Seattle, Washington

I wouldn't normally post this sort of thing, but the folks at King5 News did a really good job with this segment.

Here is what I've been up to lately.


My favorite part is the end, when I inexplicably teleport out of the shot.

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  1. Duke

    I like how they wouldn’t mention the name of your site on the air.

    Looking forward to the next video!

  2. Rob

    It’s great to see how your videos have evolved in both concept and execution. Your efforts serve as a nice lesson that fun and spontaneity aren’t inconsistent with craft and professionalism–in fact, the combination of those qualities could be a definition of art. On a less lofty plane, you’re looking good: a lean, mean dancing machine.

  3. I just saw a blog somewhere where people are asked to take a prompt and write about it on their blog. Which I’m not doing. But I am going to tell you, one of the prompts was “something that made your heart melt” and I have to say, Every.Single.Time I see your videos, they make my heart melt. Without fail. Thank you!

  4. Jessika

    Man… You are amazing!!! I love your videos and I can’t believe you got a sponsor to travel the world and drance. I didn’t know that… This is AMAZING!!! :) I can’t help smiling every time I see one of your videos, congratulations!!!

  5. Laura Spencer

    I love your dancing and your smile. And watching you makes me want to do both. Please come to Atlanta area (you could get a shot at Stone Mountain…it would be visually interesting) Would love the opportunity to dance with you!

  6. Andrzej P.

    Your email address doesn’t work, so I want to comment here on your statement: “Matt thinks Americans need to travel abroad more.”

    Please… You travel so much – you should know better… ou should know mre about America, not just Bhutam or New Guinea.

    One one of many anecdotes I can tell you from my travels:

    A few years ago, a manager at a shelter for animals told me that after 9/11, when Americans really stopped traveling, it turned out that all animal shelters were suddenly out of money… Why? Because Americans do travel and when they do, they do good things for people — and animals. It turned out very quickly that almost of the funding for these shelters were from American tourists…

    And, I’ve always been puzzled by how little the world knows about America – the greatest Empire the world has ever seen… Seriously, is one better off studying the US – its culture, history and economic system – or Zambia’s?

    So how about “more Australians should travel without getting drunk and turning entire towns in Asia into trash disposal sites”?



    PS An excerpt from an article that addressed this silly anti-American bias:

    …the mere act of travelling to another country does not necessarily make one any less ignorant, provincial, etc. While the British do travel abroad quite often, many of them just want to go clubbing, stock up on cheap booze or stay in beach resorts populated entirely by other British tourists. By contrast, an American who has planned and saved his whole life for a trip to Spain is probably intending to SEE Spain, not to kill as many brain cells as possible in Ibiza.

    Americans can indeed spend a lifetime travelling around their country — but I think the British could as well, if they wanted to. Britain packs a startling amount of cultural and linguistic diversity into a small space, but it seems that its citizens are not taught to take pride in this or to explore it. (Londoners, in particular, often seem to know nothing about British culture beyond Hertfordshire or Kent.) Therefore, unlike Americans, the British do not quite regard travel within their own country as being “real” travel.

    … The total percentage of Americans with passports is actually a pretty poor indicator of how often Americans are travelling abroad. Canada, Mexico, and most of the Caribbean states have never required a passport. Only recently is it being required more often.

    …The size of the country and the diversity of the terrain and climates also make international travel less necessary.”

  7. Justine


    Loved the video, it’s so inspiring ! Dancing around the world and meeting friendly people, that has to be the best job in the world !
    Good luck with your future plans

  8. Otaku

    I don’t care much for cats or vegetables.

    Why in the world (damn that’s a good pun!) have you not danced in Alaska? It’s so close to dreary Seattle, it’s majestic and I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you have Alaska Airlines mileage. You want people to dance with? We have that? You want dangerous dancing shots? We have that. You want sheer beauty? We have that? You want sunshine, beaches, maitais? We…

  9. Mongolian

    Your videos are the most inspiring thing ever! Why don’t you come and dance in Mongolia? You must see the natural beauty of Mongolia!

  10. Aybek

    I love your videos. Keep up the good work!
    You should dance in Kazakhstan, too. I really hope that you will be able to travel around THE WHOLE world.

  11. Ben


    I am a Taiwanese

    I saw you are in Taiwan now

    Can I dance with you??


    I love you videos very much

    Can you tell me where will you dance??

    I really hope I can dance with you

    Thank you~

  12. Virappon

    Hi Mat,

    The song you have used is in your video is a Bengali song. But I think you have never been to Bangladesh. Just wondering how did you get this song.

    Hope to see you in Bangladesh soon..


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