Seattle, Washington How I spent my South African Vacation

Thanks to Melissa for the camerawork, keeping time, and providing giggles when appropriate.

If this embed is spilling into the right margin, my apologies for the mess. My site layout has not caught up with the dimensions of the HD revolution. I am working to address the problem.

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  1. I loved Melissas laugh in the background while the elephant was trying to touch you.

    You have an amazing gift Matt.

    We continue to incorporate Matt days in our lives and we are richer for them.


  2. Gabrielle

    This is joyous. It made me laugh my head off at the end of a long, hard day. A thousand thanks to all involved (including the elephant)!

  3. Jan

    Gorgeous. I spent 15 years around Cape Town. Baie Dankie!

    What’s the music??? Artist? Track? Link to MP3 on Amazon so I can buy it and more?

  4. Mark Clifton

    What you are doing is absolutely awesome. I can’t imagine what an adventure it’s been to collect all the dancing clips and your work in Rwanda is inspiring. Dancing is where it’s at!

  5. Jan

    MP3 of the Diski Dance music is here on Amazon for $0.89. Or if the URL doesn’t work, just type “diski dance” into Amazon MP3 search and you’ll get 3 versions to choose from.

    link to

  6. Monica

    Yet again it brings a smile to my face!

    I love the music! (It might have something to do with the fact the the Lion King Broadway play is making its way through Boston …) Please post info about it!

  7. David

    Ha-ha I got to see this before my kids did…I will score brownie points tonight when I get home and tell them that you have posted another (fantastic) dance video.

    Loved the elephant, loved the dance and loved the homage to the original dance moves…

    Matt, you’ve done it again !!! Well done!

  8. This is great!

    I really really hope more countries invite you to learn their popular dances and you can show us more of the world and it’s amazing people!

    I’m regularly using you as an example of how wonderfull “simple things” like dancing can be turned into wonder and ways to join the world together in my sociological debates (Which are not planned, but tend to happen often for some reason)

  9. Matt,
    That was awesome and your dancing certainly is improving from “that guy who does the dumb dance.” Oh I envy your life and certainly enjoy the travels. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today and keep on dancing.

  10. Mike

    Great song, great moves and a funny elephant!
    Its always a pleasure to see your inspiring movies.
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face, Matt. Thanks for making me laughing out loud with your giggles, Melissa.
    Really love the work of you both.
    Greetings from Belgium

  11. Kay (Worcestershire, UK)

    Oh Matt, you’ve done it again! Absolutely brilliant! Looks like it took an awful lot of concentration, but you pulled it off.

    Love the little clip of ‘bad dancing’ thrown in the middle too.

    Well done Matt, keep it up.

  12. Christopher H.

    Wonderful! This brought a smile to my morning. Glad to see that your adventures are continuing.

  13. Laurie


    Brilliant! I’ve been racking my brain all this time to figure out what your plan to take things to the next level would be, but this is 100 times better than anything I could think up! What better way to continue uniting the world than to get all the different regions learning each other’s smooth dance moves? Simply brilliant!

  14. Anne

    i love what you’re doing : dancing all aver the world … the way people are smiling is a gift ! i hope you will go on and on … thanks for all

  15. D

    Having to traveled to South Africa, this put the biggest smile on my face. ZA is such an incredible place, with magical people. It engaged all of my senses and all times, and the music and dance is breathtaking. Yours is pretty good too :) I love that you got the jackass penguines in there, the only thing you missed were the baboons! Keep up the videos and travels! And go South Africa in the 2010 World Cup!

  16. J

    awesome vid and blog matt! keep up the good work. your vids inspire people to travel and make the world even smaller. 8)

  17. Danielle

    Hehehe that was cute.
    I like the elephant. I think it was trying to flirt with you Matt 😉

    That looks like a fun dance. That was really good job editing all the clips together too :)

    Hope to hear more from you soon Matt!!

  18. Victoria

    Hi Matt,

    A fellow tradeswoman in the wine industry who imports South African wines watched your vid with me at a tasting in San Francisco and wanted to put it up on her company site. S’alright brudda?


  19. Michele

    Your videos always make me smile!!! Thank you for showing us the world and how we are all happy dancers!

  20. good ol' Bob

    I suffer from NEWMDD*, too and you inspire me to go beyond tapping my toe and thinking about fun. All that is holy blesses you for that and because you make so many smile and think the very same thing.

    *Northern European White Man Dance Deficiency

  21. mai from sweden

    hi i have a question the scene on bouilders beach how come the pinguin didnt move ? was it real or computer made thanks for anwering .. i think u do a great job if u come to sthlm let me know so we can dance together, u are an inspiration, and u have inspired me :)

  22. Matt, I met the woman who helped you put the South African Airways clip together, Fatima Jakoet, if you remember her,
    and since then I’ve been absolutely fascinated by what you’ve done.
    Firstly for its innovation, secondly for how viral it became, and thirdly inspiring for your going to some really fascinating places – when I’ve finished my studies, I would like to do something just as incredible!

  23. Sharmila

    WOW, WOW and more WOW! What you do is so AMAZING and Envied upon! You have a wonderful gift and ability to bring so many people together and smile and dance! I am a South African, but have been living in South Korea for a year now, so watching you dance at these beautiful places in SA, makes the video more special!!Keep on dancing and bringing people from all over the world together!!!

  24. Collen Maluleke


    It will be a year in two days since we hosted the 2010 soccer World Cup, yet the memories lingers on like the event was yesterday… it was beyond special; thank you for being part of this special occassion and for sharing it with the rest of the world! Thanks for the laughter and the smiles you have brought us!

    No Where the hell is Matt.:)! “SA LOVES U LONG TYM!

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