Taipei, Taiwan

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Taiwanese Obama.


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  1. Carey McGregor

    You were already in Taiwan, when are you coming back?
    Where is your favourite place in the world?
    I have a friend in Taiwan that has been to over 60 countries… if you two were to sit down and have a conversation,, it would be intense.
    I think you two have a business somewhere in there. TV show maybe?

  2. Hi Matt – Love the journey you’ve been on… I wish I had known about this while it was in progress – I used to work in Antarctica, and it would have been awesome if you could have gone to the Ice and been filmed there as well… (maybe a grant or special program via the NSF could have been done). Maybe next time!

    Nice job, and you are quite inspirational. Cheers! Kath :)

  3. Howard

    I love your video so much . Be sure to email me if you come to Taiwan and I’ll be glad to dance with you !

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