Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago


Clearly there has been some elaborate misunderstanding.

28 Responses to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

  1. David S.

    As you’ve traveled the world I’ve followed your adventures, but never felt jealous or wanted to trade places. That all changed just now.

  2. Whitney

    Awwww man i hope you had a great time in the Beautiful Trinidad and Tobago……..And it sure looks like you did.

  3. Cloé

    C’est vraiment un grand plaisir de regarder vos video et vos photos.
    C’est emouvant, C’est magique, c’est waoooou!
    J’aimerai un jour, comme vous, le tour du monde, vous me faites rever.
    Bravo, c’est tout ce que j’ai à dire!
    Il y a rien a dire d’autre! :)

  4. Mike Flavin

    I wish I would have known that you were going to Trinidad! I could have hooked you up with a couple of ex-pats that are huge in the sailing community. You would have had a great time with some Seattle people.

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