Beijing, China

Unwittingly stumbled into Beijing on the last night of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Once the sun goes down, this happens on every third street corner:




There are no barriers or safety precautions of any kind. Cars weave around the explosions. Chunks of hot plaster rain down on the spectators. Ambulance sirens wail from all corners of the city as they rush, presumably, to pick up all the severed limbs and glue them back on.

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  1. I live in Beijing and CNY was amazing. The Fireworks Management Bureau released official stats for the New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrations: 194 fires, 388 injured and 2 dead, and that’s just in town.

    There were about 40 more dead across the rest of the country, which is comparatively low compared to previous years…

    The attached video shows the level of fireworks, which went on continuously day and night for 15 days

  2. Fernando

    Holy shit! I was in Beijing at that time but i didn’t know u yet.So any plan for coming here again,Matt?

  3. kemm

    Hi matt! i live in beijing but i strongly recommend you to visit more places in china, where you can find more interesting things

  4. David

    Hi, Matt. I’m a Chinese university student. I saw your videos and they are very cool. You know, you life is really fantastic cause you travel to so many places across the world. If you ever come to China again, you can try some other places. Have fun!

  5. yunzhu

    MATT!!! gosh you are amazing!!!! I am from China and now I am studying in the U.S. I love your enthusiasm and please keep up with the good videos you have been working on~I love all your work!!

  6. ShaohuaZheng

    MATT you are so cooool!!!I didn’t know you when you were in Beijing!!!I really want to dance with you somewhere.Will you come to somewhere else in China?Why didn’t you dance on the GreatWall or the Forbidden City?I really hope you can come to China again,for example you can come to Xian(where the Terracotta Army are)and dance there.Will you contact me if you come to China again?I would try my best to dance with you!

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  8. mm

    I ended up sitting there with a big smile in my face and tears in my eyes, I guess when you are thinking of how small and insignificant one person can be, yet how greatly it could impact on millions of people around the world…!Good on Matt!

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