Seattle, Washington My 6th Grade Science Fair Project


Actually, it’s a time-coded, sequential map of the new video, displayed at an irritatingly low resolution.

This helps me figure out where each clip feels like it fits into the flow. It’s a mixture of color, energy, and geography, among other things.

As you can see, there are about twice as many clips in this video as there were in the last one — all packed into a slightly longer running time. It goes by pretty fast, but people are paying good money to watch this thing and I want them to feel like they got value.

…wait. Nevermind about that.

I’m stuck on the mid-section at the moment, but I think most of the clips are in the right places.

I only have a couple days left to sort this out, as next week looks like it’s going to be one long plane ride interrupted by brief periods of standing in one place.

13 Responses to Seattle, Washington My 6th Grade Science Fair Project

  1. Alex

    Kinda interesting to see how much care you put into the sequence. I usually just get drunk and slap things together, but your method also looks like it could work.

  2. Nando

    So this is what you’ve been doing on your spare time in Seattle? Playing with scissors, papers and glue. :))
    You’re working hard on this one. Putting a lot of effort in the new video. You may need some vacations as soon as you finish it.

  3. Jen

    Are you having trouble traveling now that the costs of everything are going up and all of the restrictions for flying? Just curious.

  4. Rich

    Uh, oh… I’m gettin’ giddy thinking about a new video.. I honestly can’t imagine #3 being better than #2, but back in the day I couldn’t imagine #2 being better than #1 either… I’m sure it will be great, I can’t wait!

  5. Roemarie

    Can’t wait! Know, it’s going to be amazing. Must be so difficult to decide which clips to use. So many countries, so many people that showed up to support you and the new video. Must have been hard to leave some on the cutting room floor. I know it’s going to be great, and worth the work, and the STRIDE folks will be happy! Good luck! Love the countdown clock!

  6. Henrique

    Hi Matt.

    I´m from Brazil and I don´t know if you know something…=o)

    Brazil “was born” just in the place that you visited in São Paulo.

    It was a great idea!

    We´re ancious for watch the new clip.

  7. Lawrence

    Hey Matt the one guy arguing that u show a typical image of a stupid american jackass is wrong. I am Half-German, Half-British and i met several people from America i didn’t like too much, but they would have never gone to so many places as they always say, that the USA are better in this and better in that.
    In contrary your videos make people smile!!!! And a man who can be self ironic can never be a jackass! Thank you for Americans like you! And if he was angered by you dancing in front of a brothel he could have said it in a less insulting tone, and perhaps a better outline of his argument would help as well :D.

    Rock on mate.. Cheers for every video you make.. Lawrence

  8. Lawrence

    arg plese move this comment to the proper section.. as my stupidity will be revealed otherwise 😀

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