Dubai, United Arab Emirates

New low point in my life: succumbing to food poisoning on the runway in Karachi and hwarfing all over my clothes…and my iPad…5 times. Got loads of fun looks from the other passengers. They moved me to the back of the plane and threw blankets over me cause I kept yelling that I was cold.

Just finished an IV drip in Dubai to get the salt and potassium back in me — that's apparently why I felt like I was freezing. Going to try to avoid shrimp for the rest of this trip.

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  1. Ew. Sorry mang. I’m in Cork Ireland at the moment and had a bad experience with a sleeping pill ( has the story). But I, too, got to lay down in the back of the plane, so that was a perk.

    Hope all’s better now.

  2. Rough stuff, that food poisoning. You’re doing exactly what I want to do. Or you just finished doing so. That of course, is traveling the world. I just don’t know how to do so and how to do it comfortably. I need some pointers.

  3. Rich

    My wife had the same experience years ago except she had gone to Texas and didn’t have to be on a plane. :/

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