Baalbeck, Lebanon

Weirdest thing I did today: Visit the Hezbollah "museum" outside Beirut. Of course, Hezbollah's idea of a museum is a pile of guns, some posters of dead children, and a bunch of "Death to Israel" signs. I need a shower.

  P1020863   P1020831


Oh, also, the ruins next door from the Roman city of Baalbeck were pretty fantastic.

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4 Responses to Baalbeck, Lebanon

  1. Dan

    how did they take to you as an American? Or did you tell them that you were Canadian? You know Israel is the little devil and America is the big devil

  2. Denise McAvoy

    Hi, I laughed and cried when I saw this , its so uplifting! I must say I thought you had done this for a charity.
    So, my idea is, do it all again and get sponsorship for a charity, maybe get a little more daring!! ie; over the Grand Canyon, Niagra falls, on a boat on Loch Ness.

    If, its feasable there are so many people in Canada who have Multiple sclerosis as I have, who struggle to get the Canadian government to recognise and help sufferers, especially with regards to ccsvi in ms.
    Just a thought, but keep up the good work anyway, soooo entertaining. I live in Essex England but used to live in Toronto when I was a kid.

    Love the ‘India’ shot.

    Denise x

  3. Sandra

    heheeey welcome to Lebanon dude!!
    and for the record, I am Lebanese, and I hate their guts (lol sorry it just felt good saying that xD )

    if you ever pass by Beirut again for a dance xD

    oh and I LOVED your video :) <3

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