Seattle, Washington

Apparently I was just mentioned on an Australian TV show called "20 to 1" in an episode that counts down the top 20 instances of "15 minutes of fame." I came in third place, ahead of Sarah Palin and behind Monica Lewinsky. Going to have to seriously ponder the life choices I made to wind up on a list next to those two.

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  1. Susanna

    I would be a bit weird-ed out by that, too. Take heart, you have definitely outlasted Monica Lewinsky and let’s hope, with all that is good in the world, you outlast Sarah Palin.

  2. Bill

    Take into consideration that an Australian show is ranking the fame of American celebrities. I wouldn’t put a whole lot of stock in it.

    Then again, I wouldn’t put too much stock in it if it were an American show.

    Don’t let ’em get you down, Matt! You’re nowhere near the attention-whore that those two are/were.

  3. Matt

    Just so you know Matt, I was watching that program. You were potrayed in a positive manner for you fame, unlike the other two!

    Keep up the dancing and can’t wait for the new vid!!

  4. mooP

    If I were you, I’d be honored since you are remembered for doing a good and simple thing that has done nothing but amused millions online, and offered an amusing story and experience to many of those who have joined you on the video.

    I also wish Palin’s fame only lasted 15 minutes, and she’d disappear into memory.

  5. Veronica Torres

    I’m a teacher in Colombia, where I’m from. The Principal of my school sent your link to me, and I just had to write you as soon as i finished watching the video. You touch people, come down to Colombia. Touch our young future…Please contact me. I live my life wanting to open doors for people, you have one of the keys that can do that. Write to me if you want to continue. You have a place to stay and great people who need some of you!

  6. Simon


    Think of it this way: You’re working on something that people are interested in regardless of politics. That alone puts you ahead of the two ladies (term loosely used here) that bookend your place on the list. Moreover, what is more fun than dancing badly all over the world? I certainly would take that over a soiled blue dress or questionable political fact-checking.


  7. Mateja

    Hey Matt,
    I’m not sure if you already know this, but your site has also been mentioned in the August’s issue of a pretty popular Serbian IT magazine, so if you noticed any increased traffic from Balkans – that’s why.
    Seems like you haven’t been in Serbia yet… You haven’t missed out on much, really.

    I like your site, by the way. I’ll use your blog as a modern day itinerary, as I catch up on my general geography knowledge. Back to 2003…

  8. Jasmine

    Yes! I seen this and it made me look into your videos even more I actually got teary eyed coz it was just the best thing i ever seen hahahaha <3

  9. shivani

    your video is beautiful :) .. i’ve been spreading it around like the word of the gospel and it has never failed to make the veiwer’s day ! thank you so much.. being from India i do adore ur dance with a dancers from Gurgaon ! hee hee ..
    but i loved you and the dog in kuwait ! who’s dog was it ? it enjoyed so much :) i hope it had an owner !
    please come to Mangalore , India someday !

    much love ,
    Shivani !

  10. warren cancilla

    Well, the good news is that along with your mention in australia, you also appeared on my computer… just seconds ago. and I was asking about you 3 days ago. Don’t worry, you are in the hearts and minds of people who respect your awesomeness. (I’m presently a little south of you; California)

    Warren (Harrison, Annaliese, and Mary)

  11. MANMAN

    Halo Matt,

    I am a 16 years old girl from Hong Kong.
    I don’t know whether you know where is Hong Kong. haha:)
    I saw your first video this morning.
    When I start listening the song, I start crying! It’s so touching!
    Support u and look forward to see more videos.


  12. Alan

    Your oeuvre is excellent and an inspiration. I danced with you in Montreal a few back ( 2008, in the pouring rain, 3 min. 49 sec ). It is, however, too bad your politics leeched into this, up until now, unsullied effort. It so happens that the current midterm elections will, in no small way, owe their outcome to Governor Palin and the electric effect she has had on the up-until-now uninvolved newbie political group, the Tea Party, regardless of wehther one thinks this is a good thing or not. I know you are from the Northwest of the US and are, hopefully, unaware of the effect ( until now ) being around untrammeled progressivism has on one’s pov. It is also no surprise most of your ( posted ) accolytes feel the same way. You might be surprised how many conservatives appreciate and laud your vision, success and outside-the-box approach to getting people to get along.

    BTW, Lewinsky was just a young kid being taken advantage of by a serial womaniser, hardly a liberal value. Palin, however, was one of only 50 governors and the VP nominee for the Republican Party in 2008, who received over 55 million votes in that election. 15 minutes ain’t gonna cover it.

    Palin for President….You ( I am Canadian ) need a woman with executive experience in the White House. Hilary has none.

  13. veronica

    i want your life. well, not the food poisoning in dubai. i could live without that. but everything else, i want.

  14. Cindy

    I don’t think your vids are all that inspiring, but kudos for you to get someone to finance your travels. I hope you do something positive with what you are doing, not just enjoying a free ride.

  15. Borg222

    umm Cindy. Guess what? lots of us know that Matt is already doing something positive. Just note a few of those smiles on so many kids. That is positive. Matt did that.
    I know I know not many rant and rave comments here,,, given that Matt and the dancing is just so positive…so I sorta hesitated to be a bit judgmental…still it sure seems like you are off…at least to me. And really ” a free ride” can you imagine how much work he has to do. Ask him. Here was your comment for reference.==
    I don’t think your vids are all that inspiring, but kudos for you to get someone to finance your travels. I hope you do something positive with what you are doing, not just enjoying a free ride.

    Posted by: Cindy

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