Philipsburg, St. Maarten


St. Maarten was a bust. Tried to get this shot by the airport, but realized there are five variables that would have needed to align perfectly:

– Arrival times (roughly one big bird every hour or two)

– Weather (cloudy/rainy the whole time)

– Daylight (not the best time of year)

– Crowds (ever-present, rendering it hard to set up a shot)

– Tide (covered the sandy part of the shore during all daylight hours, giving me nowhere to dance)

And anyway, there are better versions out there of the same basic idea, like, say, this one…


Anyone out there got any connections who might be able to help me set something like that up?

The other big idea was to shoot a Sea Trek clip. The Sea Trek folks offered to help me get a shot on the ocean floor with nine of us dancing in front of a wrecked submarine. Alas, the remnants of Hurricane Tomas ensured that wasn't going happen.

The only bright spot in an otherwise cursed leg of the trip: met up with Melissa. She is coming along for the next two weeks. Hot dog!

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  1. Aron

    Having just spent a week in Puerto Rico with similar weather- and ocean-related woes, I empathize. Actually, I take the blame, as I am a tropical storm and hurricane magnet.

  2. dpositive

    If it’s not too late in your travels, try getting the airport shot in St Barts. Park at the top of the hill above the airport. You won’t get a 747, just a Twin Otter or so, but they will come pretty close.

  3. Todd

    If you want a shot like “Fighter plane’s incredilbe fly-by caught on camera” try contacting people that have ex-fighter plane s for sale. Try www. Global Plane Search .com or Contact the person and see if it is possible to do the fly by for you.

  4. Samantha

    Hi Matt! In Curacao there is this dive boat that Sea Aquarium asked permission for to sink just of shore. Now it is a tourist attraction, a big one too! Thousands of fish around you! Wouldn’t that be cool for the dancing?

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