from palma de mallorca
    if you come to the balearic islands, please advice us, my family will love dance with you

  214. Gil

    as one of your dancers at Israel, i have to protest.
    East Jerusalem is not at the west bank. it is a part of Israel, you cant write it as part of a place it is not.
    it’s like you’ll write “Auckland, South Island”.
    Just for you attention.
    It was loads of fun doing the dance at Tel Aviv. hope you’ll come again.

  215. Great video! I am from Monroe, WA and absolutely respect what you do. Those are some serious dance moves you have going there. I’m a 19 year old identical triplet and filmmaker, so if we ever meet I’d like to have you in one of our films. You can actually watch our award-winning short film on ” COMCAST ON DEMAND” under Youth Film Festival in the “Free Movies” section. Look for “Soldiers of Necker.” So if you have time, please watch it. Again, your video ruled!

  216. Erik

    Best art performance I have seen. With simple means you are touching the whole emotional register. Just amazing. There are 195 countries in the world. 132 still to go, then your work is completed. Have fun.

  217. Shannon

    Thank you for making these. Every time I watch them I laugh and smile and want to dance myself. <3

  218. JanskuBansku

    Positive vibes all around. :)

    Hope you come share some vibes in Finland too. Go to Lapland and dance with the Santa Claus in the snow. 😉

    Yes, Santa Claus is from Finland, not North Pole. 😛

  219. Kivi

    What a beautiful life you have created for yourself, and this gift of happiness you put out there for all to enjoy. Hats off to your sponsor… what an uncommon vision to sponsor you in such a unique idea. Heck, I will even buy some of their gum when I see it in a store !

  220. Starting with your youtube-video after waking-up you put me into a day of sweet misery.
    Envy, hate, happiness and love are all just too close together.

    Good job man.

    btw: Your fans demand information about what videogames you werde working on :)

  221. simona

    great video !!!!!!! you should come dance with us in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, we would LOVE to have you !!!!!

  222. 2-6 Neil

    I love the video – favourite bits were the montage when everyone runs in (the guy in paris slipped up, hehe) and the freefall weightlessness. You’re awesome man, keep it up!!

  223. Mat you are my Hero:) very nice;)
    I hope there Will come mor and keep up the spirit people like you change the word….and not politicians:)

  224. Edustus

    I can’t stop to see it and I have to study for my last exams! grrrrr!!! hehe

    Thanks Matt! When I saw the video for first time…wow! goosebumps and teay eyes. It was insuperable! There are happy and peacefully people around the world! :)

    The music is great!

    Moltes gràcies de nou! from Barcelona, an important and cosmopolitan city that you don’t have visited! 😉

  225. cynthia

    Your website always makes me feel so happy, womderfully teary eyed, hopeful for joy kind of happy. Thank you.

  226. cynthia

    Your website always makes me feel so happy, womderfully teary eyed, hopeful for joy kind of happy. Thank you.

  227. Ben

    Your videos are absolutely amazing – i really would like to do something like that one day – if only. Your videos are so inspirational. Keep it up.

  228. Alex P

    This is by far my favorite video on youtube. Matt, we want outtakes and please keep us posted about your next travelling arrangements :)

  229. I loved this video. The music was great and I thought it fit well. Dancing with groups of kids and large groups of people was a great idea.

    I liked the theme of bringing people together. It made me feel that even though people and cultures all around the world differ, we aren’t so different, and we all can appreciate the simple pleasure of doing a silly dance.

    I was also very happy to see my friends Brian, Cynthia and Alison in the Tokyo shot.

  230. ken

    Hey Matt, i saw your first video a while back and forgot about it, but i came upon the new video thats being feature in youtube, and i think its awesome that you have been to so many countries, i went through your FAQs and it answered a lot of questions, ill remember to go to asia first. have a good one

  231. Daniel Cologne

    Hey Matt,

    excellent video, beautiful places and an awesome soundtrack. Liked Cologne Cathedral?
    That video is so positive that it has to make you smile, even on a bad day. Great work!

  232. erez lev

    matt is a genious!

    i dont know if everyone understood it-for

    a brief moment he united the world single
    we-humans-need more of that!!!
    great admiration to you dear matt

  233. erez lev

    matt is a genious!

    i dont know if everyone understood it-for

    a brief moment he united the world single
    we-humans-need more of that!!!
    great admiration to you dear matt

  234. erez lev

    matt is a genious!

    i dont know if everyone understood it-for

    a brief moment he united the world single
    we-humans-need more of that!!!
    great admiration to you dear matt

  235. Sandi Hinton

    Thank you for such a warm hearted and loving tribute to the human race!! You made my day!!

  236. Matthew

    Hey Matt,

    I am just curious as to the reasons for your travels, and what enables you to be able to travel so much. I am assuming it is for work. But what a job!

  237. Geog Ju

    I’ll be sharing this with a few hundred pupils tomorrow – I’m sure it will inspire them.
    A great way of getting them to use atlases too!
    Thanks for the fun and smiles.

  238. Matthew

    I was on youtube and just happened to run across your video on the “what viewers are watching” and just clicked. Your video is amazing and I love it. My favorite parts are the ones where you’re dancing in India and then get in sync with the other female dancers and when you get towered by the wave in Tonga.

  239. Matt Pardew

    Hi there matt!

    Thank you very much for all you have done! You’re an inspiration to All of us!

    But why oh why!! How could you forget Malta!! Such a disappointment!!

    Oh well :(,

  240. Matt Pardew

    Hi there matt!

    Thank you very much for all you have done! You’re an inspiration to All of us!

    But why oh why!! How could you forget Malta!! Such a disappointment!!

    Oh well :(,

  241. N Arju

    Hi Matt. Nice work. I mean really!

    I was extra pleased to hear the background music in my mother tongue (Bangla). Who sang it? Who wrote the song?

    See you in Bangla soon, if you have not visited Bangla yet.

  242. I found this video by accident, I showed my wife, put it on my blog and will require all of my students to watch also. There is something uniting and powerful that brought a tear to my eye. I teach ballroom dance at a high school in Lehi, UT. I’m a big believer in the power of dance. I hope you come see us so we can dance with you. We are a formation ballroom dance team as well as beginning dance students a plenty… if you give me some warning I could get hundreds of ballroom dancers to join in. Either way, thank you for the video, I was touched.

  243. I found this video by accident, I showed my wife, put it on my blog and will require all of my students to watch also. There is something uniting and powerful that brought a tear to my eye. I teach ballroom dance at a high school in Lehi, UT. I’m a big believer in the power of dance. I hope you come see us so we can dance with you. We are a formation ballroom dance team as well as beginning dance students a plenty… if you give me some warning I could get hundreds of ballroom dancers to join in. Either way, thank you for the video, I was touched.

  244. Catherine

    Hi Matt!

    This 2008 video is great as usual!! Thank you for making me smile and feel better each time I watch your videos!

    But just one thing… no, Belgian people aren’t especially ‘asses’ 😉
    Glad you changed your mind!

    Catherine (Brussels)

  245. Hilton

    Hey Matt, congratulations again!
    I got tears from my eyes, specially cause I´m leaving my country for the first time for studies, this is really a good excuse for me to keep going, just like you!

    Keep on dancing, Matt, best wishes from Brazil

  246. Erin

    hey matt, your videos are great :)
    i really want to travel so seeing all those fabulous places you’ve been makes me want to go even more!
    i was wondering if you’re going to do another video and if you are, please come to vancouver, b.c. again – i think it’d be really cool to be in your video!

  247. Matt Moy

    Hey Matt!

    You’re an inspiration. You bring smiles almost wherever you go apparently (except for that one out take scene with the monks, but anyways..)! Your job is amazing, and if you ever need an assistant or shadow or whatever I’m right here (and probably everyone else who’s seen the videos). Keep spreading the joy and uniting the world through dance! I’m glad to share a name with you!


  248. Alexey

    Hi Matt,

    Brilliant video! Love it so much!!
    But I think one spot is still missing – Moscow, Russia.

  249. Elisabete

    Hi, Matt!

    I just got a link to your Dancing 2008 video. After watching it, all I have to say is THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for something that is so simple and wonderful at the same time. It has to do with some of the things that should really matter in life, such as joy and true laughter, natural beauty on earth and on the people’s faces, amazing natural and man-made treasures all over the world.

    A couple of things have been making me feel so lost and desperate so often for quite some time. And then from time to time, there are such simple special things, like your dance and journeys that make me smile and hope for better days again.

    May your life always be full of happiness!


  250. Elisabete

    Hi, Matt!

    I just got a link to your Dancing 2008 video. After watching it, all I have to say is THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for something that is so simple and wonderful at the same time. It has to do with some of the things that should really matter in life, such as joy and true laughter, natural beauty on earth and on the people’s faces, amazing natural and man-made treasures all over the world.

    A couple of things have been making me feel so lost and desperate so often for quite some time. And then from time to time, there are such simple special things, like your dance and journeys that make me smile and hope for better days again.

    May your life always be full of happiness!


  251. Sandi Cobb

    Matt…I literally stumbled upon your website. I LOVE IT! I had so many questions that you answered on both your ABOUT MATT page and the video lecture. I must tell you, if you ever get to Galveston Island, TX; I would most certainly want to dance with you in your video as well as my train crew at the Galveston Island Railroad Museum. I am the events coordinator and would love to coordinate your visit to see us! You would not only provide much entertainment for Galveston, but would also contribute to keeping the history of railroading alive through your visit! My engineer Ray, is 85 and said that even he would kick up his heels with you! Your life has truly taken an inspiration route and I hope that you are able to continue your journey! Thank you for sharing with us! Take care of you!

  252. Matt:

    Loved how you took a simple concept and literally brought it around the world!

    Glad to see the Merlion featured in your latest video, and hope you enjoyed your stay in Singapore.

    Personally, I liked the Indian dance best – it was a pleasant surprise seeing you do the classical steps with the lovely ladies. Sure proved to everyone that you are more than a one-move dancer! :)

  253. Ana B.


    Thanks for Coming to BRASIL.
    I’m feel very happy in see all that amazing and exotic places.
    I already see your video so many times but i can see more one million.
    I loved see you dance in Gurgaon-India..heheh! I loved!! more time thanks!!


  254. Frank

    The video is just excellent. Brilliant idea and I love the music.

    Question: Amazon restricts downloads to US customers. Any download options for European residents?

  255. Andy

    Great video Matt, as with many others I loved the dance with the Indian ladies!
    Good to see you made the Emerald Isle too!

    Keep inspiring us!


  256. michel vieira

    and mozambique, did you forget??its on the roght side of south africa, you have been so nearly mozambique, tsc tsc, shame, hehehe, but nice video

  257. Randy

    Matt – brilliant, man. I’d never seen your previous videos and happened to come across the 2008 video while searching YouTube. It took me by surprise–while very touching, it brought a smile to my lips. Great work. It appeals to the dreamer, traveler, and optimist in all of us.

  258. Gilad Singer

    So you’ve finally made it to the Holy Land! 😀 Hope you enjoyed Israel, I’m sure you got a very warm welcome there :)
    (I am originally from Israel but living in Denmark now. I hope you come here too!)

  259. Vivian

    This video makes me happy and calm at the same time. It makes me believe that everyone, regardless of gender, race, and nationality, is looking for happiness, in a silly dance!

    Thanks for the great video (and music!)

  260. Jadeus

    Your videos are awesome ! I can know be confident for the futur, after seeing that. It’s so much, and impressive ! I would like to do that too, and I maybe will. Hope you read me, you great, Matt.
    Keep it up, and show us always someplace new.
    Thanks, Matt.

    P.S. : if you come in France again, go to Metz, in Lorraine ! I would like to join your dance, the next time.

  261. Andrew

    Great job on the video. Truly inspiring to see the diversity of people that came together to dance. This is by far my favorite “dancing” video you have made. The best scene is when you start doing the choreographed dancing in India (I think.) I hope you continue to travel and make videos. Good work!

    Andrew J.

  262. Matt

    Are you kidding? That was insane. I’ve watched your other videos a million times and this one truly brought tears to my eyes. You can’t help but have a different outlook on life when watching your videos, especially this one. You rock, man!!!

  263. Andrew

    Great job on the video. Truly inspiring to see the diversity of people that came together to dance. This is by far my favorite “dancing” video you have made. The best scene is when you start doing the choreographed dancing in India (I think.) I hope you continue to travel and make videos. Good work!

    Andrew J.

  264. eyaler

    what is “west bank”?

    is there such a state?

    is there a city named “east jerusalem”?

    why not just “jerusalem, israel”?

    why be a smart ass?

  265. Simon O'Connor

    Damn you and your infernal videos… every dang one of them almost makes me tear up.

    These videos make me feel good about the human race again… I love them, love them.

  266. Catherine Alcala

    i love you videos!! i wish you have the time go to Virginia Beach, Virgina and do the dance i’ll be there supporting you!!!!

  267. Cinthia

    Great video! Go to Costa Rica, say hi to my peeps out there! I’m sure they’re up for a dance…

  268. Luís

    Hi Matt,

    Will the music be made available in iTunes or any other shop available to Europeans? You spectacular trip is global but Amazon MP3 is just for US residents …

  269. Luís

    Hi again Matt,

    Just wondering…

    Rembember your trip to Portugal ? You had first selected a place called Praça de Espanha thinking you would end up in a nice square that was actually in Rome/Italy. Do you remember how did you ended up choosing Praça do Comercio in Lisbon ?

    Keep on dancin’ man…

  270. Luís

    Hi Matt,

    Just one question more…

    Have you thought for how long do you plan do this ? Apart from financials, will you still enjoy it for years to come ?

    Well, we sure will enjoy see your movies allright. As some one said above they show a brighter side of human race. Can’t get tired of watching them all.

  271. Nicole

    Matt, this is the most inspirational video I’ve ever watched. We are all truly one.


  272. David Woodall

    Matt-A friend emailed a link to your clip with no intro except to say ‘watch the high quality version’. This guy never emails me things like some people, so I actually clicked on it. How rewarding! For the first couple dances I was, ‘OK, clever and funny, neat.’ But as the magnitude of what you did hit me – your travels, the beauty of the world and people, the simple common fun we all enjoy as both participants and viewers – all these things I think about since watching again, but which just combined to blow me away subconciously on first view – as it hit me, I was moved to share the tears of awe, envy, & joy that so many have felt. In the end, I did not even mind the plug for Stride, and will actually try their product JUST BECAUSE they sponsored this latest journey and video for you. I hope they send you to all the rest of the countries you have yet to visit and will keep coming back to see. I pray thanks and blessings to you, yours and all of us who have become a small part of this! David W.

  273. Davi

    From Brazil

    Caraaaaalhooooo vc deve ser o cara mais rico do mundo!

    Vc realisou meu sonho! Viajar ao mundo intero….

    Loco demais!!!!!

  274. Davi

    From Brazil

    Caraaaaalhooooo vc deve ser o cara mais rico do mundo!

    Vc realisou meu sonho! Viajar ao mundo intero….

    Loco demais!!!!!

  275. luis

    extremely cool! i just can’t put into words the feeling — guess that’s the point. thank you, thank you.

  276. Roberta Barreto

    The video is GREAT. Terrific.. It gives a… shiver.. To see all this people joining in.. To see that the project is reaching a LOT of people.. To see a simple project developing into a device for union and everything. Perfct Matt, I really loved. One more time, I only regret not knowing you’d be in Rio, so that I’d be in the video.. Congratulations on the work!

  277. Simon

    Matt, I had been eagerly awaiting this moment… Kinda cheesy to say it, but. THIS VIDEO ROCKS HARD! I think I spooked the daylights out of my wife with my gasps and my “Oh, cool!” remarks as she worked at her desk next to me.

    I’d love to get the name of the poor sap who slipped and fell on his butt on the opening group shots in Paris at0:56. He definitely took one for the team.

    My favorite clip is you getting drenched by the crashing waves in Tonga at 2:24. hope you didn’t get smashed onto the rocks! And, of course, the Zero-G shot, water, camera malfunctions and M&Ms notwithstanding.

    How cool these past four years must have been for you. Congratulations. Now that you’ve traveled the far-flung corners of this here blue sphere of a planet, what’s next? dancing badly on Mars? Or, maybe something a little closer to home, and a sedentary domesticated life? Be sure and keep us your loyal readers posted, regardless of whether you’re traveling! You’re far more fun to read about than Paris Hilton and all the other Hollywood crap!

  278. You were here in Buenos Aires????
    Come again and let’s go dance at the Floralis Generica!!
    Man, you’re crazy. But in a happy mood.
    Let us know if you come to Argentina again. 😀

  279. PJ

    Love it. Love it! Even more than the others, if that’s possible. I got an email about the Vancouver dance but I couldn’t get the time off work to go (I’m several hundred miles east of there). I’m so glad you got to visit my favourite city in the world.

  280. Rajan Yadav

    Amazing job Matt. You have no idea how many lives you have touched by a simple act.

    You the Man in real terms

  281. Jason

    I don’t think it’s possible to watch this and not smile. I am completely and totally envious of you and the places you have been. Congratulations on winning at life.

  282. steve n

    Matt, I didn’t think you could possibly make improvements from the first video. since it was so good. Whose idea was it to let everyone dance in the second video? You are a true philanthropist.

  283. Ramya Sankar

    I missed you when you were in Austin (you were in Boston when I was in Austin and Austin when I was in Boston….) I LOVE the video and especially the music, it compliments it very nicely. well done matt!!

  284. Katie

    Not sure if this video is meant to be some great statement on humanity, but that’s how it came across to me. Thank you for the work put in, it was beautiful.

  285. Carlos Tourne

    Incredible! Thank you for doing something so special and meaningful. You’ve touched a lot of souls with your work.

  286. Matt,

    So glad you go to the Solomons. I lived there for a while in the 90 in Gilbert Camp Village outside of Honiara.

    This isn’t quite true that you said about Auki: Christian missionaries stamped out any hope of alcohol and the soda here is slightly moistened blocks of sugar….”

    Auki and Malaita both have beer, and there’s moonshine if you ask around .

    As for soda, there’s a Coka bottling plant in Honiara that also makes a great Sprite. All of the stores in Auki also have Coke. I was just there in December ’05.

    If you need any help translating Solomon Pijin or need some info about where to go, what to do, who to ask, I might be of some help.

    Rodlea, Matt

  287. That synchronized moment with the Indian dancers was pretty… sublime.

    Yeah. That was one of many squeeze-my-heart-in-my-chest moments while watching this. It was very emotional.

    Oh god you make me want to travel so so much.

    I love love the video. BIG BIG congratulations.

  288. Chris Vendelin

    wow. I never saw the first two videos, and when I first saw the video today at work, I had no speakers to hear the music. I played it three times back to back! Im so impressed at the level of joy and exhuberance- even without a soundtrack! (maybe even more so without the music to “coach” emotion). After checking out the website, I have to say that this latest version is well worth the extra time it took. You’re a lucky lucky man to get to do this- many thanks for sharing it with everybody!

    I feel inspired and humbled in equal measure, but grateful more than anything!

  289. Uh so the only thing I keep thinking about is how much did this cost, and arent there so many more productive ways to invest money instead of something that has so little value even from an entertainment point of view? My friend sent this and said it made him smile alot… but that cost is horrendous. Thanks for not making the world a better place, and instead showing off your money and wasted life.

  290. Greg Smith

    When I first started watching the 2008 video a smile grew on my face and got stuck there. Then all the other people came in and danced with you and the happiness and joy went to a whole new level. By the time the video was over tears were streaming down my cheeks.

    Matt, Thanks for showing us all how simply happiness and friendship can be achieved through nothing but bad dancing.

  291. Greg Smith

    To “Worhy Adversary”:

    Matt’s travels for the second and third trips were sponsored by the Stride gum people. He doesn’t travel lavishly and isn’t rich. Read the FAQs.

    He has shown a lot of people some of the amazing places on the planet and how people in all these places can get along and enjoy dancing with him. Many will travel to these places and make new friends just because they saw Matt’s videos.

    I would say Matt is making the world a better place and as far as wasting your life; sitting in one place and never seeing the world is probably the greatest waste. I haven’t traveled anywhere near as much as Matt but the trips I’ve taken have proven to be both life-changing and life-fulfilling.

  292. Tim

    Well done, intelligent and fun! I have travelled alot, and been to many of the places or countries on the clip, and loved watching you do that silly dance with all those people. Best thing I’ve seen on u-tube!!

  293. Sweettrish

    Your videos make me smile… and laugh with joy. Your friends are very luck, and we are blessed. Thank you oh so much!!!

  294. BellaMarie

    Matt, You have done an amazing job!!! I smiled the whole time this video was playing.
    Such a simple idea, but so affective. GREAT JOB!

  295. April Morgan

    Phenomenal! Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion and this did it for me!! Many Many Thanks for sharing your perspective and experiences! I’m sincerely in awe of how you have so joyously and clearly connected the dots of humanity!

    p.s. I live in Kirkland next to the Totem Lake Shopping Center, and I share you sentiments! Dismal!

  296. This is brilliant. Can’t stop speaking of your trips to my friends. Your videos DO bring a heartful of joy, show how the world is great and that dreams can come true.

    You’re definitely the one who is connecting people.

    Jonathan from France

  297. your videos have made me cry tears of joy and remind me of all of the wonder of the world out there and the indominable human spirit that is friendly and persists eternally… thank you for that.

  298. Doug E.

    That video really made my day. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Great music. It must have been a lot of fun to make. Best of luck in the future. Hope you keep on making these videos.

    Pleasure is spread through the earth
    In stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find.
    ~William Wordsworth, 1806

  299. Richard Hopkins

    When you did the first few steps of that funny dance, I was so ready to turn to my colleague and say “look at this idiot”, but the sheer unbridled joy that was unleashed when people started running into shot was fantastic.

    This is one of those great little moments that I’m going to save up for the future and stick it on whenever I’m feeling a bit down. Thanks Matt! You’re a true hero.

    (and what a beautiful tune too!)

  300. German

    Well done Matt. Have been reading your journal the past 14 months and I was really looking forward to this video. At first I thought the beginning was a bit lame but the video got better and better and the last two minutes are fantastic.
    Well done mate!
    Can’t stop sending the link to my friends and talking about this… I love it.

  301. hiltion

    Just terrific!

    It’s an amazing video, makes brigthen today.

    Congratulations to Matt and all the crew for so nice video. Really good music also. Great job

  302. Jennifer

    So cool. you are one lucky guy. India was fantastic. It really made me feel like we are all just one race and actually do belong here and I had a hard job holding back the tears. Happy dancing.

  303. lolemo

    First off, I have to say that this brought a smile to my face. I mean, it’s impressive how you’ve gathered people to do such a simple thing. Somehow it just warms my heart to see it!

    Oh, and the music fit perfectly in! And the material was undeniable beautiful (especially the part with the tribe men from Papua New Guinea and from Seoul).

    Btw, I’m from Finland and I noticed that you stopped by in Stockholm. Next time, don’t jump over Helsinki!

  304. Andreas

    hey matt you are Awesome, i am really impressed by your vid. You really are getting experiance. You’re a really lucky guy with an awesome and funny idea :)

  305. Norwegian

    that was breathtaking! Been looking forward fore this video quite a long time now, and it was even better than i had imagined! 😀

  306. Eduardo da Silveira


    I’ll watch this video every day before leaving the house and going to bed! It makes forget all the bad things in our world!

    When we send the next space probe, we should include this video as a “nice to meet you card” from the human race in case some other civilization finds it!


  307. Dylan

    This is definitely an amazing video, you did great on the editing. I can just imagine the feeling you mentioned, when first realizing how well all the experiences were fitting with the music, which brought it all together. I bet it feels great already knowing everyone who sees this loves it!

    Your video will spread worldwide so fast, and with it’s great inspirational message, maybe someday you will be known for spreading peace on Earth!

  308. damien

    THIS is absolutely the most beautiful thing ever. I laughed and I cried at the same time. The joy and happiness I see in everyone partcipating in the dance ; just wonderfull … ! Our world seems like a better place afterall. You’re kind of an inspration to me. Keep it up!

  309. Daniel

    Thank you so much for this video, it’s a wonderful reminder of how beautiful the world can be. I wish I would’ve known you were making it so I could’ve been there dancing in Sydney. This definitely made my week.

  310. marin from croatia

    thank you matt, you made my day brighter

    …visit croatia sometimes, dubrovnik is beatiful

  311. As I was saying on Youtube, I have been crying all along this video. I’m from France, and I would have loved to participate to one of those incredible moments. This is incredibly beautiful, it’s amazing to see how humans can still live together in this world of hate and violence. Thank you for making us realize that we’re still humans above all. Wish I could do something like this, it is one of my dreams to see with my eyes that there is still hope in this world. THANK YOU MATT !

  312. Jason

    Hey Matt, Love the new video. I like the little dance montage part before the song really kicks in. I also really like the focus on dancing with people all around the world this time around.
    Any chance of getting down here to Indianapolis next time? Dancing on Indianapolis Motor Speedway would be cool.

  313. Jeff


    I wish I had known about this when you were in Panama. I would have gladly danced with you!

    I just saw this for the first time this morning. The other coments say it better than I ever could, but I was truly moved. I’m fighting back tears, and I really feel happy. I haven’t felt this for a long, long time, and wasn’t sure I’d be able to feel it again.

    And yeah – the music is absolutely perfect. It’s very powerful. Can I buy the track? I’d like to play it once in awhile to remind myself how sometimes the most simple things can be the most powerful and important.

    Thank you.

  314. jenthor


    Wonderful video. It turns out we were with you on the USO tour of the DMZ in South Korea. Out of the corner of my eye I saw you dancing in front of the ROK soldier and I said to my husband, I think that is the internet dancing guy. But then you didn’t dance long, so I thought you were an imitator. Boy was I wrong. Keep up the good work. Your videos are amazing.

  315. Neil

    This is one of the best video’s i’ve ever seen Matt! You’re an artist. I felt freedom through your video!

  316. Brandon

    This is beautiful. Just beautiful. I think I actually cried a bit there. I don’t know why, but this brings out very powerful emotions in me and it is absolutely astounding.

    You are an inspiration Matt.

  317. Tiago


    I come here to testify what i felt and congratulate you for this magnificent piece!

    I read Neil’s comment and i can’t say it different. That is exactly what i wanted to say!

    I say it again… Amazing!

    Cheers, from Portugal! o/

  318. Jo

    I just saw this today. It’s so affirmative! It’s a beautiful idea, it’s beautifully edited, and it made me cry! Good work, and thanks!

  319. Hi Matt,

    Congratulations on another excellent video. I tried make the Dublin visit, but unfortunately couldn’t get to it.

    Well done again, the vid is brilliant.

    Ádh Mór,

  320. Corrie

    Hi Matt, thank you for making me smile and giving me the feeling of love and happiness. It gives me hope of my longing to make the world a better place.
    When you pass the Netherlands come and dance in Rotterdam!

  321. A different Matt

    100x better than the first. A conceptualized ideal thrust forward where before it was just hinted at.
    Kudos on being brave enough to travel as an American. I travel a great deal and tell people I’m German or Canadian (Being half of both, I don’t mind the fib).
    It’s ok to hate French Canadians, they give the rest of Canada a bad name.

  322. Colin

    Hi Matt,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the new video. I loved the progression from rain in Stone Town, to the desert in Lancelin. The switch from the dry earth tones of Lancelin to the field of tulips in Lisse threw me back in my seat, it was like a sensory overload and I loved it. Your editing abilities have grown enormously.
    When you first said that your new video was going to concentrate on people rather than places, I wasn’t sure how that would turn out. But I have to say, it works well, better in places than some of the scenes in your previous videos. Giving so many people a chance to share the joy of just dancing for the hell of it and then sharing that joy with the world must be a rewarding experience.
    And the kids from Madagascar to Zambia to the Solomon Islands, I mean come on, was that a beautiful sight to see or what? All adults could learn a lesson from kids about living.
    New Guinea made me laugh out loud. Who was laughing in the background?
    Did you know the wave was going to hit you in Tonga or was that just one of those happy moments that you happened to catch on film?
    India was such a nice moment, beautifully done.
    The woman in the pink shirt humping the water spout in Atlanta…priceless.

    You remain my hero. I hope you travel for many years to come. I hope you keep sharing. I hope you keep dancing.


  323. Jared J, Murray


    You are doing an amazing thing… you travel the world doing something that might appear pointless to some but is absolutely beautiful. You make people smile all over the world and remind us that we’re all one species… one people. Thank you.

  324. Jared J, Murray


    You are doing an amazing thing… you travel the world doing something that might appear pointless to some but is absolutely beautiful. You make people smile all over the world and remind us that we’re all one species… one people. Thank you.

  325. Rory Shannon

    The video is extraordinary. It takes on a different aspect everytime I watch it by watching all the different individual dances of the people. I could watch it 100 times and still find a new source of amusement from it. The Universal nature of the Dancing is very well juxtaposed with the uniqueness of each individuals dance.


  326. GW Crawford

    Someone already more or less said what I wanted…

    It may seem pointless, and a trivial use of resources to simply travel from place to place to do an awkward dance (it is awkward, you admit that yourself) but it connects you to other humans and other humans to you and, via the miracle of six degrees, all of us to each other – not as citizens of the our countries but the same awkward, silly, fun loving apes that live all over the surface of the globe that we are

  327. GW Crawford

    Wow, I should have previewed that

    In my efforts to seem spontaneous and sincere I came across as an illiterate goombah

  328. Rob

    Simply Beautiful,

    Your living the dream many people only wish to have. That was awesome, how you had all those people join you, seemed like the perfect touch. Keep it up!



  329. Dennis

    Wow! You had visited Taipei, Taiwan, but you were alone in the video, wish I could dance with you. Nexy time you come to Taiwan, please let me know, I got your back!

  330. Allison

    Absolutely wonderful! I was seriously bummed when I couldn’t make it to the shoot in my city. You’re a lucky man to have traveled the world and to spread such goodwill and joy.

  331. Allison

    Absolutely wonderful! I was seriously bummed when I couldn’t make it to the shoot in my city. You’re a lucky man to have traveled the world and to spread such goodwill and joy.

  332. Hrafnhildur Lilja

    Hi Matt
    What an inspiring video. I was so surprised when I saw my favorite waterfall, Seljarlandsfoss, Iceland, in it !!
    Thanks for all the nice things you said about Iceland and yes, it really is ridiculously expensive !!
    I´ve been to so many of the same places as you have but you outrank me by far though! Keep on spreading your joy!

    Lilja from Iceland

  333. I was telling my friend about your vid here at work and he was impressed that one of us “Code monkays” made it over the fence :)

  334. Jeroen Lakerveld


    This clip makes me very happy. It’s wonderful to watch. Last year I made my first ” big trip” to Asia…started in Hanoi…the place where your adventure has begun. This year I will hit the States.
    Your video enspires me to travel more and more.


    Jeroen (the Netherlands)

  335. Your 2008 video actually made me cry (don’t tell anyone)… you bring a whole new meaning to “It’s a small world after all”… You are a lucky man…

  336. Hi Matt!
    I saw you on the Today show when I was on maternity leave last year. Your 2008 video is amazing! My daughter Sadie loves it too!

    And I sent to my dad, and he was impressed. Which is practically impossible.

  337. Hi Matt!
    I saw you on the Today show when I was on maternity leave last year. Your 2008 video is amazing! My daughter Sadie loves it too!

    And I sent to my dad, and he was impressed. Which is practically impossible.

  338. Nico

    Wow Matt I have no idea who you are, and why you make this but, you just made my day!
    This is great, keep on going!

  339. Michelle

    Hello, Matt

    Great vid…What happened to going to Afghanistan to Bamiyan…Going to Band-e-amir very pretty
    place i have been their easy to get lost always take a guide with you! So far i am luvin it..
    I sent it to my dadn AFG Land he was surprised about it and laughed…Although 2008 vid is
    THE best vid i have seen so far this year!

  340. Zara

    Excelente y muy creativo el video, simple y sencillo! La musica adorable! I can’t wait to see the next one!

    Good for You, your Team and the guys of Stride! Keep chewing to last!

  341. Ruslan

    Hi Matt! Your video is really inspiring as usual! I wish you could add Northern Caucasus to your mosaic one day. Think of Elbrus for example. You really made my day! Greetings from Nalchik.

  342. nadya

    c’est trop génial ! matt tu es un mec formidable !! je t’embrasse et j’espere que ton humour et ton enthousiasme serviront d’exemple a plein de monde ! plein de bisous de france et de NICE !

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo !!!!

  343. Evan

    There is something incredibly touching about this video; I found myself almost wanting to cry, but not entirely sure why. It fascinates me how dancing like a lunatic can transcend cultures and continents to bring people together; you can see in every single shot a manifest of joy and freedom. I guess there is just a sense of liberation; this idea that for even a moment, we can all let go and dance like hyperactive children, forgetting everything that may have been on our minds. It is so simple really, but at the same time delivers vast comfort from the extraordinary complexities of everyday hardships.

    Or maybe its just a collection of people going a little nuts, publicly.

    Either way, thank you Matt. This was so relevant for me right now.

  344. Kevin

    Hi Matt and all
    Love the Video, I saw St Stephens Green in Dublin and looked like it had been raining! I was trying to download the song but you cant get it outside of the US, any chance it can be posted internationally for others to download via I tunes or something?

    All the best, thanks again

  345. taylor :)

    this is amazing!
    but i have to wonder….
    how does matt get the money
    to go to all this places
    around the world??
    but in the videos i see all
    kinds of people brought together
    so what ever you are doing is
    working… so congrats matt and
    a pat on the back from a young
    girl in MN USA. :)

  346. Sam from Seattle

    Hey Matt,

    Just saw the video and I’m inspired by what you’re doing. It’s amazing to see how something like this can bring people together. I’m living abroad this year for the first time and something about the dancing really hits home with my experience. Next time you’re in Europe head over to Heidelberg, Germany, there are three pristine spots to dance at and I will definitely be there.

  347. Pete

    It keeps getting said but…..Inspirational, that pretty much sums up your videos. This is gonna sound cheesy but for me, all your problems can be forgotten just for a few minutes by watching one of these vids. Anyway we need you dancing on the good old Tyne Bridge here in Geordieland! Peace

  348. escalade

    Thank you. Really thank you for making this incredible peace of art. It’s a really rare thing for me to get instantly stunned and touched in such positive way, it even made me cry a little.
    This video somehow shows the most beautiful face of our earth to me, apart of all the hate, money and power what everything is usually about.


  349. Rebecca Olgeirson

    Wow – your video actually made me cry happy tears. I can’t remember when anything thas made me feel this good about the people of the world for a long time. thank you.

  350. Irina

    Hey, Matt!

    Impressed by your dance, videos and the whole idea.

    Come to Moscow & we’ll assist you :)


  351. Bobbi

    Matt, Thank you for spreading spontaneous Joy all over the world. You are an ambassador of good will!!
    Many blessings,
    Bobbi and Alan

  352. Bobbi

    Matt, Thank you for spreading spontaneous Joy all over the world. You are an ambassador of good will!!
    Many blessings,
    Bobbi and Alan

  353. Ari

    East Jerusalem is Israel! The “West Bank” is not a country and never was! Before 1917 the “West Bank” was a minor province (South Syria) of the Ottoman Empire; between 1917 and 1948 it was part of the British Mandate; and between 1948 and 1967 was occupied by Jordan. The only nation to ever have Jerusalem as capital of an independent state were the Jews, and the “West Bank” is the Biblical cradle of Israel – go read the bible and the historical accounts of Josephus!

  354. Hamit Demirbag

    Hello Matt

    Why dont you come to Istanbul.It is the most beautiful city which connects asia to europe.Be my guest in Turkey!

    If you are able to come, please let me know.

    Many thanks


  355. Cammie

    Thank you Matt, for another 4 and a half minutes of pure joy! I truly regret that I wasn’t able to join you at Millennium Park in Chicago, I had a commitment to dance on the beach on the other side of Lake Michigan that day.

    I so enjoyed exchanging email with you a couple years ago and I’m just dying to know…

    Did you ever go find those tap dance lessons?

    And I’m still hoping you’ll join us on Silver Beach at sunset one of these days. It’s not as exotic as some of the places you’ve been, but it is incredibly beautiful! :-)

    Keep on dancing!

  356. Philclark

    Matt… It was a pleasure working with you to get the Zero G segment completed. It turned out great and the entire video is amazing. Keep those knees up!

  357. Niikö

    It’s absolutly amazing !
    Your video is a really great message to all of us: the WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL.
    Thank you for sharing it.
    See you next time in Paris !!!!

    Keep on dancing !
    (next time maybe in space … ^^)

  358. Jesse

    That was beautiful! I can’t believe I cried! It’s like you were the joining force between all those people all over the world, and just for that one moment while you were there with them, all the corners of the globe were together! Amazing! Yes, Philclark, the world IS truly beautiful!

  359. Loved the clips….. amazing!

    I’m English and have traveled to over 70+ countries. After I stopped traveling I started a non profit/charity working in my favorite country in the poor remote rural villages in Ghana, West Africa.

    We ask young travelers to fundraise about $2,000 (via pub quizzes, sponsored parachute jumps, head shaves) which they donate to the charity and then we spend on building wells, latrines etc in these poor villages. The young travelers then come out to Ghana and we drive them out to the remote villages to help dig and build for one month living with the communities.

    I’m telling you all this because we need help finding young people from all over the world to come out and help.

    We need 40 volunteers by Oct 08……..

    Would you like to get involved, change the lives of 1000’s of people living in poverty, in Africa?


    Neil Kerfoot

    CEO of Village by Village

  360. Alli Wright

    This is so inspiring for me really. I’ve always wanted to travel the world. I would have come to Atlanta to dance, but I was in Paris that day. I wish he was in France when I was, then I could have got my whole group to dance with them. And I literally lol’ed at the dancing in Demilitarized Zone, Korea. That guard wasn’t sure what to think! lol

  361. I just viewed your video Dancing 2008 and posted on, “This is proof. We’re all one. Gratitude. Thanks. And dance is the source of many good things. Have you ever tried to dance and remain angry? Just can’t. Happy feet, happy heart, and happy tears. Thanks.”

  362. Frances from Australia living in UK

    I just can’t help feeling happy when I watch your videos and I reckon I’ll be watching them over and over.

  363. mary

    Matt and friends, this is the very best, most enlightened video ever made. You have made the real point, personal contact changes everything and what we have in common is in our souls. Thank you all for making me sigh, making me cry.
    If we could drop the borders and open our hearts we could change the world. Best of all goodness to each of you.

  364. Marhattan

    wow, outstanding, good for you! =) makes me want to get on a plane and go somewhere again! thanks for that… =)

  365. mandi

    I just have to say that this is wonderful. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I watched it. Something about the fact that that many different people in that many different places would be doing this seems to bring the world a little closer together. Thanks for a really bright spot on the interwebs. Amazing work matt and the people who are helping run this stuff behind the scenes, I’m so happy to have seen and experienced this, even if I could dance along side you :)

  366. Kerry

    I laughed so hard I nearly peed. That was wonderful and fun. Do it again! I especially liked the commentary on the outtakes.

    – Kerry from Boston

  367. This is one of the most amazingly beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

    Makes me tear up like a child.

    Other people have posted the same idea I had when I watched it (everybody dances in the world, regardless of differences) but this website is especially moving to me because you have managed to do something I thought impossible on the internet.

    A frigging plethora of comments, and not one of them appears to be anything but positive

    That really says something about what you did.

  368. Shane belfast Ireland

    another great via (dance 2008) dont know why but every time i watch one of these via it makes me smile one word mate LEGEND!!

  369. Vickie Merriott

    Hi Matt!!
    This is totally amazing!! How do you afford to go to all these countries?! I am so envious! And how did you get strangers to join you?

  370. John Doe

    Hey Matt, just wanted to say that you really inspired me that with a simple idea you can travel all over the world and become a meme:P. (I’d like to see Numa Guy traveling all over the world with his idea:P)

  371. John Doe

    Hey Matt, just wanted to say that you really inspired me that with a simple idea you can travel all over the world and become a meme:P. (I’d like to see Numa Guy traveling all over the world with his idea:P)

  372. brent

    I NEVER add these comments to people I don’t know, but this video made me smile everytime I watched it. Nicely done, Matt!

  373. Will

    Matt, the 2008 dancing video really inspired me! No matter where you go, everyone always looked so excited and they were all having fun and it is nice to see someone who can connect with people from around the world, and make people happy wherever you go. I am sure you will continue to inspire people around the world, and if you ever come to Michigan, please let me know! =)

  374. Moh'd. Salhi

    Hi Matt! Thank you so much about your wonderful simple message :). and regarding the question “Where is Matt” ?! … I think that the answer would be: Matt is in the heart of everyone saw that clip or share a dance with him!

  375. Travers Naran

    It shows you what the world can be if we just shut up and danced. Shut up about which way to love God. Which way to talk. Which way to think. Which way to believe. If we just shut up and danced like we enjoyed it, we could all be like this.

  376. Another blogger gave me your blog website and I wanted to tell you that I really was inspired by your video. Thank you so much for sharing this with the world, both in dance and video.

  377. Another blogger gave me your blog website and I wanted to tell you that I really was inspired by your video. Thank you so much for sharing this with the world, both in dance and video.

  378. Bailey, Chris, Karen, and Albert

    Hi! Your videos are amazing! We are your second cousins. Gage Bailey (our uncle) told us about your videos. Email me (Bailey D’Antonio, Karen McKinney’s daughter) at my email if you get a chance! All of the places you have been are awesome! (Your dancing is very unique!!!)

  379. Greg Kedge

    I find that I am utterly incapable of not smiling, no matter how many times I view this, what is it, ‘epic’ video. I so wish the song was 10mins.!

  380. jwilson07

    I just wanted to say lately I was feeling rather unhappy about this world, since seeing your amazing video work I am feeling that we have a chance after all. Thank you sooooo much for your time and efforts and thanks for cheering me up!

  381. jwilson07

    I just wanted to say lately I was feeling rather unhappy about this world, since seeing your amazing video work I am feeling that we have a chance after all. Thank you sooooo much for your time and efforts and thanks for cheering me up!

  382. Mark C

    You rock ! I’ve been watching the video every hour since yesterday. Always make me grin like an idiot and teary eyed at the same time !

  383. Wow!

    Just when you think there isn’t enough love in the world.

    You are absolutely inspiring!


    Through the tears,


  384. Kyle

    Matt, I just want you to know that I have watched this video over and over since I saw it for the first time, and I feel like a I am more and more inspired every time I do. Here is to hoping that one day we are in the same area, and I can talk to someone who I can honestly say is one of my idols. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!!

  385. Jono

    Dear Matt,
    I am sitting here on a cold day at the bottom of the world (Wellington New Zealand), and going through one of those periods in life when you hit a crossroads and ask yourself..”do I do the safe thing…or do I do the risky thing.
    Thank you for reminding me that there is a big glorious world out there, full of people who want joy for themselves and others.
    On ya!

  386. Thank you, Matt. I didn’t know a thing about you until I stumbled on your video just now. I can only repeat what all these comments say in different ways: you have touched something so profound, delicious, sacred, funny, moving, unique and universal at the same time; brilliant and completely accessible. We all want to dance and just need to be reminded and encouraged, as you’ve done, and suddenly we’re all ecstatic and why shouldn’t that be our “normal” state, anyway? You have awakened a big love in this guy’s heart. Dance on, brother.

  387. MIKE C

    Matt: There is indeed happiness in this troubled world. Thank you, Matt, for sharing this wonderful video, music and happy dance. I have been grinning all day. Everyone of the twenty or so people I have sent it to have called to thank me for brightening their day. So again, many thanks to you. –Mike

  388. zales

    i’m 42, tired, old and jaded. and i swear to fucking god, i had tears in my eyes watching this video. seriously – that was amazing. helped me remember my lost and wasted (and glorious) youth. well done sir.

  389. Claire

    I was waiting with anticipation… and I wasn’t disappointed. You’ve excelled yourself again, and the new dimension of everyone dancing with you just adds to it. Your videos always leave me happy and teary and the new one was no exception. Great music and fantastic editing this time – obviously a lot of work went into that part.
    I would have loved to dance with you but the nearest spot in Australia that you were in, Melbourne is 800km away… doesn’t mean I wasn’t tempted to hop on a plane though!
    I hope you release an outtakes video of this one too!

  390. David in NC

    Great work! I’m anxiously awaiting a “WHERE THE HELL IS…MATT?” t-shirt. I’d buy one to show support. Maybe Stride gum can throw a logo on there too somewhere. hint hint
    Be Safe and God Bless!

  391. wow this video is amzing for me wile im watching this video i fill my heat touch ..cause watching this video fills me the world has no problem thank you for sharing this wonderful video …hope u do more
    more power….


  392. Jacob

    When I saw the new video on Youtube, I rushed to this site immediately and watched it with great admiration! Thanks Matt for finally introducing The Netherlands to your enormous list and I hope to see a lot more (maybe continue on the Moon, or Mars; enough to see over there) from you in the future.

    Greets, Jacob

  393. Etienne

    It’s amazing !! Totally amazing, Matt !!
    You’re such an inspiration, for everyone !!

    Keep up the great job ! You just began to save the world !!

  394. Love the people-thing in this video. Especially, when everyone starts running in at the beginning.

    But my favorite scene is by far the indian dance group where you just join in on the choreography. How cool is that?

  395. Martin Tedder

    I have been traveling a lot for my work but now I’m stuck behind a desk…I wish more people had the opportunities that only the few have; the world is a beautiful place!
    When I saw your 2008 clip yesterday it made me cry…thanks for making me happy like that! Next time you’re in holland let all of us know, I want to be dancing next to you man….

    Enjoy your life and the world

  396. Dani

    Matt!! Let me tell you – my cousin gets the credit for me seeing this. He always watches stuff that makes me wonder how his brain works, but it’s typically pretty good. He told me that if your video didn’t make me smile at least once something was wrong with me. I smiled, laughed, and cried! It was wonderful! So many people from so many different cultures! Everyone is shown in their natural environment…expressing themselves through the simple art of dance. I love it!


  397. umm, maybe u got many many comments there.. just want to say that
    what u do in your first youtube inspired me
    i put your 2008 dancing in my blogs..
    i hope i dont violate your copyrights or copyleft?
    i added my own dancing video while i’m in Taiwan also..
    thanks bro

  398. Pat

    Congratugation… that is the best idea ever. Try to keep all the world together just for dancing. Thx for coming to Brazil. I’m from there, but now I’m living at England. I would like to know when u are coming close to UK coz for sure I want enjoy that dance!

  399. Megan

    This has just topped off my day beautifully! Matt your video gave me the happiest goosebumps and sweet tears!! Thanks for making me feel so good with this – WELL DONE!!

  400. Luz

    wow, I just saw the video and it made me cry! it is like a dream ^^
    I love it, thank you for making it!!!

  401. Gunter

    hi matt
    your video brought a broad smile to my face. as it must have done to thousands of other people the world round i’d gather. by my standards, that makes for a pretty full life already. thanks for this.

  402. halimsuj

    MATTTTTT, i’m waiting for you in Jakarta – Indonesia.
    I hope you will have the time to visit here.. You visited Malaysia and Singapore but missed Indonesia completely.
    we’re neighbour in South East Asia Matt..

    Well done on your trips.. cheers to where ever you are.:))

  403. Leanitta

    yeah !!
    Thank you very much Matt
    I think i gone keep smiling all the day now.
    It a real pleasure.

  404. Carolina

    Hi Matt!!!
    I just got your video. It’s awesome!!! I loved it!! It is so refreshing to watch something positive!!
    Keep going!!

  405. danny

    im from the north of ireland great to see the giants causeway in there great videos keep it up

  406. Fabio


    It’s awesome video! I don’t remember the last time I felt so happy watching a video…!

    I wish I could be in the dance in Brazil, my place!

    Your video reminds me a lot about happiness and peace…It’s healing to see all those laughs and good energy….congratulations!!!

  407. It was a really wonderful video. It’s amazing to see so many people in so many places, the world doesn’t have to seem so big and different if people would only stop and take a breath.

  408. If anyone ever asks, “How can we make the world a better place?”

    Show them this video. This is how it’s done. One bad dance (and one dream) at a time.

    Bravo. Bravo. Bravo!

  409. Horst

    Hi Matt,

    until today I never heard of you. Thx to the internet I stumpled upon your Dancing 2008 video and was blown away instantly. This is by far the best video that I have ever seen and it touched me deeply. Thank you for this great experience. You expressed perfectly, what the world should be.

    Keep on dancing…

  410. Paulo

    Dude! great video, great atmosphere, great inspiration…congrats for all this word, hoipe you keep having fun and around the world and broadcasting good ideas like this. All the best from Brazil.

  411. Jay Boileau

    you are a man on a mission – very impressed – i have to say the 2006 video even caused me to get teary eyed. i look forward to dancing 2050 and every year in between. keep dancing!

    😉 =j

  412. Jen

    Brilliant… What an idea…..
    Every time I watch it, it brings tears to my eyes and a smile on my face.
    I have been passing along this video to everyone I know since I first saw it this morning. It brightened my day completely and I am totally impressed.
    Bravo and looking forward to the next one! (Don’t forget Cincinnati!)

  413. MarkHB

    Absolutely brilliant. I wasn’t expecting the huge hordes of other dancers – that just fired off my tear-glands and made my heart swell right up. Magnificent.

    I had to do this, sorry 😉

    link to

  414. Brett

    Im upset at myself that i missed you dancing in Santa Monica. Ive been planning a big round the world backpacking trip ever since i saw your 2006 video… and its almost time to leave. :)

    maybe i will run into you passed out in a tiny bus station somewhere in this world.

  415. Tremaine

    One of your best! By the way, people, reading the journal entries on this site really makes for a better overall experience of the video. Because it’s FUN to see Matt encounter problems!

  416. Robert from Bavaria

    Man, you are such a lucky guy….

    I am so jealos =) you life my dream.
    in some years i will do what you do and travel the whole world…i don`t believe that anybody has visited so many places in one life as you did/do 😀

    Do you want to visit the space one day?

    Go on with your trips, you are an impression for me

  417. Anon

    Thanks for this. I’ve been feeling very depressed lately and this made me feel happy and motivated for once.

  418. jeff

    I just saw this for the first time on, I almost skipped it for videos of the typical fights and people falling down etc. I have to say it made me cry too, to see so many different cultures enjoy the same thing makes me feel like we might be able to make it after all. And that my two young children werent born into total darkness. I cant wait to share this with my wife!


  419. When we blog you three years ago, we thought it was cute, but that was it, period. Today I’ve seen the new take, and the music, the people running towards you, donno, dude.

    Pretty intense. I Made everyone around me see it. Is full of feeling. The music is simply great with the video. compositor deserves a lot of credit too!.

    How come I’m 31 years old and that thing almost made me cry AND STILL don’t know why?

    Señor, the idea has been so simple, and so great from the beginning. This last Spin has been even better.

    Greetings from Majorca Island, Spain.
    Keep on being fresh.

  420. Calix Saul

    Hola Matt!!!

    Quería decirte que me encantó el video de “Donde Rayos Está Matt? (dosmil ocho).

    Muchas Felicitaciones por el Video!!!

    También quería preguntarte cuando irás a Puerto Rico (La Isla del Encanto). Las playas son bellas y te aseguro que habrá gente de sobra que quiera bailar contigo.


    Hey Matt!!!

    I wanted to let you know that I really loved the video “Where the hell is Matt? (2008).

    Congratulations for such a GREAT VIDEO!!!

    I also wanted to ask you when are you going to Puerto Rico (The enchanted Island). The beaches are beautiful and there will be a lot of puertorricans willing to dance with you.


  421. Thanks Matt. You have created the most inspirational video for those of us who love to travel and for those of us who dream of traveling such great distances. You have shown that the world is a beautiful place full of beautiful people. Simply incredible!

  422. i wish you could goto Baltimore, MD at the inner harbor, that would be a great shot for you and i would totally be there to act a fool with ya !!

  423. Clint

    You MUST write a book about this whole experience. You could write one of the best books on the market.

    This whole thing … this is amazing. I literally can’t stop watching it.

  424. Niiku

    Loved your 2008 video, Matt. Now, it is very hard to make me crack an honest smile while watching something on Youtube, but this did the trick. And for once it wasn’t something that I was making fun of or amused by its sheer stupidity. I smiled because it was beautiful, and simple, and how much joy you and all the people you interacted with seemed to get out of dancing. I’m going to have to show this to my boyfriend as well, and other friends, who are equally as hard to impress as I am. Keep up the good work, man!

  425. Hinoiri

    Matt, this is wonderful! Amazing!
    Anyway, I love the part of Gourgaon, India XDDD And the french guy in white shirt and long hair 😀 And the man in blue at 1:07 ^^
    Well, this is just perfect. Thank you very very much. You give hope and happiness for people :)
    Oh, and please visit Budapest in Hungary too 😀

  426. shann

    I just seen your video on youtube, this is so amazing that you did this. you made my whole day after seeing this video. I sent it too everyone I know and asked them to pass it on to others. it so wonderful to see how one man can change the lives of everyone he come in contacts with the celebration of dancing. dancing brings laughter, smiles and togetherness. Thank you for doing this. keep up the good work.

  427. Robert Smith

    hey matt your doing some great work you have been made a celebrity by these videos you need to use your power to do campaigns such as “dance to stamp out war” or something you have so much support and you have been to places like rwanda so why not give it a try? – i for one will be dancing with you to stamp out war

  428. As I said after viewing it on the HARO site, this video is a remedy to depression. As a therapist, I love to recommend things other than meds to boost the mood, this will do it.How moving to see the baic connectedness of us all. You might want to start a site: YOU GO MATT! Who sponsored this anyway? Cant find it on your site.

  429. Mike

    Hey Matt, thanks for making me feel good today with no other message than to just have fun. Keep it up!

  430. MARK

    I have just discovered MATT i have watched the videos and what can i say ,world peace by dancing,world leaders should learn from MATT .People from all the world together just dancing with out a care in the world,its just Brilliant .

    GO MATT GO !!!

  431. Sebastian Magnusson

    Great video! That’s me dancing to the right in Stockholm. Memory of a lifetime. And remember; if you ever need a substitute dancer, just let me know and I’ll do my best :D. Oh and what happened to Melissas own little project? I just can’t get enough of myself, can I?

  432. Wayyy cool. I’m going into what will most likely be a less-than-thrilling meeting in an hour…now I feel ready to face it. Thank you for the big ole S-E-grin on my face right now.

  433. your videos are amazing, just watching them maeks me smile. it really puts things in perspective. I cant wait to travel the world, it is definitely something im gonna do =] i might even make my own video.

  434. lynn

    … i happened onto this on youtube – things are there when you need them. for some reason i got tearyeyed all thru the video – thinking how even though we are all different – we are all the same.
    y’all are an inspiration – it was what i needed badly at the moment –
    now off to find out where to buy the song –
    please dont ever lose the childlike wonder that inspires us to do things like this :)

  435. Keely

    Got wind of your videos from a friend on LJ – wow! My kids and I had a great time looking at them all. Got to show them places I’ve been. :) What a beautiful world we live in – and so full of life and joy. And goes to show everyone loves to dance – no matter how bad or good we are at it! Thanks – I hope you do it again!!!

    btw – you got my travel bug itching to go somewhere!

  436. Casey

    This is amazing! This really just made me so happy today.

    If you’re ever in my vicinity, I’ll definitely be joining the dancing!

  437. susannah

    matt, thank you so much for sharing your dancing videos with the world… and with me. they make me smile and give me hope for the future.

  438. AussiesRGreat

    Awesome! Absolutely amazing..

    Thank you!! I tear up each time I see your videos.
    I have recently shared them with friends, family and co-workers who also just tear up with a feeling of joy.

    Where do I buy the gum?? I want to support your travels!

  439. Sabrina

    Thankyou so much for sharing this experience. I have to say that I am teary watching it as it makes me realise just how much of the world and how many people that I have yet to see. Thankyou for sharing such an amazing and joyfull view of the world!

  440. Khari Oerkins

    I swear i watched that video and now i feel like less of a male I swear i almost cried. NO video so be that epic. It get marked with grade just just “Epicness”

  441. Want to know what’s cool about this video? (I know, I know . .. it’s your video . . . of course you know what’s cool about it) This video is awesome because the world dances. Everywhere you went, you have people dancing and they all look the same–happy, carefree, HUMAN. That is simply wicked awesome! And I smiled right along with them. Thanks for traveling the world and letting me tag along via the virtual.

  442. Cuauhtli Rangel

    COngrats Matt for following your heart and do what you really feell!!!! thanks for being yourself!!!

  443. Steven Smith

    one word. “wow” absolutly beautiful. I actually cried watching this, cause no matter what mess our world is in, no matter where you are, and no matter who your with, everyone can come together….. and dance.

    kudos matt, kudos

  444. Steven Smith

    one word… “wow”

    i was balling my eyes watching this.

    no matter what our world is going through, no matter where you are, and no matter who your with… we can all come together for and dance.

    kudos matt, kudos

  445. Tim

    Seen you since the start and as always it is amazing. Thank you for touching my life with your little dance.

  446. Laura

    All I can say is that the video was amazing! I only wish I could have been part of them. I was excited to see Plaza Mayor in Madrid! I hung out there all the time when I studied there! :)

    Also, the park where you go into the synchronized dance and the part where the wave knocked you over were my favorites. :)

  447. Neola

    I thought it might be a joke when a friend forwarded me a link with the comment that it made someone cry. I found myself smiling, then laughing out loud, and then suddenly crying and laughing at the same time. It was amazing.

    You rock, Matt. And everyone else involved in this. I had never heard of you or your dancing so this was a wonderful surprise tonight. I love you and I don’t even know you. I love all the people in the videos, especially the children who were mocking you. xoxoxo dancing tonight in Escondido, California, which believe me, is not always easy

  448. I REALLY LOVE your videos!! =D
    you’re a genius!! =)
    greatings from Canary Islands, in Spain!! (you have to come and dance here!! ;P)

  449. Patricia Gorman

    Curious why you never get to China? Dancing in front of the big Mao picture or on the Great Wall. Maybe not this summer – they are a bit touchy right now – but next video?

  450. I’ve watched your 2008 video the fifth time now, and it still almost makes my cry and – here at work – helps me to stay awake, motivated, energized. And watching it, I’m looking so much forward to our 6 weeks backpacking trip to India starting in september.

    And I have to admit that your videos were one important reason to decide: okay, i don’t know how everything will be in september, but don’t care, let’s book the flights, JUST DO IT.
    So thanks for your spirit, Matt!!

  451. Elisa france

    GENIALL !!!

    Un beau moment de rire et de fraternité dans le monde entier c’est magnifique !!

    Felicitation ca me donne envie de croire que le monde est beau et que les gens sont gentils !!

    Continue c’est super !

    Elisa de france

  452. Jensey

    hey Matt,

    I know you think we’re all a bunch of softies … but I gotta tell you. Your latest video … I laughed … I cried … my heart broke … wide open.

    And the music – Praan – absolutely smashing.

    If you are ever in Burlington, VT … come dance with some really great people at Dance Tribe. For those who say you’re a ‘#@*&##@’ dancer, they don’t know crap.

    Thanks for sharing your joy … and the world.

    Hugs to you.

  453. As Elisa, above me, said, “this makes me want to believe that the world is beautiful and that people are kind.”

    All of the dancing was fabulous, but I especially LOVED the Papua New Guineans and those lovely Indian dancers (good on ya for learning a few of their moves!) — I know I’ll be watching this video again and again.

    Hooray for Matt!

  454. edward

    Matt, thank you. This has become my ‘go-to’ video when I need a bit of inspiration. If you ever feel like dancing in Cambridge, England, just let me know.

  455. Matt, you are an inspiration. I have been in the independent video production biz for 17 years (my second career – I was a banker believe it or not for 17 years). I make mostly tiresome (corporate) videos with a few fun projects thrown in along the way. When I first saw your videos a couple of years ago (?), I was jealous and yet moved to laughter and tears. Thanks for sharing the joy of iconoclasm.

  456. Kristina

    I just have to say that i am truly jealous of you and your travels. You are an inspiration to all of us stuck here in our little cubical routinely doing the same thing day in and day out. I hope one day I can be as lucky as you and see the things you have. I truly admire you for the message you bring across in your videos. (even though you say you are just dancing.) Please continue to dance and travel with I live veraciously through you.

    Best wishes and hopes to travel like you,
    Kristina P

  457. Jay Unnikrishnan

    I stumbled upon your 2008 dance video … and i don’t know why but it simply overwhelmed me with happiness and joy … great work … and a big thank you for making my day.

  458. Caren

    Your video is wonderful, inspiring and touching. With all the wonderful cultures that make up our world – song and dance are a vital part of our being. Thanks for making us smile and putting us back in touch with the world. P.S. Being Native American, I hope to see you dancing at a Powwow!

  459. Rainhelt

    Hey Matt,
    thank you for the great work.

    Next one should be a full 90min movie 😉

    Regards from Germany

  460. Cindy F.

    Thank you. This touched my heart, it made me smile, it brought happy tears to my eyes. This is all over the scrapbooking community right now (how I saw it) and photography. You looked as if you enjoyed each experience. How wonderful for you and blessed we are that you shared!
    Thank you! Don’t stop spreading the smiles :)
    Cindy F.
    New Braunfels, Texas

  461. mr

    Hi, i would like to thank you for minutes of joy while watching this video, i laughed, i smiled, i got tears on my eyes. It’s wonderful and touching, keep it up! :)

    Anton V.
    Moscow, Russia.

  462. Matt,
    A friend forwarded me the link to your video. At first I laughed out loud, and smiled wide. Then it brought tears to my eyes. Evidently based on the comments in this thread, I am not alone to have this response.

    Why can’t more of life be like this? The joy is infectious.

    Thank you for brightening my day. I sent the link to my entire family and posted it on my facebook page.

    Hat’s off to you. And keep on dancing!

    Paula Lerner
    Boston, Massachusetts

  463. Marty Turney

    Please come to South Carolina and do the shag along with your dancing and then to Italy/Sicily. You have lifted many hearts!!!

  464. J. Pasquill

    I sent the link to coworkers yesterday afternooon and to family and friends last night at about 1:00 am after watching the film a dozen times. I think the world will soon be divided between those who get this and those who shrug and say “huh?” as a very few coworkers did when I sent it to them. I feel sorry for those that don’t feel it. This is pure joy and beauty so deep it does make you cry. I’m still amazed at what power the simple film has and don’t understand the influence it has had on me. No art work has ever moved me so profoundly. Trite perhaps, even silly, but the effect is so strong that I can say with a straight face that it’s as if I looked into the face of God and saw that all the goodness we could ever imagine for the world is still in each of us and can be harnesssed (at least in each of us that gets this film and doesn’t just shrug. :) I hope the popularity doesn’t ruin it. For now enjoy the phenomenon. -J

  465. Kevin P

    Best thing EVER my rightwingnut cuz’ Chuck EVER sent me: yesterday p.m. Thanks, Chuck! Watched it 1/2 dozen times since, forwarded the url to all my pals online, who uniformly report being elated in the viewing. My sis Anne used it this a.m. in teaching her college English class. She sez “he dances everywhere, and couldn’t be sillier. Why can’t we all just live like Matt?” Yeah! Thanks Matt & Cohorts & dancing pals.

  466. W i l l

    I loved your 2006 video and this one was even better! I loved the music, I loved the shots, the editing was perfect.

    And I LOVED the way you jumped from your dance with the Indian women to sync with them…dude, gave me freakin’ chills it was so unexpected!

    The day I watched this was the best day I think I’ve had all year.

    Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I hope to see more of you in the future! Maybe even in Raleigh, North Carolina!

  467. W i l l

    And the “Demilitarized Zone – Korea” one makes me bust my gut every time I see it! I get tears from both laughter and from your video turning me into a big ol’ softie. Great stuff, just great! Can’t thank you enough!

  468. LeHomard81

    You’re incredible !!!

    Thank u, it’s an wonderfull video that I watch after international (and sad) news… :-)
    The show must go on !!! 😉

  469. I lost it, the minute the kids show up, and cried through the rest of this. This is fantastic. You must be some special sort of man to create this; obviously a Kid Magnet. About halfway through, I thought, “we’re gonna see a lot of this guy, someday…” and I know we will… Look what a wonderful difference you are making in the world, already. I nominate you for Secretary of State.

  470. Dave Killion


    Awesome project – great execution. Being a bad dancer myself, I can totally relate.

    I’m concerned, however – that segment in Gurgaon, India looked an awful lot like real dancing. Try to be more careful next time. :)

    Take care!

  471. i love this video. it is joyful and funny. the collective energy is incredible. you are definitely doing god’s work in your own weird way!! my four year-old daughter, bella, is enchanted and has insisted on watching it over and over. if you come to berlin, germany to dance, please let me know and we’ll both come dance with you!

  472. Richard Terry

    Dude, I almost don’t want to know anything about why or how you did it. It is simply cool. It makes me smile. It’s people celebrating. It’s joy. Thank you.

    So when’t the next one 😉

  473. Jason Hwang

    I don’t know why your video affected me so much. I cried when I first saw it, and now I just can’t stop watching it. It means so much to me to see you in all those places (even when you visited close to my home town, Alhambra). When I see you doing your goofy dance all around the world, I really felt I was there with you. Your video also puts things in perspective for me because I have to realize though I’m worlds away from most of these places, I’m still living here on the same globe with all the people that you met. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. Shoot me an e-mail if you’re visiting Southern California or South Florida anytime soon.

  474. Karen

    Love, Love, Love it!!! My 4 and 7 year old daughters were mesmerized and I was teary. They loved seeing the places we have visited. It makes me wanna pack up my family and live my dream of traveling the world!!! Keep spreading your joy and if you ever travel to upstate NY…. you have dancers!!! Adirondack mountains anyone?

  475. Genevieve

    Received the vimeo URL this morning – sent it along with a lump in my throat and a smile on my face. I’m all verklempt. All it takes is one beating heart willing to be shared.

    The music is wonderful, the progression from just you to casts of hundreds – wonderful. Thank you for sharing your dance.

  476. Kirsten

    This made me cry, too!! I can’t help but just beam when I see all the happiness and laughter and silliness – to see truly how universal Joy is.

    Thank you for spreading the joy – – so needed!

  477. JPM


    I’m not sure why, but this is awesome. I have had one of the worst weeks of my life but I just smiled for a solid 4 minutes when I watched this video. What an accomplishment to have put this together. Wow.


  478. Sam

    I hate you Matt…I hate you so very much.

    For doing what my girlfriend and I want to do…I hate you.

    But in all seriousness, one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Favorite shot is the one in India, when you transition from the Matt dance seamlessly into the women’s dance. Quite beautiful, really.


  479. Anna


    This is an awesome video and I will be passing on the link to everyone. In this crazy world with so much gone wrong we all have one thing in common. We all need to go somewhere goofy and do a goofy dance!!!Life is too short to be too serious!! Thanks again!!! Keep up the good work!

    I would love to see one done in tiny tiny towns out in the middle of no where with really really goofy names that no one can pronounce :-)

  480. tony

    Don’t get the dancing move, but I get the point of the video. I think you single handedly acknowledge why we’re all here, to make each other feel good. Nothing more.

  481. Carl

    Hey Mat, you’r such an insipring person, i coudln’t stop laugh when i saw myself in the part of “Sweden – Stockholm” haha, im thinking of doing something like you when i graduate from school

  482. Bora

    i love your video matt!!!

    for some reason it makes me smile whenever i watch your video with all of the people doing your bad dancing.. lol
    but hank you for doing it….

  483. AH

    I love seeing these videos… this is a great idea and I’m glad that you’ve found an audience for it.

  484. Juan Galvis

    goodnight I feel great your video and I have only one question where you are working THAT IN YOUR TRABJAS want to have ONE WELL IF THAT this work……….Forgive my ENGLISH

  485. Carlos Moreno

    I’m a global traveler too, and I can’t help it but I find my self looking for photo opportunities that either resemble sites on your videos or that are at the same spots.

    Nowhere near to your whereabouts, but boy do I enjoy it! Thanks Matt, you have no idea how much I enjoy watching and sharing your videos.

    I can’t wait to 2009… (I will sure watch 2008’s many times and chase some sites with me camera as well!)

  486. Thank you so much for this video and your travels. Boy I started tearing up. Honestly, while the dancing was awesome, the music really made me feel it a lot more than I would have otherwise. Kudos to everyone who had a hand in the making of the film.


    So I googled Palbasha Siddique and came across Garry Schymann’s blog:

    link to

    There is some nice background on the making of the video and the music. The best part (in my opinion) is the English translation of the poem that is the lyrics to the song.

    Matt is the one that found the poem so don’t let him laugh at you for being a softie.

    This poem fits so well. Your life is surreal Matt.

    Stream of Life

    The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures.

    It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.

    It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle of birth and of death, in ebb and in flow.

    I feel my limbs are made glorious by the touch of this world of life. And my pride is from the life-throb of ages dancing in my blood this moment.

  488. What an unbelievably powerful video, Matt.

    I emailed friends and family within minutes of seeing it Saturday morning. People keep talking about it. The music is in their heads.

    Sunday I went and danced out in front of a Puyallup farm field. The next day my pathetic 14 second video on Flickr was blogged and now this weekend, we might have a huge crowd dancing like you at a conference of 25,000 in SoCal.

    And that’s just us. I’m glad your video is so popular. It’s incredible what you’ve spawned. Dancing. Just dancing with people around the world. What a joy!

  489. Andres

    Your work makes me want to cry, so moving, we can share at least two sincere senconds with all that people around the world, thanks matt

  490. April Morgan

    I commented earlier this week, but I literally cannot stay away from your site. I find myself coming back and watching over and over again just to feel the unbridled joy and the tangible connection to humanity it makes. I guess I just wanted to say thank you again…

    Sometimes our purpose in this life is not completely clear and we wonder from time to time just what we should be accomplishing with our time here. From my personal reaction to your video to the many comments of others who have been similarly moved, I think you can very confidently say that “dancing” is a very important part of your life’s mission. It’s a rare gift for one to know so clearly that they have changed the world for the better and given hope and joy to others and as a result are living up to their divinely appointed potential.

    I can’t find the words to express how powerful these images are in our world. They are inspiring in so many ways. I want my teenagers to see it for a thousand reasons… so that they can see the infinite possibilities of achieving our dreams(no matter how big) along with seeing an amazing example of “the power of one” are both high on the list, but the opportunity you provide to see the human family and the world through God’s eyes is, in my opinion, unparallelled.

    We live in Kirkland… would you join us for dinner sometime?


  491. Amber Rae

    i just caught your vid on msnnews…. i LOVE this idea. what a way to bring everyone together!!! im bummed that i didn’t hear about it sooner, i’d have joined you in seattle! keep it up.

  492. Manuel

    Hi Matt,
    Just to say I’m a huge fan and loved the 2008 vid. Even with all the stuff you can find online this stands out big time.
    Keep going and let people in Boston know when you come by!

  493. Kailah

    I know you hear these hundreds of times, but your videos are amazing. They make me smile and make my heart feel like dancing like a three-year-old. Thanks Matt, you’re the best.

  494. Mat Benson

    I’m glad to see you’re still dancing. I’m extremely jealous!! It looks like you had a wonderful trip this time around and I absolutely love the HD footage. There are some beautiful shots there. You’re a true inspiration and I really hope the people at stride make this a lifelong career for you! Never stop dancing!

  495. Lori

    Fantastic video!!! It made me smile and tear up at the unbelievable joy of it all.

    Thanks for doing this and putting it out there. We are one world indeed.

  496. Holy cow. This is truly an amazing thing. I know I won’t be saying anything you haven’t heard thousands of times here, but it seemed important to me that I add my voice to the thousands.

    Beautiful. Inspiring.

  497. Jim Sims

    Hey Matt,

    Nice work! Love the new video, and OF COURSE I’m all smiles and a little teary from it. It’s important to be reminded that there is the beautiful simplicity in everyone’s heart to simply dance, smile, laugh…to live! Thanks again.

    Glad to see you made it to Austin, it’s a fantastic little town full of unlimited possibilities – some call it, “Central Coast”. Hope the next trip is even better than the last! Rock on brother, rock on!

  498. Aarash

    You.Are.A.Legend. Thats all i have to 14 and my bro showed me this. I really have to applaud you. Legend mate, legend.

  499. Alif

    Hey matt, you used a bengali song in 2008 version of your video. You visited India and Myanmar. BUT, you did not go to Bangladesh!

  500. Joanna

    This is absolutely astonishing. I’ve been weeping solidly for five minutes now; it’s just so beautiful to see so many people from all around the world connected by such a simple, happy thing. Thank you for sharing this, Matt.

  501. Erin T.

    I can’t tell you how much joy your videos have brought to my life, Matt! I’m so sorry I missed you dancing in Seoul, and I love the clip of you dancing in front of the guard at the DMZ — so glad you finally made it to Korea! The clip of you dancing with the girls in India made me laugh out loud, it was so brilliant!

    I watched this with all of my coworkers, and as we watched I looked around at our group — Koreans, Americans, Canadians, Filipinos, Swedes — and everyone had the same look of pure joy and amazement on their faces. That’s what these videos are all about, man. Congratulations for being so awesome. Hope you make it back to Seoul some day so we can join in your dancing!

  502. Hi!~ I’m Lori from BrisVegas.

    Hi!~ I’m Lori from BrisVegas.

    Someone sent this to me this week, and without saying what everyone else says? I laughed, I cried and enjoyed every bloody moment of your journey through watching it.

    I really would like to know the name of the song / music that was playing. Would love to download it so every time I’m feeling a bit down, or want to be soulful – I’ll listen to that.

    This is the best feeling stuff I’ve seen / heard since.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the 80’s LIVE AID CONCERT.

    You probably maybe without even knowing what you were getting yourself in for and doing.. have touched the WORLD.

    Bless you and your girlfriend,

    Cheers ears!


  503. Evelien Verkerk

    It made me cry! It’s such a simple idea and so wonderfully done!
    Thank you!

  504. James I

    I never EVER write stuff on the internet, but I wanted to say Thank You..from someone stuck in their office bubble, I really found this the coolest most uplifting thing I’ve ever seen..its an inspiration. J

  505. Jessica

    I came up with your video by accident, but I have to say that it was great. I had so many feelings at the same time. It almost made me cry and at the same time it put a smile on my face. There was a moment that I wished to be you. Your idea was beautiful and extraordinary.

    Jessica Q-G

  506. After watching it for about the 20th time today, I just want to thank you again for making me smile time and time again. Such wonderful people and sceneries. Comment of my 12 yrs. old nice. “Hey look, two wales dancing *g*”
    Thank you again, I´ll watch out for you coming to Germany on your next round!!

  507. Call me J

    I just discovered your website and the 2008 video dancing. I watched it 10 times in a row and could watch it more!

    I LOVE the good feelings, the smiles and all that happiness that comes out that video… I am crying…

    thanks a lot and God bless you!

  508. Roel Waagen

    I almost never post anything on the internet, but after seeing your vid I just HAD to.

    Can’t say why exactly, but seeing this video on youtube really touched me. Go on with this great piece of art.

    And I’ve you ever visit Amsterdam again, I’ll be there!

    Thx and good luck with all.


  509. andrew cresswell

    absoulutly amazing. loved the video, this is the inspiration i needed to go see the world.

    Thank you so much and congratulation

  510. darlene

    You’ve discovered the answer to World Peace. No one can watch your video without smiling.
    Well done and thanks for the uplifting way to start my day.

  511. David de la Huerta

    Matt!!! This is Amazing pal!!! The world has to work together in peace and this a great way to remind and teach us that we have to make it happend.

    Felicitaciones amigo!!! Keep it on.

    by the way!!! Why did you stop dancing in Auki, Solomon Island? lol


  512. I love this, I do. It makes me cry like a baby and people in the office look at me strange but I don’t care. I want to quit my job and do this.

    Thanks so much

  513. miguel

    GREAT work. Inspiring.

    Great cut, great music, great performance. Best video since I follow you, since the very first times.

    I *LOVE* it.

    Just something to cry like a baby: I met a couple from Spain near Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, both of them well in the sixties.

    They told me that UAE was the country visited number 199, being Oman, the next in the trip, the number 200. They were planning to visit every single country in the UN.

    You still got a lot of job to do Matt!

    However, keep on that beautiful videos you share with us.

    My very best regards,

  514. Liz

    Hey Matt,

    love the vids they are absolutely beautiful.

    BUT Vienna Austria is missing. Def. have a few people here who would dance with you 😛


  515. Hey Matt!

    It’s been said before but I have to say it again: I wanna be you when I grow up, and I’m 27!

    I love what you’re doing, so inspiring. I love the videos, and to read the journal. The post about Stockholm was fun (my city). What you’re doing reminds us that we’re all really one big family, and we all look the same dancing, no matter where on the earth we are living. It’s awesome. I dunno what else to say but: marry me?

  516. Tippy

    That was one of the best / outrageous / touching / funniest videos ever…….

    Makes you laugh like hell, but, also brings a tear to your eye and makes you wonder WHY, can’t the world really be like that?

  517. Segs

    Well done mate…. What a great lesson in humanity, so simple yet so true.
    Thanks for showing us all what the world should really look like !!!!

    Keep on going

  518. Segarra

    Well done mate…. What a great lesson in humanity, so simple yet so true.
    Thanks for showing us all what the world should really look like !!!!

    Keep on going

  519. Cynthia

    Matt, your video has moved me so much that I watch it once each day. It’s nice to see the world from a happier perspective. Thanks Matt!!

  520. Wow. I mean just wow. For some reason, this touched me in places no video has ever touched me before! (haha…)

    So amazingly cool! So cool of all those people to dance with you (especially the tribal people, that’s awesome like a hot dog!). If you’re ever in Richmond, VA let me know!

  521. John

    Matt, I laughed, got chills, cried, and laughed some more. What a rare thing you have done. You have touched the face of the world in a unique way that will be passed on and passed down to childrens children.

    I dance with my daughter and wife almost every day and we danced with you this morning.


  522. Paulette

    That was amazing! Wow. Who knew. Amazing places amazing faces.

    That was a nifty shot of DC i might say. Spar a visit to the nations capital again. Lots of AWESOME places to dance.. if you know where to look!

  523. Katheryn


    Thank you so much for this video. I watched it with for my boys who are 4 and 5. I have always told them how amazing it is to travel. I myself have been to 14 countries in Europe. So this video helped me show that when they travel this is just a ounce of the amazing people they will meet.

    So last night at dinner my husband asked my son Lucas so what do you want do you want to be when he was a grown up?

    He replied…a traveller.

    So thank you for teaching my children that you don’t always have to be a doctor, a firefighter, or a baseball player.


  524. Alessandro

    Hey Man,

    I just wanted to say that your videos are pretty awesome. Its hard to say why exactly, but for some reason they seem to be a metaphor of world peace and hope all rolled into one. Keep it up bro! Peace

  525. Jenniferlyn

    wow. Beautiful. Really. What makes me cry though? So totally moved by your work. Thank you so much.

  526. Paulino

    thanks Matt to take us to some beautiful places around the world, to show us that different cultures share more than we can imagine. I’m love with your video and the way you can gather people together. Amazing. thanks. Pau.

  527. godhelp

    Hi Matt,

    i enjoyed your previous vids but the dancing 2008 is a friggin’ piece of Art. I’m very impressed. You’re what we call in germany a “Lebenskünstler”. Google it and you’ll see what i mean.
    Greets Godhelp

  528. Kendall

    Matt & Melissa… I got your video forwarded this morning as a link and it’s not normally the kind of thing I’d click on and watch. And now, having viewed it over 30 times today from my little cubicle at work, I can tell you that your effort made a huge difference in my life today. It’s inspiring and makes me happy… but makes me sad at the same time. Cuz I know I’ll never be able to just go out and do what you did. But I’m glad you guys are out there doing this for those of us who can’t. Keep up the geat work …. and travel safe!

  529. Christie from Pittsburgh

    Beautiful, breath-taking, wonderful! My soul is singing (and dancing!) after seeing your video! Thank you, thank you for a fresh breath of Life!!

  530. Fantastic, Matt. Love it. I posted it on STORE FRONT WINDOWS and THE PARIS BLOG. Maybe we can get you to do the video for my song, I HAVE A CAR…what do you think?

    Take a look, Matt: DRIVE THIS WAY: link to


    Matthew Rose / Paris, France

  531. Andrés Huerta

    Matt…well i just saw your video and the one thing that popped into my mind is Thank you, your video made me realize we are still humans on this fast fast world. I really did enjoyed it and made my eyes misty (cry a little bit) but i believe what your doing is great and i wish you all your friends and team the best and keep doing it, for it may be a small step but a big leap of faith in humanity.

    Thank you…

  532. Donna

    Matt, I’ve watched your video at least 25 times over the past week and it makes me feel incredibly warm and uplifted each time. I’ve also emailed it to everyone I know. Part of the addictive appeal may be the gorgeous music, which sets the perfect tone.
    If you never accomplish another thing in your life (unlikely!) just know that this video alone is a profound contribution, sure to have positive rippling effects throughout the whole planet.
    Have you ever thought of writing a book about your travel experiences? You’ve got a great writing voice, and I think it would sell really well (I’m a professional book editor).
    Anyway, thank you for your considerable effort to make this exist. If I was a gum chewer, I’d buy a case of Stride to express my gratitude for their support of this project.
    P.S. The one slightly negative feeling creeps in for me at 3:12, when I see the Moroccan boy kicking a smaller kid. I hope it was just playful and not serious!

  533. wow! it is so uplifting and motivating thing what you have made!!! getting all that people to dance so freely and happy, so unite and together in that joy! Congratulations!!! you make me feel so good!!! thanks.

  534. Donna

    CORRECTION TO EARLIER P.S.: Sorry, it was a boy in Jordan, not Morocco, who kicked someone, at 3:13.

  535. Love this video!!!!! It’s really great.
    Why don’t you try going to Armenia? The people there are great and I can see you dancing with them with Mt. Ararat in the background (resting place of Noah’s Ark).

  536. Shawn

    I’ve loved your previous videos but this new one is even better. Very moving. Love the “cast of thousands”. I wanted to dance with you in Chicago but was working or something. Maybe next time! By the way Matt, your dancing is getting better!

  537. Thena

    Your work is fantastic. I watched the videos after getting a link from a friend. Then I watched them again. Then I got my 11 yo son to watch with me. We watched all the videos. We even watched 20 minutes of your lecture about making the videos. Then we watched them again later that day with my 8 yo son. Then we downloaded google earth and looked at various maps and locations.

    Your videos sparked wonderful conversations between me and my children. My 11 yo and I talked about the Rwandan genocide. My 8 yo and I had less intense conversations and laughed together at the outtakes. I’m certain that we’ll watch the videos many more times (plus I want to see the rest of the lecture at some point).

    Thank you.

  538. Becky

    Thank you for doing something so simple, yet so wonderful. Pure, pure joy at watching this. I will watch it again and again. It is wonderful to see the joy of the people dancing with you. And the scenery! And the world traveling! What an awesome job.

  539. Becky

    Thank you for doing something so simple, yet so wonderful. Pure, pure joy at watching this. I will watch it again and again. It is wonderful to see the joy of the people dancing with you. And the scenery! And the world traveling! What an awesome job.

  540. Brian Lai

    I think the message you are trying to bring out in your video is similar to that of “Free Hug Campaign”, except of course yours is much better.

  541. vh

    Really beautiful – very much enjoyed the video. To me it spoke about people being the same at heart wherever they are in the world. And I did well up a little bit :)

  542. vh

    Really beautiful – very much enjoyed the video. To me it spoke about people being the same at heart wherever they are in the world. And I did well up a little bit :)

  543. Tyler

    Hey Mr. Harding, I just wanted to post my first comment on here and say that you are an inspiration to me. Coming from a 19 year old teenager’s perspective, my goal in life is to be able to do what I love and be able to support myself. With that mentality, one seems to get caught in the idea of working too much to earn money and not enjoy the simple pleasures in life. In my opinion, your videos helped me to realize that there is more out there, and anybody can break out of the norm and live life to the fullest. For that, I thank you.

  544. Gerson

    Hey Matt. Congratulations! The greatness of this video must be used as a very good reference to people of the world. It is so rich and beautiful, that it makes so many people cry. I love it!

  545. Allison

    Hey Matt. Thanks so much for this new video. It is so much fun to watch you and see you travel the world. I was so excited about your last video that I made my 77 year old mother watch it one night. She loved it! She passed over Christmas, so watching this one was a little sentimental. But it reminded me of her when she was smiling. Thank you!
    Is it not the coolest thing in the world to have people of all cultures, backgrounds, ideas, ages, etc… share the dancing with you? I think you may be the luckiest man alive….
    Take care and I hope you continue to have a great time!

  546. Runya

    Dear Mr. Harding
    Your history is a fairy tale I’ll tell to my children…when I’ll have them!
    I really love when you dance in Gurgaon, India (2:34).
    But you still haven’t danced in Rome, have you???…Maybe in “Dancing 2009”?
    Thank you!
    Rome Italy

  547. Hi Matt,

    Great Dancing!!!

    As an ex-flight attendant who had all the free travel passes one could ask for, but could not make the most of them for lack of money, time and appropriate company, I thoroughly enjoyed your work and thank you for reawakening my dream to travel & see the whole world..well not necessarily as a flight-attendant.

    Actually I’m 26 and have been to over 20 countries and now my dream is to get married around the world [simple ceremony – the way the locals would do it]!!! Just have to find Mr.Right-Around-The-World….

    Couple of ideas that came to my mind for future sponsorship:
    1. Organizing guided Dancing Tours Around the world: you can target it to people who need to lose weight [make them feed the starving children in Somalia/Ethiopia…for some perspective] or need any sorta healing or just get out of their homes and heads.
    2. Sell advertising space on each of your participants T-Shirt to one or more sponsors
    3. Hire/Gather a team of people who have other such amusing talents to lead other theme based tours. [ECO FRIENDLY, SINGLES, ANIMAL LOVERS, FAMILY FUN etc. etc.]
    4. Raise funds for your favorite charity…

    I mean anyone can think of these….only some can take [some] ideas to implementation….Let me know what you think….

    Best Wishes,

  548. alternative

    Thanks matt for your amazing video! It’s absolutly fantastic. I think traveling is a very good way to connect people all over the world together!! I hope you will travel for a couple of year again and let us know about your adventures.
    If you happen to pass by Dublin again, I will defenitely be there!!
    Keep it up !

  549. Simon

    I wonder: Is the Alhambra, CA clip the actual recording of the music? It would have been cool if it were, and if it was synched to be playing the EXACT clip of the track on the final video. Then again, I’m that much of a geek that I would think this up….

    Again, Matt, this video is the best one of all. Call us all softies or whatever, but this enterprise, which started more as a gag in Saigon, has turned the human experience on its ear. Or it may.

    There is no lock on the door. There is no limit to the power of human interface and interchange. There is no one to stop anyone from doing anything other than their own mind. The world awaits.

  550. Jennie

    I stumbled upon your video yesterday and have watched it 6 times since then. Thanks for making me smile!

  551. Donna

    To Simon…Yes, the Alhambra clip was the actual musicians recording the music for the video (I know someone who was there).

  552. shann

    I first watch this video surfing youtube. at first, I clicked on the video and within a few seconds I decide that it wasn’t worth watching. but then the music started, and I was hooked. the music got to me. I watched this viedo at least five times a day since then. and everytime I see it, I want to laugh, i want to cry, i want to go dancing and most of all I want to hug someone that I dont know. how strange is that!. everytime I see the video I notice something differnt in it. in the clip of LA, Californa, in the far bottom right of the clip you see a man in a wheelchair driven in circles to simulate him dancing with the crowd. im just blown away on how powerful this all is and what it really means. I want to say Thank you for doing this video Matt. during this time in our lives where gas prices are increasing and the money we have saved for our retirement, is now geing used to just make ends meet. this is truly beautiful to see.

  553. Elizabeth

    Matt, This put such a big smile on my face. If you ever come to Louisville, KY I would be honored to dance with you.

  554. Matt, I am so glad I stopped in to read the comments after watching the 2008 video becuase I thought maybe I was just an emotional nut case…crying during the whole video….apparently you struck a chord in more than one viewer which is incredible

    I am legally blind and travel as much as possible while I can still “see the world” so to speak. Your travels and joyful dancing are so inspiring it just makes me want to get up and dance right now…

    Thank you Matt!!!!! You made my day when I needed it most. Safe and happy travels!!!

  555. Krista

    This is the most AWESOME THING EVER!!! Keep it up! I think I cried a little though…THANK YOU MATT!

  556. Isabel Malagon

    I love your craft!!!!
    is magic and inspiring,,,,,,,,,
    I wrote a post a guess a year ago….
    You still haven’t gone to Colombia!!!!
    beautiful country!!!

    I wish I could travel along with you is my dream to see the world, so I guess you video is a window of my dream….

  557. Thank you for this amazing video!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for made me cry of joy!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for visited BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  558. Cartrina

    Don’t stop Dancing Matt !

    Love that people everywhere are joining in on the dance. Very inspiring.

  559. Simona

    Great video, but I have a question.

    Why haven’t you ever visited Canada? You seem to be missing a big piece of land, just above you.

  560. Alejandro

    This is the best one so far! (And the others were great!)
    To me, this is what humanity should be all about. Great job – keep it up!


    Matt I don’t know you, nor from what part of heaven you visiting, but I cried as I watched your video. Never ever stop your ministry of unity and joy.

  562. Bill

    Congratulations for making the world smile. And cry. And laugh. And think. And dream. You’ve captured the essence of the human spirit in it’s purest and most elequent expression…a joyous, unscripted, spontaneous celebration of life brought about by one guy who had the audacity to “dance like nobody’s watching”, and the overwhelming response by the citizens of the world who have been touched by your efforts. Thanks for reminding us that it only takes one person with a vision to perform miraculous things…and judging from the posts on your site and the number of hits on the sites that show your video, your “travel memento” is a miraculous thing. It has taken on a life, and a mission, of its own…giving the people of the world, for a few brief minutes, a chance to escape from the “bubble” world and revel in the sheer delight of the joy you’ve brought to viewers like me, and the participants in the videos as well. I only hope that one day I can find myself lucky enough to be among the flailing fans of Matt Harding dancing the world to a more peaceful place.

    One question: When you’re doing your dance, do you have a song in your head that you dance to? I saw some raw footage, and I don’t hear any background music. Just wondering.

    I’m sure you get suggestions for your next project (PLEASE PLEASE let there be more!!!) all the time, and here’s two more: Travel to world-class sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, Wimbeldon, the Kentucky Derby, the Indy 500, World Cup, etc., and get funky with your bad self and the fans and maybe even the teams or cheerleaders (I can see Melissa nixing THAT one quickly). Or, perhaps, visit famous dance companies or theaters and dance with everything from ballerinas from the Moscow ballet to the cast from Stomp! to Cirque de Soleil. It’d be a hoot.

    Again, thanks for brightening a small bit of our world. Come to North Carolina and dance where the Wright Brothers made history!

  563. Yaneth

    Matt..Im with Alejandro..I got so emotional watching the video..dunno why lol..maybe the fact that we have such a beautiful world! Great Job :-)

  564. Yaneth

    Matt..Im with Alejandro..I got so emotional watching the video..dunno why lol..maybe the fact that we have such a beautiful world! Great Job :-)

  565. Erin


    What a beautiful video. In a time when world peace seems so non-existant, you managed to bring out that although we all may live in different regions of the world and have different beliefs and cultures, we are all still human beings who enjoy laughing and having fun. Two thumbs up! Keep up the good work!


  566. Reeca


    Thank you. I don’t know exactly why we love your dancing and your videos so much, but we do! Please keep up the great spirit of dancing.

  567. Ali Al-Yemeni

    Well done Matt? Well done!! How can I join your tour? How did you do that? How do you like Yemen by the way. Did you go other places in Yemen other than Old Sana’a city?

  568. JustMe

    But WHO is Matt, besides a wonderfully talented and lovable guy whose video is absolutely delightful and unforgettable.

    And does your mother know what you’re doing – and where you are?

  569. Jamie

    What a moving video! It was pure happiness on film! The kids in the Philippines were wonderful! Such a nice thing you are doing :)

  570. I saw your Dancing 2008 video, and was moved to tears. I especially liked your dance at the Demilitarized Zone in Korea and your Bharat Nattyam with all the young ladies in brilliant colors in India. If everyone saw this video, there would be no more wars.
    Eric Dobbs
    Richmond, VA
    (Come and dance in front of the Robert E. Lee monument)

  571. Kevin

    I’m not sure this will even be get read with all the other comments, but I thought I would try anyway.

    For some reason watching the 2008 video made me emotional. Matt, I saw you sometime last year on the Today show and then today, June 27 on I see that you are unifying people with something so simple. Albeit, unrefined and repetitive. I’m not sure it’s an official genre or technique, but I would call it the happy dance genre. It looks like it could be related to the polka, some indigenous expression, or hip-hop. I can kind of see MC Hammer influences. 😉

    I also make a connection between you and the movie Billy Elliot. When he is auditioning to enter a prestigious dance school Billy responds to a judge’s question that when he moves he feels like electricity is going through his body. I feel that energy Billy refers to when I watch you dancing around the world with all those people.

    Again, in all seriousness, as I ponder your impact I almost get emotional. Children and adults moving their bodies in their own unique and silly way for no other reason than it makes them smile and feel happy. I think the show So You Think You Can Dance should honor you for the positive impact you have made and continue to make in people’s lives: crossing cultures, languages, ages, and circumstances through the happy dance genre.

    You are inspiring. Don’t stop.


  572. Flo

    Hey Matt, one Comment more i guess..

    Just read the journal about your mariott incident and was rather amused after reading the whole story..*laughs*

    just keep it up dude!!! i can imagine its not always fun to do this but…enjoy it as much as you can,

    we are!!!

    Greetings from germany,


  573. Vlaad

    Very nice! Excellent MATT! You are doing something very great and i hope for you and all people your travel goes to continue for a long time again!


  574. Melissa Southwick

    What a great and fun thing you are doing. It looks like you had a blast doing it. I just loved watching it. Thank for showing the world to all of us and proving that everyone is the same no matter whaere tey are.
    By the way if you do another one Oklahoma is a great stop. LOL thanks again Melissa

  575. yasuhiro

    wow,i looooove it!the new one is much better. i was so sad cuz i could not go dancing with matt while he was in tokyo. too late to check the mail…
    anyway this dancing movie is the best that i ever seen.
    my favotire is india, the secound one.

  576. Fred Buell

    You up lifted my spirit. I am going to show my grand daughter who we are raising and grandma and we are all going to dance. Thank you.

  577. Marcia

    You are fun! I smile the whole time I am watching your video, even more the second and third times! Marcia

  578. Eva

    Great video Matt, I love it!!! it made me cry. Matt, your are amazing. I hope to see you next time in Barcelona (Spain)


  579. Bob

    I laughed ’till the tears came. So beautiful, so inspiring. It brings to mind these words of Baha’u’llah: “The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.” Thank you!

  580. Bob

    I laughed ’till the tears came. So beautiful, so inspiring. It brings to mind these words of Baha’u’llah: “The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.” Thank you!

  581. Claudio Klug

    Truly amazing video. It makes me happy. I dream to someday travel the world like that…
    But first i have to learn the Matt Dance haha. Godspeed.

  582. Nik

    While you may be sponsored now and your original intent might not have been as such, you have really created and continue to create something incredible for all of us.

    A view of simple harmony among mankind through a silly dance, the locations don’t hurt either.

    I hope the world one day understands what you have achieved in your videos and what it gives to it’s viewers.

    Keep ’em comming.

  583. che

    you are the one that makes a difference. god bless you. god is proud of you. what to say.. so simple yet profound.. matt,you’re the man. happy and brave.

  584. mira bittar

    its realy a great idea!!very funny!!!i just love the videos!!!great work!!!it would be nice if maybe u can come 2 my country(lebanon)..

  585. PG

    I don’t really like to travel, but each time I watch your videos, it does make me want to travel :)

    Keep like this !

  586. Hey, you really inspired us all, you know the traveling, but I get the impression that your next travels after your first video was with filming crew? I hope you were still getting the same experience you had when you did you first one.

  587. danslaplace

    c’est vraiment extraordinaire cette communion
    des personnes autour de ta danse dans le monde .J’adore je suis vraiment fan.peace and love.i love the world

  588. Charles

    Very inspiring!
    Love the theme of all the dances, very different from your last two videos…only question is where to next? looking forward to your next video already!


  589. cecilia

    I’m sure it’s been said before, but the idea and its execution makes me smile :) The music is uplifting, though the lyrics are a little sad. And I really enjoyed the India number!

  590. Core

    The gate you’ve danced in Seoul had gone into ash…doh. please come again and make us happy. :)

  591. Truly outstanding. After 15 views, I think I’m just about ready to get through it without totally bawling.
    Dance on, Matt!

  592. xianboi

    Wow! Just, WOW! I really enjoyed your video, Matt. I hope you make more just like that! You should be proud of yourself! MANY THANKS!

  593. clint

    Matt, you’re my here and I’m envious of you, BUT, I liked the first 2 videos better. All the extra people dancing took away from the video. It’s ‘wherethehellismatt’ not ‘whothehellisdancingwithmatt’

    Just my 2 cents

  594. I love U man… Matt!… Really… amazing.. I just happened to watch your video by mistake.. and could stop waiching ’em all night… Even my friends loved ’em all.. really.

    though this post may be like a drop in the sea of posts… but I really wanted to write once to you for this amazing effort…

    and one more thing… watching your videos… I also learnt the dance. I liked that much… really. though I am a lousy dancer, still I make my best effort to dance your dance the best..

    Luv U man!

    TC! My Blessings…

  595. Michael Bozzell

    I busted out crying about 1/4 way through. I guess I’m a fifty year old crybaby. But if you think about it, if the world would take a few minutes out of their day and do a silly dance, it shows how irrelevant our differences are.

    Not one single hater in the video. That speaks volumes.

    Tons of thanks for making my week. Hip hip hooray!


  596. Beth

    I just happened upon your video this morning Matt – I had not heard of you or your wonderful dance before. I am humbled and inspired by the beauty of each moment of the video and as I watched I felt myself becoming emotional; happiness and joy as you danced your way into my heart and the hearts of my brothers and sisters around the world. I felt as if I was right there with you – and now,in this moment, I feel as if I am right there with you and the rest of the world. Namaste!

  597. Vegard

    That was fantastic – video and music and everything!! 😀
    This made me feel so super happy, I can’t explain it, it just happened! 😀 A HUGE smile on my face the whole time, sometimes joined by bubbles of laughter and “Oh!”s and “Awww..!”s ^^

    I am going to watch it again. And again.

    Matt Harding, you have showed me something beautiful and important that I will cherish for years and years.

  598. Annette

    Dear Matt,

    I have not cried so wrenchingly, joyfully, since hearing Bina Mistry’s “Hot Hot Hot over the epilogue/credits to “Bend it Like Beckham,” which captured some of the same love and joy I experienced viewing your video to Prana.

    Peace and blessings,

  599. Mite


    You rock!! Your idea is not just great, but wonderful!… Congratulations for be a great man!
    It would be nice to have you here in continental Chile… You’ll certainly be welcome!
    Felicitaciones desde Chile!

  600. Z From New York !!

    Matt, this is awesome. Its a great idea and message to show were all just the same no matter where you are from !

    Take care, and keep it up !!

  601. jorge velazquez

    just amazing you make me cry of happiness the great idea of dancing around the world, and with those people its simply amazing when you like it come to the north of mexico “el desierto de sonora” to record you next video, youre the man tnx for sharing this video with all of us!!! tnx for make me happy for a moment!!!
    saludos desde cd. obregon sonora mexico!!!!

  602. Nonesuch

    In the first video, my favorite clips were the ones with other people dancing alongside you. There are so many extras in this one! Good job again, I wish I could afford such travels!

  603. Jane

    My friend’s mom thinks you would be a great catch if you could only get a job!! (I’m teasing :-) She was impressed with your ingenuity in both taking your own trip then the sponsored one.

    I agree.

    Regarding previous comment-it would be great if we could leave our religious and cultural ethnocentrism at home, wouldn’t it? (the comment about spreading the you-know-what)

  604. Jane

    ps sorry- I wasn’t referring to previous comment above, but the one castigating you for not spreading the gospel.

  605. Can’t. Stop. Watching.

    Thanks a lot mr dancing world traveler.


    BTW I haven’t cried yet. But I got a bit vaklempt on the 5th viewing of your video.

  606. mauro

    Hello Matt, My name is Mauro Ezequiel Guimelli and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. First of all, I’m sorry if my grammar is bad. Well, I’m writing to you because I saw the first video the last year and I’ve just seen the second one and let me tell you that you and the video that you made almost makes me cry. I love this world that we live in and see all those places and all that people together having fun for a little while with you and its really beautiful. For that reason I’ve gotta say thanks Matt! cause everytime I see your videos you make me smile. I think you inspire a lot of people, maybe you think that what I’m saying its insane but believe me, I’m not the only one that think that. When I see your video and I smile, the only thing that cross my mind and the only thing that my heart wish its world peace and unity, but trust me, all the people that saw the video wish the same. It would be a great a idea that all the people in the world at the same time, dance like you. Once again thanks for your inspiring video and if you ever come back to Buenos Aires I would like to dance with you so here’s my e-mail: [email protected]. Keep inspiring us and stealing our smiles with this :)

  607. Janet

    This was awesome to the n-th degree.
    It made me smile and laugh and cry all at the same time, and it made a day that was kinda cruddy one of peace and joy!

    And the moves in sync with the women in India were beautifully executed (though it looked a little funny in t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers ;P)!

    Keep us posted if you do this again!

  608. Diane Rees

    I was sent this link yesterday by one of our employees – he said it was amazing and so i watched – amazing doesnt cover it – today Saturday its been in a loop on my computer the entire day – the music is just wonderful and starting the video by yourself and then adding people as you went along was genious and the happiness in everyone’s faces – I love you Matt! this is the best video Ive seen in my 63 years….i hope you make more!!! If I had the means I would send you every penny to do more – I just watched the class you gave – your parents did a great job raising you! God Bless you!

  609. Hauke Selke(Germany)

    I’ve watched it several times now and everyday again my eyes water.

    This even may be great art, i dunno i never cared for it, but this is just great!

    God bless you!

  610. It’s been a really long time that I hadn’t had this much of laughing. It’s a great work and wonderful job which I haven’t had before. It’s impressively moving.
    This work shows there’s nothing we can’t do in this harsh world.
    Thank you for this happy job.
    And I’d recommend you to have flying dancing in the sky.

  611. Angeles Alonso Magadan

    Hola Matt:
    Tu vídeo me ha hecho llorar de emoción.
    La humanidad es maravillosa y tu has sabido demostrarlo, haciendo bailar al mundo al mismo compás.
    Gracias desde ESPAÑA

  612. Olaf Stahl

    Hi Matt!

    I´am from Germany, Northcoast (exactly: Wilhelmshaven)an i´ve seen your video! It´s wonderful – i love it! Your dance/your move make me funny! Thanks!



  613. Ade

    Wow, just wow. That video put an enormous smile on my face and I actually cried with happiness.

    Great song too.

  614. What about Cuba, Matt? Perhaps you can help us lift the US embargo and erradicate the traveling restrictions. Americans can not travel to Cuba and Cuban Americans like me can only visit once every 4 years and with a father that already passed and a mother who is 84 problably I won’t see her alive again. Your videos are so touching, especially the 2008 when people stat dancin g with you. When I sat down to see it after a friend had sent it to me all I could do was watch and cry. Thanks Leandro Seoane, Miami, FL

  615. some 3rd worldian.

    is that a dance or a declaration of colonialization by a misguided white child?

  616. I liked the video of you dancing by yourself but it’s the last one, with everyone dancing that brought up the tears and keeps turning them on every time I watch it.
    The only other thing that’s ever done that to me is listening to Nessun Dorma by Pavarotti….you’ve certainly touched something very deep in most of us.
    If you ever want to travel without an official sponsor, I bet there’s about a million of us who would send you a dollar…that might keep you going for a while…;)

  617. Matt,

    A friend clued me into your site today and am so glad she did. Your YouTube dance video is one of the most uplifting things I have seen in a long while. Thank you for what you are doing! I see I missed you while in Los Angeles, but if you head back through here again, give me a shout. I will be happy to come out and dance with you!


  618. Aries

    Matt, this video is a fantastic expression of unbridled joy. Truly emanates a love of and for the world. Keep up your remarkable journey, and allow me to add one challenge–can you use your power as an artist (which you, and your colleagues absolutely are) to effect some positive change in the world you clearly love so much? Btw, I just sent the link to my daughter, a 19-yr old US college kid who’s experienced London and Paris, and just told me she wants to do more traveling–talk about inspiring! Thank you!

  619. George

    Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I’m just learning about your journeys… but if you ever make it to Atlanta again – I’ll be there dancing! Thanks for sharing your inspirational video – it’s brought smiles to millions! Not everybody can say that!

  620. Gracia

    Matt: a one-man world-peace effort. Nice to know one person can make the world dance and laugh too! And make the rest of us smile in the process. Keep dancing….perhaps we will all learn to move instead of bomb. Keep it up, my friend.

  621. Judy Hooper

    Wow.The world does need you & I’m thankful you have shared this experience with all of us. I hope you dance your way to Boulder soon…Never stop dancing and you will always make the world smile. Judy, Boulder, Colorado

  622. What an incredible effort, life experience and journey. Thank you for sharing all of this with us and doing this. Keep dancing!
    Love it all.

  623. Ricky Maveety

    When a downloadable version becomes available, I am sending it to my sister (a school teacher) for her children to watch.

    They don’t have much in the way of internet access out where she is, but after I have unabashedly gushed for 20 minutes long distance about your film, she is seriously curious.

    It is amazing!!!!

  624. Pat Murphy - Boston,MA USA

    Hello Matt!
    Thanks for making this video and posting it for the world to see – it’s fantastic!
    Travelling to other places is the best and just shows you (the traveller)how much alike we really are!
    I’m emailing this link to many friends….

  625. Kim

    woke up cranky – now can’t stop smilin’! I feel like DANCING !!!! thank you for sharing your joy! :-)

  626. Jeremy

    Was OK, but your blogs remind me of a typical yank that knows nothing about the world and only wants what he gets in the states YAWN….

  627. Abhishek

    “baje tomar bashi…..”
    love to see my mother tounge(bengali) to be used in your video…the song is lovely..
    i loved your video so much…..keep it up..thanks…

  628. Mohamed

    well done fellow human…even the choice of the music is universal…hope th next generation will be full of people like you..yes its about US…

  629. well done fellow human…even the choice of the music was universal…hope the next generation will be full of people like our lovely earth will as safe…
    yes its about US…

  630. Tee

    Matt you are gorgeous! This video shows us how equal we all are. Hope to see you with the “Friedensnobelpreis” in your arms.

    Greetings from Germany

  631. cherry

    Hi Matt,
    It’s so fantastic, touching and meaningful~!!!
    Friendship unlimitedly in the world~!!!
    Keep going~!!!

  632. Luke

    Personally, I liked your last video better, probably because it displayed the background more than people and I could have just recalled the way I’ve seen and remembered part of those places myself.

    What I did enjoy most was reading your journal, ever since I first stumbled upon your second video (march last 07). I hope for two things – you being offered your own “travel show slash different cultures dancing tutorial” and you releasing a hardback, expanded version of your travel log.

    I hope you’ll read this and ponder on the last bit.

    Wishing you all the best, Luke from Poland. (btw. bummer I wasn’t able to come to Warsaw last year, but thanks for visiting our country nonetheless).

  633. Susan Herridge

    I know that for some, intellectualizing this experience may spoil it, but I thought some of your fans might like to know about a book by historian Barbara Ehrenreich called “Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy”. It helps to explain, a little I think, why so many of us (me included) weep like a child when we see this video. The dancing reaches something deep in our “reptilian brain”- something that we’re hardwired to love. Thank you so much, Matt. Its a stupendous acheivement.


  634. Hoch Tibor

    Imádom ezt a videót! Gyönyörű és vidám és megható és szívhez szóló…
    Köszi Matt!

  635. Hoch Tibor

    Imádom ezt a videót! Gyönyörű és vidám és megható és szívhez szóló…
    Köszi Matt!

  636. Isabel

    How much joy you bring to many people all around the world…Matt you are so cool.I love your dance !!!

  637. Mary F

    Why aren’t you working for the airlines or some tourist bureau? Awesome videos. Everytime I see it, I cry and laugh without a clue why. Glad I’m not the only one though. This is really magical! Keep it going.

  638. RO_li

    Matt this is one of the most wonderfull thing I have ever seen in my live.

    Tine-o tot asa!
    Keep it up!

  639. Trevor

    One of the most inspiring videos I’ve ever seen. Thanks so much for creating such a masterpiece…If only everyone could see this…

  640. Takako

    Fantastic! I watched it with a big smile and teary eyes. You reminded me there are more than just money and a career in life. Even though you may not have planned, you have made some impact on lives of people, including me. I watch your video when I am down.

    Keep dancing, and keep enjoying your life. Thank you, Matt.

  641. Leandro


    muito massa o video, deve ser muito loKo viajar pra todos esses paises..


  642. SKH

    Funny thing!
    Great idea, although totally crazy!

    I really loved the Kjerag dance(in Norway).
    I have been standing on it my self, and yes, it is 1000 feet drop right below it.
    And yes: It is big enough to dance on(if you have the nerve to do it). My legs where shacking like gelly when I stood on it.

    Respect man!

    Fun way of getting to travel AND getting paid doing it!

    SKH from Norway!

  643. Grand5bears

    Loved it, especially the laughter of the children. But perhaps sometime you will come dance with the Native Americans…we often feel such an ignored part of this world.

  644. OMG!!!!! I absolutely loved this video! I am still smiling!

    It was awesome to listen to your interview on!! You are so humble and real.. = you are AWESOME!! THANK YOU!!! I am truly inspired to travel now!!

    San Francisco, CA

    p.s. Stride…

    I am going to buy your gum and no one else’s just because you chose to sponsor this project!! THANKS!!!!

  645. I was feeling abit sad today and I came across your video, I just liked how everybody in the video seem to enjoy it, and it really changed the way I was feeling and reinforced my notion that we live in a wonderful world.Keep making the video’s it amazing how a little dancing can bring people together and smile…

  646. Stig Harald

    matt.. u must have a hell of a rich life meeting people for all over the world… rly envy you..

  647. MeganInSF

    I’ve been going through an absolutely hellishly depressing time lately, and a friend of mine emailed me the link for the new video. For the first time in weeks, I was inspired, laughing, and not worried about everything that has been grieving me lately. Thank you so much for lifting my spirits and reminding me how fortunate I am to live how and where I do. I’ve traveled enough to know there are people with much bigger problems than I have. Keep dancing!

  648. tom rushlow jr

    a friend of mine is helping me with an internet project; he needed a sample clip to check out the video format for the site, so he attached your Dancing Clip with the Gary Schyman music (great music!). He’s Thai (i live in thailand) and just randomly selected your clip from youtube having no idea what it was about, a total accident that has brought a great big smile to my face, mate. i got tears in my eyes watching you and fellow human beings jiggle and bounce around together in so many different homelands.

    cheers for that. thanks for sharing, mate.

    be well….

  649. mike

    Totally awesome! Should be shown daily at the beginning of every session at the United Nations…

  650. Suzan

    I have to thank you for not only putting a HUGE smile on my face but for the tears as well. To see what you do all over the world and everyone that joins you brings a tear to my eyes and it is very heart warming to see. My hats off to you and I shall be watching for you. :-) Come to Newark, Ohio sometime, we have goofy dancers here as well.

  651. Richard

    Love the concept. Love the music. Love the video! Congratulations to you and Melissa.

    I have never been so captivated by something this silly. One can not help get emotional to see people from all over the world share a common experience. The segment from Tokyo is just classic…

    Look forward to seeing the next video. That is if you have the energy and stamina to keep going…

  652. Antra

    your video is wonderful!!
    finally a guy who succeeded to warm up our hearts and give hope again in the humanity

    also as they say in my country
    “Danser même comme des cons, mais danser avec Matt!”

    I translate:”Dancing even like an idiot, but dancing with Matt!”

    tks a lot Matt
    Barney from France

  653. That was the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks for adding to the beauty of the world.

    – Kristin Sancken
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  654. Chris

    Simply wonderful. Beautiful. A tonic so simple and powerful they should play it after every news cast.

  655. Chris

    Simply wonderful. Beautiful. A tonic so simple and powerful they should play it after every news cast.

  656. Jason

    Wow. I was really moved. That’s a very powerful little piece of film. Can’t congratulate you enough.

  657. Chris B

    I was just going through old files and I watched my copy of one of your old videos – the one that starts with you in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. It still moves me, and I especially loved the fact your danced with kids in Rwanda.

    So out of random interest, I decided to check your site and see what you’re up to, and lo and behold you have a new video – and it’s freakin’ AWESOME. I love that you have all those people dancing with you. And, yep, I cried numerous times. The first being when you were in the DMZ in South Korea – very funny and moving at the same time :)

    Love your journal posts too – gotta spend a few evenings catching up on what you’ve been doing and where you’ve been. Always appreciate your very open and direct style of writing, keep it up!

    Much thanks,

  658. Robert Burns

    Matt your a genius! The simplest thing was so great.Thanks for making my very bad day great!

  659. Patricia

    Mat and Melissa, I hope that you continue to have fun dancing around the world and bringing joy to the people you dance and and to people like me who watch your videos. You must go to the Caribbean and when you get to Barbados please let me know.

    Peace and love

  660. Louise

    Dear Matt,
    Well you’ve really done it now. Dancing 2008 is above and beyond and into a whole new dimension. I was really moved by Dancing 2006 and passed the link on to people, but watching Dancing 2008 takes the whole experience into a new realm. It’s beyond verbal. It’s symbolic and spiritual, and when I watched it I burst into tears. Absolutely beautiful and fabulous. Now that’s the kind of thing that we are here for. To you and all the dancers of the world: thank you so much for this gift. Blessings to all.

  661. Kathie

    WOW!!! Soooooooo cool! I watched the whole thing with a goofy grin on my face. I feel like I have to make an inspired comment about the brotherhood of man, but I’m not that good of a writer. Awesome job, Matt. Thanks for going to all those places to give us this!

  662. Kathie

    WOW!!! Soooooooo cool! I watched the whole thing with a goofy grin on my face. I feel like I have to make an inspired comment about the brotherhood of man, but I’m not that good of a writer. Awesome job, Matt. Thanks for going to all those places to give us this!

  663. Maria

    Thank you so much. It was simply beautiful and heartwarming. I hope that one day, we may all join in your happy dance.

  664. katie did

    how wonderful to see someone doing such a heart felt project that brings the whole world together and emphasises our sameness. i mean who doesn’t like to dance?! we all do. what the world needs is more dancing!! thanks for the great show and the love.

  665. Sarah

    This was a really beautiful project. I watched previous videos, and they were interesting, but they didn’t really move me as this one did. I think that your blending of the clips and music with not just your travel experiences but the human experience, how we all are essentially just dancing animals, is what connects with all of us. My two year old daughter insisted that I replay it (again and again) while she just danced along with you and the people in the video. This made me smile and cry, and I am so thankful that you put this out there for all of us.

    Best wishes,

  666. Really Great Matt. But the song is no where near as memorable as the other one on the previous vids. I really messed up not being in Santa Monica when you came to LA. But your vids are absolutely awesome. They ought to give you a special Academy Award for this idea. Really.
    I Cr 13;8a

  667. Claude

    WoaH!! This is the best video ever. I wish Russia was in it..oh well. The HD stream was excellent. I can’t wait to see its downloadable version so I can blow it up on a screen. must be real impressive in HD. Having all those people dance with you was really touching. If only our politicians and foreign policy advisors could dance…

  668. I’ve just had a depressing couple of weeks and you have lifted the cloud with that fantastic video. Life is for living and in 5 minutes you have reminded us of that fact. I havent grinned like that in ages.

    I am going to play this to my new grandson when he arrives later this week,at least thats when he is due. What a great start to a new life, I hope he learns to live life with a smile like you.

    Thanks Matt.

    When are you in Italy?

  669. Giovanna

    Matt, when the hell do you come to Switzerland??? LOL

    Ok it’s a tiny country but come on, it has some fantastic places to offer for your great dance and I want to be part of it :o))))

    Cheers from Geneva and keep going on like that, you bring joy and laughts with your videos!

  670. Stephen F.

    The best part about your latest video is it shows how much people are people where ever you go. My friend says this made her cry. I can understand why– Nice Music too.

  671. A2

    The world’s best anti-depressant. I can’t tell you how much this has lifted my spirits. It’s my morning shot of “life is good.” Thanks so much for the reminder that life is worth dancing for!

  672. anj

    your video just makes me warm and fuzzy all over, for some magical reason.

    i love dancing and i love to travel. and i want to do you dance everywhere i go and take a vid for the pure pleasure of it! cept my still cam can’t do videos. so i’ll just do it even without a video. it’ll still be fun, i bet.

    dance away, man. :)

  673. Veronica B.

    You are the luckiest person in the world! My greatest desire is to see the entire world. I daydream about it all the time. You are living my dream! I must say, I am quite jealous. Congrats to you!

  674. Matt, I gotta hand it to ya.. After all these years of dancing, you’ve managed to not get good at it.

    It’s pretty impressive.


    In 2006 I upped (upped?) and went to Iceland on a solo expedition after being inspired by your video. I got up and did my happy dance when I saw the clip in Seljalandsfoss!

  675. Joanne Mason

    I get tear in my eyes every time I watch!
    What a world it would be if we could all just get together and dance. This is by far the best dancing video you’ve done. Thank you and thanks Stride gum.

  676. Susan-ji

    Hi Matt,

    Someone sent me the link to your 2008 video this week, and after laughing and crying my way through it about 10 times I sent to all my friends. Would that we could elect a president who would dance with the rest of the world instead of attempting to bomb it into submission.

    You are doing a good thing, Matt. Thank you for offering an antidote to our government’s efforts to subdue the rest of the planet. You’ve proven that we can dance together, so now perhaps we can try living together in peace and with mutual respect and (dare I say it) love because …

    love alone prevails,

    PS Consider this an invitation to come to Asheville, NC. We do love to dance.

  677. Corran

    i cant email you for some reason so i am commenting instead. I really think this music would go great for a future video.
    It is called Hey Now Now by The Cloud Room.
    Here is a link.
    link to

  678. Jazzy

    this is either very time consuming and/or it’s very good green screen. I have to lean toward the green screen. But very good job, it takes a really great geek to get it that good.

  679. jacob

    Cherish the moments, and pass on the memories to your family and friends. Thanks for making a jaded romantic smile. Thanks for embracing life for the fun of it!

    come to denver some time!

  680. WOW…Blew me away!! Excellent concept and very inspiring…don’t ever stop Matt!
    Hope to see you in Salem, Massachusetts some day!


  681. Cody

    This is plain lovely. Beauty is its purest form.
    I find it amazing that you and your travels can bring different people from all over the globe together to join in the sublime feeling of dance. You truley live a blessed live, and thank you for sharing it with us and the world.

  682. Kyle Voltti

    Matt I’m blown away by your latest video.
    your work never fails to make me smile and shead a tear of joy. As bad as things get in the world I can watch this and know at least there’s a little hope.

  683. helen

    Been watching your stuff since your first video – nice work, and great improvement on quality! I really enjoyed watching it. Thanks!

  684. I sent this note as an email. Just thought I’d follow it up in your comment section. This is just a thank you. No questions. I have been in discussions – arguments really – about guns and killing in the US. About how in this country many of us neither like nor trust one another much. Pretty down stuff.

    One commenter suggested your site. If I knew her personally I would kiss her.

    I have watched your newest offering numerous times, each viewing spent smiling and having tears well up from time to time.

    No doubt a good deal of planning and work went into these creations. But the end product is well worth the effort.

    In some ways you remind me of my younger son who, if given the opportunity, would also do something a little crazy and wonderful.

    Thank you for four minutes and twenty-nine seconds of joy

  685. laura

    i am so jealous of you matt 😛
    what a wonderful experience this must have been for you! thank you for allowing us to share it with you.

  686. laura

    i am so jealous of you matt 😛
    what a wonderful experience this must have been for you! thank you for allowing us to share it with you.

  687. Luiz M.

    That’s a helluva video.
    Totaly amazing.
    If you come back to Brazil, let us know 😀

  688. d'Aveline

    I had never heard of you before watching you dance, the video is truly remarkable and I feel that you have done a part in making the world smile just a little bit harder.

    Hope to see you move through the world.

  689. Taylor

    This video has truly moved me to travel. I have already started saving.

    My question is: what kind of camera did you use for the 2008 Dancing video. I know it couldn’t be your Canon Powershot.

    Thank you for doing this video.


  690. Sarah

    OMG, you are so lucky, you know having seen all these places having met all these wonderful people.
    That video was so wonderful, I’m really glad I saw it :)
    Enjoy your journey, best wishes, Sarah

  691. Linus

    Dear Matt,

    I am concerned about all the flying you are doing. The video is great but you should really think about all the shit you are pouring out into the atmosphere. Maybe you could travel in a more environmentally friendly way, I mean if the journey is the destination than who cares if it takes time?

    Good luck,

    Linus, Sweden

  692. Frommi (René Fromm)

    oooooh its so great :-),
    i have so many many fun when i see the videoclips from Matt, its a wonderfull idea people to bring togehter and makes fun, when come you to berlin ? than we can togehter dance :o)

    it was a tip from a redakteur of a rockradiostation in berlin :-) Germany

    thank so mutch, the day is now very nice
    (René Fromm)

  693. Maisie

    three words..
    come to scotland! :-)

    id reccomend inverness because its closet to me :-)
    your videos are amazing your so lucky to see all those places!

    Keep on dancing :-)

  694. Angi T.

    What an AWESOME video!!!! You put a big smile on my face bright and early this morning. What a great way to show everyone the world!! The video, music and dancing with everyone is truly amazing!! You ROCK!!!

    Be safe,

  695. Matt ~

    A friend sent you my way and since then my 7 month old girl and myself watch you about every day. It still moves me to tears almost every time I watch it and I haven’t seen Hayden watch anything so intently. We would both LOVE to see another dancing video made and if you come to Dayton, OH please let us know – we will be there rain or shine!
    God bless you on your path – I believe you are inspiring and blessing many with what you do!

  696. Nicole

    Just wanted to say the radio station I listen to in Austin, TX mentioned Matt, and I checked it out…it honestly, like so many others have written about, brought tears to my really humbles you to watch the children in the videos be so happy by dancing…a universal language…it is very inspiring…thanks Matt!! keep doing what you are doing!!

  697. Robina Pritchard

    The video is fantastic. It is an inspiration to us all and brings happiness to all who perform with you and those of us who watch it. I hope you will continue your journey of goodwill.

  698. Robina Pritchard

    The video is fantastic. It is an inspiration to us all and brings happiness to all who perform with you and those of us who watch it. I hope you will continue your journey of goodwill.

  699. vuki

    i just can say WOW…..what a fantastc idea!!! beautiful and crazy… thank you and just go on!!!!

    greetings from berlin

  700. Is there any way I can get a score of “Praan” and permission to arrange it? I direct a multi-generational flute choir (ages 7-75!) and we would love to perform this piece…truly an inspiration for every person who hears it (and, hopefully, those who have the chance to play it). Many thanks for all the effort!

  701. Well the French TV said a guy was putting it’s world steps on the Web …so I jumped on my computer and….Wohhhh THE BIGGEST IDEA of THE YEAR! Thx Matt that video was 4’30 of pleasure, smile and fun seeing all those countries and people dancing with you.
    So may be this is the way to express :
    ‘Yes we are together here on Earth! All same but all different.’.
    Thx Matt for that good times. Have a good jump and may be next in Dijon, France.

  702. Michael

    I don’t know why you do this, but it sure is a good thing, getting to meet all kinds of people and sharing a dance with them. it’s amazing how a common thing like dancing can bring people together. By the way, my favorite part in the vidoe was with the INdian ladies around 2:38, where Matt goes in sync with the dancers, that was just beautiful. When are you coming to Charlottesville, VA ??????? Can’t wait to dance!!!

  703. Mellya

    Thanks, Matt. I loved the others, but I love this one more. The inclusion of others…I start to cry. It’s just such a great message of coming together as a global community. Even if you don’t know what for, just joining a stranger and dancing in any crazy way without being self-conscious.

    The world needs more of this. It’s beautiful.

  704. Kate

    This video, and the project as a whole, is incredibly inspiring. Dance as a form of expression has always fascinated me, but seeing it as a universal language and a connection between people, really warms my heart. It is truly beautiful. Thank you!

  705. Rebecca

    I usually never watch anything on the internet – just happened across this and it’s funny as hell! Great job. I’ve been to 42 countries but you win. Great job. Next time, go to Nepal… Kathmandu…. I’ll dance with you in October 2008 if you’re there.
    keep on keepin on.

    ps… is this really for gum? kids love it in kathmandu!

  706. Elise

    As I watched your video, tears came to my eyes. At first, I felt a little silly. But as I explored your site I realized how common that reaction is.

    The tears were mostly joyous, but also those of longing for a world where more people dance, particularly in unfamiliar places.

    Either way, thank you. It’s wonderful.

  707. Christine

    I am a foreign language teacher in Cleveland, Ohio. I use your videos during the first week of school to highlight different cultures and places. You are fun, entertaining, and educational! Keep posting those videos!

    Senora B.

  708. Mikey J

    Matt- love the dancing!! I’ve been to many of the places you have been. Now my wife and I are into adopting at risk children who might not otherwise survive to your ripe young age otherwise. I am thinking if what you are doing could be put to use to raise international awareness of the need to give these children a chance at a better future????

    – Dr J

  709. Chirag D

    Dear Matt..
    This is the best “one world” video I ever seen..Best wishes for your expedition further..!!

  710. Ian K


    You are exactly what this world needs right now. Tears in my farmer’s eyes. God bless you truly. As beautiful a creation of man as has ever been done. Pure joy and its power over the bad. Do not stop ever.

    Ian in Embarrass, MN

  711. Tm

    Quite possibly what world peace might look like! I get goosebumps watching your videos ( I am am a terrible cynic, by the way)

  712. kathy

    I was so overcome with joy while watching this video, I cried. We need people like this in this world. Thank you for posting this video~ I was especially amazed to see you dancing at the DMZ. Wow!
    God bless.
    Love to you from MN

  713. A. Herrera

    I watched your video over and over again. Tears come out of my eyes when I see the happiness you bring to those in the remotest places on Earth. God bless you Matt!!!

  714. Robert

    What a magical video! You’ve really “hit” on something. I think you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Keep up the Dance!

  715. zvi shapira

    I enjoyed your dancing clips from the beginning. I watched your current 2008 dancing matt and was smiling until a frame flashed across which was like a slap in my face with a dead fish.

    I refer to the frames shot in Jerusalem in which you decided to take our capital city – reunited after twenty years of Jordanian occupation – and to re-divide it by referring to it as “east Jerusalem” then you remove the sliced off part from Israel and place it in the “west bank” which is the shortened name for the “West Bank of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.” A former occupier.


    You also ignore or omitted to list our country- the strongest economy among all of the developing nations and the 22nd economy in the world, inventor of the very technology you use to propagate your video clips etc etc


    Why take a happy thing like your dancing and crap it up with bigotry, racism and ignorance?

  716. Lori

    Hi Matt… I just discovered your site and it is amazing. I just want to let you know that I am afraid that I may be in love with you or at the very least obsessed with your videos but don’t worry, I’ll be over it in a day or two and I am not a stalker or anything. I just want to travel the world with you and have your dancing babies. I think that you are funny and creative and this site is very cool. I tell everyone I can about you because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t watch and think that it’s adorable. Keep dancin’ matt, even after my crush has gone away because I am a bit ADHD and can’t really focus on much of anything for very long. 😀

  717. R

    Matt – Well done. Can you please send this to our war-monger president and republican party? Perhaps if they saw the commonalities in the world with those that you’ve danced with – they’d quit killing so many innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  718. EzJ

    Sssssh, I’m trying to pretend I’m working…Its very hard with this huuuge soppy assed smile across my face though 😉
    Makes me want to hug the world once more.

    Thank You and Much Love :)