Erbil, Iraq

My last night in Iraq. Went to a nice amusement park and a crappy Persian restaurant. At some point, this happened.


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  1. Rob Walker


    Thanks! Made my morning. Isn’t that an odd thing to say? Seriously, thanks for continuing this adventure of ours. Did I say ours? We’ll you’ve probably heard that before? I’m happy that you have the audacity to travel to places, that I wouldn’t have thought I would want to go, because some of those have made my *bucket list*. I’ve been planning and saving and mapping two trips: the first is next year to revisit the states I visited the year after college and the second in 5-7 years around the world. While I may dance badly, I promise not to post any of those images 😉 I will, however, post a billion photos of it all and hopefully inspire the younger generation of my extended family to do the same.

    Again, thanks for making us a part of your exceptional journey.

    Eureka, California

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