Shanghai, China

On the Mag-Lev to Shanghai airport; the world's fastest train.


The trip lasts just over 7 minutes. It takes 5 minutes to reach top speed, then pretty much immediately starts to break.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and speculate they're not covering their expenses on this operation, but it's a fun ride.

4 Responses to Shanghai, China

  1. kemm

    Hi Matt
    You are right. The cost has not been covered and the man in charge of the project has been thrown into prison because of his corruption

  2. Coral Wang

    next time try to come to Yun’nan Province, and I promise you will love it. Shanghai is not fun, Beijing is better, but big cities can’t reflect the real China. Right, if next time you go visit Japan, try Miyazaki and Kurugawa.

  3. Yulia

    Hey Matt,
    It was very nice to see you in Shanghai.
    You should visit my home country Belarus, you told you had never been there
    Can’t wait to see new video!

  4. Cici

    I don’t know you until I saw the vido that a friend shown me. If I know it, I will being there and dancing with you whatever condition.
    I love your vido!

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