Jeju Island, South Korea

Suddenly whisked away on a 2 week lap around the globe to shoot a commercial.

First stop: Jeju Island, with a mandatory visit to the "Love Land" sex theme park.


I've been to both Koreas now, and I honestly couldn't tell you which one is weirder.

3 Responses to Jeju Island, South Korea

  1. Duke

    Given what the large figure on the door is doing, I hate to think what the pixelated figure is doing.

    So, you won’t be posting any more pictures?

  2. Miryeong Ahn originally from this Island in S.Korea

    Thanks for the funny photo of my home town and shared your experience of somewhere i have never visited before.
    I am sure that Jeju aimed to attract Western visitors like you who thinks a sex theme park is mendatory to visit out of all the wonderful and unique attractions when they planned building it!

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