San Jose, Costa Rica


One of the many times my job has left me without words.

I know, I totally need to make some of my own to bring along on these trips.

I have now been shamed into an endeavor that is, inherently, shameless.

10 Responses to San Jose, Costa Rica

  1. Mari Fer

    Pura vida Matt!!! We had a great time dancing so badly with you!! Every time that I remember it, a sile comes to my face!!

    You’re awesome and you inspire me, I don’t know how… But I feel happy when I see your videos!! I really hope that I can apper in this new one jajajajaja!!!

    Love you and your girlfriend as well!

  2. Leonel Mora

    Hi Matt! hope you had a great time in C.R!!!
    Love your videos, I could have the worst day possible and just with look at one of your videos revives all my hope in humanity.
    You signed my arm, I had a smile all day and after work. I called all my friends to invite them to celebrate, celebrate that we were living:)

  3. Thedore

    Hey matt u should come to the indian reservations of alberta canada. The people need some uplifting there with ur dancing.

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