Port-Au-Prince, Haiti


In Haiti, being absolutely no help to anyone.

11 Responses to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

  1. Lee

    Don’t underestimate the power of what you do. I taught a Sunday School class on you and your videos, theme being “Connecting with others through the power of joy.” Feel free to blush. We even took a boom box outside with “Praan” and danced for the cars going by, trying to get a smile here in serious Washington DC.

  2. Bella

    Seems you are getting fat?? Too much other country food maybe?? Not enough dancing?? Too much time on planes?? Not working??

  3. Julia

    Oh man, you didn’t tell those of us in Haiti you were dancing here?? I registered on your website and everything! :-( Oh well, I hope you had fun with those kids in that camp. I’m sure they loved it.

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