Seattle, Washington Inbox Fun

Some selections from my mailbag:

My question is what’s the point?

Has nothing to do with gum except raising the price because they’re sending Matt all over the world for no particular reason.

What’s it have to do with Gum?

Are you doing anything on these trips?   How about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and saving some souls.

                    * * * * *

Right! Jesus. Totally slipped my mind.

                    * * * * *

-An observation-

The world is great
and we are small
The world is one
and we are many

When a man, travels from one land
to another, and dances on that land
Is it those who watch him from behind screens are the ones that dance?

Or is it those around him
enlightened by this random act
who dance with him?
one could imagine

Can one man who dances, change the world?
Unfortunately, nay
But when that man dances, and ten are inspired to dance with him

then twenty
then forty
then sixty
then eighty

and the next week,
a thousand
and a month
a million

It is only then, that one man
changes many
and the many
will change the one world

                    * * * * *

The "nay" gets me every time.

I’m not sure if this is a poem or a movie trailer.

                    * * * * *

In Poria, Papua New Guinea (2:11) The guy on the far right looks like the Burger King.

                    * * * * *

Holy cow!

                    * * * * *


I saw your ‘Dancing’ video and was wondering how you were able to merge your dancing with the background and foreground as if you were there. Is it a type of software? Did you have to do a lot of editing?

                    * * * * *


Yes, it is very hard to make it look exactly like I’m really dancing in those places. I use very special software and a whole lot of editing.


101 Responses to Seattle, Washington Inbox Fun

  1. Tim McMahon

    This is the first time I saw the Video and all I have to say is thank you bud.

    Just shows you how the simplest things in life make one happy.

    Thanks for reminding us

  2. Emily

    Loved the new video. Wow, that editing is something. You even edited in how sand moved under your feet. Tricksy.

  3. Haha, the last one is by far the best. Sadly, I bet you get similar e-mails more often than you should.

    What I don’t get is how you managed to have the same song playing off-camera while you danced. Wasn’t it hard coordinating an orchestra to follow you around everywhere? =)

  4. I saw your video for the first time the other night and immediately forwarded the link to everyone I care about with the subject line “evidence of joy”. Spread the word of Jesus? Whatevs. You’re spreading joy, real, honest joy, at least to me, and that’s worth more than preaching. I’m going to dance in my front yard now and see if anyone joins me. Actually, I don’t care if they join me! Thanks for the gift of your video–it rocks!

  5. Rowina

    That’s one sophisticated blue screen Stride paid for to dance in front of of. They even managed to get the King to appear. Don’t they produce gum anymore? etc etc


    So Matt you should ask the first guy if on your next crusade you’re supposed to encourage people to be like Jesus or like him.

    Despite that guy, I’m still betting on Jesus to save the world. He better show up soon, though, because gum is off to a promising start.

  7. Matt – truly excellent and fun and fun and excellent too. Thank you for keeping the dance, the music, the people and your lovely self to the fore (I can tolerate subliminal Stride never having heard of it previously). And resist to the last any attempt to let Jesus or any of the other head cases get in on the act. Will they never stop trying to expropriate happiness? – its ours! – none of them ever raised a smile in their lives and they sure as heck couldn’t dance!

  8. Matt, the video editing wizard and prophet of the Gum. :)

    Amazing how comments of people thinking the video was fake keep showing up.
    They must also think that all other people’s videos on youtube of Matt dancing with them were also edited with the same special software.

    May the GUM save us all!

  9. Someone mailed me a link to the dance video yesterday and it brought tears to my eyes. I don’t care why or how or any of that.

    Thanks, Matt.

  10. vinay pidathala

    That is by far the most touching,happy,ecstatic,crazy,emotional,unselfish,caring thing i have ever seen on the internet. I have never felt so many feelings ever before in my life. Thanks for making that happen. Truly and i mean truly inspirational, not to mention that i am also truly jealous that you are getting to see the world when i am sitting in front of my computer working away to glory (or so i think)

  11. Hey Matt, I saw the video today for the first time… I’m so sad that I hadn’t know you before! If I know, I would surely have danced with you here in Brasil!
    You made me feel so many things at the same time I can’t express!
    Thank you for doing such a crazy thing like this… Guys like you can surely change the world!

  12. HAR! That editing comment… And the Burger King. I found the clip. Hilarity! And Jesus Christ? Yeah, so instead of the awesome thing YOU did, how about you do what *I* wanted you to do?! Good grief. Proselytizers slay me. Nay… MANY people.

  13. > Yes, it is very hard to make it look exactly like I’m really dancing in those places. I use very special software and a whole lot of editing.

    Especially the part where you floated! Was that, like, wires and shit?

  14. Jeanine

    Maybe sometime, somewhere, someone will find a picture of Jesus in their gum, and the circle will be complete.

  15. Jon A - seattle

    Just saying thanks. Your video(s) have really reminded me there is a world outside my cubicle.
    Also, thanks from my family (grandparents, grandkids, blacksheep, newlyweds) we have all appreciated your travels. Personally – I love all the smiling kids.

  16. People of the world…cast aside your judgments, throw down your weapons, turn up the music! We are just a bunch of dancing fools…and Matt is the king!

    Thanks for the inspiration…that a regular guy can make a difference in a simple fun way. I love your humanity. What a great way to see the world. Go Matt!

    –Victoria, BC

  17. LindaPie

    Wow. Just wow. So amazing, I thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I spent my entire day reading your blog, looking at videos. My friend told me about it last night (he cried – and thought of me because I’m a terrible dancer) and then my boss sent the link to me this morning.

    So, I’m wondering – will you and Melissa do that dance if/when you get married? Will it make the next video? WHEN IS THE NEXT VIDEO?

    Also, I’m confused about the whole permit thing – you have to have a permit to dance?! When did that happen?

    Anytime you are in the Phoenix, AZ area, you can dance for food and lodging. Promise.


  18. NiggerClark

    Matt you are a FAKE son of bitch. ANYONE who DOESN’T spread the word of JESUS CHRIST on all the trips he went on is a NIGGER BITCH.

  19. lol Ok. I said it elsewhere but I’ll say it again, you get quite the assortment of fans. Old, young, rich, poor, eloquent, and mentally near-mute. You really move people. Some to tears of happiness. And others like “christians” are willing to go to “hell” to put you in your place. Its really a phenomena.

    That’s all fine and good. Personally, you had me at, “I thought of the game Destroy All Humans.”

    Had seen your “dancing” but had no clue that you were the visionary messiah that gave us that wonderful game title. To think most of my friends and I have all worked in gaming for years and had no clue. (I’m out now. Got an awesome gig having kids. hehe)

    Anyway, cool. XD All this time I thought you were in the army or some kind of spoiled rich kid. Three cheers for gum and Australians. Wait, isn’t Australia home of the Gum Tree? So maybe just three cheers for Australia.

    Keep up whatever the hell it is you do! People love it. Did you ever think this would be your legacy? :) Still it has a very noble and uniting feel to it. Ultimately, maybe even better than Destroy All Humans… maybe.

  20. Timothy Mcalister

    Ahhh….scarcasim….recently came upon this site so I’ve been going back through your journal…..seems to pop up allot haha. While most see it as annoying I find it to be…..awesomeness. haha

  21. Robert in Fort Worth


    Awesome man. Very inspiring.

    What would the world be like if we all went out a danced, rain or shine, land or water, snow or sand? Judging from the smiles in your vids, I think it would be awesome.


  22. Magical Mary

    How about spreading the word about foot fungus and saving some feet?

    It’s all how you look at it.

  23. PG

    Matt – enjoyed your video, got a little weepy thinking how folks will be running up to Jesus when He returns. Joy!! Good job Matt and I think you’re a good dancer. :)

  24. Lynda Robertson Nova Scotia

    I love your video’s the most recent was forwarded to me on facebook by a person that only ever sends inspirational, moving and/or meaningful videos etc. so of course I watched it. You made me laugh and smile and smile some more. I watched it twice and then read the credits and found out about your site. Keep dancing Matt! You’ve made the world smile and that’s something that very few people can attest to or have ever attempted!!

  25. Kim

    Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow. That was so awesome, words cannot describe. I am so jealous that you got to do that, and so happy for you that you did. WOW. :-)

  26. Edustus

    And why not spread the gospel of Flying Spaghetti Monster? 😀

    Hahaha, hours and hours of hard work with software xDDD

  27. dagdaj

    I happened to like that gum.
    The yellow stuff.

    Also wondering what you prefer stick or spray deoderant.

  28. woo-hah!

    the sea-side splash in youtube frame 2:23 (Tongatapu, Tonga) is one of my favorite scenes; it really heightened both the soundtrack and the video. other than that, the whole video’s breath-taking!

  29. Luvit

    To the commenter that says the video has nothing to do with gum: Of course it does!! Interpret the dance. The form. The intensity of the look on his face. Obviously it’s the “I’m getting gum off my shoe” dance. He’s traveling the world and everywhere he steps in gum he does this little dance. Duh! It’s modern marketing genius at work! …In fact, I definitely need a piece of gum right now.

  30. Ella

    I just found your website and I really would like to thank you for making me smile after the worst day I have had in a long time.

    Thank you again.

  31. HG

    All I can say is awesome! Love the vid…I’ll keep an eye on the site to see when your in Oz next and i’ll come dance silly with you lol

  32. Raven

    I just discovered your video for the first time the day before yesterday. It has repeatedly brought me to laughter and tears. You’ve made my day — 3 days in a row.

    I’m sure that the making of this film was not always joyful, but the final product? It never fails to bring that wonderful, delightful essence of pure joy at just being alive, goofy, and together as one, like little children.

    Love it. Love it. Love it. THANK YOU.

    p.s. I’m sure you made Jesus proud. And no doubt in my mind that this little gem you’ve created could very well save someone who’s been on the brink of giving up on life or people. It’s the “little” things that make a difference.

  33. ElizaD

    Have you ever had that feeling where it feels like your heart is going to burst? Yeah, thats what i feel when i think of your dancing all around the world.

    Everyone all around the world may seem like a stranger, but everyone laughs, everyone cries, and
    Everyone Dances.

  34. Neb

    Great job! Found your video through Bill Corbett at Rifftrax. What a happy way to start my day!

    BTW, re. the “Jesus” comment: You know, Jesus encouraged His followers (of which I am one) to spread the Gospel, not browbeat others into spreading it. At any rate, if you’re a Christian, how you live your life is between you and God. If you’re not a Christian, look into it (and you should!) because you want to and need to, not because somebody threatened you with it….gah.

  35. Luvit

    To Eliza, Thank you for that response about Jesus comments. As I’ve been reading all these responses to Matt’s video I keep getting put off by the proselytizers. I really respect everyone’s right to take from it what they want. I don’t respect when people seem to think everyone else needs to take their view of it.

    My wife is a Chinese Buddhist and I am an atheist. Yet we both take something very similar away from the video. I mean, look at it, the whole thing shows us the incredible beauty of all our DIFFERENCES. The video is most decidedly not representing that world is full of non-believer that need to be converted.

    Like Matt says in his FAQ: “Americans need to travel abroad more.”

  36. Di

    Hey thank you. Oddly enough, your world dance gave me hope. I have advised my readers that everyone should watch your latest world tour before they go out and do their day. Perhaps everyone would be that much nicer.

    Meanwhile, the thank you came from dopey ear to ear smile I wore while watching your dancing videos.

  37. Ricky Maveety

    Over the past two days, I think I have spent close to 16 hours reading your journal, watching the videos, the out takes, the interview material (with the gentleman from the Solomon Islands), and today, a highly entertaining 75 minutes of oral presentation and slide show.

    I’ve learned the English translation of one of my favorite songs (“Sweet Lullaby”) … which now will make me cry, of that I am dead certain. I have also purchased a new favorite song (“Praan”), which (because I am a Buddhist) really speaks to me.

    My three favorite parts of the 2008 video, are New Guinea, India, and where you got blown off your feet by the wave in Tonga. The smile on my face lasts for several hours … and then I need another fix, so I watch the whole video over again.

    I love the fact that people came out and danced with you in the pouring rain, and that the children of Rwanda will apparently dance at the drop of a hat. Maybe there is hope for the world after all.

    I may just drop by the local Speedy Mart and pick up some Stride Gum. I like a company that can sponser something without making it all a humongous advertisement.

    I realize you probably won’t keep making videos like this much longer … but I hope that whatever you do next, and where ever you choose to do it, you have a great time … and great success.

  38. Mary K Davis

    Hi, Matt,
    My son sent me your video. I watched it about fifty times so far. It made me smile and laugh and cry a little.
    I teach school (three to eight year olds). I can’t wait to let them “dance like Matt”!

  39. Randy

    I can only hope the pure happiness and joy that Matt has created lasts as long as possible before the silly superstitious humans ruin it by attaching ancient century fairytales (religion) to 21st century technology that has enabled us to see how joyfull our simplest acts can be when shared.
    Thanks for the fun Matt. Hope it continues!

  40. Sushan

    From Brother of Palbasha Siddique

    I wanted to quickly congratulate you, your team and Garry for being able to spread so much joy and hope in under 5 minutes. We are grateful to have our language highlighted as well; only seven other languages are spoken by more people.
    I could not make it to CA with mom and Palbasha but hope to meet with you some other time. Take care and you better dance in Bangladesh someday. I recommend the Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach – it’s the longest unbroken sand sea beach in the world. Or dance in a slum where poor childrens’ eyes will brighten in wild glee :)
    Sushan, Minneapolis

  41. alternative

    I like the last one, the “conspiracy theory” involved the fact that matt hasn’t actually been in all this places.
    If you think about it, matt is not real , He must somehow be the result of some geek imagination :’) .
    I won’t believe otherwise until I see him face to face hehe !

  42. Rebecca

    Someone just shared the link of you dancing…it made me cry with joy!!! =)

    I’m about to move to Thailand for a year (I’ve never even been to Asia – but that seemed like a good place to start). I’ll remember to do plenty of silly dancing while I”m there. =)

  43. Robin in So. Cal.

    I just finished watching your video, Matt. I didn’t know if I should cry or laugh……I did both. Thank you from my heart.

    If you smile at me
    I will understand
    ‘Cause that is something
    Everybody everywhere does in the same language.
    Crosby, Stills & Nash Wooden Ships

  44. Woot for Matt 😉
    I love the Idea!!!
    I lived in Washington for a while.. now that I sw you dancing at that place id love to go back and dance too ;D ;D

    greetings from Hamburg Germany


  45. Matt you are my personal heroe.
    That’s pretty much all that I can say, but honestly it is true.
    Keep it up!
    Javier, from Amsterdam and/or Madrid!

  46. Katelyn

    It might have started out as you wanting to travel the world and see things, but I believe it turned into something much stronger than that. You bring these people together, from all over the world! Thank you, Matt!

  47. Lu

    You have power to bring so much joy into so many lives- and you already have, for many. Some for just 5 minutes of watching, and others for the rest of their lives. Matt, you’re amazing!

    (( Pssst. To the people complaining it has nothing to do with gum: Stride is the **Sponsor**. You can’t tell me you’ve never seen a commercial on TV- it’s the same idea. ))

  48. Lilian

    I got an e-mail with a link to your the dance video yesterday and I can’t stop watching it. Makes me feel great and happy, I think it’s because your entusiastic dance showing how small is the world, and how great is dance together. Keep dancing! Come to dance in Brasilia, Brazil!!! I don’t know if you can change the world dancing, but it’s a huge beginning. Thank you very much, Matt.

    Love from Brasilia, Brazil.

  49. Dale

    Matt i have just moved to Charleston SC from Dayton OH. 06/23/08
    I don’t know anyone here except for the people i just met here at my new job.
    I am the lead dock hand at the City of Charleston maritime center.
    We should dance on the dock overlooking the charleston harbor.

    Thanks for making me smile!
    Dont let them change ya!
    Dale dancing on the harbor

  50. Wow, I’ve been stumped all these years? How naive of me to really think that you were traveling the world. You work great with shadows. Nice poetry.

    PS – I love Demilitarized Zone.

  51. Margie

    Matt…you ROCK!!! A friend forwarded your latest video today and I am overwhelmed… moved to tears of happiness! Having traveled and lived in lots of countries, I couldn’t agree with you more that we (especially Americans!)should travel more. Whether we are the travelers or the hosts, each visit enriches our lives. In spite of our global differences, like politics, religion, or customs, we share so many common human experiences that connect us…like love, laughter, and DANCING, as you so wonderfully demonstrate!

    I do think that one man can change the world for the better. You are a terrific example! Thank you!!!

    BTW, I love the scenes where children are dancing with you…but the DMZ bit hits a homerun!!!

    When you return to Chicago, I’d love to buy you a beer at Wrigley Field (would that be a conflict of gum interest??? lol) and hear your travel/life stories. My teenage boys think you’re “sick.” Apparently, that’s a good thing!

  52. chinnukgk

    hi Matt,
    i just saw Dancing 2008-it was still that bliss(as in older versions) beautified so touchingly that my eyes flooded,what was most stunning is the editing and choreography ,like people coming to you from two sides ,that series of editing synced music well ,and highlight was bollywood dance was a twist i didnt expect you would dance with dancers around and suddenly do a bollywood dance step ,in gurgaon india,i cried and replayed that part so many times and timing was so good with music for a moment i thought you were looking like bollywood hero who dances exactly like that.Japan lady Waiters were really like innocent children .but i was worried in the clip where waves knock you on the shore/bay/beach,they were so huge waves with great force ,were you hurt ,did you fall on to rocks?and in so many clips you were fat to thin & thin to fat.

  53. malo

    Great video. enjoyed it….

    do you actually read all these ^^ comments!!!

    guess we shall find out!

  54. Hi Matt,
    Just wanted to say great video. I’m a fellow Seattleite and thinks its pretty amazing that you walked away from “the man” and followed your dream.

    Have you seen the video “Where the hell is Matt’s girlfriend?” yet?

    link to

  55. Miriam

    Hey Matt :)

    Great Vids .. loved them :) culdn’t believe u actually went up in space :)
    Don’t forget to come to Malta (a reaaaallly small island just beneath Sicily/Italy) if you’re having another trip.. it’ll b fun u’ll see..
    If I were you, i would dance in near the Azure window in Gozo hahaha :)

    Keep smiling and thanks for making others smile too :)


  56. Meirielen

    Hi,Matt!Just want to know your e-mail.The one is here doesn´t work in my computer…maybe it´s my problem…sorry bothering you.

  57. Jennifer

    What’s the point? *L* Silly person. Dancing brings people together and the love. It’s like hugging, but with less physical interaction.

    Thank you for this project!

  58. Nick

    Hey man,
    Congratulations ,absolutely inspired!!
    Such a great idea, welldone.

    Everest?, you’ve gotta do it (i know easy for me to say), and you have to come along to Scotland (Dundee hopefully , you and Mellissa are more than welcome at our place, it’s a lot cheaper than Iceland).


  59. Doug

    Thanks Matt. That’s the most uplifting thing I’ve seen in a long time. When it comes down to it, we’re all humans, and we all want to be happy.

  60. Jessica


    First of all let me say you’re one of the most inspirational people on the internet right now. It is an HONOR to see that a fellow Seattlelite is spreading peace throughout the world. I’ve got Seattle pride.
    Your videos have truly inspired me almost to the point of tears. And these are some of the happiest tears that ever were….
    I don’t even think you’re completely aware of the magnitude of the positive message you’re sending out into to the world.
    If I had known about you before I would had danced with you at Gasworks Park!
    Please keep doing what you do. Keep traveling. My whole entire life it’s been my goal to travel. I’m 19 years old, out of high school, looking for a job and I find myself sitting on the computer every day sort of wasting away when I’m not out enjoying the world. I want to see the world and I want to see the friendly faces everywhere! You’ve inspired me not to give up that goal and to get off my butt and do something about it!
    I can’t thank you enough. I’m passing your videos on to my friends and my family.
    And if I run into you in Seattle, maybe we can dance together!

    Secondly, I want to say…
    to all the people who are saying terrible things about you, trying to get you down..
    and unbelievably, trying to accuse you of being a fake. Not to mention, the religious radicals who wouldn’t be able to see the real truth even if it smacked them in the face. Forget them. Let it slide right off you. These are the ignorant and the naive people of the world who are afraid of change. I hope someday they too can enjoy the beauty of what it is to be one with each other. To truly set our differences aside and realize we are all the same! As Bob Marley said, “One Love! One Heart!
    Let’s get together and feel all right.”

    Bless you Matt.



  61. S bhat


    On the video, along with the city mentioning the date would have been great.


  62. Deborah

    I saw your video on CNN and decided to visit your website. It is wonderful and very creative.

  63. phantompoodle

    Wonderful! & Happy 4th! If you’d like to dance with 200 greyhounds, let me know!

  64. Sharon

    I came across your video and I’m hooked. I am most likely your newest blogstalker. Thanks for the inspiring video and blog. Please email me if you are coming to Nashville!

  65. xandyboy

    “ANYONE who DOESN’T spread the word of JESUS CHRIST on all the trips he went on is a NIGGER BITCH”

    – LindaPie, awesome! Where in the Bible did you find this verse?

  66. Amazing video. Especially love the clip from Gurgaon, India. Keep dancing!
    You need to dance in Toronto or Niagara Falls, Ontario. I’m not a dancer, but I’ll join you!

  67. Hey Matt!

    Happy 4th!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your vid and forwarded it to everyone in my address book…and blogged about it…and Tweeted about it.

    You rock!

    Thanks for making me smile every time I watch –

    Kath from Denver

  68. Catherine

    Thanks Matt for being you. You realized what you had to do to be able to live life for you. You are an inspirational example to follow. When you dance and just have fun,you make the world dance and have fun with you. Anyone who says something different is scared of living, that’s all. I absolutely love your videos, bravo to you. Happy 4th!

  69. I just caught your video on another site and I must say it brought a much needed smile to my lips. I am (sometimes) a big asshole and shy away from gushy stuff so it’s refreshing to just sit through a few minutes of pure joy.

  70. My husband & I sits through your 2008 video.. crying & laughing! I especially LOVE it when I saw you dancing in my home country, the PHILIPPINES! I haven’t been back in a long time, so it make me a little homesick. But.. really really love that dance!

    Just wanted to say.. Keep on dancing! That happiness is contagious!

  71. Doug

    I don’t know if it was your intention, but you have succeeded in bringing the world a little bit closer.

    Thanks for the video and never stop dancing!

  72. Hey, there I watched your video and I cried. Thank you. But ……you left Ireland out of your list of places visited and I saw you dancing on the Giants Causeway and in either Stephan’s green or Merrion Square. Rock on man, just dance.

  73. Sanaa

    Hey Matt! I just wanted to tell you I think you are truly a beautiful person. To bring people together like that for the sole purpose of dancing is incredible! Did you ask people or did they just join you? I LOVED how you went to the Jewish side of Palestine as well as the Arab side. I would like to have seen some journaling on your time there. You truly showed me there are still beautiful people out there. Thank you for giving me hope!

  74. I like your clip..
    But I think you must do some trademark with your clothes…
    It will make easy for us to recognize you while you dancing with people..

    Good jobs

  75. Sergio R.

    Hello Matt. . . in Brazil there are wonderful places as the Brazilian northeast. . . Rio de Janeiro is too dangerous for tourists, . . . make the right choice of the state in that will be! I adored your dance and I wish you everything of good! !
    i would like to see your dance in personally one day !!

    Hug for you friend !!

  76. Anna

    A friend’s LJ had the link to your dance.

    Cool. I wish I were as accepting. Then again, maybe I will be.

    Don’t let the naysayers stop you. My regards to you and those you love.

  77. Bonjour.
    Je suis une jeune Française. Je suis tombée sur votre vidéo par hasard.
    Je trouve ça excellent et merveilleux ce que vous faites.
    J’en ai la larme à l’œil :’) .
    Bref, vous avez un ‘Bravo’ de plus.
    J’espère que vous pouvez traduire car j’ai du mal avec l’Anglais.

    Bonne journée et bonne chance dans ce que vous faites !

  78. Bonjour.
    Je suis une jeune Française. Je suis tombée sur votre vidéo par hasard.
    Je trouve ça excellent et merveilleux ce que vous faites.
    J’en ai la larme à l’œil :’) .
    Bref, vous avez un ‘Bravo’ de plus.
    J’espère que vous pouvez traduire car j’ai du mal avec l’Anglais.

    Bonne journée et bonne chance dans ce que vous faites !

  79. Maria

    Oh, posting e-mails ROCKS! I laughed my ass off. But I -did- like the poem. If you can do bad dancing with good intentions in the name of the big Whatever, why not bad poetry?

  80. Ted

    The video spoof had me doubling up in absolute fits of laughter, I cannot remember laughing this hard in years!

    but this doesn’t take away from the originals in any way, they are still moving and awe inspiring every time!

  81. The Matt Hadder

    Hi Matt,

    I read your journal, and I was wondering how you were able to write all the comments as if they were actually written by different persons. Is it a type of persona-creator? Did you have to do a lot of contradiction-controlling?

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