Seattle, Washington Wanted: Production Coordinator

I'm hiring a production coordinator type person to help me make the new dancing video. This one is going to be harder to make than the last one, and newly promoted Melissa can't throw in quite as much time these days, so I need reinforcements.

The catch is I need someone who is local to Seattle and can meet in person from time to time.

I just put the job posting on Craigslist with a big pain-in-the-ass application challenge. You can view it here.

I'm worried I might've made it too hard, but then again, that'll hopefully make it easier to find the right person.

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  1. Hey Matt,

    In case that sample itinerary comes to fruition, I’ll most likely be living in Budapest for the whole month of May. Feel free to drop me a line and maybe we can grab a beer or sauna, or at least flail our limbs about :)


  2. Lauren

    Sent out to some good friends in Seattle (I’m on the other coast). I’d be great but not near you :) … best wishes finding a wonderful match!

  3. Victoria

    Oh how I wish. You know you still have yet to come by the vineyard…. *nudge*

    Have fun with your next project and safe journeys my friend.

  4. Good luck finding someone who can support you as well as Melissa did (I can tell she did a good job just by daily watching the 2008 video :D).

    And congratulations to Melissa ! o/

  5. As a person going through the motions to fake plan that itinerary just for fun, I see the interesting complexities you packed into there. I think my first suggestion to you would have been, uh, can’t you work out a schedule with a little more sense to it? Really though, I think the trickiest part is not truly knowing your preferred balance between cheapest option available and reasonability/comfort/flexibility. I know what I’d book for me, but it’s harder not knowing where you’d fit (though I’d suspect you’d be pretty similar to where I’d fit). I also have a friend in Budapest right now posting pics to Facebook. I may have to change around what I’d fake planned for that city based on some of those.

    I really shouldn’t be spending time doing this with my own 5 country trip right around the corner (eek! and yay!) still to finish up planning, but I can’t help myself.

  6. Hmmmm… tempting to do this just for the fun of it. I am about as far from seattle as you can get (Perth, Australia), but have been on some pretty complex trips (Spain to Chile to Argentina, to Antarctica to Taihiti – and all the towns in between) – so this looks like a good challenge :)

    I realise this is just a test, but roughly how many countries/locations do you plan to get to total, and over what time frame?

  7. Jennifer Baird

    Just wondering if the person who gets the job gets compensated for the work they’ve already done? Not that I wouldn’t still jump at it if I lived in Seattle! lol

  8. Riki

    I agree with you David, I also thought about doing it just for fun to see what I can manage. Everyone just loves Matt’s videos and working to get him make another one, being right behind it, would be just soooooooo great.
    What a shame living in Italy…….. right now I wish it would be Seattle 😉

  9. Eagerly awaiting your new video, Matt – I just introduced your 2008 production to my readers, so you have a few new fans who will be dropping by to say hi.

    Hope all is well with you! Good luck with your search and weeding out the weirdos 😉

  10. Tatiana

    Ah, ah, when do you release where you’ll actually be going this year?? I’m afraid that yet AGAIN, thanks to you, I’ll be off on a global journey when you come to town!!!!

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  12. Vladimir Barrero

    Hi Matt.

    As you do not have afraid. Please, come to Colombia.

    Here, you can find spectacular sites and kindly people, whom want to dance.


  13. Ann

    Looks just fine to me. If you’re traveling across the world the last thing you need is bad planning.

  14. Christy

    How how I wish Denver were Seattle! Good luck finding someone Matt! When you come to Denver I would love to come dance with you!

  15. Camila Q.V.

    I’m doing a presentation about your dancing tomorrow, gotta talk about unusual hobbies and i thought.. how lame… then i remember your dancing and thought it would be totally ass kicking (others will do postcards and porcelain dolls and stuff hahaha)

    Anyways you should come to Chile!!

  16. noa

    hey matt,
    thanks for the wonderful site, i really wish you´d write the journal more often coz personally i enjoy it more than the videos, i love seeing the world through ur eyes.

  17. pierre ARGENCE

    i’m living with my family in the south france in AGEN (close to Toulouse) and you’re welcome. a man who did what you did must have his place everywwhere he goes. so when you’re comming to france or spain (that is not that far away from my home)send a mess.good luck for all you wish.


  18. Janet Rodriguez

    Love…love….love the concept/video/your marginal dancing ability/marginal speaking ability. You bring something real and sweet to the world.

    If you’re ever looking to come to South Africa again, my husband Mario and I live in Northern Johannesburg and can take you around to the townships and neighborhoods.


  19. Eliza

    You should come to Indianapolis! I know it’s still in the U.S. but who cares! There’s tons of people here who would love to come and dance with you.

  20. Ted Topi

    Hey Matt,

    I was curious if the postion has been filled. The link to the craigslist post has expired.I am very interested in chatting with you about it.

    Please email me and let me know the status.



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