Seattle, Washington Where the Hell I Am Going to Be This Week

Oh, hey, if you’re local to Seattle and you want to meet up, I’ll be speaking at Wide World Books & Maps in Wallingford on Tuesday, September 2nd at 7pm.

I’m just planning to do what I always do, which is show the video, briefly tell my story, then answer questions until I either run out of time or audience — whichever happens first.

I’m expecting turnout to be "intimate."

I will also be lurking around PAX this weekend in a strictly geeky, non-internet dancing sensation capacity. Nevertheless, if cornered with all exits blocked, I will dance with you.

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  1. Steph

    There was the Electronic Sport World Cup (ESWC) @ San Jose, did u go there ? You would have dance among the progamers of Warcraft 3,Counter Strike etc …, There were lot of chinese and korean players !

    Cya Matt !

  2. Kent

    Hello Matt~your video make me enjoy my life now haha~

    Did you travel to Malaysia before?neigbour of Singapore.I hope you can make a video about it thank you :)I hope that you enjoy the unique culture in Malaysia.

    Recommanded the baba nyonya culture (malay mix with chinese culture) which in Malacca is the best thing to study the unique in Malaysia. If you love the food, i think baba nyonya maybe suitable your taste..

    greeting from Malaysia
    (sorry for my bad english)

  3. alice

    so why do you choose Seattle out of all places to live at??

    i actually just lived for 3yrs. in WA state, outside Portland, OR. it’s so gorgeous, but the rain got old. if we were rich, we’d just live there part of the year, ha!

    we’re from so-Cal. grew up by the beach but can’t afford to live there anymore with how expensive it is now :{ we’re in TX right now for the husband’s job, but i think my ideal place might be Colorado in a few years…

    i’m also going to Russia soon to adopt a daughter!!! :)

  4. kat

    Little to far for a weekend jaunt. Will you be coming to the East coast of the US anytime in the future?

  5. Dee

    Hi Matt,
    I really enjoy the video and I’ve passed it on to friends and family. It makes me feel happy, warm, and fuzzy inside.

    I have metastatic breast cancer and while it is sometimes challenging, I think my mood overall is good and optimistic. Your dancing video helps when I’m feeling a little down. I also collect boob jokes for the comic relief . . . humor really helps, too. So, if you or your readers have any jokes to share, please send them to me! My blog is: link to I’ve posted lots of jokes already – go to the labels and click on humor. I have fun.

    I do have another suggestion for future dancing events. I think it would be really cool if you danced with cancer patients or at children’s hospitals. Another blog I read posted some videos of someone dancing with their IV pole. Just another way to pass on that feel-good vibe!

    Thank you again – I’ve really enjoyed watching the video and reading about the process!

  6. gabriel

    Matt, come to Romania, we have a beautifull road through mountains. You will like to be there. Contact me.

  7. linda

    Before I read everyone else’s comments, i thought was the only sap who cried watching your videos. Thank-you so much. The world needs more dancing.

  8. womper

    holy crap. i read every post from begining to end… you really need to put this and all the little things you did in a book :)

  9. What a fantastic experience, Matt! Thanx for making my wish come true and dancing with me. You’re such a positive inspiration and may you continue to shine a light on your fellow dancers in years to come! I blogged about the lovely time here:

    » link to


  10. Zubair Noman

    Hi Matt,
    I don’t know if there is another video currently in the pipeline, but if it is, please consider coming to Bangladesh. We have Coxsbazar, the longest beach in the world and Sundarban is the largest Mangrove forest in the world. If it ever happens, I would offcourse like to dance in it. :). Thanks.


  11. Kelly

    The speaking engagement was great. I never grow tired of hearing you tell your stories in person, in videos, in blogs, or in future books. :-)

    I’m still floored that you remembered me at all, even more so my name. I have no idea why you would. You must be phenomenally good with names.

  12. Low Budget Jeff

    Dang kid, sorry I missed it. I’m from Seattle and have been to all the PAX events. But…well…I was traveling abroad. I’m sure you can understand it wasn’t really a tough choice for me to make. :) I’ll make sure to keep up on your blog because one of the things on my list of things to do is shake your hand.

  13. Scud

    Hi Matt,

    I’m french and I look your travels from 2 years now, from dancing 2006 in fact, and I really think you are one of the greatest man in this world. I love that what you do. You are a genius and if I can I discern to you the “joy apport Nobel price”.

    Continue, and if you went on south of France, send me an email, you are my “welcomer”.

    You’re the greatest, please never stop your dreamy life…

  14. RKS

    Just a great big “thank you”, Matt—do the world a favor and please keep dancing…. watching you dance, especially with groups of people, always brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

  15. Pat McGowan

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you for your videos, I cry ever time! One of the great things about watching it over and over and on high definition is I am starting to really focus in on other people in the movie expressing the same joy, silliness and love that you do. Perhaps that was your whole point by sliding into the background on this one, and of course that was there, but getting the chance to see them better made me tear up all over again. I wish you the very best as you navigate the hoopla!

  16. Jgirl

    First of all, I want to say that I just discovered your video, recommended by a friend. Loved them! Loved them! Loved them! How inspiring! Second of all, are you single? 😉

  17. Rex Gardner


    been trying to email you from your site, but can’t figure out how to “send”. Any helpful thoughts?

  18. Hitesh Talreja

    Hello Matt,

    Had been watching jimmy kimmel alive show & that’s how i streamed/loaded the ‘Matt’ video over, Must tell you that you’ve (And come up with something noble at the moment.

    That video (Matt 2008) always pulls/draws my attention & eventually my eyes pour out tears of joy & sorrow alike spurious electrical signal cause by dancing we still aren’t aware as to know & discover what are we upto ?

    What you had in mind & heart, you’ve still been following that,but why can’t we come with constructive measures to unite the world ?(If mere dancing can do wonder of magical wonders)I believe one shouldn’t even think about it. I believe & do stop the urge & rather do it.

    It ain’t about money,pride or moral judgement,instead its all about verdict that our life holds at the moment. We youngsters must follow peace not the other way round.

    All this might hardly matter to you or for you, if you believe this particular subject or topic shall be solicited then we may/can share a cup of coffee to draw ideas & get the most out of the siuation/circumstances by not wasting time.

    Here’s my email ID :- [email protected] (Only if you wish to)

  19. David Monroe

    I’m late to the party having just found your video and website. I guess I’m the 50,000,000th viewer or so. You have been incredibly blessed with a gift to touch others — literally, the entire world. Very few of us will ever realize such a gift. Continue to use it. You really are making a difference. Just think how many people have simply smiled watching you dance.

    God bless you,

    David Monroe
    Farmville, NC

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